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[Manga Dub] I helped a girl in the rain, and she invited me to her house… [RomCom]


My name is renji mitsarugi I look like an ordinary high school student but I'm the son of the CEO of a major company called mitsarugi group back in middle school everyone who knew I was the son of a CEO treated me differently and I hated it that's why I hide my true identity and.

Pretend I'm an ordinary high school student it's also the reason why I'm walking home in the rain instead of in my limousine I hate walking home in the rain but if I called for a car they'll come in that huge thing what's that girl doing over there alone.

Soaking it she doesn't seem to have an umbrella there are no restaurants around here she's got nowhere to go I think I should help her hey are you okay huh oh oh I'm sorry if I scared you you probably didn't expect anyone to start talking to you.

Oh no it's just oops scared of me I shouldn't have crept up like that I'll just give the umbrella to her and leave here you can use this if you want huh you seem to need the umbrella more than.

Me here just take it oh no I can't do that don't worry about it I live just around the corner so I'll be fine what you can keep the umbrella I'll see you around hey it's gone.

I can't believe I bumped into him this umbrella is ah after I handed my umbrella to a girl I didn't know I headed home a few days later I had forgotten about the umbrella incident however something unexpected happened to me I looked all over for you renji huh I realized I didn't get a chance to.

Introduce myself do you remember who I am you're the umbrella girl that's right I wanted to thank you for what you did that day I know it's a little bit creepy but I had some research done to look for you you look for me wait that's your car well I just finished school I'm on my.

Way home so she's obviously from a wealthy family plus she knows my name maybe her father's company has done business with my fathers talking to her in front of my school everyone could find out who I am if they see me with her um.

Do you want to go somewhere else to talk I don't think talking at the school gate is the best idea hey come on I got into the parked car behind her we started talking as the car drove away from the school my name is Micah Conor I didn't get a chance to tell you the other day oh nice to meet you I'm I'm aware of who.

You are you are venji mitsurugi your father is the CEO of the mitsarugi group am I right so you know who I am yes I wanted to ask you something Randy does my name sound familiar to you gone away come on Roy oh wait Conaway Corporation are you the daughter yes I am my father is the CEO of the.

Kanoi corporation Conway Corporation mitsarugi group has never done business with them it isn't a huge company but I've heard of the name several times wait konoi Corporation is um orangey oh I apologize my head was somewhere.

Else it's okay don't worry about it anyways thank you for Lending me your umbrella the other day if it weren't for you I would have ended up soaked hey you didn't have to go this far it was just an umbrella it's not a big deal the fact that you gave up your umbrella to me is what means a lot I wanted to.

Tell you that so I was wondering can we meet up sometime soon I want to thank you properly huh but you're thanking me now I can't let you walk away knowing I didn't thank you enough I want to invite you to a party my family is hosting.

It would mean so much if you attended I would love for you to meet my parents a party I'm used to attending big parties so I don't think I'll have a problem going to one but all I did was lend her my umbrella why is she making such a big deal about it it's not like we need to uphold family.

Relationships since our parents don't have any connections I was starting to feel uneasy about Micah's invitation does she have any ulterior motives it was a bad habit of mine and I think it's because I'm traumatized by my past hey Randy I've heard so much about how successful your father is.

Uh-huh your father's amazing I'd love to have dinner with him can you put in a good word for me hey I was talking to him first renji my company is uh oh my gosh I heard your family's Filthy Rich Wendy huh oh well I heard of the mitsurumi.

Group I don't know anybody who hasn't hey why don't we go on a date sometime I'm excited to hear where he takes you hey I get to go next okay gosh why do I have to put up with this every day all they care about is the company and the money I'm sick of people sucking up to me there's scum I want them to leave me alone.

That was all that went through my head during Middle School I couldn't stand it so I decided to hide my identity Micah is trying to get close to me for the same reasons as those jerks why else would she come chasing after me just to thank me for an umbrella plus I know a little about konaway Corporation they haven't been doing well these past.

