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[Manga Dub] I ran into the class president at a maid cafe… [RomCom]


Gosh this class is boring why isn't it over yet my name is Sota namiki I'm a senior in high school I like to pretend I'm focusing in class while I write manga for fun I'm a huge anime and manga geek they're my life I don't have any friends but I'm not upset about it yes it's finally over.

Excuse me can everybody sit down for a second they'll be looking through your bags to inspect your personal belongings crap that was today our school has a long history and a reputation to keep we still have unannounced inspections from time to time if the inspectors find anything unrelated to school they'll take it away.

No matter the reason God wait a second namiki's bag myself I knew it why do you have three manga books in your bag I expect a detailed explanation for this her name is yukina Akatsuki she's the leader of the student disciplinary committee she's no joke.

She's always got her eye on me since I've broken the school rules numerous times had to be today it's your fault you should obey school rules wait why are you looking at it does it look interesting I wasn't looking at it.

You need to stop obsessing over manga books you were in your you should study obviously she's not my favorite person I want to avoid her as much as possible she took my books and I'm not too happy about it like some discount tickets Donuts oh uh thanks restations away.

I don't have anything to do might as well check it out my favorite anime and manga books are all stories about Maids I have a huge collection of main character figures in my room I've always been interested in made cafes but I've never actually been to one.

It's a challenge for me to face real women receiving discount tickets here today must be God's will he's telling me to go Master we've been waiting for you oh we're so glad you're finally here assist thank you wow so this is what it's like in the real world it's so much better than an.

Anime and manga books ah I'm so nervous I'm a maid Cafe virgin I wonder what my first mate is going to look like thank you for waiting Master my name is Alyssa and I will be serving you today your name is Lisa it's nice to meet you I'm so nervous I don't know if I can look her straight in the face but I shouldn't waste this opportunity.

She's adorable nothing can top this she looks like a real maid uh I don't recall telling you my name you didn't I just thought that that you're the best meow meow why do I feel uneasy I think I've heard lisaison's voice somewhere before no shh stop talking hey you can't tell anybody.

That I'm working at a maid Cafe okay I'll be here made exclusively if you promise to keep quiet about it I can't breathe help me you can enjoy your time here just pretend you don't know anything please will you promise me uh fine then our contract is concluded I'm yours.

Now master I was in shock after finding out the leader of the disciplinary committee worked at a maid Cafe she was a completely different person I couldn't wrap my head around it the only thing I remember is that yukinasan was prettier than I could have imagined any made to be I had an amazing time there.

Starting the next day my high school life did a complete 180. good morning Master how are you feeling today morning I don't want you calling me that name at school it's embarrassing me no it's I promise I would be your exclusive maid station.

No I remember anyways tell anybody about our little secrets okay yukinasan stayed by my side after that day she followed me around everywhere she even made me a homemade obento every day I made omelette rice with ketchup heart.

Master uh I appreciate it bite Master open your mouth for me here I can eat biome Master do you like it yes I like it yay yukina is very happy to hear that.

She used to punish me every time we had an inspection of our belongings but oh my you are so bad at hiding things Master this will not do you need to learn how to hide them better thanks I'm kind of starting to feel guilty about this treatment um.

Yes Fester what could I do for you it's just you're a bit too close to me right now I am your maid sotasama I want to stay by your side all the time I'm not complaining it's just a bit embarrassing school's over you don't have to follow me anymore.

Whether at school or not I am still your maid that will never change uh the thing is I've never walked home with a girl before this is a first for me Master are you busy right now hey you're the leader of the disciplinary committee why would you break the rules I'd work at a maid Cafe uh five maybe.

That is incorrect there are classical Victorian and Edwardian and most recent styles of the French China Gothic and Japanese ladita the list goes on add the different hair and makeup styles out there you can create an endless list of made types I never knew maid outfits went so deep my dream was to wear made outfits to.

Cheer people on and to give them comfort it's amazing to be helping people while doing the thing you love that's why I never want anybody to find out about my Donuts I belong there it means the world to me yukina-san really wants to be a maid I should start taking her seriously I don't want you to be forced into being.

