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[Manga Dub] I lost my father and his restaurant but a rich girl bought me and the store… [RomCom]


My name is setsu Akatsuki and I'm 20. I'm currently a student at culinary school who became a chef like my father however my father who raised me alone died in a car accident the other day we weren't dead after renovating the restaurant he owned and I lost it to pay back the money I owed I sat in the pouring rain in despair.

When suddenly the rain stopped well not exactly a woman was standing next to me with an umbrella in her hand it was hisane tandoine a classmate of mine her father owns a famous restaurant her family is wealthy satsukun he'll catch a cold if you don't get out of the rain.

Oh well I don't care if I get sick it would be nothing compared to the pain I feel from losing my father and the restaurant the restaurant what do you mean well the restaurants in front of you belongs to me now I heard what happened.

From our teacher at school I guess my father for a favor so the restaurants won't end up in somebody else's hands hi plan on keeping it protected until you're ready you can't lose hope here you can't give up until you purchase the restaurants back from me you're right thank you tender Wings son I'll become a chef I'll prepare the money and I will.

Buy the restaurant back from you one day very well join me we'll walk to my mansion huh why well you don't have a place to live you may use a room at my place for the time being no that would be asking for too much please take setsukun to the mansion I'm.

On it what what are you doing is she carrying me how can a woman be so strong so I was taken to the tender Wings mansion by force this place must have been made for a king or an emperor this is the room I'm supposed to live in talk about luxury how much do I have to.

Pay this is one of our guest rooms satsukun you don't need to pay rent since you are our guest you are free to use this room however you like thank you now all I have to worry about is my tuition don't have to worry about that I'll ask.

My father if you could work part-time at his restaurant I don't know how to thank you but but tender Wings son why are you doing this for me I was taught to lend Helping Hands to any of my friends who needed it that's one of the reasons the other reason is that septicon I owe you big time.

What back when I just started attending culinary school many people passed moused me for being rich I heard cruel compliments thrown at me from all directions most of my classmates thought I was just there for fun but one day during a cooking class satsukun you came over and took a bite from my dish I made.

And said hmm this is amazing somebody here just for fun could never make such an Exquisite dish it tastes like something made by somebody taking her education here seriously after that the other students came to my table to eat my food they all apologized to me for insulting me nobody talked.

Behind my back anymore and you became my friend you are the reason I enjoy going to school every day satsukun uh it's not like I plan to help you I just shared my thoughts after tasting something I thought looked good I'm not sure if I deserve your kindness of course you do he helps people without realizing what.

He's doing everything I want it's taking so much for me to hide my feelings I'm looking forward to seeing you at school and home from now on thanks I owe you tender Wings son my life after that consisted of attending school and working at tandoine son's father's restaurant.

And whenever I came home tendering Sun would be waiting for me in my room your home hi Tangerine son don't you have anything better to do you're always waiting for me in my room should I leave no I appreciate everything you do for me.

You said it's true fever call me by my first name instead of my last name I refuse to do that why well I'm not used to calling Girls by their first names don't get me wrong it doesn't mean I have my walls up against you.

I wish I could take a photo of his face right now but that would creep about I should give up on the photo too bad don't worry I know we're just close friends right yep we met up in my room every day we would talk eat snacks and play games it almost felt like we were a couple living.

Together wait don't be silly tandoing side would feel offended if she heard that I realized there was something I was curious about that I had never asked her by the way tenduing son why did you decide to become a chef is there something you need to know before I answer your question I only.

Started living here five years ago I wasn't born wealthy oh I had no idea yep my father's company made its great takeoff when I was in Middle School so the life I have came to me when I was in high school I wasn't always like this after my mom passed away my father and I.

Have been the only family we have he worked hard to protect me and I was in charge of taking care of the house cooking was my favorite out of all the homework it always brought me joy to see my father enjoy the food I make he always complimented me I started getting creative to impress my father I wanted to see him smile it was only natural for.

Me to decide that I wanted to become a chef in the future your father must be delighted his daughter chose the same path as him it would have been nice to work with my father too I admired my father I loved watching him work and I loved everything he made.

That's why I wanted to become a chef like him I've been giving it my all I was hoping that I could cook with my father one day but I know that dream will never come true now ah my bad I shouldn't have brought him up wait what why am I crying.

Gosh I'm so pathetic crying over what won't come back you're not pathetic at all you are crying because that is how much your father meant to you you shouldn't be ashamed of your tears you should be proud of them it means you love him so cry all you want I'm here to help you if you ever need a shoulder to cry on.

Her kindness tore through the tough front I had up the Waterworks started die there are so many things you still haven't taught me I wanted to work with you and I wanted you to see me Crop I miss you so much Dad.

But this is the last day I'm going to cry over him I'm going to stop looking behind me I have many things to do and learn before I become a chef like my father I don't have any time to waste on crying I have to get his restaurant back satsukuni you look better now.

I am hey thank you you've been a huge help no problem I'm glad I could help you you deserve it uh I was suddenly feeling embarrassed silence filled the room uh now that I look back on our.

