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[Manga Dub] I lost all hope after getting fired, and some high school girl slapped me…!? [RomCom]


No what am I supposed to do in my life now I'm damned my name is Sota casato number 27 year old who used to work as an editor but I got fired I'm jobless as of today I worked my ass off none of it meant anything work has been the center of my life since I started.

Working here after many excruciating hours of Labor I fell asleep while working overtime that was all I did my boss fired me brutally with no hesitation weird I'm relieved for some reason knowing that I don't have to go to work tomorrow feels soothing the train will be.

Arriving soon the first thing I want to do is get some sleep I haven't had enough of it these past few years you were right there someone grabbed my arm turned around and see what it was allowed slapping my chickens and he burned up a throbbing pain spread through the left side of my face a.

Scowling high school girl was standing in front of me I had no idea who she was huh don't you even think about it it doesn't matter what you've been through you can't waste your life uh what are you talking about you could talk to me if you're in pain I'll help you through it please don't throw yourself in front of.

The train I can't remember the last time somebody tried to show they cared about me I didn't realize I'd balled up my pain for so long words warmed my heart in a way I never imagined but there seems to be a huge misunderstanding to make things clear for her sake thank you for your kind.

Words yeah I wasn't planning to throw myself in front of the train though what you see I've been working late a lot these days and I did get fired today I'm not surprised if I looked depressed I'm not in the greatest shape at the moment so that's why I if something happened in the past to.

Make you think that way huh oh I mean it seems more worried than a normal person would be well yes yeah the high school girl told me how a father was a victim of death by overworking your expression reminded me of how my father looked before his death I'm so sorry for acting so rationally.

Let me make it up to you is there anything I can do don't worry about it your experience must have been traumatic I don't blame you but but it's not like you did anything wrong you don't need to feel guilty for anything so well why is my why is everything shaking all of a sudden are you okay uh yeah my bad felt light-hearted for a second that's.

All right let me let me home what you're not listening you could collapse any second the train has left so let's wait for the next one together and you're a miner I can't let you stay out this late they're getting serious trouble for this.

Why would you just listen to me just to make things clear I'm not a miner I'm 18. but you said a high school student the train will be arriving oh thank God the train will be here soon my name is now Kawasaki I'm looking forward to getting to know you look the train is here let's get on uh sure she's looking forward to getting to know.

Me why I couldn't understand what she meant since my brain was not functioning correctly from fatigue starting the next day Kawasaki visited my apartment every day the visits were platonic nothing happened between us I'm here you came again this isn't my place to say this but uh.

Aren't you worried about being inside a stranger's house alone well I know you were a good person he would have already acted if you had planned to do something well yes but uh I'm worried about it she has no sense of danger the thing is soda-san I can't seem to leave you alone kawasaki-san I know I'm being selfish I think I'm.

Trying to make up for letting my father suffer by taking care of you soda-san back when he was alive and in pain I did nothing to help him I didn't mean to Tamp in the mood oh yeah do you want to go somewhere fun maybe during the weekend uh I'm up for it but are you sure you want to waste your weekend on me.

Wasting my time at all I ain't desoto-san okay I'll think of something fun for us to do so the next weekend I'm standing by a clock tower in front of a station waiting for her I never thought about this but I haven't gone anywhere fun in a long time.

I think the last time was during University I used to walk through here all the time it's changed so much in five years by myself wow she's all dressed up today and I thought she was pretty when I first met her but everything about her that day was beyond what I'd expect it oh gosh.

What if people look at us and think I'm a sugar daddy or something is something wrong do I look weird today you don't like my clothes no you don't look weird I was admiring how pretty you looked I think I've used them one luck for this moment oh that's sweet well we should get going uh-huh I wondered where she was planning to.

Take me now that we'd met I was curious since she hadn't told me anything about our plans you brought me to uh Zoo nothing beats seeing cute animals when it comes to Healing the heart wait please don't tell me you don't like animals I don't have nothing against them but why do we need healing so does Tanya always act like you're fine but I.

Could tell you are still worn out is that is it that obvious yes well good to meet cute animals they will bring you peace come on let's get going hey a Tibetan sandbox look at its clever eyes they look just like your soda son uh no way your answer to resemblance well can you look at me for a second sure see they're not the same wow I have a.

Feeling your ancestors were related to Tibetans and foxes that's creepy to even think about Evolution doesn't work that way hey I didn't know there were roller coasters here I wonder if it's part of the zoo it's pretty big we got to see cute animals and now we get to have fun on rides we're so lucky to be here and we still have half the day to enjoy the.

