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[Manga Dub] I let a mother and her daughter live with me after they lost their house, but…[RomCom]


Welcome can I help you with anything ma'am I'm a isida 26 years old I work a Canon real estate finding the best place to live is a huge step for anybody I try my best to put myself in my customer shoes to find the perfect room for him we're looking for a place to live for free free seriously sometimes I get customers.

With impossible requests today's customer is a rare type I know how to handle them at all what do I do the mother's name is yukari inau no spouse so that means she's a single mother she's 19 and jobless her daughter is Young H maybe yukari son is not working because she has to take care of her they have no current address or a phone.

Number they look like they might be in trouble I'm not sure if I should ask him what's wrong but I can't kick him out if they need help I apologize I nobody is willing to rent out a room for free I see I should have known better well can you show me the cheapest room around here the cheapest place we can introduce you to will be 20,000 yen a.

Month 20,000 yen I can't pay that can't pay that just as I thought they don't seem to have any money they wouldn't have asked for a free place if they did um this place the monthly rent is 10,000 yen I strongly suggest you find another place to live why is that will we be living with cockroaches because we're.

Totally fine with that cockroaches aren't the biggest threat in that room it's famous for being haunted oh so that means they'll be yes ghosts every night oh my gosh they really exist I've heard the stories from people actually live there many of them moved out within days they told me they heard a series of wraps inside their room at night.

So creepy uh well I meant rapping like in hip-hop huh everybody who lives there has to fight a freestyle rap battle every night the party starts up all of a sudden and it stays wild until the sun comes up I've never heard of a party ghost before me neither that's why we only recommend the room to rappers or.

Poor comedians who want to rent it to tell stories on TV or priests who can read sutras in a Rish way I wouldn't want the priest to read any sutras for me that's kind of weird oh and and so proclaimed psychics I guess I see you don't believe in psychics even if you believe in ghosts well I don't understand how psychics.

Work at all it's ridiculous not as ridiculous as a rapping party animal ghost I mean psychics physically exist what's a ghost well they're people with little presents and no nobody really sees them uh I'm not sure that's a proper way to describe a ghost that explanation could be used on normal people typically called.

Losers as you can see Finding an apartment for them wasn't an easy task um I've been wanting to ask you why are you and your daughter living at the moment well the thing is we have nowhere to stay our Apartments burned down the other day oh no that's terrible Enos son told me she had no relative or friend she could ask for help what happened.

After your building burned down we stayed at an internet cafe but we spent the night at a 24-hour diner yesterday uh have you visited the city hall or any support organizations well they help us if we go to them yes I think they will they have shelters for people in need of help you can receive welfare or they can lend you money to.

Support a place to live I'm sure there is some sort of support system that can help you but is there a reason you can't go if I talk to the City Hall my daughter will that's what it hit me you know son is most likely in a situation where she can't ask for help from City officers she's afraid her daughter will be taken from her if she goes to the.

City Hall I could sense her fear of losing her daughter but even so hary Chan is her priority we have to put her first over her mother AR Chan's safety should be prioritized no matter what is going on this is no life for a child where will you be going now we go to the City Hall I know that is the best for Ivy thank you for everything you've.

Taught me I am grateful for your kindness oh no problem I apologize for taking up your time we'll get going now I had a strange uneasy feeling after enoan and AR Chan left going to the city hall yes that's the right decision they have all the possible solutions for enoan I'm sure they'll find the best one for her the worst scenario would be.

Inosan and AR Chan getting separated but at least it would be safe it's for the best I tried to convince myself I was doing the right thing but by the time I realized what I was doing I was running desperately calling out to him hey inosan yes is something wrong I realized I forgot to ask you something um what is it I know where you can live for free.

Huh where is it well uh it's it's my place what don't don't think it the wrong way I have a spare room if you want to use it you are a lifesaver I don't know how to thank you I didn't know what I should do to save Ivy let's take a breath first okay we can think about what to do together oh my name is maso Ishida you.

Can call me masado and well that was the start of my life with enoan and and AR Chan after finishing work I brought them both back to my place it's so big this is such a nice place so spacious it's slightly messy I just moved here recently I gave them a tour of the place including the bathroom in the restroom this is the room you'll be.

Using make yourself at home but are you sure about this yep you've got nothing to worry about thank you so much oh it's a big room I'll get started on dinner you two can relax for a bit uh you're letting us stay let me do the housework it's the least I can do you've been through enough you both need to rest but I know.

