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[Manga Dub] I pretended to be my childhood friend’s boyfriend for a limited time… [RomCom]


My name is Roma Kanda I'm a normal high school student Roma morning morning misaki you're energetic this morning that's my good point isn't it her name is misaki akiyama she's a childhood friend of mine and she belongs to the theater group I've been good friends with her from kindergarten to high school because we're such good.

Friends with each other people around us ask if we're dating but we're just friends this is because I don't see her as someone of an opposite sex between misaki and me is a friendship between a boy boy and a girl I think she also feels the same way what is it you're staring at me nothing I just thought it's nice to have a good childhood.

Friend oh did you finally realize how cute I am yep yep my childhood friend is cute huh you treat me like a child I wish you would treat me more like a girl misaki did you say something nothing nothing at all you seem Moody danger Mom are you all right yeah thanks be careful I cry if something were to happen to you he says that I'm cute and I'm super.

Happy about that he also match in terms of our characters very well despite that our relationship doesn't develop into a romance her face is still scary looking and she's mumbling to herself did I do something to you huh nothing what recently misaki has gotten suddenly angry with me but I have no idea why that's my latest concern on that.

Afternoon I asked my friend about misaki so recently misaki's behaving Strangely I get it you're talking about romance you don't get it at all his name is Nai kondo he's a good classmate of mine and he listens to my troubles jeez you talk about all these sweet stories you know how I like such talks you should tell me more of such stories this is great I'm.

Happy that you're listening to my problems but calm down a little well I'm kidding but that's too sad for misaki why should it be sad for misaki you really are dull all right you look good and your personality is also good but you don't understand a woman's heart that's the problem huh why are we talking about a woman's heart why this.

Is hopeless something has to be done what do you mean hopeless I get to play the heroin in the next play I'm happy oh it's Yota and Nai you need to think a little more about me saki H they are talking about me I wonder what it's about you two are childhood friends right yes we're good friends then don't you fall in love with.

Me saki friendship between a boy and a girl doesn't work we have a friendship I've never seen her as my girlfriend oh way I did kind of sense it but R doesn't see me as a girl at all what should I do if I tell him my feelings he's probably going to reject me so I should just give up on this love no it's impossible I like foma I can't lie to my feelings.

You'll see I'll make sure that you see me as a girl on that day after school Roma let's go home together oh don't you have Club at activities today we have the day off and I have something to ask you about my club activities do you have the time sure what is it I hope you won't be too surprised by this but please be my boyfriend what what are you.

Saying all of a sudden this is nothing to do with your Club activities no it's not what you think I'm just asking you to become my boyfriend on a temporary basis that way everything becomes free it is a very advantageous mock love they are not afraid to suffer losses for it I have no idea what you mean and you're freaking me out with your desperation.

Sorry there is a reason for this actually so could you calm down and explain it to me according to misaki in her theater club they're going to do a romance play at the school's festival and misaki was chosen to be the heroin but I have no experience at love right so I can't understand the heroin's feelings so you want to play being a.

Lover with me so that you can understand the heroin's feelings and act her part is it possible sure I'll help you really is that okay a come on we should help each other out in times of need but what should we do for this mock love exactly going on a date so OD exactly you don't seem to have concrete ideas but this Lover's role seems difficult no worries.

You just need to hang out with me then it's fine it is just temporary but I will be your cute girlfriend so let's do something special together okay what oh just kidding I'll contact you later thanks today that was embarrassing but now my plan to have I'll mock love with VMA and to have him see me as a girl it's up to a good start from tomorrow I.

Will be a cute girlfriend and rely on him completely after that we can be real lovers and at the school's Festival we will enjoy going around the stores together to act a part of a lover nissaki said that she would be my girlfriend but that's just for her theater group she wouldn't seriously fall in love with me because we've been.

Friends since we were little well I guess my heart jumped a little when she said that she would like me but that's her talent in acting after all she's the number one actress in her theater Club it's natural to feel nervous when a cute girl says something like that to a boy right I didn't realize this since she had been so close to me but is misaki a.

