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[Manga Dub] I lied about having a girlfriend to her… [RomCom]


Hey Remy do you want to go for some karaoke after school I'm sorry I've got plans today too bad maybe next time then gosh Remy is so popular with the guys I noticed some guys talking to Remy jingu as I walked out of the classroom my name is Kato hoshihara and I'm a junior I'm not smart and Athletics.

Aren't my thing either I've never had girls all over me I'm just an ordinary student living a plain life hey wait for me Cato I heard Remy running up to me from behind Remy's my childhood friend although unlike me she has become one of the most popular girls in school thanks to her physical attractiveness.

Why did you leave without me I thought you were gonna go hang out with those guys never unless I'm not a cheap girl who follows I wish they could see what I see Remy usually puts up a kind and caring act but on the inside she's a condescending narcissist she's so popular she's got.

All the boys in the palm of her hand however she has unrealistic standards she declines every guy who asks her out because of them they've got to have some sort of attractive quality if they want me to even look at them I'm amazed at your acting skills you fooled them completely whatever they'll accept me for who I am because I am just that.

Pretty jeez Remy wasn't always like this she used to be quiet and timid back when we were kids I remember I used to walk in front of her while she held onto my arm she only became a narcissist after she grew up and realized she was pretty and popular what about you Kato has anybody asked.

You out yet you're asking me on purpose aren't you obviously no that's what I thought You're Just a Nobody Cato she talks behind people's backs all the time but she isn't afraid to tell me exactly how she feels about me I guess it's because we've known each other forever but to be honest.

It was frustrating Remy you might think you've got all the guys Wrapped Around Your Finger but you do realize that'll only last until the next pretty little thing comes sashaying in right you're jealous of me you wish you were half as popular as I am now you have no idea how many guys want to date me I'll never have to go out.

Looking for a boyfriend if that's the case why aren't you dating any of them now you could try it although I doubt it'll last a month you're right maybe I should try it out so Cato do you want to be my first test subject why are you asking me if I start dating some guy I won't have any time for you anymore I'll let you have some fun with me so you'll.

Have some memories to cherish you'll become instantly popular once everyone finds out that you've dated me you don't have to worry about me plus I already know your true colors why would I want to date you what they'll regret saying no to me Cato I won't good luck on your boy hunt if she really had feelings for me she should.

Learn to choose her words more wisely I will never agree to go out with her unless she fixes her crooked personality Remy is always surrounded by numerous guys she's always in the center of the group they were asking her out on a date I was expecting her to accept at least one of the guys but in the end she declined all.

Of their offers why are you walking home with me again I'm doing this for you so you don't get too lonely I thought you were going to try dating a guy I can't pick just anybody right I mean it'll ruin my reputation maybe you're scared the guy will find out what you're really like no way wait so you're saying you're fine.

With seeing me date random guys doesn't that worry you I have no intention of telling you what to do with your life if I get a boyfriend you'll have to spend the rest of your life alone and miserable don't worry about me I have a girlfriend you know what Remy looked astounded at my words she never expected me to find a.

Girl willing to date me she's right I don't have a girlfriend but I wanted to see the look on her face when she heard that I did I didn't get the chance to tell you before I've been dating my girlfriend for a year now that's a liar I have another girl once you mean at school right she's a.

University student we only get to see each other on the weekends the University student where meet her she's one of my online gaming friends we were close from the start we had an offline meeting and we decided to start dating then online gaming friend.

So she's a geek too why do you think everybody who plays online games is a geek my girlfriend and I just enjoy playing together it's nice to know we have something in common it's comforting the photo if you have a girlfriend you would have a photo of her well yeah I do but why do I have to show you what she looks like what does it matter to you.

She's my girlfriend gas I don't feel the need to be popular with the majority my girlfriend accepts me for who I am so you should pick somebody who makes you feel safe and loved too the last part was what I wanted to tell her the most being popular May boost her confidence levels but none of that matters unless the.

Person she ends up with actually cares about her high expectations can be nice but I feel that it's important to find somebody she can trust and rely on so how far how far have you gone with this girlfriend she seemed rather shocked at my sudden confession her expression was dark I could tell she was listening to my words I decided to.

