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[Manga Dub] I lost my wallet during a business trip and I was broke… [RomCom]


I'm takumar Yoshida a Company employee headed to the countryside on a business trip this bag contains important documents that I cannot afford to lose business trips require working in a different environment than usual in other words away I'll come into work the day before and work in the best condition it was supposed to be a.

Perfect start with all the preparations done alright I arrived safely all I have to do now is head to the hotel I reserved I plan to use my cell phone to navigate the way but huh my cell phone's gone but if I have money I should be fine I can't believe I lost both my cell phone.

And my wallet I was too focused on protecting the documents what should I do now um are you okay yes when I looked up a beautiful woman was standing there it was a calm and kind aura and even though it was my first time meeting her.

I felt at ease no because you don't look so good oh no no it's not like I'm sick then what's wrong the thing is swept away with the flow I ended up revealing everything to her well that's what happened you lost your phone and wallets yes I'm completely broke at the moment.

What am I doing troubling her with a stranger's problem if that's the case then why don't you come to my house what my apartment is nearby and don't worry I live alone no no a total stranger shouldn't go to a woman's house especially if she lives alone but you don't have any money right are you planning on sleeping Outdoors.

It's warm right now so I'm totally fine with sleeping Outdoors are you sure it's a little unsafe around here after midnight you know that's right if my bag gets stolen while I'm sleeping I would lose everything all right thank you for your help but please prepare security goods for when I run out of control then you'll be safe.

You're so funny and that's how I ended up going to the apartment of a passing Beauty my kawaguchi despite her calm manner she seems to be younger than me you can just casually call me my okay then uh my son you need to be so formal I'm sorry this is all that I have.

No this is more than enough thank you very much a Beauty's home-cooked meal is better than a local specialty I was the one who unexpectedly got a chance to enjoy a delicious local meal how about calling the station tomorrow about the Lost items yes that's the plan I hope you find it well I have the documents at hand so I'm.

Glad I at least don't need to worry about getting fired yoshida's son you can go next uh it's okay you came here on your way home from work right it would be best to wash up properly right it would be rude to stay sweaty in a woman's room of course there's no way I could stay in.

A stranger's bathroom for too long hmm done already I'm the type to just take a shower so uh I was afraid I I think of something else if I stay too long is that so oh feel free to sleep here tonight huh isn't this where you sleep you can have.

The bed today oh no I I couldn't I'm fine with the sofa if anything eve even the floor is okay don't be silly you are my best if I use the bed then where will you sleep I will sleep on the sofa it's a perfect size for me but I'd feel bad then shall we sleep together after a long debate in.

The end it turned out like this my son is pretty stubborn I can hear her breathing how could she fall asleep so easily it's not like I want her to be aware and uncomfortable uh but fortunately I fell asleep soon after most likely due to exhaustion from working.

The next morning yes huh really yes I'll come pick it up right away thank goodness I'm glad they found it yes it seems that both the cell phone and the wallet are safe I was able to retrieve my lost items in one piece witnessing the kindness of the locals.

Who returns the Lost item intact I was able to head to my business destination in good spirits my name is takuma Yoshida I'm pleased to meet you thanks to that the first day of the business trip was well received I have to thank my son now that I got my wallet back I had no reason to stay at.

My son's Place anymore I'm a bit sad but I don't want to be a burden at least I can say it was a good memory of my trip yoshida-san welcome back huh my son your clothes I was bewildered by her gorgeous appearance which was different from her usual docile appearance I'm sorry I have to go to work today.

Work I work at a bar in front of the station you my aunt runs it I'm like a helper of sorts is that so I'm shocked I'll be away until morning so feel free to use my house I've got my wallet back already so I don't want to trouble you any further a company close to my house.

Why not commute from there since it's easier no I I I couldn't I gotta go then yoshida-san please keep an eye on the house my son ah she's gone how could she leave me a guy she hardly knows alone in her house maybe most of the people here are easy going.

I guess I'll put the cake I bought us thanks in the refrigerator for the time being to repay her trust I did nothing unnecessary and went straight to bed is it morning something smells good oh Yoshida son are you awake my son yes it's my son breakfast will be ready.

Soon why aren't you using the bed you could have just used it using the bed without the owner felt wrong man I give up I'll take up your offer and rent your apartment until my business trip is over I told you I don't mind my son did you just get back home from work huh isn't it obvious.

Your makeup seems softer than the last time I saw you sorry I don't have makeup on right now this pretty even without makeup excuse me for yawning I just finished working the night shift no I should be sorry making me a meal after you just finished working it's fine I made it because I wanted to.

Then I'll be heading off to bed please leave your dishes in the sink when you're done eating yes thank you in return I bought you a cake yesterday it's in the fridge so you're welcome to try it you bought this for me thank you I'm so indebted to my son newlywed life with my son would probably.

Be like this huh ah what am I thinking after this business trip everything will be open place my son and I aren't even dating that defenseless my song we're talking about I don't want to hurt her with my strange misunderstanding it's best to leave it as a good memory putting that aside my son should be a.

Little more cautious though I was saved thanks to her nature Yoshida Kun can I have a word with you yes how can I help you would you like to go out for a drink after work today ah yes I don't really like drinking parties like these but it's a great opportunity.

