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[Manga Dub] I helped the girl in my class who wouldn’t leave her house come to school… [RomCom]


Okay everyone get your seats I'm taking attendance akiyama yes yes psyche then Koji is then Koji not here yet yes to you you're almost late again today try to answer from your own seat you are in the student council aren't.

You I'll do better next time but I'm all right for today too right the chime is still ringing you made it but it'll almost stop ringing so be quick oops I somehow made it on time today too my name is yoshio zenkoji I have the nickname deadline Wizard and I'm a first.

Year in high school since I ran as fast as I could I avoided being late to school again today seems like my magic is working well today too you were almost late again what were you doing this morning there was an old lady who was carrying what looked like a heavy bag so I carried it for her to the train station.

Right right you're too kind what will you do if you're late to school because you were helping other people that's true but I can't just do nothing if somebody's in trouble one should help I understand but I think that there is a limit in your case you do too much I.

Can't help it it feels good to help people the appreciation you get when you help others or the feeling that the other person has become happy when I feel that I feel positive about my existence those are the feelings that make me feel like I can't stop doing it I see you're just a weirdo don't tell me that I'm a.

Weirdo it doesn't matter everyone becomes happy after all as long as you don't come late the teacher knows your situation so he doesn't say anything but usually you'd be marked late I know I'll come to school tomorrow before the chime rings if you can do that that would be good all right attendance taken the only.

Person absent was her roommate ceremony either I wonder if she refuses to come to school from the beginning of high school what you want to know about urume yes I was wondering why she doesn't come to school but it's personal information so I can't.

Tell you well but you teacher please just tell me without worrying about it we keep quiet it's fine uh this is the teacher's room well it's fine I don't think you would do anything strange yes but make sure to help roomie out alright you don't need to tell me that I.

Wouldn't have asked otherwise so is this the address the teacher gave me here I got roommate's address from our teacher and went to visit but I was a little flustered by how it looked from the outside on the first floor was a steakhouse second floor a nightclub and.

On the third is a game center this is a multiple tenant building what kind of a person is it who lives in a place like this fourth floor it's here excuse me I knocked on the door but there was no reaction rather it didn't even feel like there was anyone inside maybe nobody's.

Home she lives in such a place and hasn't been to school so maybe she's an outlaw excuse me what how are you this is my room are you Mana roommate she might be an outlaw was a thought that disappeared completely because the girl who appeared in front of me was the exact opposite of.

What I had imagined she looked like a timid girl and she's cute why do you even know my name it's scary that's someone I don't know Knows My Name oh don't be scared I'm yoshio zenkoji I'm your classmate in high school classmates oh I see what whoa roomy roomy.

Oh where am I this is your room I thought it might not be police but I let ourselves in it wasn't locked you should probably lock it every time since it's not so safe what's there is nothing to steal you're right just as she said there was nothing in her room except for the basic.

Necessities the least number of dishes and bed items but no closet washing machine nor a television well I bought some food from the convenience store do you want to eat some oh yes oh how much is it don't worry about it it's only a few dollars oh thank you.

You're welcome by the way what brings you to my place I came to deliver the worksheets from school you haven't been to school at all right yes right I know this is not really my business but why don't you come to school High School is not obligatory so one.

Wouldn't take the entrance exam if one doesn't intend on attending she took the trouble to take the entrance exam but isn't coming to school why that is I am busy with my part-time work so busy that you can't come to school yes I have three part-time jobs why so many otherwise I couldn't live here you.

Couldn't live how about your parents I have no parents oh sorry don't worry so I have to work to be able to live I won't be able to pay my rent then how about moving to some place that's cheaper that is impossible here it was about the only place where I could rent without getting a gardener.

I see been asked for school at this rate I would have to quit it but is that all right with you it's not but I am not good with people to begin with it's already been a month since school started so I'm behind on the studies I think I should go but at the moment it's not possible so I.

Thought it can't be helped you think that you should go though right yeah I know it would be better to have graduated from high school for my future I see I got it then leave it to me what yes I'm not sure what you mean though and see you next time urume all right it's going to get busy uh I wonder.

What he plans to do oh roommate I was waiting for you oh zenkoji you are waiting for me why there's something I want to talk to you about so urume how do you feel about moving out from here move well I would like to if I could but I told you it's not possible last time.

There's a place you could live at without getting a guarantor or making any advanced payments also you don't have to pay any rent and you get three meals a day how could there be such a dreamlike place but there is such a place if you want to move then let's go oh and please wait a minute.

Miss Sato I brought her oh yoshio I was waiting for you it's her she was the one who was willing to live for me yes please wait a minute he brought me here all of a sudden and lived together with this lady what does that mean oh you didn't explain it to her then I'll explain this is a security measure there's an increased number of crimes.