Few years gosh I'm so bummed she seemed like such a nice person I guess it was too good to be true um Reggie sorry if I was being too forward oh no it's not that she probably wants to introduce me to her parents so they can ask me to save.

Her company they won't be greedy at first but sooner or later they'll start talking about contracts and financial aid I've been through the same thing too many times before I know how things like this happen but still I can't just shake her off like I always do.

Even if they're in trouble right now cold away Corporation is a pretty big company mitsarugi group might need their help in the future so I need to keep a good relationship with them thank you for the invitation I'll keep the day open thank you this is wonderful news I'll just avoid talking about business.

Matters at the party it's better to attend than to refuse her invitation now I'll do whatever I do with anyone else keep on a nice face on the outside but steer the boat away from business related topics I got this I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the party.

Likewise bye Micah oh before I forget you don't have to talk to me like I'm a business partner it would love for us to be friends if that's okay with you oh but that would be I didn't mean it so seriously it was just a suggestion based on how I felt I enjoyed talking to you this afternoon okay we'll talk casually is that okay.

Yes I hope you become great friends is this another plan of hers I was still suspicious of her intentions when we parted ways a few days later I was at the konaway family house party with Micah I bumped into her as I entered the house.

Would it be okay if I asked you to say hi to my parents they heard about what you did and they want to thank you in person I ended up following her into the house to meet her mother and father thank you for being so kind to our daughter we appreciate it.

Oh no I didn't do anything special I don't know as many people who are as humble as you I am impressed but I wouldn't expect anything less from the son of a major company she brought up the company here we go I'm excited for our families to start getting to know each other good friend.

Father mother likewise I hope we see each other again soon good friends with Micah huh I knew it but it's depressing to witness it can't let them sense that I'm aware of.

Their intentions I'll just have to smile my way through the conversation until it's time to leave man that party was a nightmare it's one of the Downs of being born into a wealthy family wenji good to see you huh Micah why are you here wait where's your car.

You didn't seem to enjoy riding the car so I walked you today this way we could both enjoy the conversation oh no I'm sorry I made you feel that way so why are you here well renji I wanted to ask you out on a date today a date I've heard people call it an after-school date I was hoping we could hang out a bit and spend some time.

Together didn't expect her to come to see me on a school day she's so forward her family must be desperate huh I don't know this is weird I've been tricked before but it feels worse when it's Micah and it sucks because I don't know why anyway I should focus on what's in front of me right now.

Even if I refuse today she'll probably come back sooner or later I might as well go on a date with her to see what her true intentions are that way I'll know what to do with her a date would make me too nervous how about we just say we'll hang out really yep I wanted to get to know you better.

So I'm glad you came to see me today that's sweet shall we get going then Micah oh I'm sorry should I let go no no I guess it's all right whatever intentions she may have I'm holding hands with a beautiful girl and it's making me blush no renji you have to keep control of yourself.

After that Micah asked me if we could go watch a movie there was a new Romance movie she wanted to see I thought she invited me on this date to make a stronger relationship with me but she surprised me by choosing the one place we wouldn't be able to talk at all that was a nice movie I agree no wonder it's so popular.

We decided to have some tea at a cafe maybe this is where she's gonna try and work her magic if she starts talking about the company speaking of Rich what about at school it's been a while since we left the movies when is she gonna make her move plus she seems to be innocently enjoying the date.

What's going on maybe she thinks she should wait a bit more before bringing the business talking to the conversation wait why did she even ask me out on a date then we continued talking about regular things until our date ended none of the topics I had dreaded came up.

In our conversations before I realized it I had forgotten about my weary feelings I was actually enjoying the date hey watch it you need to keep your guard up renji just because she won't bring it up yet it doesn't mean you can have fun with her like this you know this could all be a part of her.

Plan there's a possibility she's waiting for the right moment to bring it up Micah why don't you cut to the chase so we don't waste any more time to the chase why did you ask me out on a date today I'm sure you weren't just looking for a hangout buddy what there's no special reason.

It's gotta be a reason why you came looking for me today we met by coincidence but all I did was lend you my umbrella that's not a good enough reason to invite me to a party you even introduced me to your parents and asked me out on a date it's a bit weird are you trying to say that you think I have ulterior motives.

