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[Manga Dub] I hung out with my sister and her friend, who happened to be my favorite idol [RomCom]


I I'm always rooting for you keep up the great work I haruto shirai I'm currently at a handshaking event to see my favorite pop Idol she lives in my hometown she's known Nationwide and I worship her with all my heart she's the best thank you for coming to see me harto.

You you remember my name of course you've been coming to my handshaking events ever since I debuted I always made sure to get a ticket to her handshaking events no matter what it wasn't easy getting tickets every time but I'm so glad I did it she remembers me I do not regret spending all the money I made for my part-time job on her.

I only work to make money to spend on her isn't just any pop Idol she's a goddess meeting I is the one thing I live for to be honest I've never felt the need for a girlfriend having I in my life is more than enough I guess you can see how much of a geek I am but at school I hide the side of me.

Haruto come on wake up is it morning you won't have any time to eat breakfast get up ah okay this is my little sister Haruka she's energetic and quite loud but I adore her nonetheless she's a year younger than me a sophomore.

In high school I'm so sleepy yeah yeah time to eat sleepyhead you remind me so much of mom hey it's not my fault Mom and Dad are overseas right now I need to make sure you don't ruin your life my father was transferred to a branch overseas half a year ago and my mother.

Decided to go with him so it's just Haruka and me in this house right now okay thanks for making breakfast it's so good well I am a great cook there's no time for that right now you'll be late eat up yeah yeah.

I made sure to eat everything on my plate and then we got ready to go to school um good morning hey Mana mr's friend and I see her when she comes over from time to time good morning Manu good morning.

I feel so lucky we rarely get to bump into you on our way to school well I guess today is a lucky day for me too but since I got to see you seeing these two together it's a nice thing to see in the morning they're so cute oh yeah I almost forgot do you want to come over this weekend we could hang out.

Oh yes we could have a sleepover um I'm sorry I can't sleep over I see but but stay out a little late really okay that sounds great yep apparently these two will be hanging out during the weekend I love seeing how.

Close they are the weekend finally came hi Roto let's play Haruka I thought you were hanging out with Mana is right here see Hi how are you hey I'm good but won't Mana feel awkward if your big.

Brother is around oh um it's okay all right so what do you guys want to do I bought some cards then I guess we should play cards and so we decided to play a game of Old Maid this one.

This is definitely the one it was down to either Haruka or me Mana finished a while ago oh how could this be I can't believe I picked the Joker you aren't good enough for me I'm not gonna lose I'm gonna win and then you're going to buy cake for me you never mentioned anything about.

Buying a cake don't you want your little sister to be happy you're just saying that to get cake well yes I am so hard to come on you better pick the Joker I reached over to pick one of the cards I see.

Next I reached over for the other card in her hand she's making it too obvious Haruka has never been good at keeping her emotions inside they always show on her face I pick my card oh you picked the Joker ah dang it.

No you're finished turtle let's see if you can pick the card you want Haruka I got this yay I won ah I I lost harito go buy us some cake cheese I'm not your butler make sure you get some famana too I know I know.

Huh it's okay I don't eat any cake hey you were the first winner you deserve cake too but don't worry about it haruto why do I have the feeling you're being too nice to Mana do you like her what no it's not like that to ask him stuff like that.

You guys panics something smells fishy hey stop trying to mess with us my bad You're Not Sorry at all if that's the way you want to act I'm not buying you any cake oh no I'm really sorry do you want cake yes.

Can you be a good girl yes I can fine let's go buy some huh Mata why are you laughing um it's just you guys are so close I wish I had a brother oh because you don't have any siblings you could have hurt toe if you want.

Hey Haruka I'm not a rental brother sorry Mana he could learn to cooperate more wait stop why am I the bad guy here you get along so well I don't know if we can call this getting along well I wanted to ask why Mana thought that way but we left the house to go buy cake.

Before I could after we came home from Cake shopping it made me happy to see them satisfied with their cakes they were excited from the moment we stepped into the shop I guess all girls like cake I had some myself and it tasted better since the girls looked so happy.

We decided to hang out a little after huh you want me to take you guys to the station so Mana can go home Haruka started making more requests I mean it's pretty late don't you think it'll be dangerous for Mana to go alone so you want to walk her there but you'll be scared on your way home that's why you want me to come right.

Yep fine I guess I'll go then sorry haruto don't worry about it it's partially my fault for making you stay so late that's right it's a big brother's responsibility she just took that line from me and so we started walking towards the station however we were about halfway there when.

Uh Haruka what's wrong nothing you don't look so good are you okay oh I'm gonna go over there and pick some flowers what nobody picks flowers when it's this dark it doesn't matter whether it's day or.

Night flowers are living too you can't just pick them out of their homes like that hurt so you idiots sister tone let me go Haruka forced my arm off and ran into the park whoa seriously what's up with her.

Well maybe we should just let her go and do whatever she needs to I guess hmm I've never been alone with Mana before Haruka has always been there this is awkward hey thanks for hanging out with Haruka she really likes you.

Oh no I'm the one who has to thank both of you um this is kind of embarrassing but besides harika I don't have any other friends huh really um I take a lot of days off to school compared to other students I guess I'm a bit of a loner since I don't get to hang.