Beautiful girl a few days later it was the weekend today's the first date with misaki I'm waiting for her in front of the train station she told me that she would tell me the date plan but she hasn't told me the details R thanks for waiting no worries I just arrived oh huh anything wrong I just thought that you're wearing nice clothes of course I.

Am your girlfriend today a girl who wants to be praised by your boyfriend when she dresses up you know I see so is there anything that you would like to say to your girlfriend well you're very cute oh really I didn't think you would praise me so directly Don't Force the words of Praise from me and then get embarrassed by them.

Oh shut up okay we're going wait don't pull me you must be happy to be holding hands with a girl right no no no no not at all so where are we going now you'll see misaki took us to a face Cafe from the look of the place there were many couples in this Cafe I've always wanted to try their big parfait you like sweet things but isn't this too.

Big of course it's no problem for us what do you mean for us oh the parfait is here big big enough for two people that's why you're eating it together this is a menu for couples but we aren't a real couple we are one now or do you not want to eat the same part favor with me what's that look on your face like a girl I know you're acting the part but.

My heart skips a beat when I see something like that please let's eat it together okay this parfait is good say misaki why are you holding your spoon next to me I wanted to feed you Roma it's natural as a girlfriend right what I don't know don't be so shy open your mouth it's so embarrassing to be fed by one's girlfriend so I have no idea what.

This tastes like I see and are you seeing me as your girlfriend now oh I mean well those are just words are you being shy so cute you the date continued according to misaki's plan after we came out of the cafe we went shopping here too misaki was acting very sweetly y how is this outfit well I think it suits you it's cute oh if my.

Boyfriend says that maybe I'll buy it to be honest I didn't think that I would feel so nervous it's like we're a real couple no no no no no this is just acting this is for her play y what's the matter uh nothing after the weekend and school started again misaki continued to behave like a sweet girlfriend y I made you.

Lunch let's eat together what you made it for me me were you good at cooking well so so but I worked hard for my boyfriend who I like very much oh thanks what is this cute creature are the couples in this world spending such sweet days like this oh I have to go to the teacher's room for a second please wait for me no okay misaki's girlfriend.

Acting has attacked me for these few days but this is just for her play misaki is just acting the part of a lover and she doesn't really love me I know this but I can't help seeing her as a girl I thought until just a little while ago that we could be friends even though we were a boy and a girl but now I'm not so.

Sure it doesn't seem like Thea is going to ask me to be his real girlfriend anytime soon I think he has become a little more conscious of the fact that I'm a girl if we continue at this pace I wonder if I can manage to be a couple by the school Festival oh misaki as I was wondering about this a senior student from the theater group called out to me.

Oh hello hey I wanted to talk to you about the school festival's play oh what is it actually many people wanted to increase our practice time so I'm thinking about increasing the practice days how's your schedule misaki I'm fine I want to make sure that this play goes well good then this is the tentative plan as for the details I'll explain.

Them when we meet for the club activity see you all right I wonder how many practice days we will have extra what it's almost every day there are morning practice sessions and lunchtime ones too oh what should I do I want to be able to spend time with Elma after misaki came back from the teacher room she showed me her Club schedule and told me that she.

Won't be able to make time for us from tomorrow I'm sorry I am the only who brought this mock relationship thing but with the schedule I don't think I can continue it misaki seems really down she doesn't need to worry about me though it's not your fault I hope your practices go well I'm looking forward to the school festival's play so you don't.

Have any problem of not continuing this mocka relationship with me then I see misaki are you angry no I'm not angry I will not give you my lunch because you are so dull witted see you misaki she's gone what is this I just wanted to reassure her that she doesn't need to worry about her change of schedule what is it misaki looked angry did you have a.

Lover's quarrel no it's not like that to begin with we're not going out what's that bit of Silence are you two really not dating it's true we're just childhood friends is it really all right for you to say such a thing misaki is quite popular you know there are many senior students who want to go out with her oh really well it's fine right as a.

Childhood friend I should be happy for her regardless of who she decides to go out with you are so frustrating well make sure you don't regret this all right after that day misaki and I didn't see each other as often misaki was busy in the morning and during Lunchtime with her practice we had no time to go on a date let alone talk to each other during.

