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[Manga Dub] I helped out the foreign transfer student out, and she fell in love with me [RomCom]


Listen up we have a new transfer student from Sweden her name is Luna kujoin nice to meet you all I'm Luna coach Owen I hope we can all be good friends she's so pretty oh my gosh she's like a doll so cute I want her to be my little sister excuse me do you have a boyfriend uh um I'm sorry Japanese I don't know.

But you're speaking Japanese right now uh hey she only knows how to introduce herself the decision to move her was so sudden she didn't have time to study so if you need to talk to her talk to her in Swedish yeah like any of us could do that then you should all study so you can.

Communicate with her I failed Japanese there's no there's no Swedish huh hmm my name is Kazuki makihara but I couldn't help but stare at Luna as my classmates fond over her judging by her name she must be half Japanese half Swedish she's very pretty so I can understand.

Why my classmates are excited I just hope the language barrier won't be a big deal my classmates basically smothered Luna at launchbreak but none of them went near her by the end of the day it was just as I expected the reason was simple they couldn't communicate with her.

No matter how pretty she was there was nothing they could do if they couldn't talk to her she must be going through a hard time not being able to talk to any of her classmates but I'm just a loser introvert would you be insulted if I go talk to her I feel so alone.

Excuse me wait that's Swedish you you can speak Swedish yeah my parents own a trading company so they've been teaching me different languages ever since I was a kid wow oh what is your name what she's too close it's Kazuki makihara Suki I'm Luna please can you teach me Japanese.

Well sure but can't your parents teach you oh my father was Japanese but he died with my mother and my grandparents on my mother's side in an accident during a family trip oh my parents protected me with their life I was the only Survivor I came to Japan.

To live with my grandfather on my father's side but my grandfather doesn't speak any Swedish laughs hey hey I get it it's okay you don't have to talk about it I understand that's why she had to move to Japan I feel so bad for her anyways I'll teach you Japanese Miss kujoin.

Really of course I got your back thank you Kazuki so uh when should we have your lessons no right now let's go to my place now or we can go to your place huh we'll be going to each other's houses yep we'll need all the time we can get and I want to focus on studying she was very.

Excited so I decided to invite her over to my place to teach her Japanese pick my place because I was too nervous to face her grandparents but still my place is is your family not home yeah my parents are never home they have a pretty busy work schedule I see my parents are very busy people they made sure that at least.

One of them was at home when I was in elementary school but now that I'm in middle school they're both working full time well I know exactly how you feel huh you'll be teaching me Japanese so I will stay by your side you won't have to feel lonely anymore oh does she think I'm lonely because my.

Parents aren't home I will do my best to cook you good food do you cook regularly I never cooked but it'll be okay really but you just said you'd never caught if I believe I could do it I will succeed that's a pretty scary belief to follow I can make the food so don't worry about it anyways let's get started with our lesson I.

Wanted to try cooking wow I thought she was shy but she's actually the opposite um well once you learn basic Japanese you can try cooking then oh really having something to look forward to will help you with motivation that's how my parents bribed me into learning okay I'm gonna do my best to learn as fast as possible great and let's get started.

Miss kujoin why are you calling me Miss kujoyan huh we're friends now you can call me Luna oh okay all right well then Luna shall we Kazuki you're the best what the heck it should be any cuter Kazuki no my bad anyways how about I start by translating Swedish Expressions into Japanese okay.

We spent the next few hours together teaching her the basics of Japanese she was very diligent and I could see how hard she was trying to learn fast seeing her motivated me to do my best to teach her however uh I've heard about Japanese being the hardest language on Earth but I didn't think it would be this hard.

After three hours of Japanese lessons Luna had reached her limit we haven't even gotten into the difficult stuff Luna seriously when people say Japanese is difficult it's because of all the kanji and having to remember several meanings for the same word stuff like that we're still learning basic Japanese.

Words so we haven't reached the difficult stuff I have found a new respect for the Japanese people I can't do this well if it makes you feel better most of the Japanese population hasn't mastered the language either most of us just learn the stuff we use at school and work.

Kazuki you're amazing huh how you are so reliable it's like I'm talking to an adult oh no that's because you haven't seen much of me really but the way you teach and how kind you are you should give yourself more credit oh really yup you have no idea how lucky I feel to have met you so this is how.

Foreign people communicate she's got mad skills anyways I didn't do so well with learning Japanese today am I not allowed to cook oh it's okay you can try since you worked so hard today really yep but don't you have dinner waiting for.

You at home with your grandparents yep I'm just going to make your meal okay thank you I'll make your meals every day it won't be long till I get better okay what every day yup I'll come over every day to study Japanese are you sure you'll be allowed to do that uh-huh I mean I'm doing it to get better at Japanese.

Hmm wouldn't her grandparents get worried that she's coming over to a guy's house every day anyways let's go grocery shopping whoa wait come on hurry I want to cook Luna frolicked around like a little child as she pulled my hand and dragged me to the closest supermarket once we got home we started getting the.

