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[Manga Dub] I kept beating the pretty girl at games and she ended up wearing a maid costume [RomCom]


Ah i lost again how many times have we played i haven't lost once to you yet you are too good at this game it might be that you just suck hey sana why don't we stop playing one more time i can't quit now i gotta win at least once huh.

I don't know how this happened but i'm playing video games with the prettiest girl in school right now i guess it started this afternoon ah damn it why can't i win shiaki you're too strong no you were doing a great job you're totally looking down on us one.

More time i chiaki akaba was playing games with some friends i don't usually stay after school to play games however everybody in this class loves this game and i wasn't an exception i practiced at home so i could become friends with people.

But i gotten so good that i beat everybody that i went up against i came in first again what are you doing sana don't freak out it's not like i'm a ghost you were super super.

Like the red and green super brothers game no i was saying you were super close this is sana nanase she's known for her attractive looks and is considered the it girl of our school any healthy guy would be surprised if such a pretty face suddenly came so close to them.

On top of that for some reason she really likes me ever since i helped her out with something once she's liked me she's even asked me out there's no way i could stay calm when such a girl comes close to me oh no she's so bright it's blinding me i need to get my distance.

Hey you guys huh they ran away i wonder what's up with them i don't know maybe they had something else to do i see so chiaki what game are you playing this one here look.

I showed sana the screen on which i was playing a fighting game she doesn't know many games but i was sure she had heard of this one because it used a lot of famous characters oh i know this one great i'm glad you do i'm actually pretty good at it huh sana you play games.

Yeah from time to time didn't expect that from her i have one of my own too i want to play with you how about tomorrow after school no no no paw let's go play at your place huh.

In the end sana got her way so here we are at my place playing games together did you have to come over we could have done this at school no way i want to play on a big tv screen then playing online would have been fine what it's more fun to play with friends in the same room.

I get what you're trying to say but come on let's start playing you better not cry when they beat you and so we turned on the game for a battle oh i lost i thought you said you were good you're the problem you're too strong we decided that the player who knocks.

Down three characters first would win i won very easily you should be playing professionally i wouldn't be wasting my time on high school if i was good enough to play professionally i'm just saying you're that good this sucks we need to play again i can't just back down on this.

Okay fine we kept playing for a while there's one thing i noticed while we were playing she wasn't bad at it she's actually pretty good it's just that her guards down at critical points in the game she just needs to notice her weak points to.

Overcome them there were times when she put up a good fight but i always won in the end sana never gave up and we played many many times one more time seriously this is the last time i promise.

Maybe i'll just go a little easy on her so she can win once then she'll stop bothering me i was tired i just wanted the whole thing to end oh no one of my characters died hmm i guess i might lose this one chiaki.

Yeah you're not doing this on purpose are you huh you winning because you went easy on me defeats the whole purpose do your best oh okay look at her menacing eyes she has the eyes of a true gamer.

not again there was no chance of her winning it was like taking candy from a baby chiaki one last game i thought you said that last time i can't just give up on this okay but it's getting late we should.

Turn it off and continue this on another day what no i promise we'll make some time to play again soon okay you really promise yeah you're.

Not just saying that right yes i promise okay then i'll be looking forward to tomorrow okay i'll see you tomorrow i finally convinced her to go home but shiyaki let's do it sana.

Game time she came to play games the next day chiaki let's fight again and the next day and the next day a week passed and sana was still coming over every chance she got sana hasn't won once against me the past week.

She's tired me out it's finally the weekend i need to sleep in to regain my energy like a moth to a flame my body was drawn into the bed however i really don't want to know who that is maybe i can just pretend i'm not here.

Chiaki it's me i know you're in there i knew it jeez how long does it take for you to answer the door i was trying to find a way to get out of seeing you i wish i could have just ignored her but she was very insistent and i was afraid the neighbors might wonder what's up so what did you want from me today.

Oh come on you know let's play ah fine if you hadn't noticed i was starting to get sick of playing games with sana day after day don't get me wrong i like playing games just not the same game every day i keep winning and it's just getting really old.

Please you gotta at least give me a day off no i practiced after i got home yesterday and i woke up early for my training to go up against you give me a break man well i thought you might be getting tired of the same old thing over and.

Over so i brought something that might give you a little motivation something to motivate me yep look at this a maid costume uh-huh we can have a penalty system every time i lose i will have to wear.

