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[Manga Dub] I helped the cute convenience store worker, and she fell in love with me… [RomCom]


There's an angel at the convenience store nearby her name is Emily gorgeous blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes she's a foreign student and recently started working at the store she's still learning how to speak Japanese.

It's adorable I'm a university student living alone and I'm single I'm not a part of any activity Club I just watch anime at home my name is Hiroki kusano and I admit it I had nothing in my life until I met this beautiful girl I bet she has a boyfriend though.

She's too attractive not to have one to top it off Emily is spectacular in every aspect you here again oh hi yes I'm sorry hi you apologize well uh I happy you're here thank you so much.

Uh thank you I fell in love with this beautiful smile she's bright and friendly and I bet she already has a loving boyfriend I've fallen in love with her but I just know she's going to dump me one day it's so crowded today.

That doesn't work out for me sorry sorry huh what's going on it's called Express Mail how can it not get there by tomorrow I need to get this package to Hokkaido by tomorrow but express mail from now takes two days seriously are you even listening to what I'm saying.

Hey is there anyone here that understands Japanese this girl right here I can't get through to her so he's the one causing the long line you should have brought it in earlier if you wanted that package to get to Hokkaido by tomorrow um excuse me I've worked at a convenience store.

Before and I have some experience Express doesn't mean it flies immediately to the destination you can't bring a package in this late expecting it to arrive tomorrow what it's her job to do something about it what you're asking is impossible you can't ask her to do something that's out.

Of her control shut up you fool this is none of your business you were asking for somebody that understands Japanese so I'm here a Japanese speaker why are you complaining I I was trying to get another store clerk well shouldn't you have asked for.

Another store clerk then oh I get it you're not so good with Japanese are you shut up you said anyone that means you weren't specifically asking for a store clerk if I say anyone it means a store clerk since we're in a convenience store oh okay okay so you're saying I'm not qualified to be Japanese.

That's right young people these days you need to learn how to sense what's going on I see so if you're so good at sensing things do you see how much trouble you're causing by making everyone in line wait just for you ah let's.

And you're yelling at a young woman at the top of your lungs how is any of that decent you want to prove how right you are you won't accept any other options do you realize we are all waiting for you to get the hell out of here Emily just read what was written on the screen nothing is her fault actually.

It's your fault for not bringing in the package earlier and you're blaming her for your faults I don't care about reading between your stupid lines and if that doesn't make me a good Japanese so be it I don't approve of what you're doing and if this is what Japanese people look like from other countries I'm.

Embarrassed to be one to the store ever again there's no need to announce that nobody cares whether you come here again or not jeez you kept talking about sensing things why can't you sense that you're the loudest one in here oh.

Crap I think I went too far I don't care about whether I hurt the man's feelings or not but I feel like I just butted in and blew up at him when this issue has nothing to do with me I just hope Emily doesn't think I'm crazy or else I will never be able to show my face in here again wow I can't believe you got him to leave.

That was insane huh absolutely amazing you did a great job man oh uh I'm I'm sorry um thank you for helping me uh no I just the man he was scary I didn't know what to do.

Hey don't worry about it let's just focus on the customers waiting in line I was relieved Emily wasn't turned off I felt a little awkward but I was glad that I was there to help her I used too much energy I'm getting hungry I guess I'll buy an old Bento and head home.

The line of customers was gone so I took my old Bento to pay for it okay it was nothing to apologize for butting in I just couldn't let him yell at you couldn't what I wanted to protect you why pretty I wonder why.

It's because I like you not that I could ever tell you how I really feel never oh I almost forgot can you warm it up for me huh what's wrong warm up well yes if that's okay I understand I have a warm up huh wait a second what are you doing.

Warm up I am warming up for you no no I don't know I I meant the yo Bento Japanese difficult that was sweet I'm kind of glad she didn't understand me and I am warm for sure now does she give out hugs to anyone will her boyfriend be angry.

um I will finish work just a little more and you and I talk a little uh how cute can she get there's no way I can say no to that 30 minutes later I finished eating my old Bento and met up with Emily in front of the.

Convenience store we then headed towards a park um here please my name is Hiroki kusano even my name when well it's written on your name tag it is even prettier up close.

You won with only words oh that I don't think my words were very nice though I want to talk like that too like you I don't think you should talk like I did back there it's bad if karaoke okay can you teach me Japanese please what me.

You don't want to oh no that's not what I meant I I love to do it yay Smokey you're the best I love you so much uh thank you very much I forgot people overseas use I love you more casually than in Japan she's just trying to thank me I almost misunderstood the situation.

But thank God I realized before I made the wrong move however I still don't know how I should teach her what would the main character do if this was an anime oh anime heroki do you like anime um yes I also watch them at home anime I love it too really.

