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[Manga Dub] I met up with one of my oldest subscribers to my live streams… [RomCom]


I've been doing it for two hours already maybe I should end it here today thank you for watching everyone phew today's stream was fun too my channel has also grown so much that even if I suddenly went live an average of 500 people would tune in my name is tatsuyashimura and I'm a 20 year old college student and YouTuber I.

Started streaming under the name of shimotatsu as soon as I entered University and now two years later I've become a video game player with more than 10 000 subscribers oh mutsu sent me a message nice job streaming hey moots was always so thoughtful yep thanks for watching today as well if you're free why don't.

We play a game yeah sure I'm counting on you to carry me leave it to me then we played a game together for about an hour alrighty let's stop here thank you for hanging out with me yeah I had fun too that's good to hear.

Hey it's already been two years since we started talking huh huh what's with you all of a sudden yesterday I did a stream celebrating my second anniversary right it occurred to me that I've known you my oldest listener for two years true I was your first listener yeah there were many times I thought.

About quitting but you coming to see me encouraged me to keep going I'm really grateful you even played with me off stream is that so I'm glad to hear that I want to thank you why don't we meet up and get something to eat huh.

You mean like in real life yeah but if you have an issue with showing your face then I understand no I actually want to meet you too Ah that's great is there a place you want to go if not I'll randomly decide on a restaurant I think I'd rather play games at your house than go out to eat.

That's a good idea let's do that then mutsu's been supporting me through super chats too so I was thinking of treating them to an expensive Yakiniku but I guess they rather play games we schedule the time and date then ended the call two weeks later my apartment is quite difficult to find so we agreed to meet up at the station.

But it seems they haven't arrived yet I wonder if she's waiting for someone as well she's very boyish and pretty oh Tatsu we've played online many times but it's nice to finally meet you you were a girl uh-huh I had a feeling you thought I was a guy you talk like a guy so I just thought.

Yeah I pretended to be a guy online but I normally refer to myself as a girl why do you pretend to be a man online do you have chuni syndrome no well all I wanted to do was talk about games but what I say I'm a girl many people just want to meet up right away ah I can see how things like that can happen especially in VC.

Yeah also even if I say I'm a girl many don't believe me because I have a low voice so it's just easier to pretend to be a man ah that makes sense that's true no offense to mutsu but I can see why most people would be skeptical if she claimed to be a girl with that voice she can avoid any.

Unnecessary issues by pretending to be a man man I'm so insensitive I can't believe I didn't notice these two years are you disappointed that I'm a girl no way you're still my friend whether you're a man or a woman I'm glad and Tatsu has Tatsu after all.

What does that mean I just thought you're as sweet as ever in person flattery will get you nowhere I'm being real hey let's head to your apartment already huh wait a moment hmm what's up um why don't we have a meal instead of a game today there are many delicious.

Restaurants around here that I think you'll like oh what what I want to play a game at tatu's house I don't mind if your room is a little dirty you know uh no I cleaned it yesterday so I'm not worried about that then it shouldn't be a problem right yeah but I don't think my heart can.

Handle being alone with a gorgeous lady I just met even if it's just mutsu you said it doesn't matter if I'm a man or a woman earlier I can't argue with that hurry let's go or else we'll have less time to play games in the end I couldn't stop mutsu and we ended up going to my apartment oh it's really clean yeah since there.

Are also areas that can be seen on stream actually I did a major cleanup yesterday but I'll just keep my mouth shut there are many games here yeah it's my one and only hobby after all thank goodness more normally than I thought although this is our first meeting we've been.

Conversing for two years looking at it like this it really is a boy's room huh this is my first time in a boy's room oh okay so have you decided what you want to play yeah let's play this possible to ignore it so bad for my.

Heart then we both enjoyed playing games and you're good at every game huh well I'm pretty good with the ones I own at least oh I was so focused on the game that I almost forgot hold on a second I bought this just in case want some freaking Puffs huh did I ever mention my.

Love for cream puffs no I just remember you sometimes ate the convenience store cream puffs during our games so I figured you'd like them how how thoughtful of you you didn't realize I was a girl but you noticed things like this huh hey if you're gonna be like that I won't give you any cream.

Puffs sorry sorry let's eat aha is coffee all right yeah thanks it's delicious I'm glad we still have more so eat as much as you like uh I'll get fat so I oh she's so cute.

Let's continue playing play this okay what game would you like to play next hmm I'll decide after I finish eating we ended up playing games all night ah is this late already we played a lot of games are you.

Satisfied yeah not only did you give me sweets but you also made me dinner it was a lot of fun but there's still a few games I haven't been able to play yet so can I come over again sure no problem thanks then maybe you'll just stay over.

The night instead that's no good right we're not even dating I can't unless we're dating I mean it's only right right well then why don't we start dating ah me and you that it's a joke don't get so worked up oh a joke man you surprised me don't joke like.

That sorry sorry but I wasn't lying about having fun oh that's good to hear at least who says things like this so casually well then I'll be heading out now I'll walk you to the station thanks Tatsu oh wait think of it we still don't know each other's names.

Well that's usually how online relations go right yeah but since we've met in person I'll tell you my real name my name is mutsuki kikimura ah so mutsu is from mutsuki pretty simple hmm then what about Tatsu I'm Tatsu yashimoda yours isn't really.