Out with everybody as much as they want to I see I understand how she wouldn't get many invitations since she doesn't have much free time plus it's difficult to maintain a friendship if you don't come to school to spend time with each other.

Well I'm sure Haruka would love to hang out with you whenever you have free time she likes having people's attention I know it'll mean a lot to her if you could hang out with her when you can I mean she kept you late tonight because she likes you so much oh that means a lot to me and if there's anything you need help.

With don't hesitate to ask me okay are you sure of course you're always there for Haruka we'd like to do the same for you I don't know the details but maybe Mana has had problems with friends in the past that's why she doesn't come to school thank you so much.

Um this is a completely different topic but I heard from Hurricane that you are a huge fan of I the pop Idol is that true oh my gosh I can't believe she told you that is is it true oh well I I I guess it is I'm really into her I I understand how Haruka would.

Think I was obsessed I mean I is so pretty and cute what's wrong um well would you be happy if you got to see her well actually I've met her before I go to every one of her handshaking events I meant would you be happy if you got to.

Got static to be honest I might start rolling around on the ground wait I shouldn't do that with I watching me I see well um you can't tell anybody but I'm I the pop Idol huh what what's going on huh why um I make sure I dress differently so nobody would recognize who I am.

Not that I I mean why would I be friends with my little sister wait why didn't you tell me um well you're always so kind to me whether I'm Ali or mana and so I thought it would be better if I told you it might make you happier if you knew that you were hanging out with I ah I see uh yes well I'm I am very happy.

But what do I do how am I going to hang out with her knowing she's my favorite pop Idol um hey does Haruka know haruto thanks for waiting oh what did something happen um nothing nothing happened really you're out of breath though.

I'm okay I see so she hasn't told Haruka yet hey moto is acting weird I'm sure of it Naruto what did you do with her while I was gone what I didn't do anything he's right he didn't do anything are you sure.

Why are you smirking like that anyways we should get eyes Mana to the station we headed towards the station but I could tell Haruka was watching us and smiling like she sensed something however I never expected what came next what happened in the next few days changed our lives forever.

Especially mine what a picture of I and her boyfriend a few days after harukondai took Mana to the station I was looking through my social network account I found an article about I being in a romantic relationship oh my gosh who's this boyfriend of hers wait.

Is that me I didn't realize there were people taking pictures of us I realized I needed to get in touch with i as fast as possible I rushed to haruka's room to ask for eyes contact information Naruto we need to talk to you about something.

Huh Haruka why is Mana with you Mana just told me she got kicked out of her house what why Mana told me that we were on our way home here but she happens to be I your favorite pop Idol the one you worship I know yeah I heard he told you when we took it.

To the station apparently somebody took pictures of you and Mama together everyone is talking about how Mana has a boyfriend now yeah I just saw the article oh so you knew anyways mata's father owns the entertainment agency Mana works for and he's Furious about what happened and that's why you got kicked out of.

Your house yes oh man so it's partially your responsibility right huh Mata only told you because she wanted to make you happy so wouldn't it be irresponsible for us not to help her in any way.

Yes I guess let's let Mana stay over at our place until her father is ready to forgive her what you can't be serious Mana are you sure you're okay with that um yes I I don't want to go home right now oh I see isn't this a little inappropriate.

But Haruka is right I am partially responsible okay let's do it you can stay here and live with us until your father calms down a little so three of us started living together Mana was hard working and she helped out with the housework she was a huge help and we were glad she was here but.

What are you going to do about your career well about that I wanted to ask you something huh I would tell will you be my boyfriend please uh what oh the plate sorry Mata just stay back okay and make sure.

You don't step on any of the sharp pieces you can cut your feet oh okay I made sure mama was safe from danger and went to get a broom and dustpan to clean up the mess so about the whole dating thing are you sure yes boyfriends and marriage and stuff.

Are issues I have to face in the future anyways I just figured if rumors are going on about us right now why not make it real maybe we should think this through well no matter what we say there will always be fans that believe we are dating so I think it would be best if we just started dating.

That way we can solve the problems thrown at us but still why would you choose me to be your boyfriend I wouldn't pick anybody else you've been supporting me ever since I debuted even before I became well known and you were kind to Mana even if she.

Was just a boring friend of your little sister there's nobody else that I would rather do this with wow so Mana do you have feelings for me I still know how strong my feelings are but you have always been on my mind.

To be honest a part of me felt like I was dreaming however my cheek hurt when I pinched it so I guess this is happening in real life and so okay I would love to be your boyfriend I decided to date Mana for real thank you so much let's go meet my.

Father now we have to talk to him hurry before he starts telling the Press some other ridiculous story suddenly I was to meet mana's father to explain everything to him yes he totally freaked out on me but Mana wouldn't pull back and she even said she would quit for me so her father had no choice but to.

Accept she was too good of a pop Idol to let go now that Mana convinced her father to let us date she now has a lot to do to get her fans back but I'll save that story for another day I just wanted to spread the story of how I began to date one of the most famous.

Pop Idols in Japan oh FYI Mana is still living with me in my house thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well