Lunch time she wasn't by my side usually I'd be able to cheer her on with her theater practice but now I feel like I want want to be with her oh what is this feeling oh Roma listen what is it you look pale a senior student is asking misaki to go out with him what misaki in the empty classroom on the Upper Floor it seems like she might say yes oh.

Really well it's not my place to bother her oh jeez you really need help listen rioma you need to be more honest with yourself honest I what do I feel what did I feel when Nai told me about this I don't want someone else to take misaki away from me that's my honest feeling I see so we were no longer friends I'm actually in love with misaki thanks noi.

I'll go there you don't need to thank me it was fun seeing you like this I'm not sure what you mean but thanks I went out of the classroom and ran down the corridor and up the stairs I'm out of breath is this the empty classroom he was talking about that's me Saki and who's that Nai said that there are senior students who are hoping to go out.

With her you're leading me on right what not at all you're such a selfish girl I like you be my woman what what are you saying what is that attitude I don't think misaki goes for that kind of a guy her face is bright red she like that kind of guy looks like she might give I won't let him have her I didn't come here just to observe misaki's love I.

Wanted to confirm misaki's feelings and I want to tell her my feelings I don't care if there's a rival or not I need to tell her my feelings misaki what please stop that there's something I want to tell misaki too what you are I'm Roma Kanda and I'm a childhood friend of nisaki and I would like to go out with her what Roma what are you.

Saying in front of a senior student I see I'm sorry then I'll come back again what you're leaving just like that let's practice the play after school good luck to you misaki's childhood friend this was practice what does that mean misaki y you fool what did you interrupt without thinking what I'm sorry to have interrupted you but you don't need to.

Get that angry that was not him confessing his love to me that was a scene from the plan and we were in the middle of our practice I told you that I also have lunchtime practice didn't I what so nowy misunderstood I'm sorry I interrupted your practice but was what you were saying before true what I was saying earlier yeah about wanting to go.

Out with me well then please I want to know your real feelings fora please tell me okay misaki let's stop this love game what I've always thought that you were my childhood friend I thought that we were friends friends that went beyond a boy and a girl so I hadn't seen you as a girl before but things changed after the mock love relationship the time that I.

Spent with you was so much fun and my heart was pounding when it was time for us to say goodbye it was painful when I thought that somebody else might take you away from me it hurt I like you misaki so I want to end this mock love relationship I want us to be a true couple ROM you are too pure stupid I got up my courage to tell my feelings and.

You call me stupid stupid you are so stupid we have been together all this time but you didn't understand my feelings at all I have liked you ever since we were kid what then yes then I will give you my answer please go out with me misaki thanks could you not hog me all of a sudden I wanted to do this for a long.

Time why not now you're too cute my girl you finally realized how attractive I am please say that I'm cute again Roma were you able to tell her your feelings noi well yeah what should I say I guess I didn't need to worry I will take my leave since I don't want to disturb you to Hey listen to me nissaki.

Please get yourself off me this is embarrassing no I want to continue to hug you misaki nooki could see this too you come on we had our hurdles but we officially became a couple a few days passed since then misaki became more direct with how she acted compared to the time during our mock love relationship ROM let's eat lunch.

Together sure but could you not get too close to me there are people looking at us you need to take good care of your girlfriend you know to take care of oh yeah don't you need to go to practice I got permission from the senior student you can enjoy the time with your childhood friend he told me oh that glasses Guy this is how we became very.

Close as a couple I'm happy to be able to go out with misaki I have to admit that but I didn't expect that she would act so sweetly and rely on me like this all right open your mouth uh oh it's delicious then the day of the school fesal misaki's acting was wonderful as the heroine and the play was a great success to be honest I wondered if it.

Had been necessary to go through the mock love relationship with me for this play perhaps because I was so dull misaki had come up with that crazy idea well I'll not mention this anymore well done misaki you were great thanks all right since I did my work let's let's go around the festival together it's a date it's embarrassing.

Don't shout it's fine nobody Minds you should reward me for having worked so hard no oh sure great my childhood friend uh girlfriend is too cute if I talk to noi about this he would probably tease me again thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.