My mate anymore I plan on keeping my mouth shut about your part-time job you have my word it's not like that but I don't want to chain you down plus it's not like you can be my exclusive mate forever I don't feel chinked out or anything I enjoy being your maid it's fulfilling.

If you insist I quit at least let me be by your side for another week nobody has wanted to stay by my side like she does oh okay I guess we can stay together for one more week great I'll do my best to satisfy your needs Master thank you.

As I spent more time with yukinasan I felt something change inside me I couldn't stop thinking about her as my maid and I found myself searching for her whenever she wasn't by my side I'm the only one who knows the true side of Yuki nassan she becomes a different person whenever she has her maid outfit on.

Oh master I have to work at made donuts this afternoon I'll be leaving early today okay good luck welcome to make donuts it's mean that I a master why are you here well I couldn't stop thinking about you I know.

I should have told you in advance the problem I'm over the moon I wanted you to see me in my mate outfits I will do my best to serve you today Master thank you lisaison thank you for waiting I brought you your lovely Donuts I'm into extra love into my drawing thank you Nissan shined brighter in her maid.

Outfit it made me want to cheer her on now I know how fans feel about their favorites you're doing great I was admiring how pretty you looked in your maid clothes oh my I didn't expect to hear that from you Lisa is a lucky made to have a user master this is bad I'm supposed to be such a.

Sense made my heart starts pounding so fast whenever I'm with him geez Sota she's your maid being nice to you is part of her job don't mistake her kindness for something else it's not mutual I dedicated my time to supporting Yuki Nissan for the remaining week of her services to me.

I stopped caring about what others would think of our queer relationship you can just not deserve to serve me exactly how she wanted to so I played the perfect Master part we have chem class now thank you yukina we should go together let's get going what's up with those two these days.

Why is the leader of the disciplinary committee with a class loner I went to made donuts to cheer her on whenever I had spare time at school and lisa-san at the maid Cafe I wonder which one is my favorite thanks for all your support please say John I felt as though my life finally had.

Meaning Yuki Nissan taught me how valuable it is to have somebody cheering you on she also showed how satisfied you feel when you send support to somebody you care about the final day of our last week together was here complicated feeling swarmed through my.

Heart I was headed to made donuts to see Yuki Nissan when I found her handing out flyers in the street our maid contract ends today oh nuts I have bonds for you say Sean hey didn't think I would find a maid out.

Here you're a pretty cute maid are you looking for a master you can serve us please let me go let me go I have a car how about we give you a ride you'll listen to us since you're a maid right um I don't think she's enjoying your attention.

Huh who are you get lost we're busy here stay away it's dangerous you guys know each other hey nerd boy we're gonna borrow this maid for a bit okay let me go don't you dare lay a finger on her yukina let's go.

You you nerd freak I know ever said you could go okay ouch just for the record you started this you touched my maid once more and I won't be letting you off so easily are you okay.

Did they hurt you no master I had no idea how strong you were my family has a long history with Aikido I've been taking lessons since I was a kid my whole family does oh I see I don't enjoy doing it but I don't want to know what my dad would do if I disobeyed him um.

I would like to hear the line that you said earlier again huh the line what are you talking about I heard it right said I was your maid what did I really say that about you done with me I swear to God you said it I hear it again.

Please if you insist you're my maid yukina I will never forgive anybody who hurts you oh did I do to be honest it was embarrassing at first but I am grateful now I know my service didn't start from the right reasons.

Yeah it was the best week of my life it's something that I will never have again so this is it it's too hard to stay any longer I guess I should go now I'll try to be more careful you don't have to catch me with manga books again.

I I think I have feelings for you master away without telling you I feel the same way you don't have to be my maid anymore but I would like you to stay by my side I can't imagine not having you in my life yukina will you be my girlfriend.

Ten Years Later our relationship wasn't all rainbows and unicorns but we pulled through and eventually got married we live a happy life together with our beautiful daughter now I'm home sorry I'm late soda you're back we dressed up in China dresses today do you like them daddy.

Like you two are the cutest girls in the whole world what can I do for you today master you can't call me master in front of our daughter doesn't mind we're in love and she knows it.

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