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[Manga Dub] I lied to my childhood friend and told her I had a ‘cute girlfriend’… [RomCom]


My name is Yuta Asahi I'm an introverted otaku who's in his sophomore year of high school oh she's so cute I have someone I'm obsessed with currently it's games on my phone Mr manager thank you for meeting me today oh what's today's lesson this is my pretend wife I I'm so glad to.

See you I hey what my childhood friend koharu Sakurai started talking to me she had beautiful long black hair and a nice face she was popular in school as well hey.

So lucky to have her as a childhood friend seriously I wish I could switch with him she shouldn't talk to an introvert like that anyway I wish she'd talk to me it was a regular occurrence that people were jealous of me just because we were childhood friends.

Are you playing weird games again don't say it's weird this game is about a girl who's working hard towards her goals is that weird to you I don't care about the story I'm saying it's gross that you're talking to your phone I'm not talking to my phone I'm talking to I.

That's what I'm calling gross you should stop caring about some girl in your phone and start caring about real life girls who cares if I care about a girl in a phone that's my choice this is why real life girls are annoying that's how koharu kept making fun of me loser like you anyway.

You were the one that started talking to me koharu left up in arms I want to hurry up and start my practice manager oh sorry I let's go straight to lessons what did you want to learn today he wants to learn dance lessons today okay let's go to dance lessons enter.

Yeah you've improved a lot yay thank you so much I'm going to keep working towards my dreams with you Mr manager this girl is so much better than a real girl good morning Mr manager go ahead I could see you today good morning I I'm glad to see you today.

Too I was talking to I like I normally do every Sunday morning what did you want to learn today Mr manager I wanted to let you know something before we start lessons today what is it what there are limited edition Goods at the arcade starting today.

I didn't know about this you gotta come pick me up okay of course apparently they had mentioned that they were going to release limited edition Goods during a live stream they had how could I have missed this such an important thing hang on I I'm going to go now I'll be.

Waiting for you okay yeah I can't keep you waiting forever I hurried out of my house after throwing on some clothes I bet you it's going to be crowded I was one of the more popular of the game characters if it's limited edition I'm sure it would be even more so.

Hmm koharu what's she doing all alone maybe she's waiting for someone whatever I don't care about her I only care about I right now just as I started walking two men showed up in front of koharu hey are you alone.

Can I help you I'm waiting for someone how about you play with us while you wait for him to show up come on if you play with us you'll be happier and feel real good no let go of me and just come play with us oh come on we promise we won't hurt you.

You're already hurting me come on just give us a chance no me some what are you doing to my koharu what the hell we're waiting for a guy the two scurried away you okay koharu yeah I'm okay.

Good um thanks don't mention it we're childhood friends after all I thought maybe kohara wouldn't like me saying that but yeah oh I was just going to the game center why I have to go get stuff for I.

I showed the limited edition Goods to koharu is that game again what do you mean again you're never going to have a girlfriend if you keep playing those stupid games what the hell I just saved you that has nothing to do with this though you'll never have a girlfriend so annoying always making fun of me for.

Being an otaku yes I guess I don't need a new girlfriend I wonder what she'll say if I say I have a girlfriend considering she keeps saying I'll never have a girlfriend what a new one huh just like I'd expected yeah a really cute one what.

Why are you crying huh what hey kaharu did I do something wrong why would she cry just because I said I have a girlfriend she always made fun of me did it make her that upset I mean I don't have one but Mr manager you only have 10 minutes left until you can buy the limited.

Edition Goods oh I yeah I'll be right by oh I need to go get eye stuff yes I was finally able to pick up stuff for I my wallet is a lot more empty but it's better than never picking it up I'm going to go home and put it up in my room.

A limited edition message code I have to open it immediately Mr manager thank you for picking up I I always want to be with you from now until forever I want to be with you forever too I love you Mr manager oh my gosh she's too cute she's an angel.

Oh what the hell why didn't he tell me sooner now I feel like an idiot I didn't know he had a girlfriend why would he have a girlfriend when he's obsessed with that stupid game oh hey come on what's wrong yes sorry some random men started messing with me I'm okay though.

I'm glad you're okay here wipe your tears thank you sorry I should have came sooner it's okay I showed up too early don't worry about it I really shouldn't have came early and that never would have happened good morning Mr manager I'm going to.

Work hard today too good morning I let's work hard together the next day I was talking to I as usual but huh koharu isn't making fun of me today koharu usually made fun of me when I was talking to I but today she was just sitting quietly in her seat maybe she's still holding it against me.

I didn't tell her it was a lie yet why did she cry though I should ask her hey koharu oh what why did you cry and run off yesterday don't worry about it I wasn't crying either you were absolutely crying but shut up.

Why don't you just go talk to your girlfriend instead of me angry uh about that I feel like she'd be even more Angry if I tell her I'm lying I should just tell her what did you get dumped by your girlfriends because you only talked to.

Your stupid game uh actually I lied about having a girlfriend what what I mean that's a pretty appropriate response yeah I don't really have a girlfriend why is that few.

Because of her mind why did you lie anyway I was just annoyed because you kept making fun of me but you lied though why were you relieved though you're making me wonder shut up I want to tell you.

That makes me more Curious come on tell me do I have to I mean you don't have to like you what because I like you what what did you like hey you huh what oh my God.

I like you what don't be so loud it's going on she likes me what is this about maybe she's pranking me or something there's no reason she'd like me or maybe it's revenge for me lying to her that that has to be it I'm sure it's Revenge assistant why do you keep making fun of.

Me yeah she kept making fun of me there's no way that she likes me but because you've just been glued to your phone after you started high school and you never paid any attention to me so I figured if I made fun of you you'd quit and pay attention to me what that's it.

Do you mean that's it you realize you're going to have the opposite effect on me right why do you think that I'm going to stop if you keep making fun of me drop it all and pay attention to you I mean do you not like me no.

Matter how much she makes fun of me I still like her I mean well maybe it's because she's my childhood friend or or maybe Mr manager I'm bored oh I sorry for keeping you waiting wanna start our lessons hey we're still talking what the hell.

You shouldn't touch your phone while we're talking she said she was bored I had to mess with it mean it's okay why if you want it back listen to me listen to you yeah.

If I listen will you give it back yeah what is it um what if you date me I'll give your phone back what what you're being too loud what did you say I said if you go out with me I'll give you your phone back.

Don't make me keep saying it seriously are you being serious yes I'm being serious I told you I liked you you remember that right I thought you were just messing with me because I lied to you I won't do that so what's it gonna be what do you mean.

So are you going to go out with me or not you want to go out with me of all people I prefer you why I'm sure you can find someone that's more attractive I can't give up on someone I've always liked then.

Okay but really I had never seen her smile so big why is he so smiley I don't know but he looks like he keeps getting surprised what's going on I've never seen her so happy either I haven't either Utah you're being too loud be quieter.

No it's because you keep saying you want to date me maybe you shouldn't be so loud stop telling me what to do anyway you were dating from today yeah okay yeah I'll give you your phone back uh okay.

Manager he's lonely I sorry let's skip the lessons and go on a date really I want to go on a date with you me too what the hell are you cheating on me already I'm not cheating you said you wanted to go on a date I.

Doesn't count she counts I want you to look at me only I is my special girl okay what do you like more me or her you like the real girl more right yeah then we go on a date after class today okay after class.

What you don't wanna I mean no okay then it's settled don't say you're gonna go on a date with her thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well