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[Manga Dub] I met up with a gamer friend who I thought was a boy, but… [RomCom]


Katari the teacher gave me this paper for school counsel to look through it when I was reading during my break my classmate tsukio shiraishi handed me a printout we both work in the library committee but she's very cool and doesn't like dealing with men this is all very well known but she's so.

Beautiful she could be on TV on top of that she's very studious and popular among everyone thanks you already looked through it yeah of course that's all as you can see she's not exactly social at first I thought maybe we could get along considering we were in the same committee but that wasn't the case if.

Anything she was avoiding me damn it I failed the quest when I got home I was playing an online game that was called Monster Hunt Sim I was doing a solo Quest but I ran out of time right before I finished and let the monster Get Away by the way my character name is San moon has logged in ah there's Moon.

I met him when they started the game but he's one of my best friends including real life friends he's not great at games but he's super chill and it's fun Moon you took too long sorry I was at Grand school you're always on when I log in did you actually live in this game no I go to school every day too.

Uh-huh what's that look I'm serious yeah yeah okay you don't believe me at all do you whatever let's go on a hunt hey don't ignore me oh come on I have to finish my homework so I can't stay on too long I already finished my homework.

Why do you look so crowd you don't have any extracurriculars so it would be pretty bad for you not to be done by now whatever you say you haven't finished your homework and you're logged in I finished it and logged in I win uh kids.

You're the same age as me I always thought this but you're totally a middle schooler aren't you you act so immature aha you sure you can talk like that what if you say that I'm not gonna go on hunts with you that would suck if I don't have you I.

Have no friends who will play with me this is where I couldn't get mad at Moon he's normally so annoying but if I push him away a little bit he acts like a little puppy he's using a young boy Avatar so it makes the whole character even more fitting even though I know it's a man using the character it still makes my heart skip a.

Beat sometimes I'm joking I don't have any friends to play with other than you either really yeah let's go haunt yeah thanks girl we went on two hunts after that and then Moon logged out I logged out too a few days later yes I got the key.

Holder from the lotto this is a key holder of a monster that comes out in Monster Hunt Sim it's a limited edition toy that you can get through a lotto I'd been waiting for this day for a long time man it's so cute I was so happy that I finally had the keychain that I brought it to school.

It was limited edition so it wasn't cheap and I didn't get bored of looking at it oh huh is that Monster Hunt slime limited edition keychain yeah wow how did you get that they only gave out like a hundred of those how do you.

Know that do you play Monster Hunt Sim 2 you're not one to play um you play mod hunt oh no she totally does oh sorry my mistake oh yeah I don't play games so don't make any mistakes if you tell anyone I'm.

Gonna be pissed don't worry I won't tell anyone I don't know if it's because I promised but she seemed relieved and headed back to her seat as if nothing happened that night oh you said that you've won the Monster Hunt keychain from that event right yeah why one of my classmates actually.

Won one he's in the library committee with me only 100 people want it but man talk about a small world there were like over a million downloads so even if a few percent went for it it's still pretty rare I'm so jealous how come I didn't win so a girl is playing this game huh generally one committee consists of a.

Girl and a boy so I figured his friend must be a girl oh I mean yeah or what are girls not supposed to play games I didn't say that I was just surprised that's all at least you can talk about mod hunt at school that's funny pretending like I have friends oh yeah sorry.

I must have stepped on a grenade but if it's a person on your same committee should be able to talk to her right I mean she's nice and kind but but we haven't spoken much but you're in the same committee but I haven't spoken to miss shiraishi even though we're in the same committee I can't really talk about her.

Communication issues and shiraishi doesn't like men so she's avoiding me so we never talked at all the only time we do talk is when it's absolutely necessary what am I supposed to do talking to the opposite sex to someone who's socially awkward is impossible I mean I get it I don't know what to talk about with.

Them honestly I don't know what to talk about with anyone at school what you do during your lunch breaks I'm usually just reading in the corner of the room me too I knew we got along but I didn't realize that we were so similar.

Uh I wish you were my classmate then we could talk to each other forever that's true if it were you I'd probably be able to talk to you regularly ah I got it how about we meet up offline sometime offline yeah it's scary to meet other people but with you I've hung out for over two.

Years and we get along so I want to meet you maybe we can conquer our communication issues oh but if we're far away you know we're high school so it's not like we can go far but didn't you say you live in Tokyo like me.

