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[Manga Dub] I hung out with my sister and her friend, who happened to be my favorite idol [RomCom]


I I'm always rooting for you keep up the great work I haruto shirai I'm currently at a handshaking event to see my favorite pop Idol she lives in my hometown she's known Nationwide and I worship her with all my heart she's the best thank you for coming to see me haruto.

You you remember my name of course you've been coming to my handshaking events ever since I debuted I always made sure to get a ticket to her handshaking events no matter what it wasn't easy getting tickets every time but I'm so glad I did it she remembers me I do not regret spending all the money I.

Made for my part-time job on her I only work to make money to spend on her isn't just any pop Idol she's a goddess meeting I is the one thing I live for to be honest I've never felt the need for a girlfriend having I in my life is more than enough.

I guess you can see how much of a geek I am but it's cool I hide the side of me haruto come on wake up is it morning you won't have any time to eat breakfast get up ah okay this is my little sister Haruka she's energetic and quite loud but I.

Adore her nonetheless she's a year younger than me a sophomore in high school um I'm so sleepy yeah yeah time to eat sleepyhead remind me so much of mom hey it's not my fault Mom and Dad are overseas right now I need to make sure you don't ruin your life.

My father was transferred to a branch overseas half a year ago and my mother decided to go with him so it's just Haruka and me in this house right now okay thanks for making breakfast it's so good well I am a great cook there's no time for that right now.

You'll be late eat up yeah yeah I made sure to eat everything on my plate and then we got ready to go to school um good morning oh hey Mana morning this isaki she's my little sister's friend and I see her when she comes over from time to time.

Good morning Manu hi Haruka good morning I feel so lucky we rarely get to bump into you on our way to school well I guess today is a lucky day for me too but since I got to see you seeing these two together it's a nice thing to see in the morning they're so cute oh yeah I almost forgot do you want to.

Come over this weekend we could hang out oh yes we could have a sleepover um I'm sorry I can't sleep over I see but but I can stay out a little late really okay that sounds great yep apparently these two will be hanging out during the weekend I love seeing how.

Close they are the weekend finally came hi Roto let's play Haruka I thought you were hanging out with Mana bahana is right here see Hi how are you hey I'm good but won't Mana feel awkward if your big.

Brother is around oh um it's okay all right so what do you guys want to do I bought some cards then I guess we should play cards and so we decided to play a game of Old Maid this one this is definitely the one.

It was down to either Haruka or me Mana finished a while ago how could this be I can't believe I picked the Joker you weren't good enough for me I'm not gonna lose I'm gonna win and then you're going to buy cake for me you never mentioned anything about buying a cake.

Don't you want your little sister to be happy you're just saying that to get cake well yes I am so hard to come on you better pick the Joker I reached over to pick one of the cards I see next I reached over for the other card.

In her hand she's making it too obvious Haruka has never been good at keeping her emotions inside they always show on her face I pick my card oh you picked a joker ah dang it no you're finished her toe.

Let's see if you can pick the card you want Haruka I got this I lost haruto go buy us some cake cheese I'm not your butler make sure you get something on it too I know I know huh it's okay I don't need any cake hey you were the first winner you.

Deserve cake too but don't worry about it haruto why do I have the feeling you're being too nice to Mana do you like her what no it's not like that just ask him stuff like that you guys panics something smells fishy hey stop trying to mess with us.

My bad You're Not Sorry at all if that's the way you want to act I'm not buying you any cake oh no I'm really sorry do you want cake yes can you be a good girl yes I can fine let's go buy some.

Huh Mata why are you laughing um it's just you guys are so close I wish I had a brother oh because you don't have any siblings you could have hurt her toe if you want hey Haruka I'm not a rental brother sorry Mana he could learn to cooperate more wait stop why am I the bad guy here.

You get along so well I don't know if we can call this getting along well I wanted to ask why Mana thought that way but we left the house to go buy cake before I could after we came home from Cake shopping it made me happy to see them satisfied with their cakes.

They were excited from the moment we stepped into the shop I guess all girls like cake I had some myself and it tasted better since the girls looked so happy we decided to hang out a little after huh you want me to take you guys to the station so Mana can go home.

Haruka started making more requests I mean it's pretty late don't you think it'll be dangerous for Mana to go alone so you want to walk her there but you'll be scared on your way home that's why you want me to come right yep fine I guess I'll go then.

Huh I'm sorry haruto don't worry about it it's partially my fault for making you stay so late that's right it's a big brother's responsibility she just took that line from me so we started walking towards the station however we were about halfway there when.

Uh Haruka what's wrong nothing you don't look so good are you okay oh I'm gonna go over there and pick some flowers what nobody picks flowers when it's this dark it doesn't matter whether it's day or.

Night flowers are living too you can't just pick them out of their homes like that all right so you idiots the tone let me go Haruka forced my arm off and ran into the park whoa seriously what's up with her well maybe we should just let her go and.

Do whatever she needs to I guess hmm huh I've never been alone with Mana before Haruka has always been there this is awkward hey thanks for hanging out with Haruka she really likes you oh no I'm the one who has to thank both.

Of you um this is kind of embarrassing but besides harika I don't have any other friends huh really um I take a lot of days off to school compared to other students I guess I'm a bit of a loner since I don't get to hang out with everybody as much as they want.

To I see I understand how she wouldn't get many invitations since she doesn't have much free time plus it's difficult to maintain a friendship if you don't come to school to spend time with each other well I'm sure Haruka would love to hang.

Out with you whenever you have free time he likes having people's attention I know it'll mean a lot to her if you could hang out with her when you can I mean she kept you late tonight because she likes you so much wow that means a lot to me and if there's anything you need help with don't hesitate to ask me okay.

Are you sure of course you're always there for Haruka we'd like to do the same for you I don't know the details but maybe Mana has had problems with friends in the past that's why she doesn't come to school thank you so mad of I the pop Idol is that true.

Oh my gosh I can't believe she told you that is is it true oh well I I I guess it is I'm really into her I I understand how Haruka would think I was obsessed I mean I is so pretty and cute uh what's wrong.

Um well would you be happy if you got to see her well actually I've met her before I go to every one of her handshaking events um no I meant would you be happy if you got to see her when she was off the job of course I would be ecstatic to be honest I might start rolling around on.

The ground wait I shouldn't do that with I watching me I see well um you can't tell anybody but I'm I the pop Idol huh what what's going on huh why um I make sure I dress differently so nobody would recognize who I am not that I I mean why would I be friends.

