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[Manga Dub] I helped the pretty girl in class and got scolded in return… [RomCom]


Hey chiaki do you want some coffee her name is miyu ayasaki she's very dignified and well-mannered she's known as the prettiest girl of our class the it girl of course her popularity spreads wide beyond the walls of our classroom miss ayasaki can i have a date with you please me you please be my girlfriend.

Miu i'm in love with your eyes miu's answer sorry i have so much going on and i don't have time for dating right now her classmates aren't the only ones she lets down hey do you want to be on tv you'd make a great model we can make you so famous mew's answer sorry i've already declined.

Numerous times miyu ayasaki's presence grows every day shining brighter each passing moment are you sure you don't want it only i know she's not who everyone thinks she is you're making me drink it because you can't oh well.

Uh i made a mistake and pressed the wrong button whatever her so-called cool image is just an illusion look look a rainbow look chiaki those scouts won't leave me alone.

Chiaki you want to watch a scary movie with me please yeah she's probably more childish than most of the girls out there i only found out recently that her cool character was just a show to hide her shyness she's never had a friend who knew her.

True self and so she became very attached to me since i found out you know you're kinda dumb just look where your finger is pointing it's not that hard that's not true it's just cause being around you makes me feel safe to be the way i am.

What she's such an airhead and it's scary because she doesn't even realize how much of a sweet talker she is fine if you don't want it i'll drink it hey stop that you idiot it was too late oh my gosh we both knew that would happen.

To be honest i find her kind of cute she's so different from the cool miyu she has to be in front of everybody else and let's face it she's just plain funny it's so bitter here let me go get you some water okay no it's okay look at you you look like you're dying give me.

Huh you're juice give me what i was shocked she suddenly asked for the juice i had just been drinking i don't know if she realized or not or if she was just desperate to get the coffee out of her mouth.

Hurry up this could be the death of a friendship does she know it's indirect kissing well hell whatever here thank you my mouth was there just moments ago no no no stop it chiaki this is not kissing it's just like.

Like like performing cpr both situations happen because somebody is trying to help another right what am i trying to say i feel alive again oh okay good for you she looked satisfied and happy obviously clueless of the thoughts that were.

Running through my head you want to trade drinks yay you're the best seeing her so happy with my juice i knew i could never tell her what i was thinking moments ago i shouldn't drink this right she had her mouth on this it's too embarrassing.

Maybe if i was cooler i would be able to pull it off but there was no way i was going to drink the coffee that miu had taken a sip of but there's nothing cool about my face or my personality i hate to admit i'm too chicken to try anything like that.

That's why everybody calls me puriky instead of chiaki hey tiaki do you remember this little one huh who miu showed me her phone and i couldn't help but realize how close her body was oh yeah the cat we saw the other day.

The memory of miyu playing with this black and white cat is still fresh in my mind not the cool and popular miyu but the normal everyday miyu she was meowing and frolicking about oh my gosh look how small it is it's adorable come here kitty let's play.

Meow meow meow nobody would believe me if i told them this happened what about the cat well i found out that it's a lost kitty huh miu swiped the screen and a new picture appeared let's see.

Lost cat the cat we had seen had a striking resemblance to the cat on the lost cat poster miu had taken a photo of the black and white color the shape of its tail whoa they look exactly the same right i was so surprised when i saw the poster.

For the first time it would have been nice to know somebody was looking for the cat when we were playing with it chiaki if you find this cat be sure to protect it okay of course i'll keep a lookout until we find her thanks.

Miu smiled relieved that i had said okay that showed she was sincerely concerned for the safety of the cat everybody thinks she's cold but she actually has a very warm heart and is adorable when she smiles she should show her smiling face to more people but then again.

I'm not too smiley either i really hope the cat is found soon uh huh miyu she was frozen in her tracks her eyes wide staring at something hello earth to miu.

Are you okay oh my huh look that's that's the she stopped all of a sudden i was so confused until i turned around and saw what she was referring to hey a white and black body with a curling.

Tail anybody that comes across it wouldn't be able to resist smiling at this cute thing it was in fact hey huh the cat oh no the kitty chiaki you scared it off hey don't blame me you were just as loud.

As me well i was surprised and panicked i was too wait we shouldn't be arguing right now we need to get that cat yes i totally agree we looked around for a while hey chiaki i found it how did it get up there.

We needed to focus or the cat would run away we didn't want to lose sight of it chiaki we should do a shoulder ride are you kidding me i'm pretty strong i can support you why should i get on top well yesterday i ate cheesecake in the middle of the night how many pounds of cheesecake did you.

Eat just one slice it was so good why are you yelling okay this is for the kitty and its owner i could see she was trying to overcome her embarrassment so she could help the cat jiayaki i'm gonna straddle you oh okay she was so desperate she didn't realize.

The words coming out of her mouth were actually very embarrassing don't laugh even if you see my undies okay come on i'm not looking and i won't laugh what kind of underwear would make somebody laugh anyways my undies are not funny they're regular plain undies stop making me talk about.

My undies lift me up she's talking non-stop about her plain underwear and i want everyone that thinks she's cool to see this but think about it if mew does get up on that wall there's a possibility i would actually see her underwear and that would be so.

Awkward i wouldn't know where to look it would be too much for me how are you doing up there just make sure you don't get hurt okay yes sir i will do my best to catch the kitty we slowly took one step two steps closer to the cat.

Here kitty come here sweetie no don't be mean to me kitty i don't think it's trying to be mean me you we can't get any closer let's just try again tomorrow no let me try once more but i'm so shy around people i'm too scared to reach out my hand to help them even.

If they need it me you so if i can't help people i at least want to do my best to try to help the kitty i want to be my true self for this kitty oh miyu pours her heart out and i'm thinking what she says sounds really.

Nice but it kind of makes me sad for her she unintentionally just admitted that she has a communication disorder that's why i want to try my best i'll take the bullet if that's what it takes to save the kitty oh okay go get the cat then miu here kitty come here meow.

Let's take you back to your family meow i don't think saying meow helps but to my surprise the cat jumped into miu's arms oh my gosh chiaki i got the kitty what that's amazing i was feeling conflicted having miu on my shoulders talking about her underwear.

But i guess none of that mattered as long as the story ended with a happy ending i mean that's all that matters right huh it's not like i was staring just to be clear it's not my fault the wind caught her skirt and it just flew up light blue.

Oh dear god why punish a girl who is trying so hard to do good and what have i done to deserve this reward um she's unbelievable she's trying to protect the cat from falling making it impossible to hold down her skirt.

Huh need to what is it chiaki you perv no my kids get married and you need to take responsibility for it hey don't jump on me thank god i caught the cat afterwards we contacted the owner and brought the cat home to its family.

I'm so glad we did that the family looks so happy to see their cat it's all thanks to you miu i feel a little sad though huh why i thought the kitty and i could be friends she's so honest about all of her.

Emotions it shows how pure she is it's not a goodbye forever you can go see the cat anytime i i guess will you come with me if i ever go see the kitty of course you can count on me.

Really yay and just so you know yeah you don't have to be sad you have a friend right here oh i know saying things like that is not at all like me.

I'm feeling a little embarrassed but i was able to build up my courage because i saw how she was trying so hard to save the cat but i'll never say it again hey if you ever get lost i'll come find you how would i ever get lost gotcha chiaki hey you're too close.

The way she slides up close to me she's like a cat gosh miyu oh huh that coffee you know my mouth touched that now you care that means you and i kissed.

Hey don't say that miu ayasaki everybody thinks she's so cool but now you and i both know she's a goofball right thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.