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[Manga Dub] I helped a single mother out from an accident, and she took me home with her [RomCom]


My name is sasaya sasayaka 24 years old I was working as a character designer at a game company until recently due to a number of reasons I was fired from that company and I'm now in the middle of looking for a job on my way to the employment information center when I glanced over at the road a car was charging straight towards a.

Young woman crossing the road without thinking I ran towards her and I somehow made it in time to prevent the tragedy thank you for saving my life I'm so sorry for causing you so much trouble it wasn't your fault the car was the one ignoring the traffic light what is it there's blood all over your hand huh whoa you're right.

Now that I realized it the pain is I probably cut it on something sharp when I hit the ground my mother's at home today and my house is only a minute walks away please come over and let us give you some first aid there's no pharmacy nearby and it really hurts maybe I should just accept the offer.

Sure if you don't mind so this high school girl tsukino ayatsuki led me to her house are you possibly the heir to a big company did all that's an exaggeration we're just living here alone well it's true that my mother is the CEO of a company though.

Wow it's so big the door swung open to reveal a woman who looked to be in her mid-20s is tsukino's older sister welcome home wait you came back with a pretty nice catch this time cat CH the cows out there hunted for boys more importantly this man saved my life.

And hurt his hand in the process he needs treatment immediately well now so that's what happened please come on in okay sorry to bother you when my hand was all nice and wrapped up please accept my sincerest things for saving my daughter's life oh no you don't need to go that far.

Daughter big sister I am tsukino's mother Ivory ayatsuki I'm also a single parent when you two Stand Together you really look exactly like siblings is that so mom's nickname the baby-faced Queen of the company isn't for nothing after all.

Don't tell him about something so embarrassing or rather that I have to insist that you accept a small token of my gratitude I don't really need or want anything but maybe it'd be rude to refuse I was thinking but then something amazing caught my eye it was a limited edition caddychon doll.

A popular character from Rooney Rio Rooney Rio itself is the brand name of a massively popular series of character-based merchandise produced by the company Rune ryoko Limited even though I'm a guy I love cute stuff and the Rune Rio dolls are also part of my collection this is something truly Priceless I.

Heard that there's only two of these in the entire world oh this is just a trial product I'm Runa Rio CEO so I get to send these out all the time um if you'd like I could give you the doll as a thank you gift although I don't think this is enough on its own are you sure it's more than enough thank.

You so much I can't believe I'm standing in front of Rooney Rio's CEO I'm a huge fan of yours it's always been one of my biggest goals in life to design a characterist beloved by the masses as Katie Chan you're a designer I like games and I was working as a character designer at a game company but.

My company told me that my designs weren't cool enough and I ended up being let go my design style is more cute than cool after all if you don't mind could you show me some of your designs when I showed her the homepage of a game I had helped design before it's so cute the characters you designed.

Are really adorable the more I look at them the cuter they are thank you but it seems like that's not really what my previous company was looking for it's true that the rest of the characters have a cooler vibe to them but I feel like your cute designs bring more life to the entire work what I'm trying to say is you are.

Interested in working at Rune Rio character designs are a specialty so I think it'll be a place where you could fully utilize your unique set of skills really thank you so much it would be my pleasure I never thought I'd get to work at a brand that I love so much I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Just like that I became an employee of Rooney Rio the first job I was given was to design a new costume for the upcoming updated release of cadichon I put my all into this design determined not to disappoint ire and the leap of faith she had taken when hiring me when she's at the company she completely.

Becomes Miss irie the capable CEO and career woman and I found that really cool too after work a few days later ire came over to my desk I just saw the custom he designed you did a great job thank you looks like I was right to snap you up.

When I had the chance the woman with the nose for sniffing out Talent anyway I have a favor to ask tsukino's been asking to meet you she told me to bring you home for today so you could have dinner together with us do you mind no not at all.

I have plans for tonight anyway that's great tsukino will be very happy when we arrived at ire's house tsukino came out to welcome us welcome back dinner's all ready so come on in thanks for having me today the reason I invited sasia over today is if my beloved mother ends up getting.

Married to the person who saved my life funny thing ever well it's not like I have any intentions of forcing them together for now I'll see how compatible they are by observing them over dinner I would go oh I can't wait everything's delicious you're pretty good at cooking tsuki no did your mother teach you how to do it.

Of course I did I told her everything she knows oh and what exactly did you teach me again what do you mean mom's been so focused on her work and bringing me up this whole time that she has absolutely no household skills to speak of Whoa stop right there you're gonna.

Destroy him I can't do anything capable career woman image I still want to be seen as a cool woman you know you don't have to worry about your image huh even if you're not good at housework the fact that you managed to raise such a determined good natured daughter and create such a big success out of your company at the same time your employees.

And your daughter they all look up to you as a role model I think this ire is the coolest of all words can't describe how much respect I have for you that's too much I'm not that great anymore my face will start swelling from the Heat here you should drink some water before.

That happens so cute when she's shy and despite the front she puts up when she's at work she's so lovable when she's at home wait it feels kind of rude to be thinking of my boss like this by the way why did you become a designer sasia I've liked games and anime ever since I was a child.

