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[Manga Dub] I lost weight and suddenly became super popular, but screw those two-faced girls!


I'm exhausted my name is Kos sagawa I'm a 23-year-old office worker I'm 125 cm and a weigh 115 kg my BMI is 37.6 yes I'm fat how you doing searon oh Senpai and you a Horan what can I do you for plenty did you get the paperwork for Yuki company finish for me huh isn't that your job well I forgot I had a date plan with her Romi today.

I'm so sorry sakun here I bought you an onig gidy to eat wait you can't do this to me one on girl isn't going to make up for it see you Romy I can't believe you suggested T catsu we can't make him eat his family hey Senpai that's just cruel hey you guys damn it as you can see my colleagues first their work on me.

They don't even try to act sorry instead they make pig jokes in my face but I hate myself the most I should be throwing the tongkatsu Oni giri in their face and calling them out instead of eating it I'm so pathetic the thing is nobody forced me to eat until I became this fat I've been eating like crazy my whole life in.

Middle school I was just a big boy however obesity kicked him when I started Living by myself during University I weighed 90 kilos back then and after I started working I ate even more stress from work and being bullied led to overeating and now I'm over 100 kilos I know I shouldn't live like this I have to fix my life but I can't help.

It I can't stop eating the next day cafeteria hey the piggy is still pigging out oh my gosh all those carbs hero me sh he he doesn't realize zudan isn't soap and he probably thinks he's getting veggies from that kimchi B he's even starting to think like a pig all that fat stop aromi he's going to hear you I.

Heard you the moment you stepped into the room damn it can't they leave me in peace I'm eating seun how are you huh can I sit next to you oh sure uh legim masan I appreciate it the pretty woman's name is Chihiro leima she's 23 and we work together she has a gentle personality and is physically the complete opposite of me to tell you the.

Truth I think she needs to gain some weight waa legi M sitting with him again why would she want to sit with a pig it's unsanitary I don't get why Senai and his girlfriend can focus on each other but I have to admit they have a point everybody at the office calls me a pig nobody wants to talk to me except for.

Legim masan she's always kind to me as you can see she helps me when I'm alone and left out she's even willing to spend her lunch break with me is Skin and Bones maybe sea can donate some of his fat to her yeah help each other out those morons damn it seak oh uh yes are you enjoying your meal huh oh yeah great I'm.

Glad to hear that I can still hear the obnoxious couple in the background but none of it mattered anymore that's how much being around legima San gave me peace I'm full everything tastes better when legim masan eats with me still I wonder why legim masan is so nice to me I don't remember doing anything that she would feel indebted to me for hey have.

You heard eimas son's nickname huh they're people from our department people call her Hulk princess what no way why eim masan is the skinniest girl at the office I think it's because she's always with SE ban oh okay now I get it I think the name fits her she's so Bland and she's so.

Gloomy I guess she's the perfect match for seakan neither of them fit in here yeah you have to be kidding me leima son is a nickname now that's all because she's kind to me they could bad mouth me all they want but this is Beyond cruel what should I do oh a gym there's only one thing I can do legim masan is getting targeted because she hangs out.

With the fat guy I can solve the problem if I stop being the fat guy I have to lose weight um excuse me I want to become a member ah there thank you for choosing this I'll get the forms to fill out a year later it's been a year since I lost s s gosh I still remember the impact seeing.

Him for the first time had on me I thought he was a sumo wrestler thank you for waiting oh hi it's been a wa what who is that he's hot how have you been it's Kos sagawa what the heck I think that'll be all from me do you have any questions well yeah one thing are you really K seawa uh yes do you want to see my driver's.

License no it's okay you lost so much weight I did the best I could after joining the gym I spent the next year changing my lifestyle originally I was 115 kilos I lost 40 so now I'm 75 kilos all of my gym trainers were supportive they got me started on cardio exercises so I wouldn't damage my knees and they set up an effective diet for me I.

Gradually increased muscle workouts their thorough schedule guided me through a healthy weight loss journey I used to overeat from stress however exercising became my stress relief method that helped with losing weight with a strong mindset the thing is losing weight didn't mean my life was problem 3 well um SEO Glen yes do you.

Want to join me for dinner tonight oh uh I became incredibly popular with girls after losing weight I'm so sorry a bit busy tonight oh I understand can I have your contact information I gave you my email address that one is for work I meant your personal information I can't do that please that drained me I need a break SE.

You're back wow Senpai do you want coffee or do you prefer tea I need to ask you something about work can we talk in private hey hey can't you see he's exhausted don't bother him she's right Senpai let's enjoy a cup of tea together we can take a break that don't be ridiculous I need him purely for uh work advice leave me alone finally lunchtime.

Y yo sagawa oh Senpai I see you've been pretty full of yourself uh full of energy you're doing greater work as well my work performance hasn't changed you used to tell everybody I was useless just to put me down I think you deserve a reward I'm about to buy you a super large potion of BK fat soy sauce ramen no thank you I plan to eat at the.

Cafeteria what oh come on you used to eat so well I'm worried about you thanks but I prefer quality over quantity now excuse me wait aawa it's obvious he wants me to fall off the wagon seawa gun why don't we sit together today I've always wanted to talk to you I can't I'm meeting with somebody what not again you're always.

Eating with her hi there leiman oh hi nice to see you seala son well uh shall we eat a year has passed since I was the office Pig legima son used to come over to me but now I was the one who joined her at the table otherwise our relationship hasn't changed one bit.