With my little sister wait why didn't you tell me um well you're always so kind to me whether I'm I or Mata and so I thought it would be better if I told you it might make you happier if you knew that you were hanging out with I I see uh yes well I'm I am very happy but what do I do how am I going to hang.

Out with her knowing she's my favorite pop Idol um hey this Haruka no haruto thanks for waiting oh what did something happen um nothing nothing happened really you're out of breath though.

I'm okay I see so she hasn't told Haruka yet hey moto is acting weird I'm sure of it Turtle what did you do with her while I was gone what I didn't do anything he's right he didn't do anything are you sure.

Why are you smirking like that anyways we should get eyes Mana to the station we headed towards the station but I could tell Haruka was watching us and smiling like she sensed something however I never expected what came next what happened in the next few days changed our lives forever especially.

Mine what a picture of I and her boyfriend a few days after harukondai took Mana to the station I was looking through my social network account I found an article about I being in a romantic relationship oh my gosh who's this boyfriend of hers wait.

Is that me I didn't realize there were people taking pictures of us I realized I needed to get in touch with i as fast as possible I rushed to haruka's room to ask for eyes contact information Naruto we need to talk to you about something.

Huh Haruka why is Mana with you Mana just told me she got kicked out of her house what why Mana told me while we were on our way home here but she happens to be I your favorite pop Idol the one you worship I know yeah I heard he told you when we took it.

To the station apparently somebody took pictures of you and Mama together everyone is talking about how Mana has a boyfriend now yeah I just saw the article oh so you knew anyways mata's father owns the entertainment agency Mana works for and he's Furious about what happened and that's why you got kicked out of.

Your house yes oh man so it's partially your responsibility right huh Mana only told you because she wanted to make you happy so wouldn't it be irresponsible for us not to help her in any way.

Yes I guess let's let Mama stay over at our place until her father is ready to forgive her what you can't be serious Mana are you sure you're okay with that um yes I I don't want to go home right now oh I see isn't this a little inappropriate.

But Haruka is right I am partially responsible okay let's do it you can stay here and live with us until your father calms down a little thank you so much and so the three of us started living together Mana was hard working and she helped out.

With the housework she was a huge help and we were glad she was here but what are you going to do about your career well how about that I wanted to ask you something huh I would tell will you be my boyfriend please.

Uh what oh the plate sorry just stay back okay and make sure you don't step on any of the sharp pieces you can cut your feet oh okay I made sure Mana was safe from danger and went to get a broom and dustpan to clean up the mess.

So about the whole dating thing are you sure yes boyfriends and marriage and stuff are issues I have to face in the future anyways I just figured if rumors are going on about us right now why not make it real maybe we should think this through well no matter what we say there will.

Always be fans that believe we are dating so I think it would be best if we just started dating that way we can solve the problems thrown at us but still why would you choose me to be your boyfriend I wouldn't pick anybody else you've been.

Supporting me ever since I debuted even before I became well known and you were kind to Mana even if she was just a boring friend of your little sister there's nobody else that I would rather do this with wow so Mana do you have feelings for me.

I still know how strong my feelings are but you have always been on my mind to be honest a part of me felt like I was dreaming however my cheek hurt when I pinched it so I guess this is happening in real life and so okay.

I would love to be your boyfriend I decided to date Mana for real thank you so much let's go meet my father now we have now we should hurry before he starts telling the Press some other ridiculous story suddenly I was to meet mana's father to explain everything to him.

Yes he totally freaked out on me but Mana wouldn't pull back and she even said she would quit for me so her father had no choice but to accept she was too good of a pop Idol to let go now that Mana convinced her father to let us date she now has a lot to do to get her fans.

Back but I'll save that story for another day I just wanted to spread the story of how I began to date one of the most famous pop Idols in Japan oh FYI Mana is still living with me in my house there's an angel at the convenience store nearby her name is Emily.

Gorgeous blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes she's a foreign student and recently started working at the store oh welcome she's still learning how to speak Japanese it's adorable I'm a university student living alone and I'm single.

I'm not a part of any activity Club I just watch anime at home my name is Hiroki kusano and I admit it I had nothing in my life until I met this beautiful girl I bet she has a boyfriend though she's too attractive not to have one to top it off Emily is spectacular in every aspect.

You here again oh hi yes I'm sorry you apologize well uh I happy you're here thank you so much uh thank you I fell in love with this beautiful smile.

She's bride and friendly and I bet she already has a loving boyfriend I've fallen in love with her but I just know she's going to dump me one day it's so crowded today that doesn't work out for me sorry sorry huh what's going on it's called Express.

Mail how can it not get there by tomorrow I need to get this package to Hokkaido by tomorrow but express mail from now takes two days seriously are you even listening to what I'm saying hey is there anyone here that understands Japanese this girl right here I can't get through to her.

So he's the one causing the long line you should have brought it in earlier if you wanted that package to get to Hokkaido by tomorrow um excuse me ah who the heck are you I've worked at a convenience store before and I have some experience Express doesn't mean it flies.

Immediately to the destination you can't bring a package in this late expecting it to arrive tomorrow what our job to do something about it what you're asking is impossible you can't ask her to do something that's out of her control shut up you fool this is none of your.

Business you were asking for somebody that understands Japanese so I'm here a Japanese speaker why are you complaining I I was trying to get another store Clark well shouldn't you have asked for another store clerk then oh I get it you're not so good with Japanese are you.

You said anyone that means you weren't specifically asking for a store clerk supposed to be good everyone it means a store clerk that's wearing a convenience store oh okay okay so you're saying I'm not qualified to be Japanese that's right young people these days you need to learn how to sense what's going.

On I see so if you're so good at sensing things do you see how much trouble you're causing by making everyone in line wait just for you yes and you're yelling at a young woman at.

The top of your lungs how is any of that decent you want to prove how right you are you won't accept any other options do you realize we are all waiting for you to get the hell out of here Emily just read what was written on the screen nothing is her fault actually it's your fault for not bringing in the.

Package earlier and you're blaming her for your faults I don't care about reading between your stupid lines and if that doesn't make me a good Japanese so be it I don't approve of what you're doing and if this is what Japanese people look like from other countries I'm embarrassed to be one.

yeah to the store ever again there's no need to announce that nobody cares whether you come here again or not jeez you kept talking about sensing things why can't you sense that you're the loudest one in here oh.

Crap I think I went too far I don't care about whether I hurt the man's feelings or not but I feel like I just butted in and blew up at him when this issue has nothing to do with me I just hope Emily doesn't think I'm crazy or else I will never be able to show my face in here again wow I can't believe you got him to leave.

