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[Manga Dub] I let my cousin spend the night, but…. [RomCom]


I'm sosuke manabe I'm a sophomore in high school who is being a degenerate during summer holiday I don't have anything to do I'll play a game or something if you're not busy clean up your room I don't want to it's too much work you don't have anything better to do so do it Minnie's coming over tomorrow.

What may is coming to visit May itoi she's my cousin a seventh grader she lives a little far away so we only see each other on New Year's but she's friendly and we get along reasonably well what didn't I tell you she's staying with us for three weeks starting tomorrow.

Three weeks what's she doing here for such a long period of time sotoko's going away for three weeks oh and I don't blame her and Santa calls a single mom after all no matter how mature May is you can't let a middle schooler live alone for three weeks right so clean up while you still can.

All right all right I don't want her to get mad at me anyways the truth is even if May didn't come over you usually have to clean up that's why you can't get a girlfriend in high school shut up leave me alone tell moboco that may is coming over when you're done cleaning oh she used to play with May when they.

Were little I'm sure she'll be happy to see her yeah well I didn't mean it like that I ended up going to bed because I was so tired from cleaning that I forgot to tell momoka my childhood friend who lives next door the next day.

Long time no see oh long time you'll see you're already so unenthusiastic happy to see me May's looking more mature than when I saw her in New Year's yeah I'm happy I'm happy is that all you got in your luggage yeah I sent it by Courier since I'm.

Staying here for three weeks right oh I saw a big cardboard box that came in the morning stuff on me so I'm ready to hang out so let's eat strong or something okay I'm starving so let's go okay okay oh wait sosuke why is.

He walking with a girl then me and I ate at a family restaurant and went to a nearby shopping mall to hang out so scary this is like a date isn't it what are you talking about I'm just kidding don't be embarrassed just because some junior high schooler told you shut up I don't hang out with girls much.

So I'm not used to this wait you don't have a girlfriend no I don't it's not that unusual you don't have a boyfriend either do you what I do what seriously I lost to a junior high schooler it's common for junior high school girls to have boyfriends I see.

Sosuke you're in high school you should at least get a girlfriend I don't have a chance to meet anyone your school is co-ed right you're bound to meet someone don't tease me anymore sorry sorry cheer up oh how about mobica who lives next door you used to be pretty good friends with her right.

We still get along but it's not like that with momoka she said she won't hang out with me outside because other people make fun of her when she's with me what that means you still get along with her even though you can't hang out with her outside yeah she comes over to my house sometimes to watch TV or YouTube oh I.

Forgot to tell momoko that you're coming over wait are you are you stupid so scary mom told me to tell her too but what's the rush she'll probably come visit in a few days anyway so we can do it then that's why you can't get a girlfriend that's what my mom said but that has.

Nothing to do with this it does you'll never get a girlfriend at this rate you can rag on me now but don't ruin my future potential then you'll have to change things now to prevent that from happening when you go home you should go to momica's house and explain to her.

Yeah all right you want to come with me no I want to hang out with momoka properly since it's been a while so I'll be here later so for now you should go alone sosuke you sure I don't know but I'll do that yeah that's better what aren't you going straight to.

Momakas that's what I was thinking but I thought I'd return the manga I borrowed oh I see wait you two went inside the house together are you going out with her but I've never seen a girl like that in your life before and I caught a glimpse of her but she looked like a junior high school.

Student so scared are you sure you're okay there's no point in worrying about it here I'll just have to ask him directly I went to check the house when the doorbell rang it was momoka standing in front of the door momoka what's going on I was just about to go over but if.

You're here that's perfect just to be clear you have a girl in your house right now don't you the way she's saying that yeah I do I knew you had a girlfriend no it's not that sosuke I heard the doorbell ring who's there oh momica it's been a while oh is that you may yeah it's been about five years you've grown.

Up so much I couldn't tell who it was from a distance find my distance no it's nothing forget it okay never mind then it's been a while since we've seen each other let's do something fun yeah sure what should we do let's play Rock Paper Scissors and whoever loses gets to talk about their.

Love life what love life yeah I want to hear momica's and so scares no I'm kind of May I'll talk about that as much as you want when we're alone I see then let's play Rock Paper Scissors me and sosuke why because I want to hear your love stories wait May are you going for sosuke by any chance.