And I wanted to try my hand at creating some of those characters too I was a lonely child and my only friends were character dolls and other merchandise so when I grew up I wanted to make some wonderful character merchandise that could be there for people in their loneliest times the same way they were for me back then.

Got your wish then the Rune Rio characters have helped so many people out including me yes I always am so happy when I receive letters from our fans or spot people in town with our products they're getting along like a house on fire is he my mother's destined groom after all only one way to find out.

Ever since that first night we continued having dinners together at iary's house one or two times a week when Iris home she gets excited at every little thing is easy to talk to and just gives me a really comfortable feeling I found myself getting more and more drawn to her over time one day I received a company-wide email.

There's a competition one month later to decide Rene Rio's new character apparently for the sake of adding a new character to the Rooney Rio family the company will be holding a competition to see who can design the best character as a fan of the brand it would be my highest honor if a character that I designed could be the newest addition to.

The Rooney Rio family right I'm going for it I'm gonna win no matter what on my day off I spent the morning thinking about my design for the competition when I arrived for our routine dinner at the ayatsuki house in the evening is bullying me huh what's going on.

And then tsukino came over can you not spoil a girl's reputation like that by using the word bullying you the one who said that you wanted to cook for sasia it's not my fault you're hard to teach you're too strict you could be a little more nice about it it's not happening oh come on are you cooking this for me iry.

Yes as a thanks for causing you trouble all this time I just felt like I should do something thank you I'm looking forward to it wow it looks delicious but I already you look exhausted is way too strict not bad you are at cooking it wouldn't have turned out this good if I wasn't.

That strict I already put a lot of effort into this I'm really happy for some reason this has great texture and the sauce is so good too thank goodness looks like it was worth all that hard work this is all thanks to the mentorship of.

Miss saquino over here thanks for teaching me you did well dear student good job I just want to smile when I look at them the daughter acts more mature than the mother does their Dynamic is the opposite of normal opposite the opposite huh at that moment I had a.

Great idea for the upcoming character design competition after I got home from dinner I drew out the design I had in my head this is it Josie and No Nonsense Joey Josie and No Nonsense Joey are a pair of mother-daughter kangaroo characters that I modeled after ayuri and tsukino Joey's the no-nonsense and strict baby.

Kangaroo that stays in the pocket of her indulgent and loving mother Josie let's refine this design further and submit it for the competition and then a few days after the competition the results were announced yes to be a dream I can't believe that my brainchild is now one of the official.

Members of the Rooney Rio character family Josie and No Nonsense Joey trouts the competition just as I was basking in my joy I saw iary congratulations sasia thank you so much but the hard part is only just starting huh.

If the merchandise for Josie and Joey doesn't sell well and gain popularity with the public we'll have to cut our losses and end production immediately right I'll work hard on the advertising and do my best to avoid that situation I expect nothing less sasia is so cool when he's like this sales for Josie and No Nonsense Joey.

Were pretty slow in the beginning but thanks to a popular actress introducing it as her latest Obsession the sales steadily increased half a year later we finally started to see some profit from this product as it somehow grew into a popular character in its own right despite its incredibly shaky Beginnings I'll do my best so that it will become.

Even more popular in the future when profits started coming in ire and tsukino threw a party for me at the ayatsuki house to celebrate the success of Josie and Joey thank you so much modeling my design after the two of you was one of my best decisions ever why did you decide to use us as.

Inspiration seeing the close relationship between the two of you brings me happiness and it's just plain comforting and the fact that your daughter is usually the one in charge is pretty unique so that was how I thought of creating these one-of-a-kind characters that I.

Hope will be a comfort to everyone well she's only in charge because I allow it of course in that case why don't you wake yourself up starting from tomorrow I'm sorry please keep waking me up very good I had a lot of fun at the party it seemed like tsukino did too because.

She was so tired afterwards she fell asleep right there in the living room floor oh dear I'll have to move her to her room later for that can I have a word with you what's it about I decided that I would man up and tell you everything out loud if my character.

Design was a success I really like you ire you're cool and capable when you're at the company but still so lovable and cute when you're off work and I fell in love with all of it will you please go out with me you're serious and hard-working and kind and I really like you too.

Congratulations you two weren't you asleep nope Celsius being a fidgety while you were eating dinner so I thought maybe he was getting ready to confess I only pretended to fall asleep to make it easier for him this is so embarrassing mom you're pretty bad at these things even though you lived twice as long as.

Me he was kind of worried to be honest but I'm glad it went well huh she's twice your age which means you're 32 years old iry yes you mean I never told you no you didn't judging from tsukino's age I thought you were either in your late 30s or early 40s well I guess there's a logical thought to have.

Huh so he thought I was that old all along even though that would mean we'd have more than 16 years between us he stuff fell for me he said he really likes me oh this is so bad I'm so happy I want to cry I'll make sure to treasure our.

Relationship from now on sasia me too I promise to cherish this relationship and make you happy iary and that was how we became a couple we held our wedding ceremony one year later I wish the two of you all the happiness in the world thank you.

Together with my beloved family I took the first step towards the rest of my life thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well