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[Manga Dub] I lied to my childhood friend and said I had a girlfriend… [RomCom]


A beautiful black-haired girl who turns all heads when she walks by I bet all of you guys out there would feel lucky to have that kind of girl walking beside you am I right and if she was your childhood friend everybody would be jealous of you no doubt but in reality it's not as sweet as it sounds there's somewhere I want to stop by on.

Our way home the beautiful girl I was talking about is my childhood friend mayura Namikaze she's known as the prettiest girl in school and is extremely popular among the male students and to her I narayuki imaizumi what what are you dissatisfied you're not a Yuki you don't have the right to complain to me I'm a servant whom she.

Can treat like crap anytime I don't have any complaints where do you want to go today I want to go pick out clothes huh we just went shopping for clothes last weekend the girl needs to maintain Her Image do you realize you're complaining no it's not that I'm complaining you better not be I'm the most popular girl in school you should.

Be honored that I picked you to hang out with I I guess so I always wonder when did things start to get so messed up mayura used to be a sweet crybaby who needed me by her side now she acts like she's the queen she acts this way towards everybody so no one stands a chance against her I guess being with her has.

Its ups a Loser Like Me would get crushed if I didn't have my hero as my closest friend however I wish she would fix her personality after school mayura took me to a department store to try on some new clothes what do you think she's been asking me the same question for the past half hour and it's getting old to be.

Honest I know nothing about fashion plus anything she wears looks good on her the point of asking me hey that tenth time you said that comment you need to look at the details well you look good in anything mayura what else can I say well if that's the case good she seems satisfied with my answer so have you.

Decided on which outfit to buy today complimented me on everything that makes it harder to pick everything is my fault isn't it I'm exhausted my era finally finished buying clothes and we left the department store the sun had set long ago I don't get why girls spend so much time picking out their claws hey give me your bags huh.

Well I should hold your luggage right oh yep I took the shopping bag from my Euro's hands I nudged her to the edge of the sidewalk so she'd be farther from the road there are no other girls who would be willing to hang out with you like I do so thankful for me yeah yeah thank you.

I don't ever forget it I'm glad to see she's in a good mood she may seem hard to satisfy which is actually quite simple-minded I guess that's one of the things I like about her oh yeah I'll be at your place after I get changed okay ha you're coming over again of course I would love for you to come.

Over yes total Joy honestly I enjoy spending time with my Euro but having her around all the time it's a lot to handle plus I would love to have some time just for myself so I started planning ways I could get my Euro to spend less time with me once we.

Got home Mayra changed her clothes and came over to my room it's almost dinner time shouldn't she be home getting ready to eat my mom is always so happy to see my era that's why I let her in but to be honest I'm a bit wary about this no no again but sure there's no way you can beat me she never gives up she always keeps.

Trying to win only for me to totally Crush her an hour later gosh why can't I can't at all my Euro lost again and she was Furious not a Yuki you're cheating aren't you no I'm not that's ridiculous but there's no way I can lose this many times it's not me it's how you control the character.

Come on don't get all sulky and it would be nice if you could get off my bed she may look like a grown woman on the outside but she's just a kid on the inside she seems so different from when she's acting like a queen bee it's actually quite cute I like her better this way let's see fault for not letting me win.

Why should I let you win FYI but you're going up against a girl you should let her win but you get angry whenever I go easy on you you know a lot of my friends have boyfriends now so we don't get to hang out as much wow that was a fast topic change oh I just wish there was somebody for me too you know yes what a great idea.

What's wrong uh it's nothing okay anyways don't you have to get going oh I lost a lot of time I always do this whenever I'm with you it's strange and by the way we'll be studying together tomorrow bye yeah yeah I watch her leave my house and wave bye to her she's my next door neighbor so there's no need for me to take her home.

I just keep an eye out for her through the window until she gets through her front door spent the next few days planning and a week later I was finally ready we're going to karaoke today let's go mayura is always the one who decides where we hang out and like always she came to pick me up and so I turned.

Around and told her I'm sorry I don't think I can hang out with you anymore we should talk about this I couldn't tell her in front of everybody so I took her to the hallway to talk to her what do you mean why can't you hang out with me well um I I have a girlfriend.

It was during lunch break one of the underclassmen girls asked me out and I said yes of course I'm lying to tell you the truth no girls are willing to even talk to me so it won't take long before the truth comes out however I just wanted to keep her off of me for a few days that's all I needed I remember you left the.

Classroom during lunch break and didn't come back until the end that's what was happening yep I went all the way outside and stayed there just so my story would sound convincing that's right I see I understand stand my Euro yeah hey are you crying wait what strange.

