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[Manga Dub] I lied about having a girlfriend but ran into her again at a blind date… [RomCom]


I'm sayakudo a 25 year old office worker an ordinary company because of the way I carry myself at work and in my private life in a composed manner many of my seniors and colleagues seem to like me dodo how about we take you to a dating party sometime sooner a girl who's been begging me to introduce her to you.

No there's no need my current girlfriend is the love of my life it's a shame he's taken he seems like a loyal type of course this is a lie to avoid any unnecessary hassle I don't need any dating in my life all right I guess I'll go home now about the papers from last time our.

Client is requesting a sample for this color yeah I'll prepare it right away thank you here's the data that you requested earlier oh thank you so much it helps a lot with making samples no need to thank me it's my job this gorgeous lady is a worker of one of her company's clients Miss Amy mochizuki.

She's one year older than me and she's always straight to the point and is easy to work with we're already almost done working she's so easy to work with no I'll be going now thank you for today it's all already six o'clock are you leaving already yes I'll be heading home now.

I've been observing your work for a while now and is this what people call a head hunting I'll be baffled but I still want to save my current workplace for now therefore I want you to be my boyfriend huh what please consider it what did she just confess your love to.

Me please I'll be looking forward to your answer considering how serious and logical she is I don't think she's joking around I'm very sorry but I can't date y'all what I'll be going now what oh oh wait could you please at.

Least tell me the reason what please for me I'm sorry but I have a girlfriend thank you so much for liking a person like me though I'll be going now I'm very sorry no I'm sorry it's gonna be difficult to work with her from now on she was such a nice business partner.

Even if I was told it was God gave me to turn down a beautiful lady like her I didn't have any intention to change my mind until a few days later I was at a dating party because I was begged by my colleague to attend just to match the number of guys and girls.

Just a Destiny for bringing us together to Cheers oh no this is awkward cheers do you need some more Mr kudo no thank you my glass is still full oh don't be like that her smile is so intimidating I'll be going to the restroom for a second.

Why is Miss mochizuki here oh I'm so unlucky Mr kudo huh what hmm why are you someone who's already taken attending a dating party specifically meant for finding a lover well I can explain are you trying to cheat on your.

Girlfriend no I just don't have a girl friend what mean it rejected me that's kind of cruel you know I have no objections to that you should stop you know dating parties and have fun with girls.

No I just came here because they needed more guys you can't make any excuses if you already decided to attend you know yes ma'am well I guess we should head back then let's have fun tonight shall we what do you do on weekends I I don't have a notable hobby or.

Anything this looks delicious wanna share is so terrifying that I can't say no and she's so close looks like you found someone I can't feel bad for your girlfriend don't worry she's not the type to get mad about these things yes besides I don't have a girlfriend.

Anyways and I don't think this girl likes me I know yeah the past two hours felt like forever no let's go to the next all right I'll give the two of us will be going now let's go Mr kudo.

Huh all right so here's the reason you lied to me did you want to avoid dating me that much I don't know I thought of you as a very trustworthy person if you were to reject me I would have wanted you to be Earnest with it.

I'm sorry I know you are now let's hear the reason behind this it's nothing exciting to hear about I just don't like the whole portraying and being betrayed thing that comes with relationships back in my school days had a best friend named kaida kaida had always been in.

Love with a girl named mocha but as she repeatedly came to me for consultation she soon confessed that she had feelings towards me I knew how gaita fell towards mocha and I didn't have any feelings towards her as I rejected her she broke out in tears saying that I reeled her into liking me just to reject her before I knew it my.

Friendship with kaido had been broken to Pieces as well when feelings like love get involved everything becomes a mess people just stopped making the correct observations and decisions that's why I don't want to get involved with dating or get too close with any girls.

He acts as if I'm taken because it saves me time and effort from these things is this enough explanation why are you looking at me like that well I'm surprised I didn't expect you to be so vulnerable huh I mean you're always quiet and cool what's that supposed to mean it means you're cuter than I thought.

You'd be and I like you even more now huh aren't you way over me you're even attending dating parties already are you all ready sorry about that may I give you a piece of advice if you're always scared of getting hurt you'll never find out what you might.

Gain after undergoing it there's no need to find that out there's no issue with me hitting on you if you're not taken here's my personal phone number what please okay call me Ami from now on ah by her first name.

All right that's that then you better be prepared it's gonna person change in such a short period she's way different from the person I thought of her to be a few days later um Miss mochizuki Miss Amy why are we eating Ramen.