That was insane huh absolutely amazing you did a great job man oh uh I'm I'm sorry um thank you for helping me uh no I just the man he was scary I didn't know what to do.

Hey don't worry about it let's just focus on the customers waiting in line I was relieved Emily wasn't turned off I felt a little awkward but I was glad that I was there to help her I used too much energy I'm getting hungry I guess I'll buy an old Bento and head home.

The line of customers was gone so I took my old Bento to pay for it thank you for help me mister it's okay it was nothing I wanted to apologize for butting in I just couldn't let him yell at you huh couldn't select I wanted to protect you why protect.

I wonder why because I like you not that I could ever tell you how I really feel never oh I almost forgot can you warm it up for me huh what's wrong why warm up well yes if that's okay I understand I have a warm up.

Warm up I am warming up for you no no I don't know I I meant the opento Japanese difficult that was sweet I'm kind of glad she didn't understand me and I am warm for sure now does she give out hugs to anyone will her boyfriend be angry.

Um I will finish work just a little more and you and I talk a little how cute you can see get there's no way I can say no to that 30 minutes later I finished eating my old Bento and met up with Emily in front of the convenience store we then headed towards a park.

Um your name please my name is Hiroki kusano hey you know my name what well it's written on your name tag it's even prettier up close you so cool when talking to man oh that I don't think my words were very nice though I want to talk like that too like you.

I don't think you should talk like I did back there it's bad if karaoke okay can you teach me Japanese please what me you don't want to oh no that's not what I meant I I love to do it.

Yay you're the best I love you so much uh thank you very much I forgot people overseas use I love you more casually than in Japan she's just trying to thank me I almost misunderstood the situation but thank God I realized before I made the wrong move however I still don't know how I should teach her what would the.

Main character do if this was an anime oh anime heroki do you like anime um yes I also watch them at home anime I love it too really Emily told me a little about herself one of the main reasons she wanted to come to Japan is because she was inspired by an anime she saw back home.

She studied hard and learned a bit of the Japanese language and finally decided to study abroad however life in Japan was far from what she expected Emily we're back like now um none of the girls she had met so far were interested in anime they all talked.

About boys and fashion she began to distance herself and ended up isolated and lonely you the first person so nice to me I know she doesn't mean it as I wanted to but I can't help but get my hopes up after that we exchanged our contact information.

We started hanging out quite a lot I taught Emily Japanese through anime and Japanese games which was fun for both of us I was ecstatic about seeing Emily every day she worked hard and her Japanese kept getting better by the day there was just one thing I was concerned about.

Can I go to your house sometime soon hey there's something I've wanted to ask you what Emily do you have a boyfriend like a partner my partner is he heroki what me you are a comrade.

Partner comrade no I I mean like a partner in a love relationship it would be wrong for you to come over to my place if you were in a loving relationship I don't have a boyfriend I will be all alone if you didn't hang out with me Hiroki really but you're so cute.

You said I'm cute darn it I wasn't planning on telling her she was cute to her face so partner does that mean I get to go over to your place soon I guess I'll let you know when you can come I seriously need to clean up my room.

I should hide anything that could let out that I'm into blonde hair and blue eyes for a while things stayed the same as before we hung out in public places Emily called them dates but I'm guessing foreign people refer to hanging out at States.

I don't think it means anything Although our dates weren't romantic we went to anime shops movie theaters and arcades we had a lot of fun on our dates however one night we got carried away it's so dark time flies when we're having fun right that's true.

I never feel like we have enough time together oh really do you have fun with me it makes me think about how great it would be if we could be together forever he's so forward today hey look can you see that Emily the Moon is so pretty what why are you so red.

Um well uh the Moon is pretty means I love you right I heard it's an interactive way Japanese people use to tell someone they love them I thought heroki was inexperienced with love but he's actually very forward and passionate I I feel I feel the same as you.

Huh I feel that the Moon is very pretty too oh I see I'm glad you feel the same way that makes me so happy it's nice to know that we see the same things and feel the same too me too I can't believe he confessed his feelings for me.

Oh yeah my place is right over there around the corner huh your place come over for a bit I promise you I would invite you sometime um why are you holding on to my arm it's because I feel the Moon is pretty.

That's why okay so she's just taking in the moment thanks for the great work Moon oh I brought Emily back to my place I think people tend to use that phrase when they are referring to a certain amusement park with a friendly Mouse this is just a geek infested room.

Hey can I stay the night it's too late to catch the last train I bought some toiletries at the convenience store um okay Emily was going to stay the night you better prepare yourself you aren't getting any sleep tonight what this is going to be a night to remember.

How Wild is this site going to be I wanted to show you this anime it's the best it's from Canon's rom-com mankas they upload Amazing Stories oh anime after that we kept watching anime and then watched some more and then some more by the time we realized it was morning.

Oh it's morning it sucks we couldn't get through all of the videos we only got through like 30. oh I can see what's wrong are you sleepy I kind of sensed it halfway through the night I was hoping something would happen.

Between us but it didn't Emily I was expecting the night to be more romantic huh why what do you mean why you were the one who confessed your love to me and I told you I loved you too tell me you don't remember you can't get.

Out of this that way what I have no idea what she's talking about what's going on when did I tell Emily my feelings think did you seriously forget you said the moon was pretty yesterday night yes I did say that I said that but huh.

Oh my gosh you thought I was trying to express my love for you yes Japanese people Express their love in much more creative ways than other cultures uh no no no no no I I could die with simply stating how I felt about the moon Japanese is so difficult.

No I actually think you're impressive Emily half of the Japanese population doesn't know that famous line from the from the Meiji period I am so embarrassed with myself I'm sorry heroki I misunderstood the situation.

Don't say that it's my fault for making it seem like that I can't believe I told you that you wouldn't be getting any sleep now I realize I should have told you straight up in the beginning huh told me what you know the only reason why I kept.

Going to the convenience store was to see you but considering how pretty you are I always thought you had a boyfriend so I had given up on anything happening I couldn't tell you my feelings back then but I'm ready to tell you now does that mean I've had feelings for you for a while.

Now will you be my girlfriend of course that's all I wanted communicating can be difficult you never know how the other person is actually feeling about your words I have a feeling that one hug could be a better way to communicate than telling someone using your words how about we.

Do it what do you mean do it you're okay you know what I want to do right um yeah I think and so we all right let's get back to watching Canon's rom-com manga yeah yeah you vet me like a bug we watched the rest of the anime videos on the Canon's rom-com manga Channel.

