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[Manga Dub] I refused to take her picture, and she becomes very physical with me… [RomCom]


I thought she was pretty not like her face or body but it was like how you feel looking at the Setting Sun my heart was drawn to her I think she was rejected by a boy she was balling out like a little kid without caring at all what people thought about her I couldn't do that there's no way I could do that I.

Couldn't like someone that much that's why I took a photo later that photo would win me a very prestigious award I was able to have a small photo gallery in my honor I made a small print of the photo of the girl crying in the sunset and put it up I could see a young girl standing in front of the photo I realized immediately that it was her but.

I couldn't talk to her I took a photo without her permission and there was also something else that was stopping me from talking to her I have never run into her since 3 years later and I don't know where she is or what she is doing in exchange I met her Yumi Shota I don't think she'd cry because she was dumped by that boy like that girl the tale.

Begins here hey Kuru kakan can you take photos of me you again seriously I said no because I haven't gotten an answer yes I have I said no unfortunate I don't accept any answer except yes why are you asking me anyway why are you so obsessed with me oh don't act like you don't know you're the middle school boy that won the super amazing award you're always.

Taking photos of popular novels and magazines too we're only in high school once so I want to make it special you little we're the same as the people who cry for an autograph from famous people sorry but I always turn away those people why because you don't make me feel it huh I only want to take photos of things that are beautiful I am.

Beautiful I've got a good body too want to see it I'll take my clothes off for you if you want no no stop there's the real boy in you you're actually kind of cute that's not what I'm saying though then what are you saying have you seen my photos yes what do you think I don't know I thought they looked pretty right what are you.

Suddenly going to just brag it's kind of scary no that's not what I'm saying I like to take photos of things that are always around us you and I always see these shots but I like to take photos of things that really move me so that I can transfer that emotion onto photos get it not at all honestly now you can add creepy to scary.

Creepy you know you artists are really a strange bunch I understand something now though you are saying as long as I make you feel strong emotions you'll take a photo of me I mean yeah you get it I don't think you can do it though no I don't think so what did you say yeah what are you doing get off me see you're already nervous your face is a bright.

Red too I said that's not what I me mean you don't have to get so angry here have another on the house I said stop you keep saying you don't like it but your body is honest I can hear your heart beating out of your chest I'm done I'm never going to take a photo of you sea nope you're definitely going to you need to be moved by me it's not going to.

Happen I'm not going to take photos of you fine then it's a challenge if I get you to be nervous you're going to take photos of me that's how the fight between us began that weekend I was out in the city like I normally do except this time I wasn't alone hey what are you doing what what's going on you ignoring.

Me you're too loud that's cuz you won't talk to me besides you realize that your looks attract people's attention if you're going to follow me around just be quiet you've finally fallen for me huh definitely not but you just said I'm pretty I did not say that then am I ugly just being objective I think you're pretty I mean honestly you're probably.

The prettiest in our class nah our school everyone's saying that too I didn't say that you'd be that honest that's actually kind of making me embarrassed but but it's not about your face or your body that's not why I fall for someone I think you're complimenting me you're calling me cute right not at all jeez it's like talking to a brick.

Wall come on come on man just compliment me I chose these clothes because I figur you'd like them too I said that's not what I'm after damn it but boys like this sort of thing imagine if I'm all over you in clothes like this no way come on let's go over there well what are you doing H well we're on a date go alone what are you talking about I can't.

Go on a date alone I said it's not a date I'm looking for subjects to take photos of there's a nice subject right here here where right in front of you huh is there a ghost or something what do you mean you're saying you see something that I don't see I said I'm right here that's not good enough for me you little this is a decent location.

Though right yeah you feel like taking photos of me here nope oops hey damn it what are you doing can you see my face no h you always have to be such a butthead you take photos on your phone too right if it's too close it's all blurry you have that happen right yeah all the time uh but the only reason I misunderstood is because you're always.

Mean it's your fault how it is but if this is too close she took her shoes off and ran off into the distance while talking to me it's like life huh she didn't care about her skir getting wet she walked into the ocean the Sun was shining on the surface of the the water was glistening she sat at the center of the world and splashed water into the.

Air woah it's so cold I mean it's a little too cold to be out in the ocean but the wind feels good come on kurun yeah yeah yeah wa damn you dodged my Splash what are you going to do if you get water on my camera it's expensive how much is it just the camera is $3,000 what the lens is $5,000 ,000 so leave the camera on the beach why do you.

Think I came out here I said a second ago this is a date no I'm here to take photos oh yeah wait were you being serious of course not how's this pose pretty sexy huh you're like a bad gra Idol this didn't work out either huh it's not that sort of thing how many times I have to tell you besides what are you planning on doing with the.

Photos I take of you what do you mean what what are you going to use them for that's not nice why do you think I want you to take photos of me I don't know you remember that Idol that popped off because of that photo she posted on Insta yeah I know her I figure that's what you're going.

