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[Manga Dub] I pretended to have a girlfriend, and made her jealous [RomCom]


A new female employee joined our department a year ago I thought she looked adorable standing up there muttering her introduction at the same time I braced myself for the upcoming days of being her trainer a year later present day I told her I was planning to visit my girlfriend's.

Parents house you don't know how much I like you and she started bawling her eyes out let me explain why this happened Senpai you took the papers for the upcoming presentation thank you chiharu my name is Takashi mashita and I work with a young beautiful professional colleague.

Her name is chiharu Yagami and it's her second year working here the male employees adore her pretty physical appearance and her genuine personality it looks great it doesn't need any revising really I'm so relieved this reminds me of when you just came to work with us.

There's nothing more I can teach you no I need you to teach me many more things I don't think they're there is you don't realize how much I need you senpai oh really oh my that just stepped out of my mouth she's usually on the quiet side but she makes unique comments from time to time.

It just adds to her charm and I enjoy watching her blush according to her she only shows this side of her to me oh yeah yagami-san do you have any plans tonight huh no no no I don't even if I did I couldn't cancel them oh okay well are you up for everything early.

Uh great let's meet up at six by the employee entrance yes hurry huh what's wrong yagamisan well I thought be alone I brought yagamisan to an Izakaya just like we had planned however she was acting a bit distant.

Why do you look so upset I don't know I'm not upset at all this is yukari mochizuki she's a colleague of mine the nomikai happening today was her suggestion she's the one who told me to invite yagami-san.

still feel the same about feel the same about why it is your clueless Takashi huh why are you dissing me all of a sudden do you not see why this pretty girl here is upset no I have no idea.

Ah so naive that's why you're so unpopular with girls huh I don't feel the need to be popular with girls that's a lots of girls all over no that's that's not what I meant you.

Dummy you've considered yourself not good enough ever since you joined the company should learn to have a little bit more confidence yagami-san thanks for comforting me from time to time well then chichon you should date.

Takashi what that's a bit difficult I think that's hilarious she dumped you in a second no I said pie is a wonderful person I meant to say that I have no chance with him it's okay yagamisan thanks for trying scratch naive he's a defeatist he'll never find a girlfriend if you keep having that kind of mindset.

For your information I do have a girlfriend I was blurting out the words before I realized what I was saying I had to stand up for myself but I regretted lying about having a girlfriend the moment I said it I didn't know how to take it back so I cleared my throat shut my mouth and sat.

Down instead seriously wow Takashi you have a girlfriend huh oh well how old what's she like do you have any pictures of her hey just uh hey chi-chon don't you want to see what his girlfriend is like Senpai has a girlfriend.

Hey what's wrong chichan oh my gosh why is she laughing hey you shouldn't chug that down I could not overcome this moment sober here go girl chug chug cut it out we need to stop her I didn't know you had a girlfriend senpai why is she glaring at me like that.

This is how the night started yagami-san sulked the entire night until we parted ways I never got the chance to tell them I lied about having a girlfriend things changed at the office after that night um yagami-san I asked for the documents.

Why did you bring me the whole series of Canon's rom-com manga I guess and anybody could make that mistake sure you can't you can't be nice to me like that huh Yagami son it was like.

Broke I had no idea why she was acting that way I had no idea why she was acting that way I had a clue you're such an idiot no I'm serious I need help yagamistan keeps making mistakes and her mind seems to be floating in space my gosh you really have no idea.

She's jealous like like super jealous you have to say super twice what do you mean she's jealous well chichan is Green With Envy why would you think that she's good at what she does and she's got men lined up for her unlike me there's no reason for her to be jealous.

Of me she's not jealous of you she's jealous of your girlfriend huh I have girlfriend that's what you told us at the Izakaya oh yeah you see that Senpai here are the documents for the upcoming presentation.

You are so close to yukarisan what does your girlfriend think of that she and I have been working together for a while hmm hey Takashi hello how long have you been dating your girlfriend huh why are you asking all of a sudden well I was wondering how far along you and your girlfriend are hey that's none.

Of your oh you probably haven't even held her hand you'll end up a 30 year old virgin if you keep this up I don't need you to worry about that I'm going to meet her parents soon so have my pride and ego I lied again be honest I have zip experience in that field oh so you guys did it all of it that's.

None of your business stop asking well we're curious right chichon you don't know how much I like you huh wait y'all gummy son yagami's son suddenly started falling and she ran off somewhere I couldn't believe my ears did she say she liked me or was I just hearing things.

So Takashi do you realize how chitan feels about you now yeah but I don't think she wants anything to do with me now what are you talking about everything depends on what you need to do next for starters I suggest you apologize for everything apologize for everything what do you.

Mean this is all happening because you made up that stupid lie about having a girlfriend ah you knew of course I did I've known you for four years I can tell when you're lying yes so you were harassing me on purpose so you had no idea that she was crushing.