I did that's true yeah so I think distance wise is fine but if you don't wanna we don't have to okay I wanted to meet you once too let's try meeting up somewhere perfect let's decide on a time and place yeah I think I'll surprise you huh what did you say oh nothing so what's a good time for you.

I felt a little weird but he didn't want me to ask so I pretended not to notice we decided on the time and place but we actually ended up living relatively close a few days later I'm so nervous it was the day of the Meetup I could feel my heart beating faster.

I don't have any real friends even though we meet every day on the game still nerve-wracking moons that he's already here a hat and black denim ah there he is um are you Moon oh yeah wait katori song.

Your moon what is this coincidence it's impossible I know right I didn't expect you to be Moon of all people but now it all makes sense same age same city same committee even and the keychain conversation it's pretty darn rare but not impossible I knew you played monhunt I didn't.

Expect you to be Moon though I didn't expect you to be sun either I've never seen you talk so much at school both of us huh so what do you want to do we were supposed to go to a restaurant that was doing a collab with monhunt to get to know each other but we knew each.

Other already plus she was actively trying to avoid me so maybe it was better to call things off however um even if we leave it would be pretty awkward at school let's just continue are you sure I mean if we leave though it'll be weird in the game too I only have Sun so I.

Want to keep my only friend ah okay then let's continue yeah um let's go Miss shiraishi oh oh wait huh don't call me shirashi why how about Moon isn't that sweeter too so just call me tsukio.

I'll call you Yota too let's go with that well just remember school if we call each other by your last names if you're okay with it yeah I am I felt like I was even more nervous than before but she asked me to call her by her first name I wasn't dumb enough to turn her off or.

Down we moved to the restaurant but why are you sitting next to me she sat next to me she should sit across from me because I can see your screen better sitting next to you but we're paying after we eat why not move then I don't want to affect the playing.

Experience so I want to get used to this position or I can move over and shoot you in the back in game that's weird but my fingers won't work correctly too nervous I told you I'm not good at communicating I'm trying yeah she's definitely Moon.

This is how she talks in game too this is probably the real tsukio not the tsukio at school but you have so many friends at school they're not really friends friends are people you can really relax around like you're building a wall or something yeah you seem so different here than from.

School is that on purpose of course I don't want to show you my real self you too right you're nothing like you at school mine isn't on purpose though I'm just not good at talking to people so I'm probably able to talk to you because I feel like I'm talking to Moon I'm special I mean we've been friends.

For two years besides I thought you were a boy so I didn't think about it at all you're easy to talk to you too where did the cool tsukio go ah I don't think you should be shy I'm not shy will you feel alone a real one don't worry um I'm done.

Anyway does that mean you're okay with me I mean you've already know Moon so you know the real me so I don't need to fake it great I was worried you might try to distance me why would you say that you're actually an extra verb person to be an introvert.

Huh pretending that's rude if you have communication issues you're absolutely an introvert you should apologize to everyone with communication issues she's probably not wrong but I'm not an extrovert though you're definitely an extrovert how you say things to embarrass people.

Did I though and what do you have against them they always flirt with me as soon as they get the chance so they're my enemies this girl is totally moon this is hilarious anyway there are no guys who tried to flirt with you anymore right.

She's super popular but all of the athletic attractive Meg were turned down so no one was crazy enough to ask her out anymore of course I'm too cool for it so proud I feel like you should just be you at school too then you'll be even more popular.

No why I don't want to be popular everyone wants me to be the tsukio too I'm sure they won't like me if I'm just honest apparently she isn't confident in herself and is in her little shell to me she's such a beautiful girl I feel bad.

It's okay I think you're incredibly attractive normally really of course moon is funny and fun and kind so I think people will accept you and moon will definitely be a huge hit with all the boys and girls if anything I don't see why she wouldn't be a big.

Hit so if I ask you about you'll go out with me what why we were talking about you at school because you said you liked the real me so then go out with me wait you liked me I've liked son it was that one person who accepted me for me and you were.

Always kind at school so I want to go out with you she said something like this when we were in game too I don't remember being so kind at school we barely even spoke you were kind he always cared and never got mad when I was being cold ah so that made me kind huh so what's your answer.

Um of course you sure I mean I like Moon and I really do think that the real you is cute too hug then that's how we started going out because we started going out she started being real with herself and she wouldn't get off of me because of that the school was.

Thrown into a panic and people were so jealous of me but I didn't care because she was so cute by the way the reason she didn't have confidence was because when she was young people around her rejected her for her personality from now on I'm going to try to heal her wounds while working on my own communication issues.

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