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[Manga Dub] I produced an idol… then we got married…? [RomCom]


Resign why out of the blue I know it's disgraceful after being in your care and all could you at least tell me the reason well that's we can't tell you it's not that we don't want to it's it's that we can't we aren't allowed to say anymore goodbye president uh hey wait I followed.

After them but by the time I got out they were gone my name is anishi Yutaka I'm 23 years old and I just inherited the entertainment production company from my father we were doing fairly well for a small company but these past few months many of our talents and staff have been quitting without any explanation this is.

The third person this month what the heck is going on who knows maybe they have issues with the work system here ah tamizu the man who suddenly appeared vomiting out words of sarcasm is ojiro tamizu we went to the same College he became the second generation president of his father's major entertainment production company.

As you can see we don't get along you you should address me as Sir you incompetent president we're not students anymore then why are you speaking to me casually as if we're classmates because I don't need to match you who's lesser than me if you want me to use honorifics I suggest you grow larger than my company though I'm sure that's.

Impossible so what brings you here today tomesus sir coming out of your way to visit a lower company I'm here to scout heard there are outstanding staff and talents with potential to become independent thought it'd be a waste so I came by to invite them to join our company.

I'm sure they wouldn't reject an offer from a major CEO like me don't tell me you're behind it all I told you to grow up see this is why you can't even keep your staff and talents just one word from me and they'll leave you why are you doing this reason obviously it's because you're an.

Eyesore I don't like people who defy me for such a stupid reason watching a weakling try their best irritates me hurry and shut down already saying what he wanted to say Thomas who left I felt like I would have gone mad if he stayed any longer so it was great timing I'll keep going out of spite I won't let.

This company go bankrupt good more that's right no one's here the reality of the situation was severe Thomas you put on even more pressure fully removing myself my talent and my crew from the television industry no drama or commercial offers we attempted to film tours throughout our neighborhood however the funds.

Gradually began to run out and the talents and staff reached their physical limits and collapsed they didn't give up and fought with me till The Bitter End but I have no choice but to close the company damn it I didn't have any money or anyone on my side.

I had the will to fight but lacked the tools to do so it was then when I was being beaten by reality that I heard someone singing a live voice not over the television speakers oh Street performance huh come to think of it today was the weekend the place where I was at the moment was.

Akihabara the most famous town in the world held as a sacred ground for otakus in this city especially on weekends at night many underground idols and amateur bands performed on the streets surrounding the station man they have an incredible voice but singing is top-notch too I wonder who's singing huh.

Thank you very much I'll be here again next week so please come again if you can the song was really good how can I say it it gave me energy thank you kindly that makes me really happy why is Someone Like You street performing huh what do you mean.

Aren't you Tsubasa Tsubasa is one of the most popular top Idols in this country so much so that not a single individual is unaware of her existence she belongs to that tamizu production why would someone like her who does commercials dramas and live performances do something like this oh a makeup outfit and even hear Sarah.

Completely different I'm in the business so it's easy for me to spot are you the owner of a production company yeah of a small weak one that could vanish at any moment why are you a top Idol doing street performances but I'm no longer an idol but let go a month ago fired you why.

Because I refuse to follow the president's orders Crush anyone who defies you sounds like something he would do one day I got called into the president's office and told we're going to talk about your next job so come with me the station's high-ranking officials are also coming along so give them your.

Best service you get what I'm saying right he told you to sleep with them what on Earth is he thinking yes that's why I sucked him I punched the president's face at full force don't mess with me huh you punched him in the face yes as a result I was fired for someone with a cute face she's.

Pretty violent so that's why you're performing on the streets yes I enjoy singing I don't want to stop singing even if I'm fired I intend to keep singing I see it's no surprise that your song cheered me up in different Fashions she and I were displaying a rebellious.

Attitude against our common enemy it makes sense hey if you don't mind why don't you work for my company I've had a history with tamizu and I'd feel more at ease if you were on my side I'm okay with it but many are keeping their eyes on me you know you know and I'll ever be able to Vision let alone commercials.

Television and commercials aren't the only places where you can be active let's make that jerk pay for what he did to us if you're fine with me just as I was about to give up I found a friend with her a former top Idol I was confident we could turn things around believing this I did what I could.

Including reducing my sleep time Tsubasa real name Tsubasa sakamaki we started with mini lives at live music clubs direct sales pitches to stores weekend gorilla performances merchandise sales and internet PV distribution among other things which we carried out over several months yo looks like you're doing your best.

Together with that stupid slave who defied me huh you must not have anything better to do if you're coming out of your way to see me the person you despise I have an excellent Cruise so I have some spare time my my I wish I had some spare time I don't have time to rest since I'm too.

Busy filling in the staff you snatched with your filthy tricks you'll be able to rest right away if you close the company why not give up already the live performances and business aren't doing well right you seem to know a lot where did you get that information from I wonder.

Or did you set it up from the beginning who knows well either way is fine I already took that into account anyway what oops a slip of the tongue well I have another job to do so please go home quickly you if you don't want me to call the cops that is.

You dare to speak to me in that manner after all of this shut up trash it's only a matter of time before you fall enjoy your Prosperity while you still can idiot president since we won't be able to once you lose it all see better not be all barking no bite of course not I'm very serious I'll.

Return the favor to fold sorry to have kept you waiting completed preparations here as well so it's fine well then let's get started then Tsubasa sakagami's anything Channel hello everyone I'm Tsubasa sakagami I'm Nishi Yutaka the assistant and president this isn't the main my talents and crew.