Rides let's not get too excited I'm still in my 20s I'm not young like you oh come on well I do have a bad feeling you don't look too good soda son well what did you expect she made me ride the roller coaster so many times I lost count I think I use up at least 10 years of my life now the Sun is setting it's getting dark we left the.

Zoo because it was closing time we decided to take a walk through a park I couldn't remember the last time I had a whole day of fun had a great time it felt so refreshed I see you enjoyed the day what you look like a Tibetan sand Fox earlier but now you look like a show Bill stork I'm not so sure I understand.

What you're trying to say is that a good thing I'm just playing with you so have you decided what to do huh I know you've been thinking about it are you going to apply for any companies you know a lot more than I expected I don't visit you every day for nothing I've been keeping a close watch that's not something to.

Boast about she wasn't wrong I have been troubled about my future plans I have a feeling Kawasaki sound to me out that day to cheer me in thanks for keeping an eye out for me but I'm not sure yet I don't know what I want to do I'm considering applying for a company that requires familiar skills but getting a job in a new field is.

Appealing too so decide I don't have any interests I've never been into anything before but I used to have a dream can I ask what the dream was I wanted to open a cafe my grandfather used to own one a long time ago I remember visiting him there almost every day.

Because the pudding he served was the best my grandfather's Cafe was always bustling with customers he seemed so busy and I got curious one day I asked him why he chose to become a cafe owner I was hoping my Cafe could be the place where tired customers come to feel at peace my grandfather's words immediately resonated with me and.

So when I was a child I dreamed of opening a cafe just like my grandfather's that's a wonderful dream yeah but the thing is I can't cook so there is no way I could open a cafe right now I could teach you how to cook but I don't know anything about management and stuff you'll be fine everybody is a beginner at first I could.

Help you through it if you need support I don't know so you're going to give up on your dream huh you dreamed of opening a cafe when you were a child now you have a chance to make that dream come true why would you waste the opportunity by selling yourself short if there isn't anything else you want to pursue you could try to make your dream.

Come true only a handful of people in the world end up with what they've dreamed of most of us give up during the process or people like me don't even try because you think it's a waste of time clear that it won't be easy taking this path still oh I know I will turn out but I don't at least try.

Okay I'm kind of yeah I got your back thankfully I was too busy with work to use the money I made at my previous company I had five years of savings so we didn't have to worry about money he began preparations and finally the day of the Cafe opening arrived soda Sun three more omelette right dishes an egg sandwich and two Cafe lattes oh uh are.

You okay do you think I look okay right now I'm not done making the three pancake orders we got just a minute ago a week passed by I was grateful that my Cafe was a huge hit I figured business would be busy toward the beginning that's why I've tried handling it on my own however customers seem to let the dishes.

Kawasaki had suggested we had to hire a part-timer soon after the thing is we don't have any applicants thank God I have Kawasaki helping out on the weekends still this is so tied to be blinking out I'll help you in the kitchen let's stay focused uh yes I know handling a peak.

Time Cafe is harder than what I had to do in my previous company but for some reason I like the rush oh I almost forgot I received a message from a publishing company about an interview well I had no idea wait why did you receive a message well I made a social media account for the cafe I use it for advertising that's why they.

Contacted me I'm sure I've said this before flyers and ads aren't enough we need to use social media to advertise to a wider range of customers huh oh yeah completely forgot about that seriously why is Kawasaki sound so good at everything keep forgetting yourself a student so.

What if the publishing companies wanted to set up an interview they're coming here after closing hours today I had no choice but to say yes I'm a busy woman you know I'm studying for a university entrance exams oh well my bad well even if I screwed it up I have you to take care of me huh uh I didn't say anything anyways they're coming today so be.

Prepared oh okay gosh she gets work that much faster than me the day went by like always until the end of lunchtime customers kept flowing in the whole day was hectic they had a full house we were supposed to be closing 30 minutes later Kawasaki Sun I think we should ask for last orders now you're right we need to put a.

Stop to this somehow um I'll flip the sign outside we should let people know we're closing great thanks oh hi there oh I'm sorry sorry we're getting ready to close now it's been a while Casada the last time I saw you you were getting fired now you're a bad timer middle-aged man walks through the door a middle-aged man walks.

