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[Manga Dub] I helped a homeless girl… 8 years later… [RomCom]


Are you sure you want to stay like this I'll do anything just say the word after all you saved my life that's an exaggeration that's not true I'm only here because of you as a Harvard son how did this happen I'm not especially attractive or anything.

So why is a stunning Beauty standing in front of me asking me out you say well it all began a few years ago come on come on my name is Masaharu fukuda I'm an underpaid employee at an extremely exploitative company it's probably the only company in Japan with the words 72 hours a week minimum.

This is the 14th day in a row I've had to work overtime I powered through my work and ran to the station as quickly as possible but as luck would have it it snowed pretty heavily that day the snow that had piled up while I was working slowed me down enough for me to miss the last train just as it pulled out of the.

Station no no no wait it's gone why did I have to miss the last train in such bad weather but I don't feel like paying for a taxi either I guess I'll have to settle for an internet cafe tonight it's cold I better get to the cafe quickly or I'll.

Catch a cold a steaming bowl of cup noodles before turning in sounds good too excuse me mister huh me um can't you spare any small change I haven't eaten for a while please please huh what's a girl doing in this blizzard.

Thin and worn out she looks like she might pass out all right let's get you something to eat I'm pretty sure there's a convenience store nearby so just wait here right here you understand Under The Roof okay here take this I picked something out randomly so eat anything you like.

Are you sure there's so much it's fine it's fine you must be starving eat up thank you so much it's delicious take your time there's no rush still oh I didn't ask your name did I I'm on to shimabara I'm mataharu fukuda nice to meet you.

So you have somewhere to go well you see I see don't worry well then let's get you to a hotel a hotel you can't stay out here you'll freeze I remember correctly there's a business hotel around the corner.

You've got to be kidding me they're all full the only option left is what's wrong as it turns out all the business hotels are fully booked and the only place that's still open at this hour is um a love Hotel if it's okay with you that is.

Obviously I wouldn't do anything to you ever that's okay I understand thanks for letting me shower first don't worry about it how are you feeling I haven't felt this warmth decor for a long time that's good so on Sue what were you doing in a place.

Like that if you wouldn't mind telling me the thing is I was raised in a single mother household but my mother passed away several years ago in a traffic accident after that my relatives took me in and I lived with my aunt and uncle for a while but the living conditions there were far.

From good they were up to their knees and debts and debt collectors were coming to the door day in and day out in the end they had almost nothing left and ended up almost selling me for collateral so I ran away from home that must have been hard that's why I have nowhere to go home to.

It's true nothing good awaits you if you try to go home but you can't keep up this homeless life forever either I guess there's only one thing for a person in my position to do why don't you come and live with me huh I know it's sudden but I'd like to help.

You if I can are you sure everyone needs a helping hand once in a while right thank you so much that's how I started to live with a girl for some reason I'm home oh welcome home masaharasan dinner is ready thanks again it's the least I can do.

Don't say that you're a lifesaver anzu I'm saving your life masahara-san that's right it's thanks to you I've been getting so much work done lately I only ever ate microwaved meals before eating homemade meals is great I'm glad you like it Matsu harassan no let's eat.

That night can I sleep here tonight again I don't recommend it let's I still can't sleep when I balloon ah all right if that's what you want thank you so much there was just one problem with anzu living with me.

She couldn't sleep by herself apparently she couldn't sleep at all out of anxiety when she was at her relative's house but as it turns out she could sleep when it was next to someone else so it was decided that we would sleep together as a result nerves from sleeping next to her have left me a bit sleep deprived.

You're so warm asaharasan this kind of reminds me of when my mother was alive we weren't well off so the house was always cold in the winter so we just cuddle up just like this thank you for saving me Mata Harrison what's gotten into you all of a sudden I could sleep peacefully without having.

To worry about being sold off starving or freezing to death if you hadn't stopped to help me then I wouldn't be here I didn't want you to starve that's all there aren't many people who can put those oh grateful to Mata Horizon I owe you my life masahara son.

I will pay you she fell asleep you've already done enough for me ansu my life was nothing but work before but now it's so much brighter with you in it I'm the one who owes you my life sleep well anzu sweet dreams and before I knew it a month had passed with us living together.

But one day I'm home son what's going on you have a strange look on your face I think there's something off about your job well that's out of the blue what's wrong what's wrong.

I've been living with you for a while now and I noticed you come home on the last train almost every day and you hardly ever take a day off do you know how many days you've been working without a vest if you count today nine days I think.

You think obviously wrong it is I've gotten used to it is exploiting their workers it's just you think so too I thought so too but I can't seem to break out of it are you okay if you keep pushing.

Yourself like this it's all right anzu I can take care of myself besides there are people who have it much worse than me thanks for worrying about me a week after we had that conversation anzu left home leaving a farewell note I didn't see this one coming thank you for everything huh.

She could have given me a proper farewell but I guess it's better for her this way it must have taken her a lot of Courage for her to step out on her own my thoughts will be with her even if we never cross paths again good luck anzu time passed in a blur until it was eight.

