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[Manga Dub] I hated blind dates, so I set the bar high and a miracle happened… [RomCom]


hey hey are you serious I already made these unreasonable conditions so why did they manage to search for it I don't marry for any other reason than love right just how on Earth did I end up in this situation Story begins from a week ago.

First congratulations Sakura my name is masahikokudo I'm just a regular office worker at an ordinary company even though I'm already 32 years old I don't have a girlfriend and my age is almost an equivalent to the reason why I.

Can't find a girl right now ah to think that Sakura would be the one getting married before me multitask to do both a relationship what about you masahiko you're saying there's nothing going on in your love life it was I'd be happy but.

You aren't going to get a girlfriend or something you're going to be happy being single all your life really that's not the case right yeah I guess that's right it's not like I purposely tried to avoid getting into romantic relationships when I entered the Working World there were a good several people who I thought were.

Pretty decent I did try to appeal myself to those people but it was nothing but a string of failures when I tried approaching them I was rejected by the lines of I don't know if I really like you or not I kind of knew the reason behind it I can't never get serious always always.

She's been tugging at the depths of my heart that was something which happened when I was a third year in high school let's see huh over here it isn't that formula you use or could it be huh it's wrong nah why can't I solve this problem even if I look at the reference books I.

Can't understand at all the question is a trick question huh they make it seem as if you have to use this formula but in fact you have to use that one it's kinda mean this question suzukasan person who came over to talk to me while I was studying in the library was Suzuka aramaki-san.

She excelled in academics was gifted in sports had beautiful facial features and was basically a Flawless girl her personality was cool and sensible and at school she was really popular she was the person I admired um why are you here oh I was waiting for my friend hey if it's okay with you could we study.

Together huh that's a bit um hyphen can make more progress than if you are studying all on your own but is it a nuisance I wonder uh that's not the case at all you're not a hindrance at all is that so I'm glad to hear that then if.

You excuse me then if you don't have anything you understand feel free to ask me thank you very much he's kind I didn't think that we could talk together like this I was in the same class as suzuka-san but that was really it.

There was no other chance to connect with her and in normal circumstances it was impossible for me to approach her the looks from her bodyguards were enough to make me feel that it was impossible for me to talk to her on my own I do things like if only we could talk more but that's just a trivial worry I.

Guess from then suzuka-san and I began studying together you couldn't say that with any particular spark in our conversations we silently solved the problems together and occasionally asked each other questions it was just tiny bits of time but to me.

These became like Precious Treasures for it so I don't feel like I waited that long that's fine with me I'll be off then thanks for studying together with me today see ya kudokun ah yes see you.

It took more than enough time for my admir ation to turn into love on that day I fell completely in love and this love was left completely in my school days thanks to that even if there was someone I became attracted to I was never able to truly fall in love well if my fated person appears in front.

Of me I guess I'll marry them or something romantic as I said on your white knight and go fetch your princess a princess appeared then of course I would go dashing for her in an instant but I guess I'll spend my whole life not getting into any sort of relationship.

Whilst thinking that I got a sudden call from my mother one day hello Mom what's the matter you how old are you this year huh I'm 32 but what is hold yourself together get married and come over to see your mother after having produced at least one grandchild or so you just how long do you plan to stay single.

Not this talk again when I turned 28 my mom started nagging me more and more frequently with things like show me some grandchildren my parents got married at a rather late age and they also gave birth to me relatively late so I suppose they ran into their fair share of troubles because of that I know it was out of.

Concern as parents but as if I could just get a lover out of nowhere uh but compared to women the possibilities of men getting married at a later age are I'll arrange a marriage meeting come again a marriage meeting masahiko if I leave you alone it seems like you'll be single for life.

No way I definitely hate the idea of getting married through a marriage meeting I'm good with marrying someone through love what sort of spoiled thing are you saying then if it's someone who can fulfill my conditions then I don't mind a marriage meeting conditions.

Say um hypothetically if suzukasan became an adult what would that look like uh long hair beautiful face almond-shaped eyes and a slender model type figure no experience with men innocent a cool personality go to cooking intelligent.

And athletic that's the type of woman I want if there's a person like that I'll take them phew if that's the case then it's impossible right since I said all those conditions that must be the case especially the part where I said a.

Beauty who has no experience with men that must be impossible even if there isn't anyone that isn't even a loss for me even though that's what I thought why did things turn out like this alone I broke out into a cold sweat at the marriage meeting venue a week after the call from my mother she called me.

Again apparently she found someone who fulfilled my conditions that she was going to hold this marriage meeting in a week and told me to be prepared hey are you serious this has got to be a joke right why is there someone who can even fulfill those conditions besides why is someone who can fulfill these.

Conditions even agreeing to go to a marriage meeting with me in my shock I couldn't even get a good look at the face of the person in the photo which my mother had sent me it was going to be someone I was bound to reject anyways so it didn't matter what she looked like or so I thought anyways calm down calm down masahido from now on just think about.

How you're going to reject them pardon my intrusion yes I apologize for my lightness my name is Suzuka aramaki huh ah you must be kidding why is suzuka-san here oh it's been a while kudokun to think that my marriage partner is kudokun huh I'm surprised you remembered.

Me we're classmates right oh I remember you crap I'm really happy but but why is a beauty like suzuka-san going to a marriage meeting why are you going to a marriage meeting cause I couldn't encounter any good people I guess that's why up until now I couldn't get.

Into any relationships not even once is that so I didn't even fall in love with anyone so my mother was worried about me if you stay single your whole life what will happen to you stuff like that ah in that department you're the same as me then then my mom brought up the idea.

Of a marriage meeting what about the son of a good acquaintance of mine for my cooking class if it's the son of someone my mother trusts I decided it was okay for me to attend this marriage meeting to think it would be you kudokun yes good job Mom.