I'll tell you my love story if I lose at rock paper scissors I don't want to I don't have anything to talk about she's trying to make fun of me just because she has a boyfriend they wanted to know what type of girl sosuke likes mambuka you're interested too right no not really I see then we can do it alone after momokochan goes.

Home absolutely not I don't want to talk about it either oh good oh I wanted to hear her but by the way me how long are you staying at sosuke's house um about three weeks three weeks yeah I think I could get to know sosuke better in three weeks what are you talking about we've always.

Been good friends yeah you're right he'll be home all summer right yeah I have nothing to do I see then I'll come visit you at sosuke's house during the summer vacation what why oh I haven't seen May in a very long time.

So I wanted to have a lot of fun with her true that momoka's family goes to a relative's house outside of the prefecture for New Year's Eve so it's hard to see each other I know it's been about five years since we last saw each other yeah when I was in third grade.

Well if that's the case I don't mind ever since momoka actually started coming to my house every day hello oh welcome you're early again today do you want to eat no thank you I've already eaten so it's fine don't worry about it it's as if sosuke has brought a new bride and it's exciting for me what I don't really care.

About sosuke that's right mom momoka is here to hang out with May I'm sorry momoka I guess I raised him the wrong way no please don't worry about it it's been like this for over 10 years oh my I'm so sorry.

Did I say something bad hey sosuke I don't like tomatoes so will you eat them I like tomatoes I don't mind here open up it's embarrassing just give it to me normally oh come on May I love tomatoes so can I.

Have some huh momoka you like tomatoes that much yeah I just started liking them recently I thought you already had dinner momoka I only ate a little so I'm a little hungry I see here you go then good thing I was able to prevent that since then momoka has been acting strange ever since May arrived.

May I think you're a little too attached to sosuke really I'm just using him as a pillow May that's embarrassing stop it are you conscious of me so it's good no momoka don't make fun of me anyone would be curious if a girl approached them like this oh I see it then.

What mama cow what are you doing you're conscious of every girl right did you get nervous I don't know but it's totally different from when may came close to me of course I'm nervous but momoka aren't you acting strange today what maybe there's something wrong with you and your face is redder than usual what no it's not.

Really that's good then about it did you say something nothing why I'm curious don't worry about it oh I'm going out with sosuke's Mom tomorrow I see and I'll just relax by myself tomorrow.

Yeah you do that the next day morning I thought you weren't coming because May isn't here today I didn't say I wouldn't come did I and since May is not here I figured today was the only day what do you mean.

What do you think of me uh she's just my sassy cousin what really but may seems to like you sosuke she's just making fun of me because she has a boyfriend what really yeah she made fun of me for not having a girlfriend.

Oh uh yeah okay no I'm not going home actually I came here with my mind made up today you've made up your mind yes I've always liked you sosuke will you go out with me what don't be so surprised I'm sure.

Everyone but you had already noticed really thanks I like you too momoka what you two momoka price as I was me through that we've been so close to each.

Other that I've always thought of you more as family but I realized that I liked you for a long time after May came it was totally different from when Mae came close to me and when you came close to me really I'm so happy yeah thanks for confessing your feelings for me too.

I'll take good care of you yeah I hope you're a little less insensitive in the future I'm home this mood I see you finally got together I guess I was right going out after all what what do you mean well momoka and sosuke are slow so I thought I'd make momica a little on the.

Edge seriously that's why you were getting so close to me yes it's your fault for not noticing momica's obvious feelings I think you're the only person in the world who wouldn't notice that I knew it see even May who's only been here for like two weeks knows it.

I'm really sorry about that I guess I'm really insensitive you didn't notice it for such a long time so I've been trying to appeal to you since we started high school you know what I knew you liked him ever since we played together in elementary school what I thought I kept it a secret when I.

Was in elementary school what it was so obvious seriously tell me more about that time I want to know all about it since I didn't know I guess I don't have a choice let's have that love talk that got interrupted the other time yeah please.

Don't say it mate it's embarrassing I've never been able to notice momoka's feelings for me but from now on I'll do my best to notice them thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well