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[Manga Dub] I picked up her phone, and my photo was her screen saver! [RomCom]


Sorry I'm late were you waving long it's okay I just got here by the way your outfit looks great on you yeah thanks um ready to go not what I want to see on my day off first thing in the morning I'm aratahikage besides the fact that my family runs a gym I'm an entirely.

Unimpressive introverted first year in high school what do you mean you just got here you were here when I started my 10 kilometer run you've been waiting at least an hour you can't just go around lying to girls I'm not jealous I swear I'm not jealous yeah.

All right I was really fired up today sure if the gym is looking bright and must be nice I said I wasn't jealous but I'm lying to myself there's no way a teenage boy wouldn't be jealous seeing guys with girlfriends it's not like I chose to be born to gym owners but I hate exercise basically.

The same as an introvert I wish my life was a rom-com manga I want a girlfriend but that's never gonna happen to me my looks are average and although I go out and exercise I'm totally an indoors kind of guy I like comics and games things I can enjoy alone I also barely talk to anyone besides my.

Family so I don't have many friends either when was the last time I even talked to a girl I can't even remember anymore I talked to 2D girls practically every day but it's not reality there's no way I can get a girlfriend like that guy from this morning unless a.

Miracle happens who's that isn't that mashiro from my class across the river a familiar face caught my eye it was my classmate mashiro kakiowin the girl said to be the most beautiful in school she stood on the opposite Riverbank.

About 50 meters away staring in my direction is looking at me did I do something me who never talks to girls impossible right yeah I have no idea why she could be looking at me I get it she's looking at the scenery.

Not specifically at me no way she'd be looking at me all right I should get home the most beautiful girl in school staring only at me Just My Imagination Running Wild it's time to rush home and laze around in my room all day though part of me was curious I didn't.

Go to talk to mashiro coward and went straight home I'd find out what she was looking at days later man I'm tired I just want to go home and crash but the Gym's probably open right now the gym was really busy too with over 50 people training.

Sometimes the gym is short staffed so I'm forced to help out or to work with the trainees which is even more tiring I guess I'll stop by and kill some time wait is someone staring at me again from where I looked around me found them they were mixed in with the crowd but.

They were easy to pick out mashiro again oops their eyes met wait as soon as we made eye contact she ran away before I could even think of what to do next I didn't even have time to look away before she turned tail and it's natural to want to chase after someone who's.

Running away I forgot that I was a terribly shy introvert and couldn't talk to girls so I ran after her I've lost her it happens just now I dismissed what happened before as a coincidence but this confirmed that she was staring right at me we didn't even.

Talk at school so why would she be looking at me well no point worrying about it the most I did at school is breathe so she probably doesn't hate me back to what I was doing I guess oh someone's phone I wonder whose it is Humanity's most convenient device the smartphone is indispensable in this day.

And age you don't have to carry cash anymore because the smartphone acts as your electronic wallet when you shop and stuff it's pretty rough when you lose it I should take it to a police station before someone messes around with it huh wait why am I.

The phone was off when I picked it up but a drop of something touched the screen turning it on why is my picture her phone background saw didn't you sure thank you I was feeling worried because I lost it while I was running no problem I'm glad you found it well I'll be off.

Now not so fast what is it you saw my phone screen didn't you Arvada ah of course I didn't besides most people locked their phones so strangers can't just Snoop around I don't lock my screen so I can access my phone immediately.

Oh really that's pretty risky you sure you don't want to lock it anyway you're not going anywhere I admit it I saw your phone why would I want to stay she had a photo of me as her home screen reasonably speaking that's where people will put a photo of someone they like but there's no way that's the case here.

Because the owner of the phone in question here was mashiro kakuin the most beautiful girl at school compared to an average Joe like me good looking outgoing boys who are much more attractive well she could ask them out instead I can't think of anything I could offer over those types of guys that could make.

Mastero fall for me besides all I do at school outside of classes exist and breathe there's no reason she'd even be interested in me she intentionally put that picture of me as her wallpaper though does she hate me no but I don't know why she'd hate me either still that's a much more convincing reason to me than her liking.

Me but why what did I do what could I have done to make her hate me that much try as hard as I might I could not come up with an answer I couldn't think about playing games so I started hitting the sandbag in the gym when I got home I punched and punched like I was trying to shake off the fear inside me looks like something's made oratized.

Blood boil today all right I'm going to apologize still don't know what I could have done wrong but as long as we talk we should be able to smooth things out after giving it a night that was the conclusion I came to it didn't matter why my photo was in her phone if I made the first move without.

Her catching on she wouldn't get mad and I'd figure out why along the way that plan was foolproof in hand-to-head martial arts this is called perspective after I see her first I apologize then I assess her reaction good morning Arata I'm sorry as soon as I heard her voice I.

Successfully gave my apology in a firm voice I'd have liked to Pat myself on the back for accomplishing this in less than a second wait what are you apologizing for what do you mean what actually I'm not sure myself you are apologizing without knowing why.

Seriously oops she caught on her pent-up hatred and anger were going to blow up on me or so I thought um uh well whatever are you free at lunch what oh I'm free great then you can meet me on the roof yeah sure.

I'm holding you to your word be sure to come I guess I can't back out now I had no idea what was going to happen but I had to be ready for anything should I have stuffed a magazine under my shirt in case I got stabbed thank you for coming yeah I'm here but just what am I here.

For let's eat before we talk I've made you lunch will you eat it is this boxed lunch the boxed lunch simply put one kind of item used to satisfy one's hunger just by adding made by a girl to its title it becomes a treasure of the highest order.