Emily told me a little about herself one of the main reasons she wanted to come to Japan is because she was inspired by an anime she saw back home she studied hard and learned a bit of the Japanese language and finally decided to study abroad however life in Japan was far from what she expected Lily what kinds of makeup do you use.

Gosh I want a new bag like no um none of the girls she had met so far were interested in anime they all talked about boys and fashion she began to distance herself and ended up isolated and lonely you the first person so nice to me first one you like anime it's the best I want.

To be with you Hiroki I know she doesn't mean it as I wanted to but I can't help but get my hopes up after that we exchanged our contact information we started hanging out quite a lot I taught Emily Japanese through anime and Japanese games which was fun for both of.

Us I was ecstatic about seeing Emily every day she worked hard and her Japanese kept getting better by the day there was just one thing I was concerned about can I go to your house sometime soon hey there's something I've wanted to ask you.

What Emily do you have a boyfriend boyfriend like a partner my partner is you Hiroki what me you are a comrade partner comrade no I I mean like a partner in a love relationship it would be wrong for you to come over to my place if you were in a loving.

Relationship have a boyfriend I will be all alone but you're so cute you said I'm cute darn it I wasn't planning on telling her she was cute to her face so partner I mean I get to go.

I yes I'll let you know when you can come I seriously need to clean up my room I should hide anything that could let out that I'm into blonde hair and blue eyes for a while things stayed the same as before.

We hung out in public places Emily called them dates but I'm guessing foreign people refer to hanging out as dates I don't think it means anything Although our dates weren't romantic we went to anime shops movie theaters and arcades we had a lot of fun on our dates however.

One night we got carried away it's so dark time flies when we're having fun right that's true I never feel like we have enough time together oh really do you have fun with me it makes me think about how great it would be if we could be together forever.

What's going on with her Pokey he's so forward today hey look can you see that Emily the Moon is so pretty huh what why are you so red um well uh the Moon is pretty means I love you right.

I heard Japanese people you know they love them I thought heroki was inexperienced with love but he's actually very forward and passionate I I feel I feel the same as you huh I feel that the Moon is very pretty too.

Oh I see I'm glad you feel the same way that makes me so happy it's nice to know that we see the same things and feel the same too they're around the corner huh you're okay your place do you want to come over for a bit I promised you I would invite you.

Sometime um why are you holding on to my arm it's because I feel the Moon is pretty that's why okay so she's just taking in the moment thanks for the great work Moon I'm sorry Daddy Mommy I am most likely going to take the next step but this man tonight.

And so I brought Emily back to my place I think people tend to use that phrase when they are referring to a certain amusement park with a friendly Mouse this is just a geek infested room hey can I stay the night it's too late to catch the last train I bought some toiletries at the convenience store.

Um okay Emily was going to stay the night you better prepare yourself you aren't getting any sleep tonight what this is going to be a night to remember how Wild is this site going to be I wanted to show you this anime it's the best it's from Canon's rom-com mankas.

They upload Amazing Stories oh anime after that we kept watching anime and then watched some more and then some more by the time we realized it was morning it's morning sucks we couldn't get through all of the videos we only got through like 30.

Oh I can see what's wrong are you sleepy I kind of sensed it halfway through the night but I was hoping something would happen between us but it didn't Emily I was expecting the night to be more romantic.

Huh why what do you mean why you were the one who confessed your love to me and I told you I loved you too don't tell me you don't remember you can't get out of this that way what I have no idea what she's talking about what's going on.

When did I tell Emily my feelings think did you seriously forget you said the moon was pretty yesterday night yes I did say that I said that but huh oh my gosh you thought I was trying to express my love for you yes Japanese people Express their love.

In much more creative ways than other cultures no no no no I I could I was simply stating how I felt about the moon no way so you were talking about the moon oh my gosh Japanese is so difficult no I actually think you're impressive Emily half of the Japanese population.

Doesn't know that famous line from the from the Meiji period I am so embarrassed with myself I'm sorry heroki I misunderstood the situation don't say that it's my fault for making it seem like that I can't believe I told you that you.

Wouldn't be getting any sleep now I realize I should have told you straight up in the beginning huh told me what you know the only reason why I kept going to the convenience store was to see you but considering how pretty you are I.

Always thought you had a boyfriend so I had given up on anything happening I couldn't tell you my feelings back then but I'm ready to tell you now does that mean I've had feelings for you for a while now will you be my girlfriend of course all I want I wanted.

Communicating can be difficult you never know how the other person is actually feeling about your words I have a feeling that one hug could be a better way to communicate than telling someone using your words how about we do it what do you mean do it.

You're okay you know what I want to do right um yeah I think and so we all right let's get back to watching Canon's rom-com manga yeah yeah you've read me like a bug we watched the rest of the anime videos on the Canon's rom-com manga Channel I'm working on my communication skills.

With Emily that way I will be a boyfriend who fulfills her needs our other videos as well