Uh I'd love to go should I let my son know that I'll be late today I'm glad I asked for her contact information just in case oh who are you texting no one please don't mind me really are you sure you're not having.

Fun playing around on your business trip no way do I look like that kind of person it's tough because I can't say he's wrong if you say so see you soon here this is my go-to place oh here you sound like you've been here before.

You a lover of alcohol no I've been here once before on a business trip it's all a senior on the business trip took me here is that so Shucks and here I wanted to surprise you well at least we won't need to worry about you feeling nervous since it's a familiar Place.

Nervous all right if I remember correctly this shop is the type of place where girls would drink with you the place seems chill so everything should be fine welcome oh yoshida-san my son oh so this is the business that you needed to attend to.

This is the bar my son works at cocoon are playing around huh no this isn't we are living together right now my son wow that's something I thought you were a serious person revealing yourself already huh don't judge a book by its cover as they say.

Must think you are very popular now huh who do you think is to blame my bad you're so innocent I can't complain even so it was surprising to find that you worked here I get that a lot from my friends as I said before I didn't start my own initiative I was introduced by my aunt.

See the lady over there by the corner that's my aunt she does look a bit like you I used to be more withdrawn when I was about to graduate from college my aunt was worried about me and invited me to work here I wanted to change too so I accepted I see but you don't seem gloomy at all now.

I just got used to it when I first started working it was tough I couldn't even say anything to any of the customers I was told not to make a mistake so all I really did was just sit there you know were there times the customer got angry yes there were I even got caught up with a drunk.

Customer who was dissatisfied with my attitude he held me roughly by my shoulders saying that I'll get used to it like this this place is not that kind of bar though huh I'm pretty sure I remember seeing such an annoying customer at that time all I could ever do was Shiver in fear that another customer saved me.

Please get your hands off of her can't you see she's troubled who the hell are you killing the vibe you're the one killing the vibe this is meant to be a place where everyone can enjoy themselves while drinking but everyone's unhappy because of you damn you're damping the mood I'm leaving.

So Yoshida at the time was so cool I have never forgotten about you then it wasn't your first time meeting me at the station yes I knew you were the person from the time oh so that's why she's been so kind to me here we're returning to Tokyo soon right.

Yes I'll be gone the day after tomorrow then the next time we'll be able to meet will be in two years the business trips here aren't guaranteed so it could be never right this may be my last time with my son the business trip and my life here will soon be over it can't be helped though I'm.

Here for work after all so she remembers me so what maybe she likes me no I'm thinking too much into it son yoshida's son it's morning huh my son yes it's me my at this rate she'll be late I'm sorry for making you wake me up repeatedly this lifestyle sure is like a dream please do your best at work today as.

Well yes if I have your breakfast my job will be a breeze my son uh can you leave me some time open today or tomorrow it's the end of my business trip and I'd like to thank you for everything we do always end up missing each other because of our schedule I'm off duty.

Tomorrow so we should be able to meet at night thank you yoshida-san thank you for the meal I've wanted to go there for a long time but it's quite expensive oh no no I was in your care while I was here then we're even now yeah this is where we met again huh.

To me it felt like it was our first time meeting huh it was quite the incident for me but you forgot about it at that time I just remember being terrified because I didn't know what the drunk might do that's all I remember I feel it would be a waste.

That's why I want to continue living with you my son Yoshida son my son I invited you here today because I have something I want to tell you please go out with me it seems like I need this life with you for me it was a bold confession but I knew if I didn't say it here I.

Would definitely regret it later Yoshi just saw in it that's actually what I hoped for my son then I'm so happy you feel that way huh my tears I thought I would never be able to see you again after that incident so I'm glad we were able to meet again and even got the confession from you.

I'm happy to hear that too it feels a little different this way I have no clue I would pretend to be asleep and sneak up on you then you were appealing to me even while I was asleep and so the day came for me to return to Tokyo.

My son will be apart for a while but I wish I could have just stuck with you and tagged along my son and I have become lovers but we're both adults we both have work to do it'll be a long distance relationship for a while even after I returned to Tokyo I kept in touch with my son.

It looks like I'll be able to go there around next week then I'll be sure to keep that time open I can't wait for next week me too we haven't been able to see each other ever since we started dating oh I heard the stars of Tokyo look beautiful today show me the stars from your phone.

Alright hang on one second oh I can't do it from The Veranda please go to a place where you can see more of the sky and I'll go outside it's becoming romantic this is so not like me this must be the influence of dating my son.

How is this can you see it yes I can oh it must be because I stepped outside I feel like I can hear your voice clearly too and I can see you clearly as well what huh my son I'm here yeah are you surprised yeah for a moment I couldn't comprehend what's going on but I'm so happy to see.

You I have nowhere else to stay today so let me stay here of course it's like we switch places unlike me I'm sure you didn't lose any belongings I feel like I found an important lost item after spending the night together for the first time in a long time our desire to be together grew.

Stronger and soon we got married when I realized that I had dropped my cell phone and wallet I was depressed to the point that I hated my stupidity but now I'm grateful because thanks to those lost items I'm now able to be with the love of my life thank you for watching how was today's.

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