Nothing I just got something in my eye I think my Euro anyways I get it I'm happy for you not a Yuki oh thanks well then I guess I won't have to hang out with you or go over to your place anymore I wish the best for both of you uh so I guess I'll be going then oh wait mayura you better end up happy or else my Euro ran off and never looked back I couldn't.

Forget the expression on her face when she was running off did I make the biggest mistake of my life I felt awful it hurt I guess I deserved it for doing such a horrible thing to my era take a look at this after mayura found out about my fake girlfriend she avoided me for the rest of the day however she.

Came up to me at school the next day a fashion magazine yep I know you know you're interested in the whole thing about what to wear why is that well don't you want to impress your girlfriend I didn't really care what you looked like since you were.

Satisfied with it but many girls out there care about what their boyfriends look like nothing bad will come from being well prepared hey do she just say narayuki has a girlfriend so does that mean my Euro has become available let's go win her heart hey there mayura if you have free time on your hands why don't we I'm sorry I'm not up for hanging out.

With just anybody oh come on also I'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt my conversation with nadiyuki um of course so let's get back to where we were I marked a few pages in the magazine outfits which you should try out first don't worry I picked out the ones I thought would look best on you and I.

Made sure they were comfortable outfits I mean everything depends on the fabric so you're gonna have to try a few out in the shop why would you do this for me it doesn't do you any good of course of course it does friend has a girlfriend now it's my responsibility to make sure he ends.

Happy with her oh what is it nothing I'd forgotten how caring mayor can be she always acts so bold and spoiled but she has a good heart I'm ashamed how could I do this to such a sweet girl Myra can I talk to you about something huh oh about what it you're scaring me.

Well it's something important okay so so what did you want to talk about together you want to quit being friends well well I kind of just hear what your girlfriend is coming from I would be scared if there were a girl like me nearby my boyfriend but we've known each other forever how can we just cut all ties when we've grown up with each other.

That's not what I wanted to talk about I don't even have a girlfriend wait what did you just say I'm sorry I lied to you I don't have a girlfriend it was all a fake story then my era I'm so glad you have no idea how relieved I am hey what's wrong Myra started bawling when she heard my.

Confession I never imagined her to act like that since she always keeps a mature image on the school premises a girlfriend that I just I was so heartbroken I'm so sorry I think suddenly showed up and sorry lie to me about getting a girlfriend well I just wanted a little time to myself.

We've spent most of our time awake together I've never had alone time and so I just wanted a little break so so that means you wanted me to distance myself from you well yeah but I don't want you to get the wrong idea it's not that I don't like you you mean so much to me but I don't mind having you around I just.

Wanted some time for myself as well I know I went too far I shouldn't have lied to you I'm so sorry for that but it's not that I don't like being with you and I realized something I I have feelings for you my era will you will you be my girlfriend what are you gonna say no well no no it's I mean it was just so sudden.

It made my heart skip a beat oh my bad so what do you think you know of course I'd love to are you sure about that I've had feelings for you ever since preschool why did you think I went out of my way to spend so much time with you I didn't realize you liked me for so long however I haven't forgotten about how you deceived me yes ma'am I know.

That's right so you're going to have to be willing to make it up to me what can I do to make you feel better for starters here um wait what am I supposed to do stop playing stop playing dumb you know I want to hug oh what it's the boyfriend's duty to pamper his girlfriend so I'm gonna need at least three hugs from you.

Every single day um I have no problem with pampering you and I mean I'm gonna hug you more than three times a day but we're at school oh we were in the hallway and Myra was bawling her eyes out at all that I was being quite loud myself so a crowd of students had gathered to see what was going on hugging her in front of all of.

Those students well that was too big of a challenge for me how about we just go back into the classroom um okay I'll keep my promise once we get home okay once we arrived home I pampered her just like I promised mayura seemed quite happy and content she used to be very sweet when she was young but I was glad.

To see she hadn't changed at all she told me that once we hit puberty she was too embarrassed to act as she used to towards me but this is what she always wanted the reason why she always hung around me was to keep other girls from coming near me she had hoped that I would someday ask her out if we kept spending our time together I never had a.

Problem with the queen bee my era but to be honest I like the sweet and honest my era better after that mayura kept her image at school as the queen bee but her personality would change the moment we got home I love pampering her but I have a lot of studying to do if I want to get into the same University as my era since she's so smart FYI my era forgets she's.

At school from time to time and acts so sweet towards me she and I have become famous for being the most lovey-dovey couple in the school but she has no clue please check out our other videos as well.