To a teenage boy this is a top tier item just by having eaten one once the user's entire Aura changes and becomes seen more positively as it sounds this is a weapon that promises Victory if you can consume one but why why would she grant me such a powerful weapon we barely interacted until now.

I woke up extra early to make this oh really then I guess I should really thank you and your mom for this lunch my mom didn't do anything I made it by myself say what a lunch made purely through the efforts of a high school girl there can be nothing more powerful than this this is a god-tier weapon right.

Here I hmm I'm sorry I'm not sure what's going on but I'm sorry what what are you saying I don't know what a nobody like me has done to make you hate me this much but please forgive me I didn't mean anything wrong huh how in the world did you even get that idea after all I saw your phone background I think you might.

Be overreacting over that but you hate me so much that you set your background as a photo of me so your anger will never cool right oh why would I do that and why would I make a lunch for you then yes part of a ruse to kill me you made it all by yourself so you can stuff all the poison you want and because it's made by you.

Any teenage boy would be happy to receive such a lovely made weapon that's what I thought ridiculous if you suspect me that much then I'll take a bite first hmm it's good I did a good job it's not poisoned of course not have some okay.

It's good I'm glad you like it why I still don't understand what's going on I spent so much time suspecting her plus the lunch was really big so lunchtime ended by the time I finished eating there was no time for questioning why would she make a lunch for me Avada there you are wait mashiro.

Let's walk to the station together I asked a bit more around me I want us to talk more she wants to talk more isn't this level of relationship usually reserved for better looking guys have I been marked sure but maybe just in places with lots of people why.

Because I feel like I might get stabbed if we're alone when it's dark I'm not going to stab you if I really wanted to I would have done it during lunch but the Italian mafia does nice things to their targets to make them less suspicious before snuffing them Japanese and I'm not thinking anything.

Like that come on let's let's my arm you don't like this well if you're okay with this of course I am by the way are you free on Sunday yeah why there's a movie I want to see and I have two tickets will you see it with me.

The second Mark of a popular boy a girl invites you to the movies most people would be happy to accept but I can't because I can't understand why I'm scared of what could happen and I can only silently nod yes in reply great I'm looking forward to Sunday why is she doing this I'm really scared Errata over here.

Mashiro I told you to stop being so nervous right sorry are you by yourself of course I am really you don't have any scary friends here to beat the crap out of me are you real I've been wondering for a while now but what why do you have these.

Weird ideas about me look we've never talked before I'm a nobody well you're the most beautiful girl in school and you have a photo of me as your phone background I can't think of any other reason why besides that there's a hit out for me errata when you saw that photo in my phone didn't you think that I could have.

A crush on you of course not I know the kind of person I am clearly we have very different impressions of who you are she put a hand to her forehead like she had a headache errata my feelings are pure.

I like you wow you're funny now this is the part where you find that opening and stab Freddy told you that that's not it it's I've had enough let's go wait I'm not ready she's not trying to get me under the cover of darkness in the theater this is a seat for couples.

I still don't understand why you're so suspicious of me but I have an idea well we're together today I'm going to tell you everything that I like about you I've had a crush on you since junior high that long but didn't we go to different schools.

How would you have known me because he saved me do you remember sorry not at all of course I expected as much it was our last year of Junior High the winter before high school entrance exams I was going home late from test prep when I was surrounded by some punks they were going to force me to go with them.

But then you appeared oh I think I remember that do you oh what happened next I remember seeing a girl in trouble and I got beaten up before I could say anything so that was you huh that's right I wanted to thank you but you was like without even telling me.

Your name why did you run off so quickly I hate I was nervous I didn't know what to talk to girls about is that it what do you mean is that it I've never talked to girls before so of course I wouldn't know I see but you'll get used to it we're.

Talking aren't we you mean after today too I already told you I have a crush on you oh yeah you did didn't you I was so worried about being attacked I wasn't thinking clearly well get it together it'll be really after I've taken the entrance exam to go to high school with you.

Wait that's why yes I went through a lot of trouble finding your name and what schools you applied to all for me I wanted to go to the same school as you I've been in love with you since that day you saved me ah.

Thanks for going out with me today I had so much fun it's been a dream of mine to go on a date with someone I like I should be thanking you I never thought I'd ever go on a date character ever since you saved me that day even though I didn't know your name yet.

You've been my hero mashiro so if it's okay I whoa whoa got a cutie over here looks like you're hanging with some lame-o nerd too whatever let's take her with us sounds good the dog's an eyesore so let's kick his butt listen to them running their mouths off.

Just when I was about to um I don't know these guys I know besides these guys aren't the scary friends I was worried about huh is this nerd looking down on us he's got an attitude doesn't he the girl won't be enough how about you give us all your money too what was that.

About money we're going don't beat us up take this we're sorry for bothering you we will bother you again sorry what a pain thanks to that though my nerves calmed down mashiro yes I get how you feel to be honest I'm still sorting my own out but are you sure I'm the one you want like those guys said I'm a nerd and a dork I'm just.

Strong because my family runs a gym there isn't anything else I can say that's cool about me now that's that's just because I know I can handle the situation easily if someone's in trouble it might be easy for you but not for most people I love how selfless and kind.

You can be so what do you say well I don't see how I'm attractive to you and I probably still won't however will you mind if I like you too not at all thank you I I guess we're a thing now that day I got my very first girlfriend I'm not much of a catch so I get a lot.

Of stares but I want to love her more and more just as much as she loves me our other videos as well