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[Manga Dub] I produced the former idol girl that can’t fit into school [RomCom]


In the seat next to me said an unusual girl that I was a little bit interested in my name is kentaro okitsu I'm a second year student at the Alice High School like always I was looking at the seat next to me the girl in my line of site is named Mirai Nana say.

She was surrounded by boys as usual and they were persistently talking to her this was a familiar sight and a normal part of my routine by now this was all because there was something different about Nana says from all the other girls yeah Nana cesan was a special girl different from all the girls in our.

Class well different from regular girls out there nanasi-san was an ex-ital who was the center of an idol group called svida she was a beautiful cool looking girl so it was easy to imagine her being popular with the boys from her looks alone her status as an ex-ital in addition to that made it hard for boys to leave her.

Alone that's why there was always a crowd of boys surrounding nanasi-san because of that the other girls resented her out of jealousy likable well I bet she's looking down on all of us basically just like that at that moment nanasi-san suddenly stood.

Up from her seat and left the classroom I breathed the same air as an ex Idol today she's honestly so cute up close I want to date her so badly I'd spend money on her I like the Mirai Nana say when she was.

An idol could she please be an idol again honestly son must have it rough while some may say that it's the fate of an ex-ital I still can't help but feel bad for her I want to do something to help her that's what's been on my mind recently one day after school I returned to the.

Classroom to pick up something I left behind when I noticed nanasan sneakily going into the music room what's she doing she looked like a sneaky Thief wait is she I quietly opened the door and peeked inside after taking a deep breath Nana cesan started singing voice.

I couldn't help but stand there and listen this must be what it feels like to have your heart soothed by something she looks so happy too I've never seen Nana says look like that shoot my elbow bumped into the door who's there uh I'm sorry for interrupting you.

You sit next to me in class after seeing me Nana cesan returned to her usual annoyed and frustrated self I thought you were different from the other boys okitsukun because you're all just the same you are following me too disgusting no it's it's a misunderstanding I coincidentally saw you go into the.

Music room so I got curious I wanted to know what you were doing because you were moving so suspiciously what did I really look that sketchy yeah you were walking like a sneaky thief and kept looking around so I just thought excuse you I don't steal ah I'm sorry you never know people can.

Give in to evil thoughts sometimes well I can understand what happened you don't look like you're lying so I believe you thanks but nanasi-san your voice was so beautiful I was mesmerized hmm you thought I sounded good because I sound like my sister right not at all I thought that the way you.

Were singing just now was amazing what really yeah the first time someone said that to me Nana says looked confused at the same time she showed a small expression of disbelief it was at this moment that a light bulb went off in my head.

I know if everyone hears Nana says singing maybe they'll start seeing her differently after all her voice was able to move my heart this much luckily we had a school Festival coming up that was a great opportunity to present nanasan's voice to our school.

We can't possibly miss out on this chance it might be wishful thinking but I really do think that other people would feel the same way I did Nana says will you perform with me at the school Festival you could sing there what no wasn't my intention with this besides even if I could sing we don't have anyone to play.

Music you don't need to worry about that I sat in front of the piano in the music room and quickly played a song oh you're so good I didn't know you can play piano just a little bit I do come from a family of famous musicians after all famous musicians wait a second are you related to go tattoo okay.

Yeah but I'm the failure of the family and no one expects anything from me though my father kotato okitsu was a world famous musician in addition my sister who's six years older than me Sarah is working hard as a world-renowned musician not only that but my brother three years.

Older than me Tom is also collecting a bunch of awards and trophies and musical contests as for me I was always only able to win second or third place my parents gave up on me at an early age I was soon labeled as a failure and they stopped forcing me to play the piano.

Because of that I put distance between myself and the piano and spent a normal Student Life I want to hear more songs from you Nana cesan I want other people to hear you sing that's why I want you to perform with me I'll practice more so that I can perform in a way that'll match your voice.

Okay I understand that you're being serious I'll do it besides I started to hate being an idol but I never stopped loving to sing thank you in exchange if we're going to do this I'm going to have you thoroughly stick by my practices keep that in mind of course let's do this thing.

Yeah let's do this thing we started practicing immediately starting the next day we practiced during our lunch break after school and on our weekends we didn't have much time left before the school Festival in order to not waste any time we dedicated ourselves to practicing.

Without taking breaks nanasi-san really is amazing she can move people's hearts with just her voice this is what true Talent can do in comparison I I need to work harder I have to do what I can to be as good as Nana says singing one day during our lunch break I was going to eat bread that I had bought at.

The student store for lunch before practice when Nana saysan came up to me once while you eat this Nana says handed me a sandwich but it wasn't just any sandwich what's up with the color of this sandwich I have a bad feeling about this just looking at it it's green and purple.

Did she put in avocados and sweet potatoes honestly it didn't look appetizing at all of course I couldn't and wouldn't tell Nana says on that you practice without eating lunch before I didn't you I made you a sandwich so that it wouldn't happen again oh that was when our lecture ended late and I didn't have enough time to buy.

