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[Manga Dub] I ran into a homeless mother and child, so I brought them home and let them live with me


What are those two doing they're wearing really worn out clothes and are moving about strangely could they be shoplifters my name is ryuhay wada I go to a university in the city I came to the convenience store late at night to get something to satisfy my Hunger.

That's when I met this strange mother and child what are they really doing they just keep on looking at food judging from their clothes maybe they have some problems but to help them as a stranger would be some people say a small kindness is a huge nuisance.

What should I do Mama I'm hungry sorry can you hold on a little longer yeah should we go up to the store yes oh man what a conversation I wish I didn't overhear that since I heard it I can't just do nothing Excuse me yes what is it if you would.

Like please take this I bought a little too much what but it's fine please take it otherwise I would have to throw them away then thank you I would like to accept your offer well there's a lot of food in there it's great isn't it Airy thank you uh I'm sorry to ask you such a question but what do you plan to do now I thought you might be having trouble.

With money do you have a place to stay tonight there is a park over there so I thought we should sleep in in one of the playground equipments you and your daughter that's the only place we can find shelter from their Wind and Rain on the road you need a companion in life you need kindness isn't that what people.

Say if it's all right with you you could come to my place what but Mama I'm sleepy Barry see your daughter seems tired I can't just leave you here since I've already gotten myself involved then thank you I took the mother and child who were wearing worn out clothes back home with me and had them first take a bath I lent them my clothes.

But was it all right thank you so much for your help thank you mister sure no problem what is anything else the matter oh no wow I couldn't tell because they'd been dirty before but she's really a beauty oh I haven't introduced myself yet my name is ryuhay wada my name is makiko Shima and this is my daughter Arie I'm Arie nice to meet you that's a.

Nice name Arie I want to talk with your mother did you go to bed now get up on the mattress why were you in such condition do you have some troubles it's a very common story my husband is a terrible person and I couldn't spare it any longer so we.

Ran away terrible he said many things to me which are already too terrible to say out loud he doesn't work but he's worried about what people say so he didn't let me work either I was trapped inside the house for days and I thought both my daughter and I were going crazy that's what I thought and we ran out without bringing any of our belongings.

That's why I was at a loss as to what to do without my phone wallet or ID if there is no idea I can't earn money either I see this is quite a difficult situation if she goes back home who knows what her husband would do to her if you two wouldn't mind why don't you live here for a while what I live alone and since I'm single I have some savings.

But I can't let your daughter sleep outside that's true thank you so much for everything this is how my life with Miss makiko Arie and me began good morning brother wake up it's morning morning just a little longer come on wake up it's mining okay okay I'll get up mommy's making breakfast good morning Mr.

Riojay good morning that looks really delicious sorry I use things that were in your fridge without asking you first if I can eat such a wonderful breakfast please use as much as you like thank you very much I think I could give it my best at my part-time job and University classes I hope you have a good day yay yay.

What is this happy morning this is the best well what should I do now hey don't sigh your happiness will escape from you manager the person who spoke to me was masaki kinoshita he's the manager of The Lunchbox store that he's running and this is where I work part-time what happened it's rare that you'd be so deep.

In thought well actually I see you picked up something quite incredible I'm also surprised at myself I'm not sure why I did such a thing that maybe she could work here what if she's got no ID she couldn't work anywhere else it'd be hard for you if they're inside the house all day long Mr masaki is that all right yeah yeah I was just thinking.

About hiring additional part-timers Mr masaki thank you so much sure no problem I'm home welcome home bro welcome home wow the room is so clean together with Mom Eric cleaned the place you did that Harry thanks and dinner as well thank you so much for everything if you're letting us stay here so it's the least we could do oh miss makiko you need some.

Money that you could use freely right yes that would be helpful but I can't work I talked to my store manager at my part-time job about your situation he said that you could work there he also said it's all right for you to bring Erie to store really thank you so much Mr riojay I can't thank you enough for all that you're doing for us no I just.

Spoke to Mr masaki that's all so which starting from tomorrow be possible of course I will do my best the next day miss makiko and Arie came to my workplace with me hello hello my name is Arie oh Arie I'm masaki kinoshira brother Mata hey Arie I'm so sorry for that no problem so miss makiko I heard that you're really good at cooking good.