I wanted to become better looking to prevent bringing legima San's reputation down but internally I haven't changed at all on top of that legima son doesn't seem to enjoy eating with me as much as before did she like me better when I was overweight or wait maybe she used to stay with me to boost her self-esteem by seeing my fat body you idiot you know.

How kind she is she would never have rotten motives come to think of it I never did figure out why she was nice to me when I was fat it's still a mystery sea son huh do you want to eat out tomorrow with me huh the next day lunch are resu Diner yes the food here is delicious I.

See I thought she would choose a more fancy cafe or something I wasn't expecting this here are your arisu lunch sents wow this looks great that's a lot of food oh I'm sorry I forgot you were on a diet no it's okay really this will be my cheat day let's eat oh wow really I'm glad you like it.

This is so good I've had such a restricted diet this past year forgot how amazing real food tastes I'm relieved huh I love watching you eat your meals sick alisan oh her smile I hadn't seen it in a while um can I ask you something legim masan you've been so kind to to me even when I was called the office Pig oh why did you sit with me.

When I was a loner I've always wanted to ask you I felt saved when I was with you seoa son uh wait what when I was younger I loved to eat but then I hit University and with all the stress I couldn't eat like I used to people mocked me for my appearance after I started working that didn't help the situation she he's the exact opposite of me one.

Day I saw you eating in the cafeteria you were enjoying your meal and it made me feel better for some reason I felt relieved oh I had no idea I know you worked so hard to lose weight I'm sorry for asking you out to eat lunch with me it's just Sean you don't seem to enjoy your meals like you used to until a year ago well I think you're right um I need.

To tell you something you're the one who saved me huh I started eating the blowoff stress from work it was like an immediate reflex the only time I enjoyed eating was when I ate with you oh I didn't know I had that effect on you yes but I realized I didn't want you to get hurt by being around me that's why I decided to lose weight what that's why.

You lost weight I'm so sorry you went through so much because of me hey I don't want you to feel sorry for anything oh okay well thank you yeah uh no problem I guess the food was amazing I'm surprised you finished all of it me too you know my stomach is about to bust um do you want to join me at the gym only if you want to oh but I'm I don't.

Have much fat on my body you're skinny but you could improve your health by building muscle my trainer taught me that exercise is crucial if you want to enjoy eating every day once you regain your strength your appetite might come back that would be nice okay I'll do it I was glad that liim masan joined me on her journey our healthy life we trained.

Hard so we could enjoy eating food together we chose our meals based on nutrients and would enjoy cheat days together we worked out harder after our cheat day to burn off all the calories I could feel our growing stronger as we spend time together working towards the same goal 6 months into our training we were running through a park one Sunday.

What you want to break up with me haromi you told me to come out so you can end things with me why well Senpai you can't do anything right and you've gained some weight huh SEO wakun is much more attractive than you now what the cigar will have to do with our relationship but please don't leave me me don't be so pathetic the.

Decision is final I'm going to date segawa son oh Senpai what's going on huh huh oh my gosh seawa seawa why are you such a pretty woman oh uh this is shiroan oh wait uh I me you don't recognize me no no way igima son is a boring nobody you can't be her I saw her a year.

Ago she looked nothing like you uh well um she started exercising with me she has a better build now so healthy doesn't she thank you um what are you two doing together we're jogging we're planning to grab breakfast together you're on a date uh I guess I've heard some couples enjoy jogging together.

Hey what the hell this is insane what did this happen we should get going see you at the office have a nice day you too wait what they called each other by their first names does that mean they're going out jeez Co you didn't have to say it was a date oh my bad help forgive you if you buy me dessert after lunch okay okay are.

You counting calories of course I am I am much fitter now I can eat a cake since my muscles will burn it all off I'm not settling for the skinny model figure I'm aiming for a healthy body that can eat anything she has a strong energy Vibe now that she's working out maybe this is her natural character oh I know we decided what to eat today what.

Do you want next week next week don't tell you forgot your birthday Chiran oh H maybe I should have planned something that surprised you no I get to enjoy eating with you on my birthday I don't want anything else good I reserved a table at that restaurant you said you wanted to go to oh did you hear us son.

Um okay I'm looking forward to it eating at a restaurant with your hero son gosh it's like a dream come true um did I make you wait long kosun no you're right on W hi I'm here Josan you're all dressed up you're beautiful huh ignore what I said no no don't run from this you'd have to tell.

Her how you feel Jiro son you look amazing a real life Princess oh thank you kosun I uh tried my best to look good for you um yes kosun you worked hard to lose weight for me huh well yes I figured this is the least I can do to show you I care I asked my mother and some friends for their advice you did.

That means a lot um K could I oh uh h you're so silly Jiran we were having a moment what are you talking about people across the street probably heard your stomach growling you're probably right how about.

We talk later thank you we have plenty of time to get back to this after we eat we enjoyed a luxurious meal at the restaurant after that I officially asked she her aan out she said yes a week later we announced our relationship to everybody body at the office to avoid getting messed with further the whole place was buzzing that day all my.

Colleagues talked about our relationship and how beautiful chiro Sona become oh as for my S byer's girlfriend they were sent to a branch office far away because of their poor business performance the thing is it didn't make me happy to see them suffer you suggested going to a gym to Senpai and H son uh yeah um aren't they.

Your biggest enemy they were relentless on you yes but I've heard that people who lash out at others are the ones who need the help with their emotional needs even if they start working out building muscles won't fix a broken personality I think they're way past saving you never know right I figured it was worth a try and it's always better.

To be kind why did you go out of your way your kindness changed me chosan oh I guess you're right I I'm a different person now because you reached out to me thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.