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[Manga Dub] I ran into my ex after school… Is she a TSUNDERE…!? [RomCom]


Hi am me what is it wow Arata is small and cute today too I wonder why he asked me to come here can it be that he's going to tell me he likes me no no way not to someone unpopular like me that couldn't happen I like you please go out with me what yes yes my name is Dice gate Arata I'm in my junior year of high school my.

Goal is to get into one of the top National universities after I graduate from high school my family is not so rich so I can't go to a cram school that's why study at the library after school every day and look out the window when I want to take a break hi Ami is working hard today too this is my classmate Nagi hayami she's one of the.

Top athletes in the country for javelin throw she's the only one who belongs to the track and field Club but it's already decided that she'll participate in the inter High School National Tournament because of her cool Beauty people regard her as a solitary existence I've been encouraged by the way she silently practices every day.

Thanks to her I was able to get the best score in my year I realized that I come to have feelings for haami haami I like you please go out with me h no way we both liked each other I was always lonely because I was the only member of the track and field Club but when I saw AR study alone in the library I felt encouraged by his hard work the reason I.

Was able to represent the school for the inter High School National Tournament was thanks to him on top of that Arata is small and cute and is exactly my type yes let's go out oh really great oh he's so cute I want to hug him right now I want to kiss him too but if I do that suddenly he would probably not like it I need to get away before I give into my.

Temptations then I'll see you tomorrow oh yeah I couldn't help but wonder what as I saw hayami leave is it so emotionless when one becomes a couple yes yes I am so happy to be alive that I can be together with Arata I wanted to make my girlfriend happy and worked hard for it especially because she was the first person I ever went out with hiam.

Do you want to go out somewhere to together this coming Sunday sure yes the first day is there any place you would like to go to anywhere is fine anywhere with would be so much fun oh okay H maybe she isn't so eager to go but I'll work hard and make sure it's an enjoyable date after I did a lot of research I decided on going to the zoo.

And on the day of our date haami appeared right before our meeting time sorry to keep you waiting that was close I took too much time wondering which clothes to wear it's the first time I've SE seen you wear something other than the school uniform if he says that I look strange in my clothes I will be so shocked you look good in those clothes.

Yes he told me I look good in these clothes I wish I recorded this on my smartphone uh hi Amy oh I'm so happy that I can look at his face thanks let's buy the tickets quickly oh was she not happy to hear that it's hard to talk with girls after that we went around to see many different animals elephants Lions rhinoceroses hayami remained.

Expressionless and didn't seem to be enjoying herself at all the koalas and red pandas were cute sorry I didn't see them that much because AR is a million times cuter than they are I want to show up to the whole world that he's my boyfriend H was it a mistake to have chosen the zoo oh today is such a happy day do be able to go on a date with AATA.

This makes me so much more nervous than going through the preliminary in the inter High School tournament I have such sweaty hands let me get up my courage and hold her hand I don't want him to find my sweaty hand that's disgusting I also have so many blisters from throwing the javelins she rejected me on other days we went to a movie theater and.

Amusement park and all the other places I could think of but the dates did not go so well hayami always looked expressionless and did not seem to be having fun I felt like this was just a one-way thing I was the one who was mostly sending her instant messages so AR what did you do today my mom cooked some pork with ginger it was yummy well.

It would just be annoying to receive such meaningless message I guess I erased a message that had taken me an hour to write I want to see her again soon after such days confused I came to a decision on our way home together hayami H why don't we break up I like hayami but as hard as I try to make her have fun she doesn't seem to be enjoying.

Our time together it's painful okay then see you hayami left without changing her face does it mean that going out with me didn't mean much to her oh why why why I was so surprised that I gave a normal reaction did I do something to make him hate me I couldn't move myself for a while the next day I went to school feeling depressed but suddenly I bumped.

Into haami oh good morning morning I have a morning practice so see you I cried all night long so I look terrible I can't show him my face now after school I was studying in the library as usual but I couldn't get myself to concentrate when I looked out the window I saw higham me practicing diligently she seemed to be completely okay I.

Wonder if she didn't care to break up with me or not iomi is working really hard I guess she's doing her best to prepare for the tournament why did he break up with me I'll just keep on moving so I can forget this pain and one day after I had finished studying in the library and was about to go home oh I forgot my PE.

Clothes in the classroom we don't have school tomorrow so if I leave them here they'll get smelly I decided to go to the classroom to fetch them I opened the door to the classroom and then I thought was struck by lightning haami was burying her face into my PE trousers by my desk what are you doing what should I do I was smelling your clothes because I.

