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[Manga Dub] I helped a girl on the day of her entrance exam and she made it in… [RomCom]


One morning I kazanari higuchi was on my way to classes when oh no what should I do I wonder if that girl is okay the paper she's holding has the name of my University on it excuse me are you okay huh are you on your way to the entrance exams you seem to need some help I don't need any help.

Oh is that so okay I'll get going then I lied I need help this is the first time I've been in such a big station it's like I'm lost in a labyrinth a labyrinth there are too many signs I don't know which way to go yeah I guess the signs can get a little confusing I got lost a few times as well.

That's a letter from Yuki University right I can take you there if you want huh but don't worry about it you don't want to be late for your exams and so I guided the Lost Girl to the train that heads towards Yuki University oh so you are a student at Yuki University.

Yep you're lucky I found you or I might be following a psychopath with a crazy plan to take me somewhere dark it's good that you're cautious it'll help you survive in the city but don't worry I don't have it in me to do such a daring thing.

We safely arrived at Yuki University my mission was completed well I'll get going um wait yes I'm sorry for being rude earlier I feel awful about it it's just my parents told me to be careful of strangers oh it's really okay I understand why you're suspicious.

I hope you do well on your exams hey what's your name I'm nobody important just a guy who happened to be there I walked towards the University Library I was trying to act cool but was already regretting it two months later I became a sophomore I had already forgotten about the incident.

With the Lost Girl and was going about my day um excuse me yes I knew it was you do you remember who I am huh no I don't remember anybody this pretty in my life I didn't know what to say I couldn't believe a girl this beautiful was.

Talking to me it's me me remember you're not giving me much information well I don't have that much information to give let me see we met a few months back I had no idea what she was talking about you don't remember you saved me from the Labyrinth and helped me get to my exams.

Oh yeah I know you finally gosh we bought the train together How Could You Forget my bad I tend to avoid looking at girls faces so you're an introvert you've made that clear why did you talk to me if you feel so awkward you don't even remember my face.

Oh whatever look ta-da I am officially a freshman at Yogi University congratulations I'm happy for you okay I'm gonna go now hold it mister what else do you want from me it's not that I want anything I just wanted to say thank you for being so.

Kind to me that day hey you hey it was nothing special no you saved my life that day I am forever indebted to you okay then so I don't think words are enough I want to do something nice for you uh no words are enough for me nothing else please.

No I need to thank you properly I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you um my name is Azusa komori what is your name it's kazunari higuchi then can I call you kazunari well yeah sure but you don't have to thank me anymore that's not how things work.

You know how about hey I found a cute girl over there what because you're Nori hey beautiful have you chosen an activity club yet we have a welcoming party for new members tonight you want to come with us huh why are you looking at me like I'm.

Some sort of trash oh I'm glad you sensed my hatred I am waiting for the garbage truck they forgot some trash what the we were just trying to be nice to you we use the word nice to describe someone like kazunari not people like you I can sense that you two have ulterior motives you don't understand we're doing this.

Out of love in other words we've fallen in love with you love at first sight well kazunari does everything because he cares for me his love is deeper than yours seriously what hey Azusa why are you talking about love damn it we have no chance with her let's.

Go you'll regret this hmm don't deserve to talk about love oh my gosh why am I stuck here is this stupid situation kazinari I did it they're gone uh yeah great job after this incident Azusa joined the.

Same activity Club as me she was like a puppy she never left my side cousin Ari do you have any favorites from the cafeteria menu I love Canon's Whimsy Curry plate they named it Curry but they're serving beef stew today I see why they call it Whimsy I'm gonna sit next to you invite my essay here.

There are other vacant seats you know you should learn to be a little friendlier towards me how am I supposed to tell her I can't focus because she's too cute why I just wanted to say your name what's the point of saying my name would appear out of nowhere and she.

Would stay by my side until she had to go to class I always felt so uneasy not because I didn't like her around me but because I was attracted to her she could get any guy she wanted so why is she spending time with me I'm just an introvert one day because Inari I love you yeah yeah whatever wait what.

You don't have to be so surprised what did you expect Sun I mean you are aware that I have feelings for you right well I thought I should say it out loud since nothing has changed since we started hanging out.

I wasn't sure and I didn't want to be full of myself do you not have feelings for me at all am I not girlfriend material while while we're on that topic I don't not like you what does that mean I just can't we can't go out as you saw what tell me why not there's a lot you.