Targeting elderly people living alone the owner of the house benefits from the security and the person who is renting the place can pay low rent or get three meals a day so it benefits both parties this is the local project to ensure people's security don't tell the truth it's for people who are University students or Elder but I.

Heard your situation from yoshio so I don't need any rent you just need to live with me and otherwise look after the store occasionally of course I will pay you for the hours you work how does that sound yes please wonderful then we have a deal so now.

That you don't have to worry about the money make sure you go to school all right if you don't do your work as a student the deal is off I will do my best this is how roommate came to school she attracted a lot of attention from other students like a panda in a zoo she seemed like she wasn't good with people.

But she was able to come to school somehow so it all went well although she had a late start it seemed like she made some friends and was enjoying her school life I'm glad I was able to do something for her it made me feel good a month after that roommate called me to.

The school's rooftop what is it roommate what did you want to talk to me about actually yeah I have a favor to ask you oh a favor sure this is my chance to feel good again yes well be my boyfriend sure no problem wait what.

To be my boyfriend no no no no no of course not actually she's secretly popular among the boys her timid character made the guys want to protect her and during PE one could see the outline of her figure quite well those are some of the reasons I think she also is cute so of course she would.

Be popular then will you be my boyfriend of course but are you sure you want me to be your boyfriend yes I don't have anyone else to ask so what do you mean actually a customer who comes to misato stores well that customer's not a good one that's right I shouldn't say this to someone who is a customer of her store.

But well that is kind of what I had expected what kind of customer is it what I am at the store and continues to sit there for many hours he persistently talks to me and says let's go on a date or do you have a boyfriend when I deal with children when they are playing with their meal he says go away or don't bother us because of that the children.

Get scared that is completely obstruction of business did you tell that to miss Sato I haven't told her I didn't want to make her worry also if he understands that I have a boyfriend I don't think this customer will come anymore I see that's why you asked me yes I know it's Troublesome but is it.

All right you think I would say no well that is no problem I help people because I like to please rely on me this time too thank you so much that's how I went to the store to see her when she was working there on a Sunday morning hi roommate I'm here then Koji Son thank you for your help today.

Sure thing and that Troublesome customer I think he'll come soon I'm here again today I could tell from this playboy-like voice and attitude that it was this guy who was causing problems can you make me lunch for today too yeah you kiddos you guys are in the way ow.

Who's this guy I'm mana's boyfriend who are you you're pretty friendly to someone else's girlfriend aren't you oh really this is normal but you are mana's boyfriend no way say Mana why don't you break it off with this dude and go out with me come on well that is hey stop.

She doesn't like what you're doing this guy he doesn't care whether she has a boyfriend or not how egotistical is he that's enough I don't care what you say but I am her boyfriend buy something and get out quickly but are you really her boyfriend I can't really believe it it just seems unbalanced and you don't seem like her.

Boyfriend you mind your own business yoshio is my boyfriend see what's that soft thing I thought please go along with me see this doesn't seem like it don't you see how close we are that's because we're going out.

I guess a little bit but really I see then yoshio come here and sleep on my lap what really I'm cleaning my ears wow a lot is coming out oh it's a lie on her lap and get my ears cleaned this is something that only true lovers would do for each other.

Well but I love Heights it's finished yoshio could you give me something in return for cleaning your ears in return yes I would like a kiss in return kiss yes is that not all right well it's fine sure uh really my mother yes this is the only way to.

Make him believe us yoshio Mana oh the YouTube doing in the store Miss Sato misato there's a reason behind this huh where'd that guy go that guy went out in tears yeah he was crying out mom as he left he probably won't come again by the looks of it oh really that's good it's not good to act this.

Way in front of children Mana please explain what is going on I understand the situation but there is a limit of things to do our store is not a cafe for lovers you know yes I am sorry Mana you just talked to be about tomatoes like this without any hesitation I wouldn't think it's.

Troublesome yes I will do that from next time get all right it seems like you two understand so this talk is finished it is a little late but shall we have lunch here eats with us thank you very much that was delicious today was a hard day for us both what uh yes Miss Sato found out what was going on but I think it was a good thing in the end.

If that guy comes again I think she would be able to do something about it yes you're right and I'll be going now see you urmi uh excuse me what you could call me mother I wouldn't mind oh really then you can call me by my first name too yeah and yoshio I I don't do that sort of thing to just anybody.

I don't do that to anyone whom I don't like Mana does that mean that's all then see you at school Mana wait what did you mean just now I was able to confirm what she meant by her words a month later the reason I waited for a month was because she was shy and was avoiding me please go out with me yes please.

For a month I was wondering what she meant by her words but now it's become something trivial she and I have become true lovers and we are enjoying our first summer vacation of our high school years thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.