Move on to the next step so I started talking about my fake girlfriend in detail we moved in together last week we've dated for a year and she's graduating next year I think we'll be making future plans for our relationship shortly so that means she's living with you at your place I thought we could wait until.

She graduated to start living together but she insisted on moving in she missed me too much but now that she lives far from her University she leaves early in the morning and comes home late at night she chose to live with you despite knowing her life would become harder we don't get to spend a lot of time together on weekdays but at least we get.

To spend the nights together quality over quantity right I know my story wasn't perfect however Remy was so upset she seemed to believe every word I said I had prepared answers to some questions I thought she would ask me so my talking was smooth enough to convince her I guess I'll Spill the Beans now.

Just when I was about to tell her the truth Remy gave me a nasty glare you are so filthy you you disgusted me I hate you hey what gives you the right to say that about me shut up I don't want anything to do with you anymore she suddenly lit off like a firecracker.

And stormed away I figured she was upset that I had a girlfriend before she got a boyfriend I didn't get the chance to explain but I figured she needed some time to calm down before talking to me okay toe the next morning I left my house to find Remy waiting for me she gave me a sweet smile.

I guess she's feeling better now morning we walk to school together nothing was out of the ordinary until Remy reached over to hold my hand Remy what are you doing did he want me to let go of your hand well we don't usually hold hands I was wondering why we'll be holding hands from now on that's okay right.

I guess so but what will you tell the other guys when they see you holding my hand I thought you were trying to find the right guy for you holding hands with me will spread rumors it's not going to help you I'm setting up an image no more guys will think they have a chance with me right when will you stop looking down on.

People Remy I was planning on telling her the truth but I decided to hold back the truth can wait until Remy fixes her personality Remy came over to my desk to eat lunch with me she always comes to eat with me however for some reason she started complaining about my Bento your obento doesn't look like it was made with love.

It's the same old obento I bring every day I don't think people may go Bento with love every single day I make my own obento it's just a meal for myself there's no need to make my food with love here Cato let me show you this is an obento made with love Remy took out her obento box there was a heart printed onto the rice with Sakura dembu plus the.

Words I love you made with dried seaweed in the middle that's a lot of love it was kind of embarrassing this is the kind of a Bento couples make for each other here you can eat this huh let's trade I'll eat your ubento you eat mine wait a second why are we trading opental boxes I want to see what your Loveless lunch tastes like.

That's quite rude it may not have love but I'm confident it tastes good we'll see why don't you let me check how good your Bento is just in case I never said I was willing to trade with her but Remy started eating my lunch anyways wow what the it's delicious that's what I just said I have been making my obento since last year I.

Enjoyed cooking it was fun making food to fit my taste I've never cooked for anybody else but it felt good to hear nice comments about my cooking this is how she caught your heart what did you say Remy mumbled something as she glared at the food in the obento Box come on try my lunch you haven't touched it yet.

You want me to eat this I didn't know what to do eating in front of all my classmates was extremely humiliating I ate some of Euro Bento bio Bento deserves to be eaten by you too I never said you could have my obento FYI I didn't know why we had to trade lunches but there was nothing else for.

Me to eat I took a bite out of Remy's obento so you could feel the love right I'm not sure about the whole love thing but it's good food how can you not tell the love I don't understand how it's such a big deal Euro Bento tastes the same as mine so you're saying my opento is no.

Different than yours I'm not a food critic I think all obento tastes good they're not all that different from each other gosh you're not Bento cheater too I have no idea what that means Remy texted me during our last class of the day suggesting we go home together why is she texting me all of a sudden I.

Thought she had plans with some friends today I hesitated before replying just then she sent the exact same line again what the heck before I could reply she started sending the same text over and over again it was plain creepy geez stop she's freaking me out she kept sending the same message until I finally sent a reply to tell her okay as soon as the.