Years since I met her as for me I'm still at the same exploitative company working my butt off every day how many days has it been since I went home missing the last train is almost a daily occurrence for me now maybe it's time for me to move closer to the office.

The days passed and my mind got fuzzier and fuzzier I'd broken the record and was on my 21st day without rest I was at my limit body and mind yet if I broke down the workload would fall on someone else that thought kept me going until work was all I could think about the.

Company's gotten even worse than it was a few years ago I should seriously consider leaving for another job never mind moving closer to the office but it's harder than I thought I've been meaning to quit for a long time but it's already been eight years I can't keep going on like this.

For now though I'll just concentrate on getting home tonight I need to sleep in a comfortable bed once in a while that's what I thought but I knew it I knew I should have left work earlier but I guess I'll use the internet cafe again or maybe I should go to a business.

Hotel instead I've been using the internet cafe to save money until now but my body can't take it anymore but I guess I should stick with the cafe after all there you are huh I found you at last whoa she's stunning.

Wait a minute who is she I don't know anyone so beautiful it's been a while masahara son and you are don't you recognize me it's me anzu you saved my life eight years ago what onto you've grown so beautiful I didn't.

Recognize you at first thanks for the compliments it's been a while matsuharasan it really has how have you been I'm fine oh why don't we go somewhere to chat we have a lot to catch up on that's fine but it's late so I don't think there's then how about a love Hotel.

Huh you don't mind do you we can talk there you've grown up anzu well then let's go sure come to think of it what were you doing there I was waiting for you masaharu-san you could have just come to my home you know.

I did but you weren't there how many times have you gone home this month haven't been going home at all have you I knew I'd have a better chance of meeting you if I waited at the station instead I'm sorry.

Are you still planning on working for that company masahara son it's commendable that you work so hard not everyone can do that you're an amazing person to work so hard every day but you should take better care of your body if you keep going like this you could.

Break you physically and mentally on zoo thanks for worrying about me but it's fine don't worry it's true it can be hard sometimes but but they need me there Harrison so what are you up to these days anzu I worked really hard since then and now.

I work at a place called Alice Co LTD Alice Co Limited you mean that up and coming company that made its debut two years ago that's amazing it's all thanks to you masahara son I didn't do anything I can't believe you work at such a large company it's all a result of your hard.

Work well done aren't you thinking of quitting your job masuhara-san well I've been too busy to think about it I don't have the time to look for a new job anyways plus as I said before they need me I understand.

You should get some rest don't worry I'll wake you up tomorrow that would be great thank you we stayed up chatting for a bit then I fell asleep the next day I parted ways with anzu and headed to the office anzu is doing so well with her life compared to her what am I.

A staggering workload awaited me as usual I kept thinking about her as I ground away at my desk I keep putting off searching for another job and end up making no progress at all I haven't changed at all it's kind of pathetic and sad I should probably get back to work.

A week passed before I knew it and my body was close to breaking down completely my vision's blurring I've been staying overnight these days too I haven't been getting enough rest this is bad hey are you all right.

Boys I've come to save you master harasson ansu why are you here I wanted to repay your kindness kindness what do you think you're doing boss stop slacking off and get back to work you belong in the company you don't get.

To rest until we say so now move they still were to is that any way to treat an injured person what who do you think you wait you're what a wonderful company about your work than you do your employees I understand how you feel but shouldn't.

You worry about him first why are you here can't I pay a visit to my own company what's he talking about anzu what's your words fukuda you bought the company I realized that nothing was going to make you quit your job so I bought it instead.

I did a little research and as it turns out the employees here are all highly qualified even compared to other companies but this company exploited your senses of responsibility to use you like slaves all because of this company's working status so I thought I'd help not only you but.

Everyone else as well as buying the whole company besides I needed more workers for a new business venture anyway amazing anzu would you I'd pay you back well then there's going to be a few changes around here from now on.

Better working conditions the sacking of the entire upper management for threatening their workers poorly and more I'm going to cleanse this company from top to bottom may I ask what will be happening to me a huge feet of people as pods that could be cast aside whenever you wanted that means you are prepared to be cast aside.

In your turn right that's that's well then masahara Sun let's get you home for the moment you don't mind if I do that do you not at all oh and make sure everyone goes home on time today don't make them work overtime or else.

Oh I I understand Come On masahara Son I'm sorry you had to see such a pathetic side of miyansu you're not pathetic at all nobody should be commended for working so hard they passed out from exhaustion but your dedication for your work should I like you masahara son.

I liked you ever since we met eight years ago will you let me pay you back if it takes me the rest of my life to do it I want to stay by your side forever and ever I couldn't refuse you after all you've done for me if you'll take me I'd like to be with.

You too of course I'll take you you're the only one for me I like you a lot masahari-san I like you too anzu and that's how we became a couple since then my company became much more ethical thanks to anzu's Reformation all the workers thanked her for her.

Actions our work efficiency grew tenfold and anzu's Company along with it by the way the upper management were all fired without exception for their uncaring attitude to their workers and a few years later I've been waiting for this day for such a long time.

Me too anzu done I'll be at your side forever forever and ever I love you get your side forever too I love you