Are gone so I'm the only one available the assistant role is like my main role now your answer is too real it's hard to laugh don't mind me and just laugh away everyone in addition to her Talent activities this channel will also deliver information about her hobbies.

And lifestyle so feel free to leave a comment our next adventure was video streaming after working through many fields over the last few months I discovered that tamizu's influence hadn't reached the internet that's why we decided to relocate the battlefield there and go on the offensive.

Despite being fired she still has a strong following in order to meet the demands of such fans we also prepare to broadcast the state of her hobbies and how she lives our goal was to increase the promotional videos of our new songs and improve our business performance stream is cooking.

What a surprise do you have a specialty my specialty is curry can you really call that a specialty isn't it just cutting meat and vegetables stir-frying them and throwing in the roux that's where you're wrong presidents my Curry is different from the average Curry what part is it.

Ingredients I couldn't buy the meats because it was expensive so I'm going to use a big cutlet from the candy store that's not me you know it's fish paste vegetables are also expensive so why use edible wild grasses everyone did you know wild or Campbell tastes like green onions and is delicious.

Idle loving money saving techniques is insane she could probably live on a remote island for today's stream I'm going to play video games if you wish to play a game just send an invitation he'll take turns playing with everyone I can play games with Tsubasa I'm gonna go buy this game.

Real quick I sent an invite waiting nude poured some clothes okay I'll put on a top please wear pants too okay I will sing my new song today the PV will be released at the same time so please take a look if you like I worked hard to make it what you made it yourself that's not the Idol's job why did you do that.

For cost reduction due to unforeseen reasons there are no other staff members available it's not even the president's job yes we'll do our best we don't want to be defeated by something like this so let's begin please listen to my new song and like that we continue to stream videos once every few days.

Perhaps it's because of the realistic and self-aware stories caught between the cheerful talks the channel subscriber base had been steadily growing and was now approaching 1 million sales of new songs had been strong and even advertising revenue from distribution was expected to come in.

Boosting the company's performance of course if it became this famous it would attract the attention of other media thank you for taking the time today likewise let's liven things up today yes so may I ask why I need to be here as well president.

You unaware of your popular the dead fish like ice you creates oh is that so I don't know how to feel I don't mind it though I am also a fan of yours please sign my back later let's ask that to the idol in front of us as expected it wasn't long after that that Tsubasa received a request to.

Appear on the radio of course this is from a legal station with no ties to tamizu the only thing I didn't expect was that it was also included in the show but that's a trivial matter the first radio recording after shifting to Tsubasa went well from start to finish no.

No please enjoy my new song during the break the outside yeah I wonder what's going on oh on break imma bother you president tamazoo what are you doing entering other people's workplaces without permission president Thomas Zoo I question your common sense in this.

World I am the rule and Common Sense the King has lowered himself to your level if anything you should be grateful aha is that so this guy truly believes this so I don't expect to have a sane sensible conversation with him let's just hear what he has to say and get him out of here.

So why is the king here I'm here to get back my slave are you referring to me who else would I be referring to hey Tsubasa I'll forgive you for hitting me so come back to my company I'll forgive you huh condescending as usual you're clearly the one at fault here.

I promise I won't make you sleep for work again I'll give you double the salary too you'll make a lot more money than you do with this guy what do you say so what'll it be tsupasa Chan cause they won't go back there don't think you can make a fool of me you.

What why you little even though I said I'd forgive you forgive you aren't you confusing it would forgive me you're the presidents but you can't even speak English After all you've done who who do you think you are Ah that's right your pompous no wait more like a child you have a brain of a three-year-old throwing a tantrum when.

Something doesn't go your way who are you calling a three-year-old who else but you you can't apologize for what you did wrong you need everything to go your way if things don't go right you throw Tantrums if people don't listen to you you harvest them no matter how you look at it you're a child saying all you want not only once but twice you.

Know what will happen right no enlighten me I'll crush it with more pressure it's not just TV both the radio and the book I'll use my pawns to make it impossible for you to sing in this country again did you hear that dear viewers viewers you can't scare me away by bluffing like that I know you guys are.

On break yes the radio is on break but the webcam is still running since a lot of people wanted to see what we were doing during break no way hey if you'd like I can buy that data off of you though I'll give you a good deal unfortunately this is a live stream the.

Whole world heard our conversation the comment section was going off like crazy of course the content was almost 100 hate towards tamizu it was in the midst of a large fire no matter how much power he possessed if he turned all the netizens against him he was finished he was sure to be cut off by everyone he.

Was affiliated with with his personality I'm sure there'll be no one to help him you reap what you sow I'm done if you're done could we get going break time is over soon laughs and sure enough tamizu was ruined because of that live broadcast tamizuko.

Was forced to shut down his business faced the consequences and went bankrupt he was unable to remain in Japan and I heard stories that he escaped aboard a tuna fishing boat but I'm not sure if that's true well it doesn't really matter we've gotten fairly large yeah I didn't expect to get this.

This few years after that incident my company grew in size no traces of what was once a small business remained the crew and talents have returned and we're leading a busy yet fulfilling life by the way presidents about the next video you're going to post honestly.

I don't know but there's no doubt that it's better to give the news ourselves than to be overtaken by weekly magazines right all right I'm ready how about you president me too alrighty I'm going to post it yes fired up we uploaded a video the title was.

An idol and a president tried getting married other videos as well