I'm working on my communication skills with Emily that way I will be a boyfriend who fulfills her needs my name is Yuta Asahi I'm an introverted otaku who's in his sophomore year of high school oh she's so cute I have someone I'm obsessed with currently it's games on my phone.

Mr manager thank you for meeting me today what's today's lesson this is my pretend wife I I'm so glad to see you I hey my childhood friend koharu Sakurai started talking to me she had beautiful long black hair and a nice face.

She was popular in school as well hey he he's talking to miss Rye again man he's so lucky to have her as a childhood friend seriously wish I could switch with him just to an introvert like that anyway me it was a regular occurrence that people.

Were jealous of me just because we were childhood friends are you playing weird games again don't say it's weird this game is about a girl who's working hard towards her goals is that weird to you I don't care about the story I'm saying it's gross that you're talking to your phone.

I'm not talking to my phone I'm talking to I that's what I'm calling gross you should stop caring about some girl in your phone and start caring about real life girls who cares if I care about a girl in a phone that's my choice this is why real life girls are annoying.

That's how koharu kept making fun of me what is your problem what what argue shut up I don't want to talk to a loser like you anyway you were the one that started talking to me koharu left up in arms.

Are you gonna hurry up and start my practice manager oh sorry I let's go straight to lessons what did you want to learn today he wants to learn dance lessons today okay let's go to dance lessons how did I do Mr manager did I get better at dancing yeah you've improved a lot.

Yay you thank you so much I'm going to keep working towards my dreams with you Mr manager yeah this girl is so much better than a real girl waiting Mr Manor I'm glad to see you today too I was talking to I like I normally do every Sunday morning.

What did you want to learn today Mr manager I wanted to let you know something before we start lessons today what is her what there are limited edition Goods at the arcade starting today I didn't know about this you gotta come pick me up okay uh of course.

Apparently they had mentioned that they were going to release limited edition Goods during a live stream they had how could I have missed this such an important thing hang on I I'm going to go now I'll be waiting for you okay yeah I can't keep you waiting forever I hurried out of my house after throwing.

On some clothes I bet you it's going to be crowded I was one of the more popular of the game characters if it's limited edition I'm sure it would be even more so hmm koharu what's she doing all alone maybe she's waiting for someone whatever.

I don't care about her I only care about I right now just as I started walking two men showed up in front of koharu hey are you alone can I help you I'm waiting for someone how about you play with us while you wait for him to show up come on if you play with us you'll be.

Happier and feel real good no let go of me and just come play with us oh come on we promise we won't hurt you you're already hurting me come on just give us a chance no me some what are you doing to my koharu huh you.

Eat what the hell you were waiting for a guy the two scurried away you okay koharu yeah I'm okay good um thanks don't mention it we're childhood friends after all.

I thought maybe kohara wouldn't like me saying that but yeah did he just say Mr koharu why are you here oh I was just going to the game center why I have to go get stuff for I I showed the limited edition goods to koharu is that game again what do you mean again.

You're never going to have a girlfriend if you keep playing those stupid games what the hell I just saved you that has nothing to do with this though you'll never have a girlfriend so annoying annoying in front of me for being an otaku yes I guess I don't need a new.

Girlfriend I wonder what she'll say if I say I have a girlfriend considering she keeps saying I'll never have a girlfriend what a new one huh just like I'd expected you a girlfriend yeah a really cute one what.

Why are you crying huh what hey koharu did I do something wrong why would she cry just because I said I have a girlfriend she always made fun of me did it make her that upset I mean I don't have one but Mr manager you only have 10 minutes left.

Until you can buy the limited edition Goods oh I yeah I'll be right by oh I need to go get eye stuff yes I was finally able to pick up stuff for I my wallet is a lot more empty but it's better than never picking it up I'm going to go home and put it up in my room.

A limited edition message code I have to open it immediately Mr manager thank you for picking up I tell forever ah I want to be with you forever too we love you Mr manager oh my gosh she's too cute she's an angel oh what the hell why didn't he tell me sooner no I feel like an idiot I didn't.

Know he had a girlfriend why would he have a girlfriend when he's obsessed with that stupid game oh hey what's wrong it is sorry some random men started messing with me I'm okay though I'm glad you're okay here wipe your tears.

Thank you sorry I should have came sooner it's okay I showed up too early don't worry about it I really shouldn't have came early then that never would have happened good morning Mr manager I'm going to work hard today too good morning I let's work hard together.

The next day I was talking to I as usual but huh koharu isn't making fun of me today koharu usually made fun of me when I was talking to I but today she was just sitting quietly in her seat maybe she's still holding it against me I didn't tell her it was a lie yet why did she cry though.

I should ask her hey koharu oh what why did you cry and run off yesterday don't worry about it I wasn't crying either you were absolutely crying but shut up why don't you just go talk to your girlfriend instead of me.

You don't have to be that angry uh about that I feel like she'd be even more Angry if I tell her I'm lying I should just tell her what did you get dumped by your girlfriends because you only talked to your stupid game uh actually.

I lied about having a girlfriend what what I mean that's a pretty appropriate response yeah I don't really have a girlfriend why is that few because never mind.

Why did you lie anyway I was just annoyed because you kept making fun of me could you lied though why were you relieved though you're making me wonder what to tell you that makes me more Curious come on tell me.

Do I have to I mean you don't have to like you what because I like you what what did you like you what oh my God I like you.

What don't be so loud what's going on she likes me what is this about maybe she's pranking me or something there's no reason she'd like me or maybe it's revenge for me lying to her that that has to be it I'm sure it's Revenge then why do you keep making fun of me and she likes me because.

Yeah you've just been glued to your phone after you started high school and you never paid any attention to me so I figured if I made fun of you you'd quit and pay attention to me what that's it you mean that's it you realize you're going to have the opposite effect on me right.

Why do you think that I'm going to stop if you keep making fun of me drop it all and pay attention to you I mean do you not like me no matter how much she makes fun of me I still like her I mean well maybe it's because she's my childhood friend or or.

Maybe Mr manager I'm bored oh I sorry for keeping you waiting wanna start our lessons hey we're still talking what the hell you shouldn't touch your phone while we're talking she said she was bored I had to mess.

With it that doesn't mean it's okay just give it back no why if you want it back listen to me listen to you yeah if I listen will you give it back yeah what is it.