Bread at the student store right made this for me but you probably don't need this if you already brought food right it doesn't look appetizing and it's my first time making something like this so I can't guarantee it'll taste good she didn't even do a taste test when it was her first time making it I became.

More concerned but I couldn't say no when she made a face like that oh no I can eat the bread I bought after school thank you I'll eat it Nana cesan's face suddenly turned into one of relief that's right this was actually a crazy experience for me.

After all an ex Idol just made a homemade sandwich for me you're never going to get this opportunity again dude go show off to everyone that you ate an ex Idols homemade sandwich it might look a bit strange but maybe it'll taste good I made my decision and grabbed the sandwich.

decision had failed miserably are you okay I'm okay I just feel a bit dizzy for a second I thought God was calling me for a second my body still wasn't moving the way I wanted it to the sandwich is more.

Destructive than I thought it would be don't do it not as a song that said which is way too dangerous oh see told you so I'm so sorry don't worry about it besides I was super.

Happy that you made that for me what it was your first time making it right it's normal please make it for me again when you can really you'll eat another one of course next time two weeks later Nana says son and I.

Practiced in the gymnasium which was going to be our stage for the festival we were doing a mini rehearsal before the real event that was when the incident happened is going to practice for the school Festival here today we get to see the main Idol of speeda sing again I hope she's in a fluffy.

Outfit where we can see her bare legs suddenly curious bystanders gathered around the stage how did they find out we were going to practice here maybe having an audience is a good thing though so it'll seem just like the real event.

Should we get started uh not assistant can you hear me uh I'm sorry I was just thinking about something huh I feel like namaste-san's acting weird I'm going to start like we usually do is that okay okay.

I start in front of the piano and started playing like I usually did but I never heard the voice that was supposed to follow I panicked and stopped playing in response the bystanders let out Whispers of curiosity is something wrong as if responding to my voice Nana saysan.

Ran off stage I was perplexed by the unexpected turn of events but ran after her when I went backstage I could see Nana says quivering shoulders what happened I can't do it my voice won't come out I can't thank your voice won't come out.

Is that why you quit being an idol Namaste song gave a slight nod in response slowly she began to explain how everything happened I became an idol partly because of my oldest someone that only shows up once in a hundred years.

Sister's performances were amazing in every aspect and she always had her audience transfixed but when she was 22 years old she got into an accident in a construction zone on her way home and passed away I decided to fulfill my amazing sister's Last Wish and become an idol everyone around me only saw me as Kana.

Nana's sister no matter how hard I worked nobody did I was always compared to her and someone who was inferior to her no matter how much I performed on stage no one saw Mirai Nana said it was always caught on Nana says little sister became a huge pressure on me and caused.

Me a lot of stress before I knew it I would lose my voice whenever I stood up in front of a crowd believe something like that happened I started blaming my insensitive self for asking her to perform with me so carelessly why didn't I try to figure out why not as a son quit being an idol.

Guilt and regret started bubbling inside of me I don't like being an idol anymore but I love singing that's why I agree to your idea but I can't do it I thought I could sing if I wasn't an idol anymore but I'm sorry for getting your hopes up I'm the one who should be sorry I'm so sorry.

So stupid I did this thinking it would help Nana says but I ended up hurting her instead of course neither of us wanted to continue practicing so we called it a day that night I thought about the future we should call it quits right but are things really okay that way Nana cesan's.

Singing will definitely Fascinate a bunch of people she even said that she loves singing I knew more than anyone how much Nana saysan loves to sing in that case I wanted her to be able to sing in front of people again I wanted as many people to listen to her voice as possible.

Those were my honest thoughts even if it was my selfish ego speaking that was genuinely what I wanted I can't let it end this way Nana says might not want this to happen but so I decided to think hard I thought about ways to make Nana says sing in front of people again on the next weekend I took nanasesan to.

A daycare that had volunteer services I asked her thinking she would say no unexpectedly she easily agreed maybe she agreed because she felt guilty and thought that she owed me one I'm sorry for forcing you to be here on your break if you don't want to be here you can say so I can't practice for the school Festival.

So it's a good way to kill time besides after giving me a quick glance nanasan looked back down I wonder what happened when we went inside the daycare my childhood friend Mina mihidaka greeted us minami-san was my neighbor and she's a.

Teacher at the daycare that my father operates she was like an older sister to me and she always took care of me since I was a little kid because of that I would sometimes help out at this daycare as a volunteer it's been a while kenshan you got bigger again while I haven't seen you.

Came here two months ago and not being able to see you for two months is a long time Kenjon so is this the singing teacher that you are talking about a singing teacher me well what is she talking about Oh I thought you could sing nursery rhymes with the kids.

Do you know any yeah a little you'll be fine then I'll be performing too when it's time for the kids to sing so just ask me if you need help the children Love kenshawn's piano I'm actually excited about it too.

