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[Manga Dub] I never thought of her that way, but my childhood friend is getting too close [RomCom]


This manga is hilarious my name is Shu nishijima I'm just a regular average junior in high school with normal grades and normal athletic abilities all right this one is so much funnier where this thing right here it's hilarious okay that is pretty funny this girl is my childhood friend fuka Nagi Shiro we've always been together since kindergarten.

We live next door to each other too and our parents get along well we've always been together naturally oh yeah it's almost my birthday soon what are you gonna give me this year I'm gonna leave a little Mark so that you don't forget is a great manga oh changing the subject we always hung out after school and during lunch we.

Were always together no matter when or where I just loved being with her because I felt so comfortable we had the perfect match of hobbies and interests so I considered her to be a best friend childhood friend and a partner hey your hair is a mess today don't move embarrassing huh sorry I was late waking up this morning well here I'll help you.

Out there you go the usual shoe child thanks you always help me out you guys always get along so well you're always together too I mean we're childhood friends that's how things go you two are dating right dang it nakiko you're just embarrassing us don't be so be so blunt I mean with how often you two are together you don't have to huh.

We're not dating of course not we're just childhood friends that's why it's normal for us to be together and it's comfortable we're not like that right fuka yeah I see that's how you see it did I say something wrong she's scaring me oh crap I gotta go get ready for next class see ya I knew it it seems like he.

Wouldn't catch on have you at least held his hand no what about a kiss you're in high school so I don't think it's insane for you to consider kissing him or you know going farther you're the weirdo I still I see I just wasn't being flirty enough I'm going to grow up this is going to be a problem just watch nagiko I'm going to make up understand.

I feel bad about this don't be causing me any problems okay the next day Fuca started acting weird whoa good morning what's up with your outfit you look great you notice I just changed my style a little bit for a change of pace I think it's great her skirt is so short I didn't know her legs were that beautiful I mean she is my childhood friend though.

I can't look at her like that you're a little closer than usual don't you think why we're just childhood friends it's normal what is something bothering you no but I didn't know childhood friends held arms this is weird I've never been this touchy feely with her something feels weird something warm is enveloping my arm then this happened hey this is.

Insane all the people are just staring at us as they pass by why this is normal for childhood friends that was when we were young are you shy or something hey don't be whispering in my ear she smells good Girls are So Soft so very soft no she smells good and is soft and my childhood friend huh are you looking at me as a.

Woman and not just a friend this is a problem huh what no no no no no no no of course not I see stop blowing air into my ear she trusts me she's letting her guard down and messing around with me she's so important to me that I can't betray her trust I need to calmly handle this ah this air is so clean he's good I'm not.

Gonna end it here though yeah cling bug you're embarrassing me stop look isn't it cute it's cute but she's so close to my face going on with her why are you in my bath I got permission from your mom so let me wash it back for you no what the hell is mom thinking Buca was clearly acting weird this has been happening every day.

You're a little too obvious aren't you I mean he didn't consider me as a woman so I have to push boundaries you know I studied hard on how to get a guy to fall for you studied what the hell did she study for I'm so worried about her to be really paying off now it's just a matter of time so just keep watching don't be too pushy okay ever since fuka.

Has been acting weird I couldn't stop thinking this is so bad so very bad I can't get how soft she was or how good she smelled out of my head if she finds out about this she's definitely going to hate me I can't be childhood friends with her anymore I need to put some distance between us that's it I need to do what I can to keep this relationship.

Going together farewell wait hang on damn it he's definitely avoiding me I told you you were taking it too far he didn't like me flirting with him like that or maybe he just doesn't see me as a woman I don't know what to do relax it could be that he's just hiding his feelings he might.

Come back I mean I hope so for a week or so I avoided her like the plague although it pained me to do so I ignored her and there was a little devil inside of me talking to me hey what are you doing man just go flirt back with her if you avoid her she's gonna hate you oh what are you talking about we're childhood friends if you don't want her.

To hate you you need to put space between you two a week later give me still I still don't know why I feel terrible maybe it was my fault but he would never understand maybe it's just impossible for us to be in love as childhood friends maybe he hates me huh that's you I like you please go out with.