Um what if you date me I'll give your phone back what what you're being too loud what did you say I said if you go out with me I'll give you your phone back don't make me keep saying it.

Seriously are you being serious yes I'm being serious I told you I liked you you remember that right I thought you were just messing with me because I lied to you I won't do that so what's it gonna be what do you mean.

So are you going to go out with me or not you want to go out with me of all people I prefer you why I'm sure you can find someone that's more attractive I can't give up on someone if always liked then.

Okay but really I had never seen her smile so big why is he so smiley I don't know but he looks like he keeps getting surprised what's going on I've never seen her so happy either I haven't either.

Utah you're being too loud be quieter no it's because you keep saying you want to date me maybe you shouldn't be so loud stop telling me what to do anyway we're dating from today yeah okay yeah I'll give you your phone back.

Uh okay manager I is lonely I sorry let's skip the lessons and go on a date really I want to go on a date with you what the hell are you cheating on me already I'm not cheating you said you wanted to go on a date.

I doesn't count she counts I want you to look at me only I is my special girl okay who do you like more me or her you like the real girl more right yeah then we go on a date after class today okay after class.

What you don't wanna I mean no okay then it's settled don't say you're gonna go on a date with her ah why are you saying kanagi where have you oh Mr Sakura the girl who was talking to me iroha asakura she's my boss my mom has been pestering me to get.

Married so I feel like I've heard the same thing too huh you're single nah my niece is the one that's getting chewed out apparently my sister is annoying him and he complains to me sometimes I guess we all have problems my parents annoyed me when I was young.

Too they gave up now awkward how old are you again oh I'm 27. oh that's perfect huh my niece is 27. how about you two see each other see each other like matchmaking I mean it doesn't have to be so formal.

Just see each other and talk to see where things go besides I know it's probably not much coming from me but she's very pretty how about her personality huh that's reassuring it's okay she's a little annoying sometimes and Incredibly tiring to deal.

With but it's fine is that what you call fine I think she's perfect for you if anything what do you mean I'll let you figure it out what are you messing with me hmm maybe please stop being mysterious.

Sorry back to what we were saying she's really not a bad girl what do you say I mean if she's okay with it I'll not make with you if she doesn't like you okay what I'm joking yeah good one I'm a little upset that you seem relieved afterwards I avoided her questioning.

Then we went to the matchmaking but what's up you two why are you so quiet nervous I went to miss asakura's house to see her niece but miss asakura seems to be having fun actually know her what seriously yeah yes the girl sitting in front of me.

Was Hikari nanamiya she was a classmate from high school she was actually one of my worst enemies in high school because we had competed for the top spot in grades for three years I was good at science and she was good at liberal arts when you looked at overall scores however we were tooth and.

Nail her hair was long when she was in high school though I guess she got a haircut what the hell that's like destiny no I don't think so anyway long time no see Nana Mia yeah it's been a while this is so awkward.

Okay I'm gonna go now and let you two have at it what crap oh where are you going auntie you two should have a little alone time okay see you later he's gone Auntie really doesn't listen to me.

So um you cut your hair huh oh yeah right around the time I graduated what is it weird no I think it looks good I see if you've learned to brown nose brown-nosing but so what do you want to do after this I mean she's gone so why don't you just.

Do whatever you want I want I feel like if I go home she's going to be mad at me what you want to go home huh oh no I just figured you'd want me to go home who said that I mean um.

Huh I thought she didn't like me from when I was in high school maybe I was wrong hey I heard from my auntie but I'm being pestered to get married right yeah but I have a suggestion what is it do you want to get married what married.

Yeah I mean pretend but you know not really married why do you want to do that because your parents won't shut up right I mean true but do you have anyone you're interested in not really I'd rather find a nice cat why don't you get a cat my mom is allergic.

Leave the house then nah living alone costs money I'd rather save money you're so steady what's wrong with steady I mean nothing in other words if you don't want a girlfriend you should have no problem pretend marrying right I mean yeah but so what about living.

Together I mean of course finding somewhere so that our parents don't think it's weird and yeah I I see I mean it's not a bad deal I guess she isn't someone who breaks boundaries easily she can be a little loudmouth sometimes.

But she's not a bad person is that really something you should be saying out loud was I saying that out loud yeah loud and clear from where she can be a little loud sorry I could be loud mouth ah.

Whatever um by the way are you okay with cats I'm okay with it I like kitties kitties oh what nothing you were totally mocking me not at all.

Don't get upset Ah that's right she seemed calm but she was actually pretty hot-headed that's why she kept messing with me after I kept winning in high school she would be all up in my face if I lost but if I won I had managed to calm her down and we agreed to have the fake marriage.

Asakura was confused after she came back but she was happy to hear that we were getting married by the way I didn't tell asakura that it was a fake marriage apparently if we told asakura she would immediately tell her mom a few weeks later I didn't expect to come to the pet store as soon as we found a place to stay.

You didn't have to come Hikari since we were pretend married we decided to call each other by her first names Hikari was dissatisfied for some reason shouldn't we get a pet after we get used to the new house I don't plan on buying immediately but it's not bad to look early right I mean but it's our cute little life.

Together what did you say oh nothing I see oh hey look ikari the cat is in a little ball oh it's so cute yeah look at it just sleeping away it's like a kitten maybe a Scottish Fold.

It's expensive and I've heard they're a lot of work pets are pets they take a lot of work I'm sure there's little difference between breeds ah it's awake it's half asleep ah it's coming this way.

Uh it's following my finger it's so energetic you said we wouldn't get a cat yet huh oh it's fine I want this cat but I'm not in a rush or so I said but I came back to the pet store over and over and eventually I got this cat at around the same time we moved in.

Wow oh Maru you're so sweet I had named the kitten Maru it was because it would fall up in a little circle and Maru was Japanese for Circle Hikari what's wrong nothing are you upset no.

She's more cranky than upset I wonder why oh that makes sense here you go Hikari huh what play with Maru that's not what I was going for huh really let's thank you Mario is so cute oh you like that don't ya I'll give you.

More rubs wow she's not cranky anymore at least I guess she didn't want to play with Maru though why was she cranky that same night hmm what's that huh zakari what are you doing.

I'm not here Curry what are you talking about no you're just saying things in your sleep then who are you I'm Mario I'm a human see look I have cat ears what the hell is she talking about why is she pretending to be Maru.

I have a tail too why is Maru a human I don't know what the hell she's thinking about I just went with it also Hikari cosplaying as a cat was cute I just wanted you to spoil me like this you want me to spoil you yeah that's why she was pretending to be a.