Well I enjoy it Miss makiko's cooking is the best if you don't eat it it would be such a waste oh you exaggerate Mr Yohe then could I ask you to take care of the kitchen you'll let me do that please give us what you got for our kitchen just as you did for Ryo hey Harry can also help then you can also work with us yes you will sorry sorry don't worry we.

Get energy from every smile Mr masaki thank you so much don't mention it when we're in trouble we should help each other out this is how our work at The Lunchbox store began with Miss makiko the lunch menu that Miss makiko made was popular and there were many repeat customers also Arie was actively helping out with the store and was popular as.

The cute poster girl and when we finished work we would go home together my life that was lonely before became cheery with these two every day was filled with happiness and I enjoyed every moment one day should we say that she's a fortune goddess what are you talking about since those two have come our sales have increased I.

Guess we weren't so elegant since there were no girls that's true well since you're working so hard let me give you this the tickets to the zoo you three can go there can't you thank you Mr masaki and on our day off wow there's a lion and there's a tiger too Arie do you like animals pretty much I especially like rabbits then there's a place where.

We can touch the rabbits so let's go over there yes thank you for your time Mr masaki gave me the tickets I didn't do anything else but it's been a long time since I've actually seen a happy smile on Aries face since the day when you first spoke to us and until now she is all good to us since I began to live with you two my.

Days have changed I used to just go to school in my part-time work that just repeated itself I wasn't sure if my days were fulfilling or not they were just gray days it was you and Arie that changed such days for me Mr viohay Mama bro let's go quickly sorry sorry um let's go Miss makiko let's go yes Harry fell asleep it's been a long time.

Since we've gone out to play but at the rapid corner you were also very excited about being able to pet the rabbits oh please don't say that I didn't think there would be chinchillas you like chinchillas huh they are fluffy and cute don't you think you were much cuter you were so excited oh please don't tease me.

A month after such Happy Days continued what is this it's been a month since we have started living together so we decided to celebrate you'd prepared so much for that oh no I think I'm going to cry from happiness also I drew a picture is this maybe miss makiko me and Arie yep thank you Arie also we baked a cake mom and I what is this my heart is.

Overflowing with happiness thank you so much Arie fell asleep it was also like this at the zoo it's so cute how she falls asleep after getting excited Mr riojay there is something that I've been thinking about something you're thinking about I cannot just keep on running away but I need to move.

Forward I want to take a step forward with you if possible Miss makiko me with you Mama I want a BP area let's go to the bathroom yeah two of us together for that we need to do something about her husband just as we were thinking about this the incident occurred somebody vandalized Mr masaki's store there was a security camera and it showed a man.

There who is this I don't know it's not anyone that I know me neither uh Miss makiko what's the matter no it's nothing she looks pale but what's going on could this man be that evening Miss makiko could I have a moment with you what is it do you know that man uh you were acting strangely so I wondered that was.

My husband Kota most likely he found out where me and my daughter were and next time I think you would be his Target so I am thinking about leaving tonight you don't need to do such a thing Mr Ryu hey if he comes then let him come but you will have to face danger no worries I have a plan the next evening as I had expected Miss makiko's husband came to.

My apartment hey I know you're in there give Arian Market go back I will not give them back to Someone Like You what the hell playing around with someone else's wife and daughter you playing around no way I gave them shelter from you the worst husband mind your own business this is about our family if those two are happy I wouldn't say.

Anything but when I met them the first time they were wearing Rags they had ran away from you with nothing but what they were wearing why would I give them back to someone like you what you bastard all right break it up what why is the police here I'd expected that you would come so I asked them to be on standby you creep I don't know what you're talking about.

Thank you please take care of them you go to hell you get what you deserve Mr Beauty everything's all right now so don't worry I don't know how to thank you for this don't worry about it because it's something I did for myself what do you mean Miss makiko I like you I really like you I would be happy if we could.

Spend our future days together you might feel that I'm not so reliable since I'm still a student but I promise to be a good father to Arie so mama I should also be happy if he could be my dad Erie wants him to be my dad Aria I too want to spend my future with you please take care of us yes this is how we became a couple after that.

Miss makiko was able to get a divorce from her husband a restraining order was issued to him to not come near miss makiko and Airy a few months later mama look area be careful all right yes oh this is what one calls happiness Miss makiko let us three always be together it's not three but four of us what really.

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