For why are you laughing because you thought I want to be an idol then what is it an actress or something my stomach actually hurts from laughing too much you don't need to laugh that much uh I thought my stomach was going to burn up you didn't have to laugh that hard I'm never going to talk to you I.

Didn't realize that I was that highly regarded really I mean everyone tells you the same thing right I mean yeah then but you know I'm not really shiny like people on TV you even said so yourself I don't make you nervous I'm not like the real deal you know so what's the answer I'm not going to use it for anything I just want it for.

Myself for yourself yeah I'm only in high school once I want you to take the best photo of me I'm just a girl what are you taking photos for your next magazine no it's for my next contest but you already won that W was for the amateurs I'm going to submit this time as a pro if this does well I can go on as a photographer I see so I was just in.

The way yeah yeah you probably should have hesitated a little with how that conversation was going that's much more like I get you're not really the sad emotional type besides if I really think you're in the way I'll just run away so don't worry ah Sund time to go home I'm just joking Shea was smiling with her pearly white teeth on display I felt.

Something coming up from within me just like when she ran towards the ocean I got my camera ready I focused on her smile perfect now just to get the perfect timing 1 2 3 then I Heard a Voice hey you want to hang out huh me wait muramatsu well you know me have we met before you don't remember oh wait we actually have met.

Before that's weird I don't think I forget a cute girl like you I see you don't remember huh okay yeah hey are you nervous I'm so nervous you're so aggressive you're cute and have a great body too okay cool bye huh why mukan what eat she ow have grabbed my hand and said let's go she walked away with me in tow the boy.

Was just standing there confused like an idiot with his mouth open hey what was that about I don't care about that prick that prick then I figured it out she was trembling and crying my body was moving on its own I realized I kind of missed this moment a few seconds to clear all the necessary conditions the sensitivity the lighting I took a.

Photo I heard a click and that moment was forever captured assumi she ERS tears were forever you just took a photo of that I did why because you moved me you freak what how because how are you going to take photos of someone crying taking photos of someone sexy posing is so much more normal wait hang on that's not what I mean then what is it I.

Thought it was badass me crying yeah you crying you were crying but you were fighting I've taken a photo like that before have I taken a photo of you before you finally remembered so then you know you need consent to take photos of someone Mr cameraman she jokingly warned me I think you were right here yeah 3 years ago I was rejected right.

There that guy that was him huh yeah just like you he didn't remember me though what did you want me to do you look completely different I worked hard on my diet in hair and stuff because you were dumped it was one reason I was really dumped he said I was ugly and that I wasn't a real woman I asked him out but he just shot.

Me down so I felt so good rejecting him earlier you're not want to pick the right boys huh yeah pretty much I just fell for his looks just like him let's go back to our original conversation I was rejected and I was so upset and before I knew it someone had taken a photo of me it must have seemed pretty bad because I was so sad but I didn't.

Want to chase him or fight so I just ignored him no no you weren't bad stop let me finish but I was wrong that boy won some really prestigious Award with my photo it was published at a really big photo gallery I was so surprised I thought it was beautiful I couldn't believe it was me my face was a mess and I was just balling my skin was screwed.

Up and I was fat but the boy that took a photo of me saw the beauty in me was really happy to see that I just wanted to be a girl this beautiful you know I wanted this boy to look at me again muramatu is a spark that made me want to work on myself but you were the goal I want you to think that I was cute and pretty I wanted you to take another.

Photo of me because I had fallen for you I've been crushing on you for 3 years I've taken tens of thousands of photos I never knew if they were good until I printed them out within those tens of thousands or were a few a few that I just knew the miracle shot that was just perfect this was one of those moments my heart was racing like when I just picked.

Up a camera I was praying this moment would last forever I pressed down on the camera and heard a click this moment captured forever is that a good enough answer no I want you to tell me artists speak through their work we're not good at conversation then I'll be waiting for your photo yeah it's perfect it'll be the best photo yet a little time went by.

Come on let's go you don't need to rush the art won't run away you know you have no right to be telling me that I thought you'd print the photo immediately but you submitted it to a contest then made me wait half a year I mean it was the best photo I could give you when you put it that way besides aren't girls happy about stuff like this.

Within reason this was too long I guess that makes sense I couldn't do anything for half a year what do you mean we went on plenty of days since spend bir birthday together we even spent time together during the summer festivals in Halloween true we're a little more than friends but not going out it was pretty fun though ah there it is wow there are.

So many people it really is the best photo huh you know now I'm kind of embarrassed why because that's a photo of me right I mean yeah it would be pretty bad if another woman was up there you'd probably kidney shot me and I might not just stop there don't worry the best photo means that it's the most beautiful photo out of all.

The photos here come on let's take a look yeah it's so pretty there it was the photo of Yumi confessing her feelings for me no matter how many times I see it I get butterflies I talk to the girl next to me I like you I can tell by looking at your photo good I'm glad you can tell yeah because it's really a beautiful photo the title of the photo.

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