Cat but why is he not adding meow to random sentences like this yeah can I let you take care of me yeah yeah thanks what do I do she's too cute but I can't handle it I hope this lasts forever.

Hikari was adorable I couldn't stop thinking about it she was such a calm person normally that there was such a huge gap when I saw her in her cat cosplay I just figured I would go with it but oh Mario is up Maru was asleep in the kennel in the room next door but the entrance was open.

So I guess she came out but I didn't want her to come out right now um yeah just calm down Hikari get out he figured out of that flying heart to be a cat the murders up and you figured it out dude I knew from the beginning you're lying you you know if Mario.

Didn't wake up you never would have known I thought kittens sleep for most of the day well yeah but they'll wake up sometimes too they're up at least seven hours a day I don't need you to be so calm and tell me the facts how are you so calm because you're so nervous I can't be.

Nervous with you what the hell it's up there what do you mean anyway why did you do this he 'll I don't think so but I was jealous of Mario you always cared about Mario so I figured I would be in borrow and have you spoil me.

Yeah that's not how that works I figured if you were half asleep I could trick you see that's why you came in when I was asleep did you want me to spoil you that's not something you should ask me sorry but I need to know yeah is there a problem with that.

I mean no but why because I like you why do you keep asking me these questions sorry I just didn't expect you to like me like that you kept getting into arguments with me and it's not like we got along huh I liked you so I was teasing you it.

Was all because I liked you some girls can't be honest you know uh I guess it was like when boys tease girls they like cut my hair because we broke up and I wanted to change it all up after graduation huh you didn't ask me out though.

Yeah but we were going to different universities anyway and we didn't swap contact info so it was basically a broken heart I see then why didn't you ask me out during graduation always like that just logically squeezing people I told you I.

Like honest there are too many people around during graduation and I wasn't brave enough so I mean you could have asked me to go somewhere else you had so many friends I couldn't go anywhere that you didn't know anyone been calling you up and pulling you away from them it's like telling everyone I.

Was gonna ask you out I see what do you want to do then huh I mean I know how you feel now but it's not like you asked me out so what do you want to do I mean I want you to marry me I see.

Mary not go out I mean where already pretend married we live together let's just get married usually you should still go through the dating stage after we're married there's no going back let's start by going out I don't plan on going back I want to get married.

You fine we already live together I guess marriage makes more sense really you'll marry me yeah I actually like you now too it was cute seeing her play with Maru and I won't say that her cosplay act sealed the deal huh okay.

Let's have fun together then officially became husband and wife we had spent our days together but apparently Hikari had learned what it felt like to cosplay as a cat and so she did it every night she was so cute that I never complained and kept spoiling her I'm tomoki ikari I'm just a regular old.

Sophomore in high school I like anime manga and light novels I'm basically an otaku but good morning Tomo I have a cute childhood friend her name was shiori kanagi and she's an incredibly kind girl good morning siori he looks sleepy you're up playing games.

Again yeah pretty much you need to go to sleep don't worry I'm gonna work hard to not fall asleep I see yeah you're right we go to a high school quite far away from home so there's plenty of time to.

Sleep on the train it's full I want him to sleep well but I like this too next up is Canon station doors on the left side will open crap Tomo we're almost there um.

Okay I'm gonna go first okay later don't fall asleep again I know we always get off on this station and swap lines but we go our separate ways here we hide that we're childhood friends at school shiori is the school Madonna So I was receiving quite a bit of jealousy hate so we chose a high school far away and.

Hit our relationship then one day that's so cold that's autorie and her friends when I was walking outside during lunch to relax a little I saw Miss ultri and her friends playing outside Miss altory is considered one of the prettiest of the school alongside shiori.

Miss ultore is popular as you'd expect but she's beautiful and kind so she's called the Madonna she's also my classmate even though we're in the same class we almost never talk to each other who's Revenge from earlier a little yeah why are you targeting me.

Huh akari watch out huh damn it evil okay Curry oh come on you should Dodge that ikari seriously you're so slow say you two accidentally dragged him into this and that's how you behave oh so sorry don't worry about it I'm not injured or.

Anything sorry I'll wipe it off real quick hang on no don't worry about it you're gonna get your handkerchief dirty I don't think so let me see your glasses no no my eyes are weird seriously what those eyes give me my glasses back.

After she saw my eyes I quickly took my glasses back I was always messed with as a kid for my eyes that's why ever since elementary school I wore weird glasses and hid my eyes to everyone except my family and manami what's up monochi something wrong no you had nothing oh.

It's gotten into you I said nothing akari go over the air oh that's Miss artery by the way what's going on let's go what is this where did the Mac in the night or Tori go are you free after class today what why all of a sudden.

Don't misunderstand I'm just trying to play with you as a sorry for wetting you with water wait was Miss Ultra we always like this don't worry about it you don't need to waste your time on me wait what why is she sad seriously I don't mind uh what is this did she really want to hang.

Out okay then let's hang out fine if you say so I guess I can make time for you this has to be never mind no way no way there's no way Miss autorius okay I'm gonna go back to my friends now ah misotory you better be waiting for me after class.

Don't go home and she's gone I guess that was good Miss altery is popular with everyone I'm sure there are plenty of boys who are after her I was scared of what would happen after I played with her after class this is where she wanted me to wait.

Right she was nervous to go together from class so I walked away from the school to wait for her I told shiori I wanted her to go home without me during lunch where is she I'm right here you scared me sorry I didn't want to stand out.

Yeah see me the better so where did you want to go girl looking at me like that I'm going to mistake this for any anywhere you want to go oh you should decide where to go see this Miss autorie she's acting a little.

Annoying like some other person so how about the arcade sure if that's where you want to go oh you didn't like that let's go somewhere else then no I'm okay with the arcade but if you don't like it we can go somewhere else I didn't say it like that don't bully me like that.

What when did I bully her I was confused and headed to the game center with Miss autorie do you come to the arcade often no what I've never been maybe since I was a kid what that long I thought it was normal for people who are extroverts like her to hang around the arcade.

You're saying weird things in your head aren't you what no of course not you're acting really sus anyway um let's try playing something oh how about that game huh a music game I was always interested then let's give it a shot.

I can finally change the subject or so I thought there was one upset Miss Ultra after playing the music game she had no sense of Rhythm and she was really bad at the game and here we are now it's your first time you can expect to be good it's hard for people who haven't.

Played before I mean she played on the beginner mode so I think it's a little different from the good people who are used to the game really yeah so easy mama can do this too timing wait hang on come on some people are good at certain things that girl.