Through the front door just as we're about to close I was shocked to see was my boss my former company what's he doing here gosh publishing companies scheduled to come today whatever anyway where's your boss I have an abide man with him was supposed to be interviewing your boss after you guys.

Collapse and I'm the owner of this Cafe but there's no way Yoda I say well that works better for me I've been getting ready I don't have a die I don't have any time to waste either huh I apologize that this sounds rude but I'm declining your interview offer what the hell are you I'm saying I don't.

Want an interview with your company please do make a scene just leave must have heard us arguing she came out of the kitchen looking worried I didn't want her to get involved in this messy situation with my former boss I asked her to go back to the kitchen oh I get it now so you were soaked Hassan's boss when he used to work at a company.

Kawasaki son the who the hell are you I'm an employee here I work for sotasan I heard how you treated soda-sun back then you've got some nerve walking in here like you own him Kawasaki sums have customers here yes seems like you can't keep your employers get drought this is why yeah why he's what you only think of your employees as tools to use for your.

Convenience do you think you have the right to say anything well what are you talking about your bruh I heard everything about sodasan's previous company from him your company harms employees and does not respect human rights do you realize how worn out sotasad was she almost fainted the day he got fired that's none of your.

Business my body obliged for any overtime work these things Gabby have drawing the busiest time of the year it can't be helped huh isn't it part of your job to support the employees during the busiest time of the year you can pay to take care of them please don't come back to this Cafe ever again yeah yeah thank you get away with talking to me.

Like that okay take a step back what's going on they're talking about how his company is harming employees casano that says it over you'll never get another chance of an article written by me Christmas son knows in the commotion but former boss fled from the scene to avoid Gathering attention I.

Already told you I don't want my Cafe in your magazine Kawasaki Sunny okay so to son uh I I'm sorry I shouldn't have butted in hey you need to apologize for anything if anything on the water owes you an apology I'm sorry for getting you involved in my problems and thank you for stepping in to defend me huh to be honest I wouldn't have been able to do.

Anything if it wasn't for you Kawasaki Sun that guy needs everything his way we'll never give up until everybody bows down and obeys him I this is another thing I need to thank you for properly well well what what wait a minute wait she can't have feelings for a guy.

Almost turning 30 just FYI this isn't a joke it's been 27 years since I was born into this world I have a confession I've never had a girlfriend before I had no idea how to react to a Kawasaki son expressing her feelings for me however I didn't feel upset about it in fact it felt comforting and warm I think I'm.

Getting Clarity on how I feel about it thank you Kawasaki son but we should wait until you graduate from high school and I should ask your parents permission before we you're an Earnest man it's a good thing right of course that's one of the reasons why I like you so much hey we haven't closed yeah we should get started on cleaning the place okey-dokey.

Six months later my Cafe business continued to gather customers and it became famous enough to appear on TV as my former boss everybody found out about his tyronic behavior and dirty methods after I rejected and sent him away that day he was immediately demoted now he lives a sad life hiding away from others I mean he just made me work to the last.

Train every single day my former boss claimed to have paid me for overtime however half of it wasn't calculated into my salary I didn't get paid for it I asked my previous Company to pay me for the overtime work that hadn't been paid for they apologize and send me the money right away.

I'm nothing against them now hey is Sota I'm sorry I'm late it's okay I just got here as well now and I are visiting a Baron's house today I'm gonna ask her mother's permission to officially date her and I've never been more nervous in my life I'm gonna be turning 30 in a few years I'm not sure if her mother will approve of our.

Relationship it was nerve-wracking to think about but once you arrived at a place I had no idea you were a mother you're the owner of the famous Kawasaki restaurant that's shocking to you why now is so good with management Noah has told me all about you kazuto-san I appreciate you taking such good care of.

Her that was helped me in many ways I'm not exaggerating when I say this I've gotten this far because of everything now has done for me Sota I'm relieved to see you just like now it described you so Mom we want to start dating um eventually we want to get married is that okay of course it is it's your life you should do what you want I'm here if.

You ever need any support I appreciate you coming wise we did it now yay just one thing you are not allowed to make any babies not until you are officially married we weren't thinking about that why would you bring that up you're just like no sad fun to mess with now what are you even telling your mother about me uh huh I forgot anyways.

You guys want to eat out for lunch you can't change it something like that it hasn't been a year since I was fired I thought my life was over that day I'm so glad I met now that day I wouldn't be here if I didn't I plan to repay her by the voting the rest of my life to her thank you for watching how was today's.

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