But um is someone like me fine with you I want to reassure my mother she raised me single-handedly so she definitely went through many struggles that's why for me if it's with kudokun I don't mind getting married is that so I'm glad I'm getting married to suzuka-san but in this way it just feels.

Way too lonely but even even saying that now is not the time to feel depressed this is such a rare chance that I managed to gain so I must do my best so she looks my way too congrats on your marriage oh wonderful Suzuka thank you congratulations to you too masahito thank you.

Suzuka-san and I got married through the marriage meeting to get married with suzuka-san whom I always admired no matter what the cause was to get her to look my way I tried my absolute best suzukasan I bought some cake so do you want to eat together I'll eat some later.

Suzuka-san I made dinner oh I see thank you suzuka-san the Moon is beautiful tonight right the weather will be clear tomorrow probably right I tried my best to talk to suzukasan but her attitude was so nonchalant that I had no idea what to do whether there was a response from her or.

Not I wish I had some way of knowing come to think of it just what is suzuka-san thinking I really don't know it was just me turning in empty circles in this married life in the blink of an eye a month have passed uh I don't get it a single bit what don't you get.

Sakura you have this amazing frown on your face what's the matter it's my wife I just don't get her at all in order to get her to like me more just what should I do so why don't you try going on a date a date that's right after you got married have you tried going out with one another by doing something that lovers.

Would do the distance between your hearts could narrow after watching a movie together have a meal together and then go and enjoy some nice scenery together why don't you give that a go that's it as expected of you Sakura I can count on you I took her advice and on the next day off I went to the movies with suzuka-san.

The advanced reviews were good so I decided to come to this movie but I didn't think that it was false advertising I really wish they would quit disguising these splatter horror films as something heartwarming are you okay ah it's no good her face has gone completely pale.

Uh do you feel just a bit more reassured with that thank you I'm glad seems like you're feeling a bit more reassured for now I guess next time we'll do a bit more research into the context of what we're watching before coming I'm sorry.

For what for choosing the film based on Advanced reviews I didn't even check what the content was actually like it's okay don't mind it it's true I was scared at first but masahito Kun held my hand for me so I felt for your shirt and was able to enjoy it to the end thank you the film expression was a bit iffy but the content was interesting so.

It wasn't an issue huh it's masahito right ah Sakura you definitely did go on a date immediately huh that's because you gave me the advice the straightforward side of you masahito it's so cute don't call me cute it's embarrassing.

Speaking of which she really is a beauty I definitely understand your feelings about wanting to gush all about your love life at work I said quit it with that talk maybe try standing in my shoes for a bit when you make me listen to All Your Love talk during lunch breaks okay I'll hold back from it next time nah I really don't mind you talking.

About it though what do you mean by that oops uh I guess it's bad for me to disturb you guys for longer than this then enjoy your date masahito alright see you Sakura okay so let's go have lunch yes what's wrong.

Huh it's kind of like um you're a bit out of it it's nothing like that don't mind it after that suzukasan remained completely silent I was curious about the change in mood from after we had finished watching the movie so after we arrived home I decided to ask her about it hey suzuka-san.

Is there something you want to say to me or why are you asking that for all this time somehow it seemed like you were kind of feeling down or like out of it did I do something to offend you suzuka-san nothing of the sort you didn't do anything and don't mind it like I said it's nothing.

I'm going to sleep now good night then what actually happened one week passed since suzuka-san said it was nothing during that time she went out of her way to avoid me just what was the reason I really don't understand but maybe if things keep going this way we'll end up getting.

Divorced or something like I can't accept something like this no I just can't huh Sakura hello yo were you alive what's with you all of a sudden lately it seems like you weren't feeling good so I felt concerned no the truth is I see ya for now isn't the only way to solve it to talk things out with her you.

Have to start from there right masahito you can't run away because you're scared you like her right you like your wife yeah I like her I love her then you have to try your best yeah thank you Sakura as expected I Can Count On You the next time I'll have you treat me a ton I'll treat you to as many drinks as.

You like thank you so much alright then I'll go talk to suzuka-san right away um suzuka-san what I want to have a proper talk with you lately I got a feeling that you've been avoiding me suzuka-san and I wanted to know the reason why cheating huh cheating as a dogo masahito.

What wait cheating what do you mean that colleague of yours sakura-san you seem to be having a great time talking to her that phone call with her you were saying things like I like you and I love you right wait wait that's a misunderstanding huh what no the person I said I liked wasn't Sakura it was you suzuka-san besides.

Sakura is married and this is all she's all lovey-dovey with her husband is that so I thought that masahito Kun like sakura-san that's why I became sad and took that attitude towards you wait a minute do you like me I like you I really like you from the time we were in high school I've always liked you what.

Was always so serious and worked hard towards everything I really like that part of you but the tasks that everyone was reluctant to do such as the watering of the flower beds taking out the trash you always took the initiative to do it right when I watched you do that I was gradually attracted to you so.

I didn't know that's why on the day we talked together at the library I was really happy I liked you and I was nervous and I couldn't bring myself to gather up the courage to talk to you in front of people the reason why I couldn't get myself a lover was because I couldn't forget about you masahi tokun.

So that's why when the talk of marriage meeting came I was really happy me too I'd always always liked you suzukasan from our high school days I had never ever forgotten about you uh-huh to me you'll always be the one okay you should more directly I like you I love you masahitokun the.

Moment that misunderstanding had been cleared we became a real husband and wife from then on as if to compensate for that lost time suzukasan and I became real lovey-dovey with each other every day to go on dates like this together me too.

To not have given up from now onwards let's continue being together forever of course forever and ever we'll be together thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.