Just has great Rhythm I want to try that you want to try the racing game can I oh uh sure let's go for it is she gonna be okay I'm sure she's never played this kind of game and I don't want her to get even more upset I have a phone version of this game so oh I I see I guess it should be fine.

Then just because you have the game doesn't mean you're good at it she lost the CPU in addition to me she was completely disappointed this sucks is there something you want to do other than these.

No I see she's really upset she came to hang out with me but she's so upset I feel bad I wish I could cheer her up oh we should try the crane game crane game I'm just going to fail she's completely gone it's fine I'll teach you how to play.

Okay I'll give it a shot then yeah you got this she listened to my advice and gave it a shot as a result uh I got it I finally got it she successfully grabbed a cat doll great job oh um thanks I guess oh no you wanted fair and square so.

Don't mention it really cute I understand how she's popular you can't look at me with those puppy eyes while holding a cute doll what next week why are you here um what's going on between you two.

Childhood There She Goes I was surprised by you showing up but it's not like you two are dating then right yeah but then you shouldn't be telling him that he shouldn't play with other girls but.

But um they've always liked him so mwah don't want him to be taken by another girl she already likes me am I dreaming I like a car too what so I can't just listen and back off.

Miss autorie likes me I have to be dreaming I know it knew it there was no way that Tomah would tell me to go home without me that's why I followed him then you came out of nowhere and I thought maybe but you never cared about him though there are times that you could suddenly notice someone you're saying something.

Crazy too I didn't know the popular Idol was a stalker hey did I guess that Madonna is being scandalized too you're completely assumed to write when you hang around Tomo sooner right not at all no it's only one soon away I know because we watch anime and manga together in his room.

Don't try to act like you're so close to him you're pretty Cutthroat huh girls let's just calm down how could we calm down yeah it's two girls at four whoa what did you even love about Tomo I didn't say I loved him then let's go the the part where he looks good obviously and I like that he's calm.

You just saw him without glasses right I didn't say anything specific I can tell then what about you what over here he's kind obviously he's super kind you're just trying to make yourself look good way too different from how you are with everyone else you're the same way you weren't this.

Aggressive I can't give up what do I do about this they're normally so calm and I've never seen the two acting like stereotypical girls more than anything I couldn't have imagined that they would be arguing over me girls seriously the best thing you can do is just calm down.

Ikari don't interrupt us maybe I shouldn't be one to say it but I don't like everyone seeing you argue you don't have to get along but at least calm down and talk about it what right then you answer us that's it it's totally up to you anyway I knew this was coming then can I have a little time to think.

About it I want to calmly decide who gets to keep me shiori is attractive shirt but also he is incredibly attractive too I'm sure she was just kind because she wasn't interested in me but but tsundere auditory is cute too so so I want to think about it okay I am okay with that it yeah me too.

Okay then you two play nice for now this is how I was stuck between the top two girls in the school I started getting pulled between the two at home and in school by the way Miss altory is normally nice and that tsundere was apparently just because she was shy I didn't know how to interact with me.

Mr coconay can you check these documents for me I have some for you too me too okay guys just leave them on my desk I am yuto konage I just turned 25 and my company is making me work like hell why am I the only one with so much work to do you toe you never get a break do you.

Hey boss they're funny I might just end up dying from working too much this is my boss he's kind and gentle but that's not all there is to him he's good at his job when I was a new employee he was the one who gave me the best advice however he's also the reason I'm so busy.

Oh no that would be a tragedy but I've got good news for you ah why am I starting to get a bad feeling I'm impressed at how you can talk back to me like that nobody else talks to me like that anyway I heard you like anime and manga am I right yes that's true you know my child loves that stuff too.

Will you be willing to take some time to show some of the good stuff um but I've never even met your child yes I'm aware of that to tell you the truth my child has been a shot in for a while now I want to make the situation better so I thought you guys could become friends that's why I want you to come over to my.

Place why do you think I would be the right guy you guys are the same age and you guys remind me of each other hmm is he trying to say I have a gloomy character the way he said it it bothered me but I decided not to tell him about it I'm open to meeting new friends.

Especially one who has the same interests as me but if he's been a shut-in for so long he might have some problems with communicating who knows what I might say that could hurt his feelings gosh but I owe my boss for teaching me so much I see I guess it won't hurt to.

Have a little conversation for starters yes I knew you would be willing to help me out how about you come over this upcoming weekend sure I can do that and so we decided I would be meeting his son that weekend at his house the day of the planned meeting.

Hey thanks for coming yuto I appreciate the invitation this is for you you didn't have to do that but thanks here come on in yes sir thank you oh hello that's the boss's son right he said we were the same age but he looks a lot younger than me hello oh I apologize as you can see my kid.

Isn't used to talking to people other than family the name is kokoro it would mean a lot to me if you guys got along well his name is kokoro wait we're the same age and since we're adults would it be better to call him kokoroson I don't want him to think I'm being overly friendly I've heard a lot about you.

Oh Coco roll this is the guy I was talking about his name is yuto kogane he likes anime and manga so I think you guys will have a lot to talk about okay here let me show you the kokoro's room yuto why don't you follow me.

Sure I followed my boss and kokorothan into the house towards his room however he keeps looking at me I guess he hasn't seen anybody other than his parents for so long it's weird to have a stranger in the house but he looks away every time I try to make eye contact with him it was awkward to be honest.

Okay how about I let you guys have some privacy ah boss you're leaving already Dad wait well I don't know anything about anime and stuff I wouldn't understand anything you guys are saying you should get to know each other but but you said kokoro-san wasn't used.

To talking to people wouldn't it be stressful to have to spend time alone with a stranger like me the thing is kokoro will hide behind me and won't speak at all if I'm here sometimes parents have to get their children to face their challenges so they can grow with all due respect you're taking.

Things too fast come on relax I believe in you uto you'll do great seriously you always do this I've been watching you take care of all the employees who joined the company after you that's why I trust you with this please for me this happens every time.

How am I supposed to take responsibility if something goes wrong well we'll find a way for you to take responsibility wait so you're planning on making it my fault if something goes wrong after throwing it in my face like this don't worry about it as long as you keep your hands to yourself.

You think I would try something with your child whom I've only met seconds ago why would I be interested in a guy anyways okay have fun guys boss I'm not done hey maybe I'll go out for a walk hey he had a huge grin on his face as he shut.