Me you're always alone recently so I thought maybe I have a chance huh you two are both talking to me oh my God like two girls at the same time I didn't notice because we were always together but is he actually really popular I mean he does have a nice face and his personality is nice oh no please I see thanks I I know I probably have.

Been restricting him this whole time but just childhood friends don't fight I need to consider his happiness the next day I should be with fuka all the time but this is how it works to not destroy our relationship wait that's fuka in my sister's classmate did you break up with your boyfriend you were always with him so I never really had a chance to talk.

To you oh oh that was that was just my childhood friends I see well then can you go out with me he's asking her out I've always liked you I'd like to get your answer by today I I don't know she makes a boyfriend we won't be able to hang out like usual this is good we.

Can just return to normal but what are you doing he just came running up at me what are you doing I just passed by I can't say I was watching her being asked out well I was being asked out I'm actually pretty popular apparent parents see that's nice there are a lot.

Of strange people in the world what the hell am I saying I see that's what you think I don't know though maybe I should go out with him just as a try oh I was just asked out from some classmates too I didn't want to say no you know they were so cute no that's not what I came here to say I see that's good to hear don't date them then I don't have to.

Worry about anything before I make my own boyfriend I shouldn't have to worry about my childhood friend huh oh man you have no idea I thought I'd have to look after you forever but man talk about a weight off of my shoulders I'm gonna do what I want when I want now whatever I'm gonna tell him that I'm gonna date him why did this have to happen on today of.

Whole days for some reason all my memories with fuka flowed through my mind the cute kindergarten fuka the crybaby Elementary School fuka the slightly mature and full of herself Middle School fuka the beautiful high school fuka the fuka that never left my side what the hell she said something about why did this have to happen.

Alright see you later then yeah fuka so I already told him what I I finally figured it out hear me out I like you I don't mind if it destroys a relationship as childhood friends I'm gonna lose my mind if I don't tell you huh but I thought you were going to go out with him I thought that no I told him that I was sorry great I thought I.

Didn't make it in time I like you too fuka I don't care if we're childhood friends or best friends I want you to go out with me ran away does that mean she rejected me I I tried so much and he doesn't seem to like me at all he can't just get clothes like that out of the blue so why did you suddenly decide to ask me out you.

Avoided me so much that's cause it's your birthday right we've celebrated that every year I just imagined you with another man and I just moved before I realized you're so stupid they put that I've only had eyes for you then let's celebrate your birthday come on can I see your hand huh this is this is really embarrassing why you were all over me.

Before that was just because I was literally extending the regular child Adventure now we're dating it's completely different it's so weird you're being a little too nervous aren't you you're so red over hand-holding I'm so mad take ah better than I am this is so embarrassing that's cheating.

I'm gonna get you back it's fine isn't your boyfriend is normal in high school I mean I guess so we gotta get out of the whole childhood friend thing yeah yeah I'm so excited Mr boyfriend hey shoe can you teach me this and this or this too yeah yeah and comment call me cute you're cute I can't hear you one more time you're cute.

You can't see that in front of people it's embarrassing I should have broke them apart sooner this is a public disturbance sorry now tell me you love me this is so embarrassing maybe we should have just stayed childhood friends we continue to date throughout high school and college we found places of employment and.

Finally we're getting married I'm going to skip The Proposal Part because it's embarrassing ah I'm so nervous I'm really not good at this stuff hey sharpen up this is a once in a lifetime thing about this stuff this stuff not because right yeah it was no help at all I just sat there for two hours listening to her.

Brag about her husband and the baby I can't believe she got married and pregnant before us you never know what comes next in life huh um I actually have something to tell you you're so busy so I didn't have time to tell you what is it well I think I'm pregnant too I'm pretty sure are you happy are you serious oh my God yes this.

Is a great day thank you thank you fuka you better work hard as a daddy honey yeah I can't believe I can spend my days this happy too I'm so glad I met you then I guess nagiko's kid and our kid are going to be childhood friends huh we wonder what they're gonna be like kinda like us maybe then we gotta make him ask her out.

Quickly I was so confused when you suddenly changed how you acted hey it's not something you got where we are now and it didn't tell that you were a huge pansy I'm joking relax I appreciate it this is so exciting I wonder how they're going to grow up thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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