This and do anything you ask me to do what do you mean anything i can cook for you or maybe give you a massage i see i haven't told you this but my classmates call me puriky because they say i'm very innocent and have no immunity to girls.

However i'm a very healthy teenage boy i'm authorized to have naughty fantasies and dreams right right now there's a 100 possibility that i would win and then she will have to do everything i tell her to sana in a maid costume yes please okay.

You can count me in see i told you there's no way i could fight the temptation i wasn't thinking at all i had said yes before i knew it wait so what would happen if i actually lost.

I was so excited i forgot to ask her my feelings got way too ahead of my head hold on a sec you said the loser has a penalty right that's right if you lose you will wear the maid costume and have to do anything i say nobody will want to see that i will i'm so excited for it.

She's excited she must be a freak who would want to see a guy wearing a maid costume that's just gross you know actually i'm thinking maybe not chiaki i thought you were a man of your word yes ma'am how could i be so stupid.

Now there's a chance of having the most humiliating experience of my life i put everything i had into the game there was no way i could live with myself if i were to be given the penalty go go go sana must have practiced a lot she was much better than the last time.

We played yesterday the results were yeah i lost again the battle was fierce i gave it my all and yes victory was mine i was so close to winning i seriously thought i was gonna lose when i killed off my own character.

I'm so disappointed i'm so glad i escaped having the most embarrassing moment of my life well i was actually really looking forward to seeing you in the maid costume oh come on well i lost i guess i have to keep my side of the promise then.

Yeah and so sana changed into her maid costume here we go cuteness overload okay but seriously this is a weird situation the prettiest girl in school is in my bedroom wearing a sexy maid.

Costume okay chiaki don't get all rational you should enjoy the sight the view just take it all in man so let's start what do you want me to do i guess it's almost time for lunch so.

I'll make you something to eat i felt relief and a little bit of disappointment sana went to the kitchen to make me some lunch voila an omelette with rice palasana wow that smells incredible i know.

And you get a little ketchup on top enjoy ketchup in the shape of a heart don't think this is all there is you also get a moe she's killing me fyi this line said by a mage is considered top class cuteness in japan.

After i swallowed down my omelette with rice does it feel nice it feels amazing she cleaned my ears for me it was awesome not to mention her soft thighs as my pillow.

Yeah don't move i could hurt you you caught me off guard stop it you're so cute after she carefully cleaned out my ears i can feel your muscles are stiff here i know.

I need to get rid of these naughty images in my head okay think of bald men beer belly chest hair dirty fingernails yes i know i'm just getting a regular massage there's nothing sexual about it but i just can't help it so am i.

Doing okay does it feel good yes it feels good but why are you so out of breath well you're a lot harder than i expected i'm a guy i guess i have more muscles we're only talking about muscles nothing.

Else sauna was doing a great job of serving me but i'll be honest i didn't feel relaxed at all having to fight back my urges the whole time was exhausting although i did enjoy the view very much thanks for everything today no problem.

I don't want to imagine how things would have been if i'd been the one to lose that battle hey that would have been fun too but i enjoyed it because i wanted to do all those things for you anyways that would have not been fun wait what were you planning on doing this from the start.

Huh what i don't know what you're talking about you didn't lose on purpose did you i fought very hard i would have enjoyed winning but i didn't mind losing because i would be able to do all those things to you.

I'd forgotten sana had feelings for me so this was probably another plan to appeal to me maybe she didn't lose on purpose but she definitely prepared the maid costume because she was positive that she was going to lose i should have realized this sooner still chiaki.

You liked it didn't you huh i feel like i would be losing to her if i said yes i didn't know what fight i would be losing but i just didn't want to give her the satisfaction you should be more honest i know your heart was racing.

Good we can do it again sometime okay no more games though what i just thought playing games together would be fun you weren't good at all despite what you said at the beginning that's cause i just wanted to have fun with the person i care about the most.

I wanted to enjoy playing games with you oh okay i had a lot of fun i was actually really into it so um hmm sana came close and whispered something into my ears.

How much longer do i have to wait until you say yes to me the prettiest girl in school in a maid costume whispering in my ear i'm called puriky i don't have tolerance for such titillating situations wait chiaki where are you going please don't come find me.

You can't just run away from me like that i was so embarrassed i couldn't stand it anymore i left sana still wearing her maid costume behind i'm sensing that this it girl will continue to twist me around her pretty finger.

Yet if i had to tell the truth i wouldn't mind playing games with her but only if there are no more penalties thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.