Why don't you take a bath first I have no idea what is happening in yukari sound's life but I should start thinking of the future first things first I should help yarian find a job and AR Chan needs to go to elementary school we should get the paperwork done but the Do List was endless however I found myself enjoying it just a little bit wow this.

Is yummy maso son this is delicious great I'm glad you both like it oh yeah I prepared some futons for you in your room you can lay them out when you sleep I'm so sorry for causing you so much trouble later on that night um masato son do you have a second of course where is Aran she's fast asleep.

I see are you still working nope I was researching what to do about aric Chan's education and stuff daycare center is in the area the paperwork we need to get her into school thank you for being so kind to us hey it's okay I'm doing this because I want to so is there something you need to talk to me about well I wanted to ask you why are you going out.

Of your way to help my daughter and me H I wonder why it seems like you're in trouble and I wanted to help and you've been a great help but is that the only reason there's one thing I don't understand if that's okay earlier you seemed almost scared when I mentioned the city hall do you remember did you think the people at the city hall would.

Separate you from archan if you went to them yes I'm not sure if they actually will but I'm scared it could happen after that yukari son slowly began to tell me about her current situ ation iy isn't my real daughter she's my niece your niece so that means your sister yes she passed away 6 months ago that must have been hard I'm so sorry to hear that.

My sister and I didn't have any parents we grew up in a children's home our life there was amazing everyone who took care of us was kind and loving when my sister graduated from high school she started working that's when we left the Children's Home and found a the place we found out she was pregnant soon after the father was from her workplace but he.

Ran away he left her what an my sister wasn't expecting him to stay around she decided to have a baby without her father and that's how iy was born I stayed by my sister's side and helped her as much as I could but then she got sick and I promised my sister before she lost Consciousness to become iy's mother and to raise her with love.

The last thing we want is for Ivy to grow up without parents like my sister and I did I'm not saying the Children's Home was bad I'm grateful for my experiences there but I promised my sister to protect Ivory I can't betray her by letting others take iy from me I know I'm being selfish I should be thinking about iy's future instead don't.

Be so hard on yourself I understand where you're coming from you're doing this but because you care for your sister you want to protect der Chan you know what I'll help you we can't give up let's find a way for you two to stay together masato son don't worry I will always be here with you to support you um okay I spend the following days doing.

Everything in my power to help you kisan and Aran I kept the situation from my colleagues at work but ask female employees experience with raising children for advice on what to do another thing I did was help yaran find a job I knew that I needed to prepare them for when they start living independently yarian and AR Chan were in.

Charge of the housework having them around helped me focus on other things we had to prepare AR Chan for elementary school she was to start the following April W it's a random s are you sure it must have cost a lot don't worry about it I wanted to do something to congratulate AR Chan on starting school I'm sure there are other supplies you.

Need to buy would you like to go shopping together next weekend one day my boss called me to his office aun I saw you walking with your wife and your daughter the other day when did you get married huh oh uh you don't have to hide it from me some of the female employees told me you've been asking them for their advice on raising kids I apologize.

Anyway here take this this is too much sir I can't accept this yes you can you need it if you want to protect your family I have two daughters I know it's not easy I don't how to thank you every Chan's entrance ceremony was moving the three of us stood in front of the school gate and had a photo taken of us for a moment we l like a real family although.

I'm not sure my being in the photo was appropriate the thought nagged at my heart but I continued to live with them as we were a family it was July before we knew it yukari son started working at an understanding company aware of her situation she is saving up money for the future y Chan goes to school from my place and she's having the time of her.

Life we visited many places together the most recent was an amusement park anybody who sees us would think you were a family I'm aware of that and it still bothers me moon I want to get on that right next yeah yeah come on let's go H recently I've noticed that yukari son doesn't look too good seems as though she has something on her mind not always.

But I catch her drifting away at times on her way home AR Johan's fast asleep she must have been exhausted she likes you so much massan and I'm sorry for making you carry her it's okay I enjoy it anyway is something wrong yaran you seem down these days I was trying to find the right moment to tell you I guess that.

Would be now masato son thank you for taking such good care of us what's going on that was out of the blue well I have a good job and some money saved up and iy loves to go to school so I think oh I see you're planning on moving out yes I don't want to burden you anymore with our troubles you've done more than enough.

For us I told you you don't have to think about that you know I'm the one who should be thanking you life has been better with YouTube on my side hey I'm going to tell you something since I might not get another chance yukari son what would you think of marrying me we can raise AR Chan together we don't have to go our separate ways I'm not saying.