The door and left the house oh gosh she's totally freaking out what did his dad expect you get trapped two strangers in a room and expect them to instantly become friends anyway I gotta calm him down first so kokoro-san you like Manga and Anime.

oh hiding from me um uh uh oh I can see he's a little interested in me kokoro-san what kind of anime do you like.

this horse oh I like Miss horse too all the characters are so cute but the story is great I love the racing scenes you too you like it too yes of course I do have you played the app game too yes and I have all the manga books too.

Wow same here he's coming out great so I guess anime is the way to go with him who do you like yuto well we got along great after finding out that we like the same anime I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to talk properly since he had been shut off from the whole world for a long time but none of that mattered anymore.

I'm just I want her too you don't want to know how much money I spent on getting her I wish I had money for characters that's true but that can't be helped he probably doesn't want to ask his dad for money I wouldn't be able to either if I wasn't.

Working at all no I should be out working but I'm scared oh I should have asked his father why he ended up like this in the first place I don't know what to say to him I wish I knew why kokoro-san is so scared to leave the house.

I can't ask him that would be too harsh they have stay-at-home jobs now what about those I don't have any skills and I'm too scared to talk to strangers hmm so maybe he had a traumatic experience in a relationship if he's been like this since he was a student maybe he got bullied.

Well I don't think you should push yourself too hard but that doesn't mean you can stay like this forever so how about you and I just take baby steps and we can slowly start getting ready for your future don't worry I'm here for you okay then oh are there any books in the.

Bookshelf that you've read huh you have so many books I have a lot of time at home my dad buys these books he's a great father let's see yeah I've read most of these books you're a companion it looks like it companion what a unique way to call it recently.

I've been into this manga kokoro-san took out a manga to show me it was a manga about a Japanese instrument called Koto oh they started an anime series on that manga right I heard it's great uh-huh yeah it's amazing I really liked reading it the performance scenes are so cool it brought memories back from when I was young.

Did you watch the anime too of course I almost started crying at the end you too you're just like me I love talking to you I'm glad you think so after that we spent the rest of our time together talking about all kinds of Manga and Anime.

Kokoro-san seemed quiet at first but I soon found out he was rather energetic once we started talking about stuff he liked I had a great time talking to him and I think we both had fun that day I felt a little sad when we had to say goodbye starting that day I spent every moment I could with kokoro-san we spent a lot of time together.

I felt lucky to have found a friend I could talk to about my interests we kept talking Non-Stop about our favorites after three months of hanging out in his room he asked me oh you want to go to an amusement park it is I've always wanted to see what it's like two guys in an amusement park.

Usually I would suggest calling some friends to join us but it probably took kokoro sign a lot of courage to bring this up I don't want to do anything to crush his efforts well then let's go on my next day off yay thank you we spent the rest of the day talking about which amusement park.

We would be going to to be honest I always wanted to go to an amusement park with a girl but I guess it can't be helped I thought it would be best if I kept that thought to myself the day we promised to go to the amusement park I wonder where kokoro-san is I was waiting for kokoro-san it was way past.

Our meeting time but he hadn't arrived maybe I should have suggested picking him up at his place should I go see him now oh hi oh Coco was on it I'm glad huh did I make you wait long ER rostan yeah yes do I look weird no you look great cool girl son is a girl.

And she's so pretty you look so different today oh I told my dad I was going to the amusement park with you and he told me to wear this oh man I bet he planned all of this to happen anyways should we head in.

Gosh I can't talk to her like usual I can't believe she's a girl okay have you been to any amusement parks before nope my dad was busy with work when I was growing up he didn't take me anywhere on weekends oh I see that's why I was looking forward to going today.

Oh that's great no my heart needs to stop my heart started racing the moment she glanced up at me I did all I could to keep my poker face and we headed to the amusement park so many people it's gonna be okay nobody's here to hurt you please don't grab my clothes my heart is.

Racing let me calm down I know but still how about we get on a ride for starters you'll stop caring about others once you start having some fun oh okay which one do you want to ride oh the ferris wheel okay.

How about we head toward the ferris wheel then no no Ferris wheel yet huh I thought um I want the last ride to be the ferris wheel maybe she's scared of heights too that's fine with me how about we go.

Decide which ride we want to ride now then okay thank you no problem is there anything you're interested in um I want to write that teacups is that okay uh-huh sure thing I'm writing tea cups with a girl we.

Spent the rest of the day enjoying all sorts of rides at the amusement park kokoro-san surprised me by suggesting to get on the biggest roller coaster in the place but she seems to regret her decision once the ride was over I could see she had tears in her eyes and she looked like she had seen a ghost I can't believe that today is almost.

Over time flies when we're having fun yep this is the first time I felt like time went by too fast ever since I stopped interacting with the outside world uh how was being in the outside world um I had so much fun that's a relief hmm kokoroson.

Um you tell I wanted to tell you something important today something important yeah back when I was in high school I was bullied by a group of girls that must have been so hard for you yep who know exactly why they didn't like me.

But they used to make how I looked I'm pretty sure they bullied her because they were jealous of how she looked spending the day with her made it clear she was very attractive and I could see how other girls would be envious The Bullying wasn't her fault she didn't deserve to go through the pain she should have been able to live a.

Normal life instead she was traumatized because of the hate that surrounded her it ruined her life that's why I couldn't leave the house I was terrified of meeting people but yuto after you came into my life I started seeing the better things in life that's why you decided to come here with me.

Yep my dad encouraged me to take the step forward with you he said I would be safe in your hands so did you feel safe today yep I feel protected I had so much fun today spending time with you I think I'll be okay as long as you are by my side yuto.

Oh I'm so glad you feel that way Coco rossan so um I wanted to ask you something ask me what um and we ate together from now on.

What does that mean well um I was hoping you'd be my boyfriend yuto I like you not just as a friend to be honest I was shocked Coker rostan was so afraid of being involved with people I never imagined she would be the one to ask me out however I could tell she wasn't joking.

About it that's why I gave her my honest answer okay I would love to be your boyfriend kokoro oh her you sure of course I enjoyed every moment I spent with you these past three months I want to get to know you better.

Oh my gosh you don't know how happy this makes me yuto this is how kokoro and I started our sweet journey together kokoro slowly became more willing to leave the house with me and she started a part-time job two months after we started dating.

We had the perfect relationship a year later we were walking down the aisle to get married just FYI I complained to my bosses about the workload they made me deal with I needed more time to spend with kokoro they agreed to lessen the weight on my shoulders and I was finally able to live a healthy balanced life with kokoro.

thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well