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[Manga Dub] I ran into my boss at a bar, and she was drunk… [RomCom]


My name is ryohe Kudo and I'm a normal businessman who lives only for work even when I was a student I focused on my studies every single day and never interested myself in other Hobbies just like that I became a working adult in the real world I thought days like that would continue after I started my job but kudokun can I have a moment yes it's.

About these documents this is my direct supervisor Maki Furukawa she's been helping me out since I first started working here it is a very dependable person there are some people who don't like her much because she's a little strict but she never unreasonably gets mad I owe this woman big time this happened right around the.

Time I started working here ah what do I do what do I do I can't believe I made this huge mistake I need to do something about it but where do I even start I could do this forever and ever but I still won't be finished you're still here are you staying back because of that.

Mistake from earlier today yes I am I Honestly made a huge mistake so I wanted to do something about it as soon as possible it was a big mistake but you don't need to fix it by tomorrow didn't they tell you that it's fine if you recover everything within a week yes but I thought it would be better to.

Get it done as soon as I can it's good that you have motivation and a sense of responsibility okay I'll help you what but your mistake is also your supervisor's mistake I wasn't trying to bother you you already did for the moments you made that mistake so don't worry about anything else let's work on this.

Together thank you so much it finally looks decent I can finish the rest by myself this rate I think it'll be done in two days I'm glad you did a good job kudokun it's because you were here to help me through kawasan thank you so so so much I just.

Gave you a helping hand you did most of the work have confidence in yourself even if I was the one who made that mistake in the first place everybody makes mistakes it's how you act after that makes the biggest difference if the world didn't accept mistakes everyone would be too scared to do anything no one would challenge.

Themselves and grow from those challenges right I want you to keep growing into a better person all right we're off tomorrow so let's stay out a bit late shall we do you have time after this we should get some Ramen if you like I'll treat you to a huge ball of stamina Ramen at a place that's open until midnight really I want to go.

Let's go then okay ever since that happened I've had feelings for her this is really amazing you've been working super hard recently keep it up but don't push yourself too much okay working hard and pushing yourself too much are two different things I'm rooting for you kudokun thank you so much.

Through kawasan complimented my work I'm going to keep working hard like this and leave successful results then I'm going to be a man worthy of furu kawasan and confess my feelings to her alright let's do this thing but one day please what you've got to be kidding me I'm begging you I told you I really.

Don't want to there's this girl that I like so there's no way I can show my face in a place like that oh don't worry enough people invite someone else then no that's why I'm begging you only one time okay thank you my good friend.

And and half-hearted just like that I ended up attending a matchmaking party I see I think so too but right uh can this thing end already I'm not very good in situations like these can this matchmaking party end faster huh yo hey [__] what are you doing here why I'm a regular here we don't have work tomorrow.

So I thought I would drink and eat a little what are you doing here are you drinking by yourself no I hey Kudo what are you doing in the middle of a matchmaking party match making party you're attending a matchmaking party ah I didn't want through kawasan to find.

Out hey is it okay if I joined too you want to join of course of course for a kawasan please join us thank you why did she suddenly want to be a part of this maybe she's interested in one of the men here who is it.

I'm not going to give through kawasan away to anyone that's what I was thinking but what's your type in girls um uh nice and independent woman oh what about women who are older than you I don't think the age matters when it comes to love I see they do say love comes in all.

Types of forms oh I forgot Joe it was super delicious here open wide how is it is it good it's amazing then have some more I want you to feed me too did you say something nothing at all I think of all kinds of tipsy.

Are you okay would you like some water well I can't drink it by myself so I'd appreciate it if you can make me drink it maybe you drink it how of course from your mouth something like that do that just joking come on let's drink a lot kudokun.

A little after that you can't drink anymore no I'm going to drink I told you you can't oh man furukawa-san is totally drunk she gave you a lot of attention so you better drop her home yeah bring her home safely you don't need to tell me that I'll do.

It come on furu kawasan let's go home I'll keep drinking ah I brought her to my house because I didn't know where she lived but we don't have work tomorrow so it's okay right anyways good night I'll sleep in the other room whoa where are you going.

Leave me alone through kawasan uh my I need you to let go of me no not letting you go you're not that means I'll have to sleep here next to you you know and sleep next to me you can't do that we can't we're not even dating um.