This out of pity I swear I'm falling in love with you yaran it would mean so much if you could consider my offer okay I'll think about it the next day I was at an isaka with my boss I told him about everything so I said it I couldn't hold it in anymore respect man uh but she didn't look too too happy I'm not sure what's.

Going on in her head hey I'm sure she's going to say yes she has a lot to think about her situation and obviously AR Chan her hesitancy comes from feeling like she owes you so much you've been their biggest supporter she feels like she owes me and she has to keep her promise to her sister I'm sure she feels guilty she doesn't want to prioritize.

Herself when she should be putting Ary Chan first well they are both my priority they both mean the world to me you're a good man I'm sure she knows that don't worry it'll be okay it might take some time let her take it all in the worst thing would be to rush her into making a decision you're right thank you for listening huh I feel a lot.

Better now a week later after I asked yaran to marry me an unexpected visitor barged through the door coming wait Raina I'm sorry for barging in like this her name is Raina Mida she used to be my girlfriend but we broke up 6 months ago I'm in trouble my boyfriend dumped me and kicked me out but I have nowhere to go uh we broke up because you cheated on.

Me why would you come here I've already told you that I'm sorry remember s isn't going to cut it you need to leave what could you at least let me stay until I find another place to live I mean you run to that place because you wanted me to live here with you right uh please just for a week you're a sweet.

Guy I know you won't make me sleep out on the streets who is that pretty lady Aran huh who is that little girl she's the daughter of the woman I'm living with now no way seriously you're living with a mother and her child just then yarian came out of her room oh masan you have a guest.

Yeah uh this is my ex-girlfriend I see okay is it just me the air in here is unbearable hi there so nice to meet you I'm Raina Mia masato's ex-girlfriend hello I'm yaru Ino well you're young how old are you when you had your daughter well uh Hey Raina oh my God I.

Know getting over me was hard but did you have to pick a girl with such heavy luggage what a socking it a child is listening oh come on relax I was only stating facts yo that's enough out of you masato son rosan it's not like that masan and I are not in a romantic relationship he's only helping us because we had nowhere to live he was.

Kind enough to take us in oh I see so you're just a roommate is that it yes great M I was going to ask if you wanted to get back together no way I might not be in a relationship with you Karan but I have strong feelings towards her I consider AR child my daughter she means a lot to me whatever this is too much of a hustle for me I still need a room.

Though you can find me a place can't you somewhere nice but cheap I'll stay at the hotel for a night after Rainer left the apartment are you sure you don't want to get back together with Rea son yeah you saw how rotten she was I never want her back in my life besides I want to focus on things between us you caran are you two getting married really.

That's what I'm hoping for but it's up to you Cari son what please get married you k you told me you like Bon so what's the problem stop it iy it's unfair for you to go about it this way the thing is I've caused enough trouble for you masan I wish you could see her from my point of view you haven't caused trouble.

You made my life better my life finally feels complete you give me strength and motivation to live and I enjoy every moment I spend with you two at home Mas son please don't feel like you owe me anything all I want is for you to love me the way I love you are you sure you want to keep me in your life yes I promise I will treat both of you well.

I'll protect you okay I can't believe this is actually happening yay what will you do about rosan yes about that I have a great idea she said she wanted somewhere cheap remember oh no are you yes she'll nag me until I find her a room I'll run her out of my face as soon as possible a few days later Raina moved into her.

Apartment in a bright mood I was only planning to stay until I found a new boyfriend but this is a great place God must Adore Me I get to live here for 10,000 Yen a month I should get some rest I need to sleep to maintain my beauty a week passed by uh Bita are you okay you look under the weather well you see the party never ends like literally.

Oh you went to clubbing clubbing it's like no gain for my new home can't complain cuz I'm all alone I'll we her away and be long gone oh man there's no Escape uh sure I see you picked rappers you do harie something is wrong with Raina son let's not invit her the Goen.

This weekend a tuck behind my back all you want I'm going to go home rap battle is all about the chant in some Mojo I've heard to the grape vine Rainer has completely changed maybe introducing her to rap was a good thing I'm glad she won't be playing guys anytime soon now back to us ukari son and I recently turned in our marriage registration form.

We're planning to have a wedding sometime next year but we are officially a married couple we built a grave for yukari son's older sister since it was long overd y Chan what did you say to your mother I said I'm having so much fun I see me too I was telling my sister how happy I am with you I feel exactly the same way you two are the best thing.

That's ever happened to me yay I promise you kian's sister that I would make them both the happiest girls in the world I also asked for her to watch over and protect us I hope she rests in peace thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our our other videos as.