Ingredients ready so first we need to cut the ingredients you should make a little fist like a cat's paw cat spa meow dude she needs to stop being so cute is he doing it on purpose hey let's get into serious mode okay.

Of course but I'm already being serious oh okay well then just use this hand to hold down the ingredients I taught her step by step standing right by her side Luna listened carefully and she did everything I told her to do she was a fast learner and she did it surprisingly well is it yummy um yes it's very good.

I'm glad you like it can I try some of it too of course you can okay feed me huh I don't have Chopsticks so feed me ah wow seriously are you sure is there a problem well is this normal for Swedish people or is it just that Luna is overly friendly hey.

Hurry up it's gonna get cold oh sorry okay well here you go yay hmm wow it's so good I'm glad you think so yeah I can't believe I made this Kazuki you're amazing you know I want you to teach me Japanese but I also want you as my cooking teacher wait this is just a.

Reward for working hard fine if I work hard on Japanese will you teach me that wouldn't be a problem right well I guess I look forward to spending time with you uh oh me too I'll never tell her that her smile captured my heart at that moment I'm in trouble I've only been with her.

For a few hours and have already fallen for her after that we kept our distance at school on purpose we knew things would get hectic if we talked to each other if people found out that I could talk to Luna they'll probably use me as a translator to communicate with her Luna was cooperative she made sure not to talk to me in the classroom I knew.

She wanted to get to know her classmates so I felt bad but she told me it gave her more motivation to study harder I have to say she's sweet and very caring since we couldn't talk at school conversations flowed once we started our Japanese lessons Luna talked about how she loves cats she.

Got so excited when we found one outside watching her so full of energy made me feel warm inside and after a month of lessons great work you've learned enough Japanese to have conversations with people now Luna studied hard and gave her best every day for a month her learning environment helped her out since she would get to.

Practice her Japanese once she got home to her grandparents however I'm sure it was her hard work that pushed her Japanese skill to grow this far FYI her cooking skills are still in need of practice thank you Kazuki Luna thanked me in Japanese on purpose she probably wanted to show me she'll be talking in Japanese from now on.

I can't believe how fast you learned everything I bet everyone is going to be surprised tomorrow yeah but you know what if I can't talk properly that's okay I'll be there to help you out now that she knows the basics being her translator won't cause too much trouble for me.

That's why I told her I would help her just in case she needed assistance I appreciate it Kazuki I am so lucky to have met you you are the best uh I'm glad I enjoyed spending the past month with Luna there was never a dull moment however now that she can talk to the.

Others I'm sure our time together will end okay you got this go make some new friends but to be honest I'm actually a shy person huh really oh I remember she was fidgeting when she first came into the classroom and introduced herself yeah so would it be too much trouble for you to stay by my side while I talk to them.

Well I you may have noticed this at school but I don't talk to anybody I think it might be better for you to talk to them on your own rather than having me next to you I don't want to huh I just need you Kazuki I don't need anybody else but you went through all the trouble of learning Japanese to make friends yeah but if I'm.

Going to have to let you go then I don't need any friends if you don't want me to be with everyone else I don't either I want to stay with you hey don't say that geez I know she wants more friends that's why she studied so hard I don't want to be the one to pull her away from that okay I'll help you talk to them.

I'll be there with you really yep you worked so hard for this I don't want to ruin it for you the last thing I wanted was to make her feel sad because of me it was time to step out of my comfort zone she needed me I had to man up and face my fears not run from them what would I do without.

You whoa Luna you have no idea how much you mean to me you are such an amazing guy huh wait um I want us to be more than just friends that was sudden I've been thinking about when I should ask you the time we spent together it.

Made me realize you were the one that I want to spend my life with I didn't expect that what about you do you have feelings for me of course I do I've liked you since the first day you came over to my place so that means you've had your eyes on me.

From the start no it's not like I was aiming for you or anything I just care for you really maybe you were just nice to me because you wanted me to like you no it wasn't like that I swear hmm you gotta believe me.

Hey you're teasing me I love teasing you you give the best reactions as it turns out Luna is a mischievous little devil a cute devil but I was glad to get to know that side of her wait is this all a joke to you no way my feelings are real oh okay God.

So since we know we have feelings for each other will we be dating from now on I think so will you be my girlfriend Luna um yes I would love to be your girlfriend Kazuki and so I ended up with the cutest girlfriend ever the next day everybody was surprised to.

See Luna suddenly talking in Japanese she instantly became popular I have to admit I loved the looks on the guys faces when Luna hid behind my back one of them was so jealousy blurted out an insult towards me Luna happened to hear what he said and she was Furious she's usually friendly and kind but it.

Appears she's never afraid to protect those she loves I did my best to stop the commotion and calm her down but the whole thing somehow made me feel so fulfilled it was no surprise that by a week later Luna had become the most popular girl in school thank you for watching how was today's.

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