So we're gonna sleep together hold you we can't do that ah no no we're going to sleep together please don't whine huh fu kawasan why did she calm down what happened why huh are you asleep.

After that I returned to the other room quietly to not wake her up despite feeling a little weird I couldn't go against the sleepiness that fell over me before I knew it I was completely knocked out the next morning I'm so sorry I can't believe I was like that last night please don't worry about it I'm happy.

That I was able to see that side of you too in fact I thought that you were super cute look at cute I wasn't but you were so different from how you usually are yesterday what happened well that's uh oh um this is uh you're hungry right let's eat breakfast.

I'll make something you can cook I've lived on my own for a long time so I can make something easy I'll be done quickly how so delicious I'm glad you like it the studies and spoiled a super Corman calm.

Homemade food really is amazing isn't it you don't cook at home for rukawa-san I do but I can't really cook anything complex really that's unexpected I'm kind of a lazy person um kudokun if you'd like I'd love to be able to talk to you like this more what.

Do you think what you want to I want to hang out with you in private and not just for work if you're okay with that I'd love that I always wanted to get closer to you too I'm glad then do you want to go outside after this I want to thank you for taking care of me last night of course yes.

Starting that day through kawasan and I started spending time together in our private life too one day after we had gone out together a couple of times through kawasan where do you want to go today I found a dessert place that looks really good but it's a little strange strange.

You'll see when we get there ah a parfait don'tbury yep it serves about four people so I probably can't finish it on my own I thought we could finish it if we get it together I understand let's eat all of it up there's no time limit to finish it so let's enjoy it I'm going to take the first bite then.

They're so delicious it is it's super good the fruits are so right it's a missing the whipped cream isn't heavy either and the cookies are crunchy the more I eat the happier I get what's wrong your mouth is so full you look like a.

Squirt I don't laugh so much I'm sorry you were just so cute don't call me cute either we did it surprisingly it wasn't super sweet so it was easy you have whipped cream on your face what.

This side the other side here huh what's wrong nothing gosh I I can't believe I'm overthinking something like this all right we already had dessert but let's go get Ramen next Ramen come on stay with me ah I'll do my best.

when I spent time with Brewer kawasan outside of work I was able to see a side of her that I never knew about the many changes in her Expressions her relaxed smile her face when she was a little angry and her face when she blushed the more sides of through kawasan I saw.

The more I started falling for her what should I do I feel like I'm flooding with my love for her I was thinking things like that when one day I'm going bowling with furu kawasan tomorrow I'm happy I get to have fun with her in ways other than getting food I want to know more sides of huh only through kawasan was a bit nicer huh.

Are they talking about through kawasan she's pretty but she's a bit too strict I totally get that she's not going to get a man like that I bet she's never even had a boyfriend it's totally possible girls should be more gentle and elegant don't you think I don't think girls who are strong like her are cute I wouldn't want someone.

Like her three Shuffle but what a waste honestly it's not a waste what do you want take what you said back through kawasan is very cute she loves to eat and she eats a lot when she does.

That she puts so much food in her mouth that she looks like a squirrel uh a squirrel there are other things too she's not just straight she's super kind through kawasan is the one who's always refilling the snacks in the break room so that they don't run out what I didn't know that and she has a.

Weakness for Sweets she could easily eat four servings of pudding and and kudokun through kawasan um uh it makes me happy that you're defending me but huh through Kawasaki where are you hold on a second.

why are you running away that's because I I was happy I was happy that you defended me I I was so embarrassed I'm sorry I couldn't help it they were insulting the person I love the person you love are you talking about.

Me I am through kawasan I'm in love with you do you remember when you helped me fix my mistake when I first started working for this company I've always had feelings for you since then two I love you too kudokun the way you work.

Hard and your determined to eyes you start my heart away I love you kudokun and the way you work harder than everyone else Venom will you be in a relationship with me of course let's continue to be happy in our private life from now on just like that Furukawa son and I became a couple.

The two men who were talking badly about furukawa-san apologize to her they apologized for going too far and insulting her even when they didn't really know her told them not to worry about it and forgave them after I started dating through kawasan my sales results increased dramatically.

Praises me every time that happens so before we knew it we were a lovey-dovey couple that everyone in our workplace knew about my Happy Days continued for a few months and then I can't believe we're getting married I wanted to make you my wife the moment I started dating you please stay with me forever and ever.

Yes of course I will review heycoon I love you I love you too makisan thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well