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[Manga Dub] I lost my memory after an accident, and woke up to a girl who claims to be my girlfriend


my name is sakumichi sakuna I work at a company that produces stationary goods and I'm 23 years old I like my work a lot so I'm a workaholic I know it sounds like I'm showing off and since I've joined the company I've been working hard at my job and have gotten tangible results.

And when I was looking at how my desk neighbor was doing oh there's one extra digit here oh that's right thanks for telling me also I think if you make this a little bit more easy to understand that might be good that's true I'll fix it though my name is mizuhi mizuna I joined the.

Company at the same time as sakuna and I am 23 years old but Sakura is always looking after me at work how miserable I should just I think I'll turn myself in for causing you so much inconvenience hey no worries there's not much inconvenience so calm down nobody would.

Arrest you for such a thing I don't think it's inconvenient but you might not have noticed yourself but the number of mistakes you're making has become less I think it's because you're continuing to work hard so forget about turning yourself in and let's continue to work hard together.

We both joined the company in the same year so it's natural to help each other right yes I would do my best to be able to catch up to you I guess it's too much for me to even say that I want to catch up with you that's not so mizuhina you're being too modest.

For me I have always had a lot of fun when Sakura helps me out and encourages me and talks with me during my break times I like sakuna a lot if he is ever in need of help I wanted to be the first one to be there for him uh well it's probably unlikely that such an excellent person like he would ever be in need of help.

One day as I was crossing the street on my way home from work a car came straight into me as it ignored the traffic signals the car crashed into me and I collapsed onto the road after that I was carried to a hospital by an ambulance I received treatment at the hospital and my life was not in danger.

The doctor told me that the recovery will take about three months but I was facing a major problem memory loss according to the doctor it's not for certain how long this condition will last what should I do until my memory comes back I was anxious and as I was pondering on.

What to do sakuna I was over permission to visit you so I came here how are you feeling sorry who are you I work at the same company as you I'm mizuhi mizuna I'm sorry I've suffered memory loss what what.

Yes the hospital staff checked my belongings and told me my name address and the company I worked for but I can't remember then I will support you until your memory comes back I will do anything that I can to help you so let me know I am happy that you say that but I can't inconvenience my colleague.

Family members I guess would be all right but I heard my parents have already died he is such an insincere person but does he think that a family member would be all right if he needs help or even if it's not a family member but someone who is close to him maybe he could rely on that person without any hesitation.

Sakura must be full of anxiety to be told that his parents have both died and he has no memory I want to help him he always helps me I like sakuna then uh I am your girlfriend it's like your family so I would be happy if you could rely on me without worrying about anything what is that right.

I'm sorry that I can't remember lying to him right for me to ask for your support of course you were always quite needy so it's no problem I was needy how embarrassing sorry to say that you were needy but this way it would be easier for you to.

Be helped I was so anxious because I had lost my memory but thanks to you I feel a little better I'm glad that you're here that I have such a wonderful girlfriend although I have no memory I'm a very lucky guy wonderful wow thank you so much but I am.

Complimented like that I feel more guilty to lying to you but this is so that Sakura will not hesitate to get support when his memory returns I will apologize to him wholeheartedly maybe he won't forgive me and will come to hate me but it doesn't matter if I could support him after that Miss mizuhina came to my.

Hospital room almost every day also she stopped using formal language and started using casual language to me I bought you some Hospital clothes but how is this one isn't that a little too cute for me you are cute sakuna so I don't think it's a problem well I would feel a little shy about.

Wearing it but since you got it for me I guess I should okay I will wear it I'm clumsy and I can't kill fruit very well so I brought some canned fruits but the bananas aren't canned I could peel bananas very well heal people right all right okay open your mouth uh okay it's yummy.

I'm glad I prefer yellow peaches but how about you I think I prefer the same I'm glad we like the same thing when I saw her the first time I thought this but she is really beautiful and cute I think you're good at handling wheelchairs.

The nurses taught me how to handle wheelchairs thank you for doing that for me you're welcome please call me the master of wheelchairs she always supported me and made me feel happy and comforted she was my source of Hope in the darkness of my memory loss.

I could continue to look forward to each day because she was here and after I was discharged from the hospital I went to a restaurant to celebrate my discharge with Miss mizuhina congratulations on being discharged it's someone wonderful thank you because you helped me.

But my courage I'd ask her something that had been on my mind for a while you know when I check my phone there was hardly any record of us talking to each other or exchanging messages there are also no pictures of us together either in my phone or my house does that mean.

Did he realize that we weren't actually going out was I such a cold guy to not even call or message my girlfriend and not even let her take photos together well that's not it we started going out only three days before you had your accident that's why there weren't many.