Bell rang Remy came rushing to me it was weird since she's usually surrounded by boys when class ends Cato let's go home together what are you up to Remy she was acting as if nothing had happened she smiled gently which creeped me out even more but we left the school together hey Cato can I go over to your place.

Today why I wasn't sure that was the best idea after dealing with the whole texting incident your childhood friend wants to come over what's the problem oh well there's no problem it's just we never hang out at my place anymore Remy's tone suddenly changed her voice was deeper and she didn't seem to be herself.

Are you trying to hide something from me Cato no I'm not it's just my room is messy let me clean it up a bit I wasn't lying my room was messy since I wasn't expecting anybody to come so you're trying to hide something no I swear I'm not fine whatever I'll find it anyways it'll be over in 30 minutes oh okay I'll clean up by then okay then.

Now that Remy was coming over I had to hurry to clean up the mess before she got to my place 30 minutes later Remy rang the doorbell just on time Remy why you dressed up like that are you planning on going somewhere after this Remy went home once and she came over dressed up in a fancy outfit this is.

What I usually wear is it weird no it's not weird it just doesn't feel like something you should wear when you're just coming over to my place it's so fancy you're being silly Cato something felt definitely off it was like she was possessed by another personality anyways come on in I invited Remy into.

My room I'll get some drinks make yourself at home I tried to leave the room when Remy suddenly hugged me from behind Remy what are you doing Cato you hid your stuff well but I don't care about any of that anymore even if you have a girlfriend it doesn't matter as long as you come back to me what are.

You talking about Remy you're acting weird it's your fault Kato how can you have a girlfriend when you have me girlfriend I finally realized what Remy was trying to say she didn't know that the girlfriend I talked about was fake wait did you come to my place to see my girlfriend.

Nope I don't care about her since you're going to break up with her keto you are going to be my boyfriend starting today Remy took a few steps back and started to slowly take her clothes off hey wait Remy you don't have to do that I rushed over and managed to stop her I'm not doing anything any other couple wouldn't do Kato you're mine I am never letting.

Some girl take you from me just chill for a second will you I I'm not going to do anything to you Remy tears began to run down her face as she heard my rejection why do you hate me so much does she mean that much to you huh I've had feelings for you since we were kids it's so unfair Remy was bawling like a baby I.

Could see how emotionally unstable she was I was taken aback by her actions but I needed to calm her down first I kissed her on her lips it worked like a charm Remy's mind seemed to stop working I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I guess I made the right choice.

First there's something I need to apologize to you about I lied I don't have a girlfriend I was frustrated about you teasing me for not being popular with girls really you have to believe me when I say I didn't think you would actually fall for it I was planning on telling you the truth yesterday but.

I'm sorry I lied to you well I can't believe you're tricked me like that I believed you because you said you were both game Geeks how many times do I have to tell you I'm not a geek why are you so set on that idea so I have a question for you you said you liked me is that really how you feel.

Oh her confession was everything but romantic but I heard her loud and clear I couldn't believe it since she always looked down on me but I had to make sure since she looked so determined and desperate when she cried out her feelings for me yes it is I like how I could be myself 100 what I've been around you to tell you the truth I said.

Those mean comments because I wanted you to tell me you liked me I never dated anybody because I wanted to wait for you but you never seem to see me that way so that's why you were picking fights with me just to let you know that won't work for me I liked you back when we were kids I probably would have told you my feelings if you hadn't become such a.

Narcissist oh well I'm not it's all an act whatever you say then I was happy to hear her feelings I want to date her too however there was one thing I was worried about the way she tried to steal me back from my fake girlfriend it was crazy and I was afraid she would.

Do something like it again but that side might stay away as long as I treat her right I decided to look forward instead of worrying about unsure things then Kato will you marry me Mary I was the one who froze this time she immediately took the chance to push me down on the floor Cato I want you to sign these it was in just a second why did you even.

Bring those Remy showed me marriage registration papers all filled out I'm afraid you might change your mind and cheat on me sign it that's the only way my mind will be at ease Remy your expression is scaring me please calm down Remy's love for me was deeper than I had expected it got me worried again what's going to happen to me if Remy and.

I do end up together thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well