Together right now maintaining a good relationship with our clients is our Company motto and this place is our CEO's favorite I see Blaze you're lying aren't you you're sharper than you look huh anyone would notice I've always wanted to come here but it was kind of intimidating for me to come.

On my own I'll pay so please eat with me you could just say that in the first place ever since then Miss Amy would always ask me out to go eat with her after our meetings she always takes me to approachable restaurants like this and she intentionally picking places.

That would be comfortable going to cheers huh I messed up big time at work today I wanted to see your face huh why hey are you going to make me say it wait I have a bad feeling about this I wanted my beloved Kudo to help me feel better.

Come on hey are you drunk already I'm not drunk at all right now we won't be able to work hard again next week I'm glad you feel that way oh my on the other hand you seem like you're not feeling too well huh not at all.

What is it do you want to see me again tomorrow to make you feel better again I never said that oh you're so adorable hey I coincidentally found a pair of tickets to the Planetarium right now you've had those in your pocket since the beginning I mean I don't have plans tomorrow.

Let's meet at the train station right at noon all right I haven't had as much fun in a long time even if we aren't dating I love to keep being a friend from now on I'm here early she's probably gonna joke around about that huh she looks different from always.

She's so much prettier oh um do you think it's weird my clothes today not at all they fit you well goodness it's our first time going on a date on a weekend so I kind of got ahead of myself oh I see he's so cute.

Did I just sing that oh would you like to go yes this is our seat isn't this a seat for couples but we're not even oh sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you want to make it as daylight as possible do you not want to sit here with me.

Just kidding my love too huh wait really you don't mind um well yay why am I like this today Miss Amy's just teasing me as always oh.

Beautiful it sure is the images that would be projected onto the ceiling were indeed beautiful like a real Sky Full of Stars since he was lying next to me since when was I in love with her how did I not know this oh that was very soothing would you like.

To go eat now um Miss Amy I think I'm in hey Saya this voice could it be the girl who spoke to me was a reason for my trauma mocha why are you here you mean why I just came to have fun could that be your girlfriend I thought a stubborn guy like you would never get.

One she's not my girlfriend and I'm sorry about what happened back then what I think you've misunderstood something really think I liked you back then hilarious what I just wanted to mess around with you I was bored since Quito wouldn't confess his love to me already.

I didn't think you'd reject me though I'm starting to get irritated just thinking about it oh yeah if she isn't your girlfriend come and hang out with me I just dumped a guy and now I'm bored don't touch me let's go of him huh I'm in the middle of a date with Kudo.

Right now and listening to your conversation I feel so bad for you How could a low-level lady like you ever match a kind-hearted Soul like him what did you just say are you old lady like kill me mocha and don't be rude to her.

I have no intention of dating you at all so don't worry you'll always be the one in the wrong for thinking that you'd even be a match against Miss Amy a what you're so brave Mr Kudo I love that we have a day to continue with so goodbye don't ever talk to me again see ya what.

I did not expect that me too is that the girl you were talking about yeah thank you for going with the story problem on a date right now right now messing with a bunch of guys too it'll be all right just try talking to.

Him again I'm sure he'd be willing to make up with you you'll only know how a person is truly feeling if you talk to them that's true thank you my guilt towards that girl has nowhere to be found anymore thanks to you Miss Amy hey doesn't that mean you won't have to.

Lie about having a girlfriend anymore if you'd like I could become your girlfriend I'm always welcome to you come on just date me I love that huh what wait what really do you not want to I forgot to tell you but I've been in love with you for quite a while now I never even imagined you'd say that.

I'm glad I was able to tell you how I truly feel like that all of a sudden ly blush I love you so I'll date you okay so adorable.

A few days later I used up all of my mind to get myself a talk to kaida and it turned out that mocha was saying total lies about me to him what I thought you were the one who confessed your love to her I don't want to make things awkward so I just left you two alone what I could never.

I can't believe she likes you about this I'm sorry I didn't think you'd be so bothered by me leaving so I just gave up and left you alone I'm sorry for not probably saying good boy now I need to apologize at all I'm just glad we got things straightened down let's meet again sometime soon I'll introduce you to my girlfriend.

Yeah I'll be looking forward to that aren't you going to introduce me of course I'll introduce you to everyone as the best girlfriend in the world this girl easily opened up my view of the world for me I can't take my eyes off of your Lively self I won't be long until she goes from my.

Client to my wife all right thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well