Phone calls exchanged or messages on your phone all of these lies piling on top of each other this feels guilty but there is something left that I have to do oh I'm so glad that I wasn't such a cold-hearted guy hearted.

This is planning out how to regain your memory from the evil spirit of memory loss evil spirit yes the God who took over your memory in this notebook there are many details regarding memory loss and the things that may be useful in regaining one's memory.

There were many pages written in The Notebook The Notebook was filled with her kindness wishing for me to regain my memory thank you you're so very kind to do so much for me really I'm your girlfriend so it's only natural.

That I do that please continue to rely on me at least until you cut your memory back when this memory comes back well even if his memory doesn't come back I want to be able to repay all the help he has given me on our day off we went to the stores which were written in her notebook these were places where I had gone.

Before I lost my memory they could help me remember my past so we decided to give this strategy a try I guess I liked comic books that you came to the store to work often that you said you liked and it's about a twin sister who makes.

It big in the media world after her sister became popular do you remember no not at all I see then I will introduce you to the comic books I like isn't this a little off track from our strategy I thought we were trying to get my memory back well but I want to know what kind of comics you like so I guess it's.

All right you said that you like cheese a lot and too often came to this store it's true that even after I've lost my memory still feel that cheese tastes great oh this Cheesesteak is so yummy it melts in your mouth and there's so much cheese on top of this juicy stick.

But my memory hasn't come back I see but let's enjoy the food today um I couldn't remember anything in particular today well we don't have to rush let's take it slow that's right we were walking on the crosswalk leisurely car that had ignored the traffic lights came straight at us but I took her hand.

And we avoided the crash just in time mizuhina are you all right yes thanks to you I'm all right are you okay I'm all right but I feel like I've had the situation before I had a flashback of the accident that I was in a few months ago.

And in a similar situation this worked as a trigger and all my memories started coming back my memory is back I remember yes I remember oh great that is really wonderful yes I remember you as well we joined the company in the same year and you sit next to me in the office and you were.

Not my girlfriend uh mizuhina where are you going mizuhina ran away a great speed I was worried about leaving her alone and I ran after her but she was so fast that I could not catch up with her I ran and ran after her when I finally caught up with her why are we on a boat.

So I could escape from the country what Sakura I am sorry that I lied to you that I was your girlfriend I had decided that I would apologize to you when your memory came back how that I should apologize I was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt so the only thing left for me to do is to escape this country wait calm down.

You had your reason for lying to me right why do you think so because you saved me I was filled with anxiety because of my memory loss but you supported me so I didn't lose hope and I could continue with my life until now I don't think that such a kind person would lie to me without any reason.

Sakuna I'm glad that he was able to help you the reason why I lied that I was your girlfriend was because I thought that way he would be having easier time asking for help you are the kind of person who tries to do everything on your own so I thought that you would hesitate to ask for help from just your colleague.

But you said that as a family member would be someone you could ask for help so I thought that as a girlfriend would be someone else close enough so that you wouldn't hesitate seeking help that is something you did all for me you were doing that in order to help me you don't need to apologize your lie helped me you supported me.

Mentally so but I had a thought what did you think if you didn't get your memory back then I could continue to be your girlfriend because I like you so much I gotta tell thinking that for a moment I am the worst you are struggling because you lost your memory and I thought I wanted to continue being your girlfriend if I.

Continue to be your girlfriend it means that your memory has not come back so it's not something I should have allowed myself to think about I can't forgive myself for this mizuna but I forgive you why because even if you had really wished.

That my memory wouldn't come back then you would never have helped me to get my memory back but you did a lot of research and thought about my condition and made a notebook for me so that I could get my memory back you prioritized me over your wish so you shouldn't say that you're the worst I.

Think you're the most kind person I know so you shouldn't say such a thing it doesn't suit you at all thank you you exaggerate but thank you yeah and you want to continue to be my girlfriend right well if you put it like that it's a.

Little embarrassing without it if so please let me Grant your wish I also like you very much you're so honest and kind and I was attracted to you for those reasons so I want you to continue to be my girlfriend.

Please let me continue to be your girlfriend then Sakura I like you so much this is how we became real lovers but we had a major problem facing us that was if we stay here we'll end up out of the country right that's right we need to ask the staff if they could turn this boat around I hope.

They'll do that for us I'm not sure but let's do that yes after that we asked the crew to let us return and they granted our request and we went around all the people who were inconvenienced by us oh man I think I've apologized enough for the rest of my life I am so sorry it's because I thought about escaping out of the.

Country that I had to make you apologize so much you take such extreme actions well I think that's one of your attractive points promise me never run away from me again always be with you if I lose my memory again.

I'm sure I will fall in love with her again our love will not lose against any kind of fate our other videos as well