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[Manga Dub] I met offline with the guys I met in a game… [RomCom]


All right how about some karaoke huh I'm in high school that is the time of life when one hangs out with their friends eats their lunch on the school rooftops and finds a cute girlfriend it's the dream life of any ordinary mid-schooler but in reality one realizes that it's exactly that a dream the only ones who get to live those kinds of.

Lives are the extroverted types with high social skills plus the school rooftops are off limits to students anyway unlike in most anime and manga I've long since accepted it though all I have left are my video games right now my favorite is an online game set in a fantasy world I started playing it when I was in Middle School so I'm quite the.

Old timer now I have to get home my online friends are waiting for me so I guess it was too deep in thought I couldn't react in time to the silhouette coming up around the corner I collided with her pretty hard sorry are you all right watch where you're going for God's sake uh completely hurt I might even be injured.

I mean um calm down fabuki it was kind of your fault too yeah right you didn't manage to get out of the way either you shouldn't blame everything on the other guy why are you siding with a boy oh we're not siding with anyone we're just telling you what we think I'm sorry she can be a little difficult she tends to snap at everything she doesn't like.

Oh no her it's fine it's true I wasn't really watching where I was going a wise man knows to him when he's wrong but this time the blame is on both of you don't worry about it wow she acts kind of cool like a guy almost but I guess she's a girl though she's wearing a skirt let's start over I'm Riku hozuki and I'm a sophomore and speaking of.

Sophomore this is hey what's up I'm Asahi tendo nice to meet you um nice to meet you too and finally the girl you just bumped into earlier is hmm fabuki asakura as I said she can be difficult at times and throws tantrums like a kid but at heart she's a good child be nice to her alright.

Riku Asahi and fubuki that's weird hey Rico stop saying things like that you're embarrassing me what I'm just telling it like it is you're not stop making stuff up how rude I never lie if I can help it like you're making me sound like I'm a child who can't even control her emotions she just skipped the part about.

How she's a good kid huh quit it all ready for bookie why should I can I go home now oh and by the way uh-huh what's that you're probably a sophomore too right why are you acting so nervous oh um I'm not really used to talking to people be friends the people even if it's probably true I.

Know you're being kind of rude too right for Boogie huh what I say maybe she's more of an airhead than I thought sometime after that I managed to get away they seemed like pretty quirky girls but unless I'm putting the same class as them next year I'll probably never see them again loner that I am at school I feel way more at home when I'm.

Playing video games hey you're here at least show his name is Riku his character is a warrior my character is a wizard built for offense for God's sake you're late again can't you come online a bit earlier his name is fubuki he's a bit arrogant and aggressive but for some reason his character is a health regeneration support type wizard if you.

Ask me he'd be much more suited to being a warrior well never mind about that it's not like he's missed anything yet his name is awesome he's a social energetic kind of guy you can always rely on him to brighten the mood his character is an Archer and he provides long-range support from behind.

The front lines I joined their group three years ago when they invited me to play with them so you could say that I've known them much longer and better than my classmates at school I really feel like I belong but there are a few problems die die die.

You can run but you can't hide whenever we go into battle two certain individuals become downright terrifying with bloodlust I definitely wouldn't want to meet them in real life when they're like that do they sound so happy to start things like they need our help at all oh do they.

It's gotten to the point that two of them alone could defeat any monster guess it's only natural since I'm with them sounds so smug again I hardly even notice it anymore though he's always like this although the three are pretty quirky like this online they're probably introverts at their schools too that.

Must be why they're online so much if it were these three maybe we could even be friends in real life too maybe I should invite them to meet with me for real but by the way what do you do at your schools instead of asking them outright I decided to slowly lead them into the topic why do you ask I mean we've never really talked about it before so I was.

Just wondering well I guess that's true but there's not much to talk about is there we just sit around chatting is all huh yeah me too same there's not much else to be do anyway right whoa what's wrong show um it's nothing forget I said anything but he doesn't have any friends in real.

Life am I right looks like you hit the spot you're in for it now for Boogie oh what I was just kidding around I thought he really didn't have no friends sorry you're not making it any better by apologizing like that though hey you're always saying to me at school read the room and to soften your words.

Right well now look who's talking but but I was just joking I didn't really think he'd hold on it's cool you mean you two go to the same school oops maybe it's time we told him we've known each other for three years now after all the way you're talking does that mean that's right I also go to the same school as fabuki and Asahi we've been together.

Since middle school what are you serious why didn't you tell me we just didn't want you to feel left out just because you go to a different School than us that's all I'm sorry if it took so long to tell you I I guess it all adds up now after all you guys already knew each other when I first joined the group I guess it's not.

That weird that you guys go to the same school too still there's nothing to get upset about is there I mean no one cares what school you go to in the game I guess you're right it's just I was just hoping we'd get a chance to meet each other offline you know but I guess that's kind of pointless seeing as you guys see each.