Well that's one way to put it we both need to protect our families after hearing my words Micah looked down with a sad face huh why does she look like she's about to cry is she panicking because she got caught maybe I should ask her Micah was quiet for a while.

But then she started talking in a small voice well there is something that I haven't told you about finally talking okay does it have something to do with why you've been coming to see me frequently yes I wasn't planning on telling you yet.

But she recums is she gonna ask to meet my parents or for money I think I have feelings for you Reggie see so you huh I am utterly spent with you veggie the reason why I asked you on a date is that I want to spend as much time as I can.

With you did you do you really mean that yes do you not believe me no uh it was so unexpected are you sure about it I mean all I did was lend you an umbrella that's not true you may not remember me but we've met before when we were younger we were just little kids at the time.

Both of our families were attending a party and you were there with your parents I was never good at new environments plus I worked extremely shy back in the day I couldn't handle being in a new place and meeting new people and I started crying that's when you came along and held by hand if it weren't for.

You I would have cried through the whole night there wasn't a day I didn't think about you after that he was so kind to me you were always in my heart after that I worked hard to become a woman worthy of your love I tried everything I could I spent every day of my life since then.

Preparing myself to meet you again I was planning on approaching you once I felt confident about myself however I felt like I had hit a dead end when I realized we both came from prestigious families I couldn't just act on my own selfish needs that's when you found me in the rain I couldn't help but feel like.

Destiny brought us together I thought to myself maybe this was my chance to get close to you to tell you how I felt about you I didn't want you to consider me as just a girl you lent your umbrella to that's why I've been approaching you so much wow.

I didn't realize so when you invited me to the party and introduced me to your parents yes I told my parents I would be introducing them to the man who has my heart I thought everybody introduces their parents to the person they love well yeah after they started dating but.

Wow I had it all wrong I'm so sorry Micah I misunderstood your intentions I know it sounds conceited but I thought you were trying to get close to me to make connections between our families I've had my walls up to everybody since I've had so many people try to trick me.

But I know that's just an excuse I completely understand where you're coming from and I'm truly sorry that I made you feel so uneasy I should have told you why I came to see you at the start I don't blame you for being cautious um I wanted to tell you how I felt for so long I just couldn't find the courage.

To I am so ashamed of myself I didn't mean to cause trouble for you no you didn't cause trouble please accept my sincerest apologies you know I acted on my feelings without regards to you I can't believe this is how everything ended please forget about everything I.

Said to you today what is this feeling I'm so relieved that Micah turned out to be the person I hoped she would be now that I think back on it every time I suspected her I felt so sad and Hollow but now that I know she has feelings for me I feel so happy and complete could it be because.

Micah can I ask you something you don't like me just for my status or wealth do you of course not our family business has nothing to do with my feelings for you renji I know they're just words but I hope you trust me I think I do.

You seem to be speaking from your heart and I want to believe you I feel like all the weight on my shoulders is gone I should have trusted you from the start it means a lot to me that you don't care about mitsarugi group being my family that you like me for me we're in a difficult spot right now and.

I can't give you an answer right away but I know how amazing you are even if we've only spent a few days together eventually I would love for us to spend more time together I had such a wonderful time today and I want to get to know you more Micah are you sure about that.

Yes I don't want to part ways here that would break my heart gosh I feel so pathetic for not being able to give you a clear answer but I want you to know your confession means a lot to me hey don't worry about it I am happy I told you let's just enjoy our time together for.

Now I'm going to do my best to show you how we could be good for each other I am so glad we cleared things up and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better we'll be skipping to a few years into the future Micah and I continue to spend more time together.

My feelings kept growing for her as we deepened our relationship through the years and today wow I can't believe we are announcing our engagement today Benji I never thought my dreams would come true me neither we've been through so much together.

I still hate myself for doubting you at first you were protecting yourself none it it me then we might not have ended up here together that's true huh okay are you ready.

Yup Reggie I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with you me too I know we'll be happy together Micah thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.