On you hard I mean she's chiharu Yagami the most popular employee at the office I didn't think she would fall for nobody like me there's nothing to like about me you I hate defeatists you need to find your confidence chichunt said you were kind and reliable she also thinks that.

You're a cool guy uh I guess so now that you know how she feels you should go for it tell her how you feel about her okay I had no idea how I would do it but yukari left the room so yagami-san and I could be together alone I'm sorry about this yukari thought we should talk this out.

It's okay I was way out of line I felt bad about how things have been going for the past few days I apologize for acting so weird around you it wasn't fair to you hey don't worry about it um and I realized I should tell you why I've been acting that way Senpai I like you I like you so much and.

It feels awful why do you feel that way but no you had a girlfriend I kept bugging you and trying to get your attention ever since I joined the company I respected you the most out of everybody by the time I realized my feelings for you have grown into something else you are always so kind.

And caring and you're there whatever I need you to be you are my rock here I wanted you to like me back that's why I was so persistent but Senpai you have a girlfriend I don't know why I didn't think of that of course you would have a girlfriend if if you have a girlfriend I can't stop how I feel about you I care about you so mashita Senpai I am rooting.

For you and your girlfriend I hope you end up happy together uh Senpai is something wrong uh I don't know how to tell you this what is it it's about my so-called girlfriend huh what did you say uh the truth is I don't have a girlfriend I'm sorry.

That's what happened I went too far trying to stand up to myself against yukari you're angry aren't you I'm sorry I huh that means I have a chance out winning the girlfriend position right wait wait a second hold your horses.

I thought she would be furious with me I never expected her to make a move at me she isn't upset that I was lying to her face she's such a kind-hearted girl no we can't do this why would you say that I mean I was lying to you I'm such a jerk for tricking you.

Care about that uh I see but I'm not sure we should start getting into things so quickly why don't we take a little time to think we don't want to make rash decisions that's true I wanted to be from the moment I met you but if they think that's for the best.

Hey hey hold it right there Takashi you guys are almost there why don't you ask her out already yukari chichon I didn't take you for the time to back down so easily wait you listening to us the whole time that's not important right now Takashi you should let chichot in you saw how.

Strongly she feels about you yeah well that's up to this is so frustrating chichon we need to step up the game whisper I've never but if that would make somebody happy go get em now Whoa stop stop it things got wild for a bit but in the end.

We decided to take a few days to think about how we both felt I still don't know what yukari whispered into yagami-san's ear and so that weekend yagamistan and I agreed to go on a date my hands were sweating as I waited for her at our meeting spot Senpai did I make you wait long.

Nah I just got here a few pie uh nothing this is the first time seeing her out of the office she always looks so reserved I didn't realize how pretty she actually was yoga Misan seems so excited.

She's so quiet at the office it's a shame she has to hide this side of her while working see look at this body I agree feels so weird watching her out of the office I hope she doesn't sense how nervous I.

Am hey what's wrong sweetie she's lost this isn't a big place I'm sure her parents are somewhere around here hi who is that little girl I think she got separated from her.

Parents yagami-san let's look around to see if we can find them okay I'm on it thank you I'm hiding my parents for me I really appreciate it it's okay I'm glad we found you I'm so glad we found them I'm so sorry we're supposed to be on a date it's okay I think I found another.

Reason why I like you so much I didn't do anything Senpai did you realize she stopped crying because you were smiling the whole time for her she always willing to lend a hand to those in need and I love how empathetic you are I think that's one of the biggest reasons why I'm so attracted to you although you are.

Clueless when it comes to me uh my bad I'm just playing with you I'm sorry I should have tried a different approach I understand how my behavior could have been confusing for you but I wasn't confident in myself how could you not be confident in yourself.

I don't think anybody can be a hundred percent confident I mean you never show me any signs that you liked me that's because you're totally out of my league I'm kidding again oopsie she seems different from before I found out how she felt about me after we left the aquarium we enjoyed a.

Nice dinner at a fancy restaurant I felt my heart yearning for her every time she smiled at me I was feeling more confident than ever this beautiful girl was head over heels for me at the same time I realized that I already knew what to happen to yagami-san and me after finishing dinner.

I took yagamisan to the nearest station so I've put a lot of thought into this into what about us oh okay I I've never been the confident type that's why I wasn't sure if I was the right guy for you I'm sorry for making you go through all the trouble I want you to know I'm all in now will you.

Please be my girlfriend yes of course they say the ground hardens after it rains we ended up with a stronger Bond than ever so things went well yep it's all thanks to you me oh come on I was just having fun King on you two.

You say that now but yagamisan has already told me you were there for her uh do it for you it was all for John she's my favorite person in the office whatever the reason I'm thankful I'll make sure to introduce you to someone nice I I have a boyfriend you know I know.

That's a lie we've known each other for four years I know when you're lying please introduce me to someone kind and sweet I'd be honored to after that yukari ended up dating the guy I introduced her to chiharu made sure things worked out between the two I wonder why.

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