Miss minami's off tune singing is super popular with the kids too gosh don't make fun of adults I can't deny that though honestly I really can't sing at all that's why it's a huge help that you're here not as Hassan thank you of course I'm not sure if it'll be much help but I'll do my best.

All right now that we're done talking let's get started Nana saysan and I were led into Miss minami's classroom and started performing Our Song and piano in front of the children all right let's sing together one two three the children sang along with nanasi-san.

Wow Nana says looks so energetic singing the nursery rhymes she'll be just fine after nanasesan finished singing the last nursery rhyme the children surrounded her all at once so good it's completely different for Miss Minami songs who are so fun singing with.

You anyone to sing with you again I mean you're going to come back thank you everyone known as the sun you are honestly amazing I was mesmerized by your voice too the children seem like they were having so much more fun than usual I'd love it for you to come back again.

Thank you you were amazing this is your power nanasan Mirai Nana says power not Kana Nana says little sister's power that's why you should have more confidence in yourself you should be proud of being Mirai Nana say after all you were the person who put genuine Smiles on the children's faces.

Today that's all you need no matter what anyone says Mirai Nana say is no one other than Mirai Nana say I guarantee it anyways what do you want to do about the school Festival if you really don't want to do it I think we should back out but I'll do it you've worked so hard until.

Now too I can't let it go to waste yeah let's work hard together then yeah we started practicing again on the next day we focused harder than ever before and inevitably became passionate about our performance our time together passed by quickly and.

It was finally the day of the school Festival backstage of the gymnasium nanasi-san and I waited for our turn I glanced in her direction to see how she was doing her face was completely pale and her skinny frame was slightly shivering her trauma didn't completely disappear.

So I guess it was normal for her to be like this son if it's too much for you don't hesitate to tell me there's no need for you to force yourself I have one favor I want to ask you what is it um I want you to help me feeling tight.

I'm sorry I couldn't hear you clearly can you say that again I told you I want you to hug me what what oh your type is a girl with a nice body like Miss manami right you probably don't want to hug someone who looks like a flat chested chalkboard.

That's not true if you're okay with it I'd happily give you a hug I took one step forward and did as Nana says had requested I could feel her put her arms behind me and hug me tightly ah I can hear your heartbeat okitsukun it's beating really fast of course it would be I'm hugging an ex-idol right now.

No that's not true it's probably because she's someone who's really special to me Nana says don't worry I'll be by your side no matter what happens I'll protect you okay I believe in you okitsukun face regained its color I'm sure she'll be okay now.

A little while after our turn came up after getting on stage the two of us went into each of our positions I looked up at Nana saysan and she was looking up at me we gave each other a small smile and a nod with that signal our performance began Nana cesan started singing the audience.

Went completely silent at that moment she had stolen the hearts of everyone in the room eventually the song came to an end then after a few silent moments a thunder of Applause and cheers erupted from the audience did you all see that this is Mirai Nana.

Say this is me right now to say singing as I screamed in my heart Nana saysan stood in her spot speechless we did it we did everything we could that's what the two of us felt at that exact moment just like that our stage closed its curtains with the most successful performance.

After the festival ended Nana saysan and I walked home side by side thank you okitsukun for leading me to this point in my life not at all you were able to do that with your own strength besides I should be the one to be thankful.

For letting me hear your amazing voice suddenly stopped I think I um I like you I'm sorry I know it's weird that I'm saying this so suddenly not at all I'm super happy because I like you too Nana says son.

I'm so happy jumped into my arms stay by my side forever I can't live without you of course for as long as you want me I'll be by your side I'll always protect you and your songs Mirai hentarokoon I'll give you everything.

Fur Mirai closed her eyes after saying that my heart burned painfully I swore that I would love this beautiful girl in front of me with all my body and soul as if pulled Closer by the force of love I slowly brought my face closer to hers after the school Festival mirai's.

Environment drastically changed Mirai was now surrounded by both girls and boys and she even started laughing with our classmates this was exactly what I wanted but I now had another problem on my mind the problem was his son please be my girlfriend a boy from another classroom confessed.

His feelings for her I'm sorry I'm dating kintaro right now her Point Mirai moved to my desk yeah I thought it was just a rumor that notice his son had a boyfriend damn it why I hope you're cursed forever I hope you bang your toes on the corner of your closet.

Ah another person to hope that I'm cursed hey can't you turn them down a little more nicely I can't help it they won't give up if I don't make it clear but at this point I'm like Suki zaimon the man who has to receive everyone's curse yes this exactly was my biggest problem.

There were more boys falling for Mirai so everyone was cursing and resenting me after they were turned down are you regretting being in a relationship with me of course not I think of it as attacks I have to pay for fame I'm glad if you broke up with me I wouldn't be able to sing or live anymore.

Smile returns to mirai's sad face kintaro you better still love me even if you're cursed of course who cares about a cursor too no matter how many people curse me I won't lose I intend to take all the pain and continue loving Mirai for the rest of my life and even long after that thank you for watching how was today's.

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