Was so lonely when became a gast I have to find a good excuse I just wondered what kind of laundry detergent you use I see yes I think my excuse worked then why are you wearing my PE shirt this is the most embarrassing moment of my life but maybe now that it's come this far it's better to just tell them the truth when I wear your clothes I feel feel.

Like I'm being hugged by you why would you want that because I still like you so much oh what is going on weren't you bored spending time with me not at all it was always fun I was so happy I usually don't show my emotions so maybe it looked like that then when I tried to hold your hand why did you reject me oh see when I get nervous I get really.

Sweaty hands oh I see and my hands are big and not cute I have many blisters from throwing the javelin that shows how hard you work I think they're beautiful hands oh sorry I misunderstood the situation I thought that you didn't enjoy spending time with me and that made me feel hurt so that's why I asked you to break up with me I see no it's my.

Fault I've always been like this I can't tell the people around me my feelings have become isolated but I really want to have many friends I see solitary was just an image people came to have of her haami yes I still like you too I know we had our misunderstandings but could you go out with me once more yes I hope I'll be good enough yes please yes also this.

Is just a suggestion but why don't we solve the problem you've had for a long time we can practice letting your emotions come out more for haami to show her emotions more easily I read tons of books looked on the internet and thought of ways to practice then came the time to put it into action let's start the practice from today yes please first.

Could you try saying things that you're thinking I think you have the tendency to keep it all in true I got it well this lunch is delicious I am very happy that I can eat it with you Arata yes oh even I'm getting embarrassed from this that omelet looks delicious I want you to feed it to me please what oh uh okay I asked her to go through with this.

Practice so I can't say no I fed her my omelets to Hami as if I were giving her a treat from going through this training that was yummy glad to hear it next I want to hug you Arata then stop let's think about our manners a bit haami is Still Honest I'm glad she can say what she's thinking now but she needs to make adjustments next is this a mirror yes.

The reason why the people around you can't understand your emotions is because you don't show them on your face I think that maybe because your facial muscles aren't developed so much the facial muscles when you look in the mirror first practice smiling and then make all kinds of facial expressions that way your facial muscles will get.

Stronger and you can show a variety of emotions I wonder if I can do it of course you're always practicing javelin throw by yourself compared to that this is much easier I like that you're encouraging me AR thanks I also prepared one more thing what is it this is gum for athletes when you're practicing javelin throw you can chew on this and.

Continue to develop your facial muscles I see also it seems like the power of chewing is important for sports when you throw Javelin you need power in a very short amount of time so by chewing at the right moment you can improve your performance by chewing gum you'd be killing two birds with one stone oh she stopped talking I guess I.

Went too far by giving her suggestions on how to practice her javelin throw thanks you did so much research for me yes but since it was for you it wasn't hard at all you're important to me oh I like you so much I want to hug you let's get married I want to give birth to your child we're at school after that hayami's practice began she had.

Diligently practiced as the only member of the track and field Club for her practicing was natural there were already good results she started to be able to say what she thought and to be proactive with her words and hi Amy where do you want to go on our next date anywhere well I want to go to a pool with you okay let's go also can we call.

Each other by our first names sure then D Nagi I will probably never forget that smile oh di is there anything else I should do for practice well let's see I'd be happy if you also sent me more instant messages I'm usually the only one sending them and it would be even nicer if they were cheerful messages I.

Got it I'll send them to you tonight oh messages from Nagi let's see hi Des I had a great great time today too did you already go to bed I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow kisses XX like a middle-aged guy's message I guess she tried to make it sound cheerful so it was a little strange but she was steadily making improvements and she.

Started to become more familiar with her classmates as well you and D are really good friends I'm proud of having him as my boyfriend you are honest actually I also have someone I like but I wonder how I can get closer to him after school you could secretly smell that person's PE clothes oh no it's true that that worked.

Out for us but I didn't know that you liked a joke too hayami that was close but I am kind of surprised you're much more easy to talk to than I expected next time H why don't we eat lunch together that would be great I'll also tell my friends see you good job maybe you can be friends with her yes it's all thanks to you D no it's because you.

Worked hard then it was summer Nagi was at the inner High School National Tournament I came with nagi's friend to cheer her on Nagi Nagi you can do it Nagi looked in our Direction once and then she threw the javelin go and won the tournament this is Miss Nagi hayami who won the javelin throw congratulations thank you very much who.

Would you like to share this happiness with usually it would be her teacher or her parents but my boyfriend who I love you're being too honest but when I saw nogi smile I thought it didn't matter what 's thought noggy I want to continue to be together with this clumsy but honest.

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