Conversation I I'm so ashamed of myself I whined I cried and and then I made a statement of determination thank God we're alone no no tandoine son heard everything I said instruct his hair I can't believe I acted so boldly why I'm so embarrassed I do that.

The following three days were a bit awkward for the two of us the last day of school before summer vacation I saw a crowd in front of the bulletin board a flyer for a cooking competition taking place in September which was a month away the winner will be rewarded for an official job offer from a first-rate.

Restaurant my heart started to race as soon as I saw the flyer working at a first-rate restaurant would help me acquire skills to become a top class Chef in a short amount of time I'll be able to buy my father's restaurant back way faster as well you're playing aren't you I can say the.

Determination on your face yeah I have to start preparing are you going to compete they plan on working at my father's restaurant I won't be joining the competition since I don't need the reward please let me help you prepare for the big day I would love to be your exclusive taste tester uh.

Having you give me your opinion would be a great help but I kind of feel bad for relying on you so much are you talking about I get to eat the food you cook for free I'm doing this for me I'm doing son it amazes me how kind and caring she is I feel safe around her I couldn't stop.

My feelings from growing why are we in the mountains we are here to train you for the competition summer vacation started tandoine son and I were at a cabin owned by her family that was where she planned for me to practice okay we've got a busy month ahead of us.

Yeah I'm spending the next month with oh my goodness I don't know if I could handle this my heart is pounding already calm down you are here to help him prepare for the competition month alone with tandoine San how can I not be nervous no I don't have time to be nervous I have to focus on.

The competition and so I got started on preparations Tangerine San stayed with me and tasted everything I made I appreciated her honest opinions and advice I would have never noticed the things she told me if I had been preparing by myself and I have to say having her by my side.

Seeing her smile at me it gave me the strength and motivation to keep going made by Yours Truly beef cutlet pork cutlet chicken cutlets I made these specialty to give you energy to win the upcoming competition whoa it looks amazing tender Wings on surprised me with a homemade meal on the last day of our.

Training session tastes like heaven I'm glad you like it said tsukoon once the competition is over I want to do something to thank you for this and for everything you've done for me.

The best way to thank me is to win the competition win yes satukun it would make me so happy to see you in first place I can't think of a better way for you to thank me okay I promise you I will win first place yes I believe in you.

Day of the big competition arrived I won through all of my battles and finally the finals I prepared myself both physically and emotionally to give the last battle my all my opponent for the finals was akahara Kun another student who attends my school I know he doesn't look like he can do.

Much he looks nothing like a chef but he was known as the best student since the school was established yo never thought I'd be competing against you too bad for you my gangster cooking will beat your ass what the hell is Gangster cooking well I'm sure my cooking has more class let's see who will win.

To be honest I don't think I would have won if the competition was a month ago I trained hard this past month and I believe I have grown as a chef and a human I have confidence I trust myself enough to know I will win the final battle is starting now tofu.

Will be the contestant's last obstacle ready start you can do this I'm rooting for you from the bottom of my heart I put my all into the process my father taught me how to make deep fried tofu I arranged the recipe quite a bit to make the taste more western style.

I looked over to see akaharaku making Japanese style mapo tofu there was nothing gangster about his cooking I'm not sure what he meant by that but his dish looked delicious we waited for the results while the judges tasted both our dishes after they had a meeting they announced.

The winner is setsu Akatsuki congratulations this is unbelievable how could my gangster cooking lose akaharakoon did you notice that many of the younger girl judges weren't eating much of your dish.

What your mapodofu might have been a bit too spicy for the children members of the panel killed never considered the needs of the people who eat my dish you think about them yeah my father always told me that good food comes from putting yourself in the.

Customer's shoes I see I accept my defeat but I'll win next time well we'll see won't we I stood there soaking in my victory when a tendering rocket came shooting from the audience area.

Code you didn't see one first place you have no idea how happy I am for you ah stop you're rubbing your cheek against me too hard oh I'm so sorry I couldn't control myself I never knew such excitement existed I think thank you for showing me um there's one more thing I want to give.

You if you would accept oh what is it uh well I I really like you Tangerine son I'm attracted to everything you are your kindness your humor the way you talk and your beauty I can't hold back my feelings anymore.

And I hope you accept my love for you more to me than jetsukun Tangerine son and I officially started dating that day after I graduated from culinary school I started working at a first-rate restaurant I soon became one of the most famous chefs in the country.

I bought my father's restaurant from the tandoine family and married hisanei we owned the place together now I think I deserve a cuddle for all the hard work I did today of course you do I feel like I'm alive again I love having this moment at the end of the day by my side.

Hisana has always been more affectionate than others I decided I should return the affection more thank you for marrying me I couldn't have done this without you you kept my father's restaurant safe and now you help me protected I'm so lucky to have you.

Oh that's exactly how I feel I will never take this miracle for granted father can you see us I promise not to let this place go to waste I will protect it with my precious wife I hope you are proud of who we have become thank you for watching how was today's.

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