Creative either shimotatsu your channel name is just a combination of your first and last name that's true mine is more plain huh yep I guess we could keep calling each other as we always have since it's not too far off from our real names that's right it might be better that way then we won't have to worry about.

Accidentally calling each other by our real names on stream that's clearly not true it's basically your first name anyway there's no need to change it come to think of it it is maybe we should refer to each other by last name huh why we just secrete it's fine a moment ago.

What I usually call Girls by their last names usually as in are a few if you call by first name huh mutsu you angry no so which girls are you in the first same basis with your college friends no since all my college friends are guys I believe the last time I called a Girl.

By her first name was in elementary school oh elementary school if that's the case then I'll let it slide just continue to call me mutsu all right I don't want to be acknowledged by last name since it feels distant really that's fine with me if that's what you want mutsu.

And I'll call you Tatsu as usual too huh we've arrived right it's late so be careful on your way home ah today was fun let's play again thereafter as promised mutsu visited my place on a regular basis and a month passed aside from college or stream time it seems like you're always here it's fine.

Isn't it we both live alone so if we take turns cooking it will make things a little easier for both of us well since we both can cook it's not like she sleeps over but it still feels like we're living together are you having strange thoughts nope not at all hmm I assumed you'd be thinking it feels.

Like we're dating or something can you stop reading my mind please oh you feel that way too you mean you feel the same uh dinner is ready or it gets cold since you worked hard to make it yeah so awkward I don't know what to do.

Hey yo why don't we play next Saturday sure I should be up around 10 p.m so hit me up whenever no we're not at home I thought it'd be nice to sign on a date sorry are you waited out no just surprised I'm actually happy good playing games at home is fine but I.

Figured it'd be nice to go out on a date once in a while huh wait is what we're doing right now considered a date as well huh is it not I had in mind that it was oh sorry you probably just saw it as hanging out with a good friend huh yeah but if you really think about it it also looks like it's a date you've made so.

Many home-cooked meals for me too I didn't think it was a date but I'm grateful that you cooked for me I like your cooking is that so okay then thanks let's plan our date for Saturday together then after that we both talked and decided on.

A schedule for the date Saturday I know we chose this together but this doesn't seem date like at all an electric appliance store on the first date is weird isn't it because I was doing some research and discovered that the sequel to the game you were playing on one of your past streams will be.

Released today I really enjoyed that stream so I wanted to get it so I could see you play it as expected of my very first fan I'm happy but let's buy it quickly and go to the cinema and Cafe alrighty then we watched a trendy anime movie and went to a fancy cafe the movie was interesting I didn't read.

The original book so I didn't think he would end up with that girl yeah I read it so I knew it but the animation's cool it was great right isn't the voice actress for the heroine your favorite oh you remembered well yeah you were talking about her when we were playing games remember.

You said you're watching this anime too Tatsu you don't appear to be paying attention but you seem to recall quite a bit huh yeah I get that sometimes do I really look like I'm not interested maybe it seems outweighed because we often talk while playing ah that makes sense that's not fair when I listened to you I.

Lose focus and become weak during games but you can listen and continue playing like it's nothing that's true I find that fun though conversely when you concentrate on the game you go silent Mini sorry sorry my cake is good too want it yes.

She looks and sounds cool but this part of her is so cute hey Tatsu I wonder if it looks like we're dating to the people around us I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if they did think that I see I never thought that I'd be dating in a place like this with you when we first started chatting.

I agree Tatsu remember your first dream yeah during the first stream no one came for about 30 minutes I was just talking to myself but I was getting more and more frustrated and just when I was about to stop you came you must have been at your.

Limit do you know why I saw your stream at that time huh I never bothered to ask there's no reason to watch someone with no viewers wasn't it just a coincidence I found you by chance but there's a reason that I clicked on you the title of your stream.

Um the title of that stream was I who failed in my college debut started playing Apex out of desperation right yep I don't know if you remember but I also failed starting off strong in college I remember you commented that you couldn't make any friends in college just like me oh you really remembered I.

Thought I found someone who could relate to me and clicked on that stream do you remember what you've replied to that comment um I don't remember it clearly I'm a Loner too but let's do our best together.

You said there's no point in feeling down saved by those of Arts your streams gave me the strength that I gradually became cheerful and made friends I'm very grateful to you I didn't know that and if you hadn't come at that time I might have stopped streaming so I'm also grateful to you.

I see we were helping each other out then hey Tatsu from now on I want to have a relationship where we can support each other more huh you mean yes please go out with me I know that I might not be girly enough for you but no not at all as I said before whether.

You're a man or a woman you are mutsu through and through Plus I think you're cute huh what about me though how you try to hold back from eating the cream puff or worrying about your low voice and how you Pat when things don't go well all right already I've heard enough really I still have plenty of reasons.

Left anyway I know a lot of cute and good points I like you too mutsu please go out with me yeah let's do our best together oh which better get you home soon or you'll be late for the Stream I plan to stream tonight but it's okay if I cancel it it won't do the listeners are looking.

Forward to it and I'm looking forward to it too from now on I'm sure we'll be able to grow while supporting one another video please check out our other videos as well