Other all the time huh did you say something fubuki anyway I don't mind maybe we should do it I think so too come on fubuki let's do it good guys do you even understand what that means we're going to be meeting face to face Kabuki calm down for a second you're.

Slipping I'm fine matey maybe what is he so about the offline meeting are we all in agreement if our houses are relatively close by we could meet this weekend or something if not how about somewhere during summer vacation I'm in Shell what about you I'm in two if everyone agrees that it is.

Fine I guess if show really wants to your voice is sounding kind of weird fubuki are you all right hi finally leave me alone already geez what did I say well don't worry too much about it I'm looking forward to seeing each other at last same here huh afterwards when we compared each other's addresses we realized that not.

Only did we live in the same prefecture but the same city as well and so it was decided that we'd meet the very next weekend but I was still worried I told them I was an introvert already but was that explanation enough I never thought they'd have friends like normal people if they turn out to be extroverts I might not be able to play in the same.

Group again amidst such worries Saturday finally arrived we said we'd meet by this Fountain but maybe they still haven't arrived could it be so is that you yeah that's me are you wait a minute you've got to be kidding me knew it you are so aren't you nice to meet you but we've already met before.

Haven't we I never thought there could be such a coincidence but as you know already I'm Riku hi again you remember me I'm at here what are the chances am I right I'm Pookie you've got to be kidding me there Riku Asahi and fubuki I mean their names do match but I thought they were supposed to be guys and the way they act is.

Totally different too wait a minute though except for the gender difference Riku and fubuki are kind of the same online or in real life I guess but fubuki it can't be her you look pretty stunned well that's no surprise sorry again for the deception we changed genders online so we wouldn't get hit on as much I guess I can.

Understand that but what about fubuki about her I mean is that aloof it all just a rose to stop anyone from messing with me well that pretty much sums it up I see is fubuki all right she's acting really strangely the others don't seem too worried about it though.

Anyway let's go to the cafe shop already uh Nintendo what are you doing you can call me Asahi darling what are you why are you hugging him let go of him already oh why not he doesn't seem to dislike it by any means that's not the point adolescent girls shouldn't talk guys like that come on you just want to hug him.

Yourself don't you what are you talking about come on fubuki you promised yourself you tell him when you met him didn't you but it's all so sudden you better hurry or us he might actually beat you to it what's going um the thing is there is something I've always wanted to tell you show.

Um okay so what is it it was wait a second isn't the guy I bumped into in the corridor the other day you're realizing that right now we've already had that conversation a long time ago I was so nervous I couldn't even look at his face until now it's over it's all over huh what do you mean.

It's all over I'm guessing she only realized the magnitude of the blunder she caused back then maybe you should apologize first before you start looking gloomy but he might already think for me that's too late don't worry she's really kind you know that better than anyone sure I guess.

Um show what is it I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the other day really like boys so I just instinctively acted really cool to you you don't like boys how is it you couldn't tell someone right when you're in the middle of a making a like you know a heartfelt apology huh it heard too painfully.

Honest for bookie you do know that show is a boy too right oh no that's not what I meant I didn't mean you you're different I'm different what do you mean right off topic so do you remember habuki was a bit cold tea when we bumped into her in the hallway the other day she tried to apologize for it can you please forgive her oh I mean I wasn't.

Even angry in the first place so there's nothing to forgive really but sure you really mean that wow she's so cute sure I do after all I did bump into you so don't worry about it you hear that he really is kind just as I thought yes yes we know just say what you're going to say already that's right poor show hasn't been able to keep up.

With your wild mood swings get on with it I want to go into the cafe and have a drink for God's sake oh I don't do it so yes I really like you he 'd been nice to me ever since we started playing together and you take such good care of me so will you please go out with me uh are you sure you want to go.

Out with someone like me you're the one that I want um but I think it's so cute that you're so flustered from a sudden confession but she really does like you a lot being a bit weird at times and she doesn't like boys as a whole but it seems she's really fallen for you from.

All those years playing games together she really isn't saying it as a sort of joke so please who you think about it plus she's really cute if you haven't noticed do you really want me I'm just an introverted loser at school I don't care he won't be alone if you're with me so he won't think of you as such a lonely loser I guess you have a point.

But but you're so pretty you must be popular with the guys if you think I'm so pretty then you go out with me it's true some guys have tried to ask me out but I've always refused them I've always liked you okay then let's go out together to tell the truth I was still pretty confused we'd only met each other a second ago.

But I was struck by how fubiki was trying so hard to get me to go out with her that's why I decided to go out with her after that the four of us went to a cafe and it was really cute how fubuki refused to leave my side from the way Riku and Asahi were smiling at us so affectionately they were probably even.

More close to each other than I thought to clarify apparently Asahi had only hugged me that time to encourage fubuki into confessing her feelings to me and so we lived happily ever after laughs thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.