Don't know about me I have to think about the future after I graduate I'm going to have to take over my family's business it's the path I have to take I'm not sure if I want to bring Azusa into all of that it'll be tough for her I understand how about we try out a date during the long weekend.

No I I think I could do that it's just a date please it's not that I don't want to go on a date with you I I just have to go back to my parents house we own a traditional Japanese Hotel I always go home to help out when I don't have classes I I'm sorry and so.

It's nice to meet you I'm home you're here oh my honey come here because you know he has brought a girlfriend with him Azusa decided to tag along I am so sorry I panicked earlier I'm causing eye some other what's your name.

I'm Azusa Kamari oh Azusa you are so cute so how long have you two been dating mother we're just friends did cousin already tell you about our family situation situation as you can see our family owns this hotel once kazunari graduates from.

University he will be taking charge so that means if you want to be his girlfriend you'll have to be willing to support him here as his wife okay I am willing to do all of that oh Azusa I am so impressed with your love for my son ah awesome don't make rash decisions you've.

Only just started University you can't decide to come here just because you have a crush on me it's not just a crush you know I've had feelings for you for over four months now and we've spent so much time together I'm not making Vash decisions I know what I'm doing I want to be your wife kazunari.

But I get it now I understand why you were so hesitant about dating me you were worried about me having to dedicate my life to this hotel right well it's okay I am sure about my decision and I will do everything I can to make this work I appreciate that but are you sure you're willing to go through all this.

Of course please won't you consider making me your wife but what about your parents they'll understand and they'll listen to whatever I say first we should talk to your parents and hear how they feel honey what's Happening Here.

Love sweetie it's love I see love huh brings back so many memories I can see that azusa's feelings for kazunari are real but there's just one little condition what is it please tell me you need to become the Okami like me there's a lot to learn before you can.

Become an Okami you have to go through a lot of training I promise to give it my all okay I hope you can keep up with me and so azusa's Okami training began mother I finished cleaning the guest rooms you've done an amazing job okay let me teach you how to greet customers next.

Thank you for traveling such a long distance to visit our hotel oh thank you she's perfect now let's see how she handles accounting and PR I found some mistakes and the numbers here I fixed them can you check oh and they also changed the picture on the website to this one I'm impressed you are amazing.

Azusa was very professional she exceeded all expectations she's competent hard-working and never goes easy on herself Azusa has proven to my mother and the other employees that she was perfect for the job maybe it would be better for Azusa to be in charge instead of me.

Kazunari are you there Azusa customers don't use the bath at this hour so I thought I'd spend a little quality time I thought you'd be sleeping by now aren't you tired from taking care of that huge group of guests I'm tired but I think this job is.

Perfect for me I see I'm glad you think that way so have you thought about becoming my boyfriend are you sure this is what you want of course I am I want to spend the rest of my life with you cousin Nori really okay I've had feelings for you for a while.

Now Azusa but I wasn't confident in myself plus I wasn't sure how you would handle becoming an Okami for a traditional Japanese Hotel it's a lot to take in but if you're willing to do all this I want to be honest with you I want you to be my girlfriend.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you too uh Azusa are you listening hello Azusa I'm sorry cousin Ari I'm kind of feeling is he oh my gosh you've been in there for too long I rushed out of the bath to go help.

Her I will not talk about what I happen to see since it couldn't be held hmm huh oh where am I are you okay you had me worried there why am I lying here oh I remember feeling dizzy in the bath wait were you the one who got me out of the bath uh.

Uh yeah so that means when you helped me you saw everything uh well I tried not to look very closely why won't you just admit that you saw everything except that like a man fine I saw everything and I was very impressed oh my gosh you are making me embarrassed.

Well I'm only telling the truth this is so embarrassing but I'm glad it was a yukasinari he'll be seeing more from now on right you're making me blush Azusa but it's unfair I didn't see anything what do you mean I think you know what I mean things got a little hectic after that.

But in the end we decided to start dating with marriage in mind and four years later Azusa can you get more drinks for that group over there sure I'm on it we got married just like we had talked about Azusa came to the hotel as soon as she graduated.

But before that come here oh hey we're still working save it for later even after we got married I have to admit I'm head over heels for Azusa I'm so glad I bumped into her at the station that day if I didn't we wouldn't be living the life we are now.

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