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[Manga Dub] I rejected her, but the next day her sister yelled at me… [RomCom]


my name is shaa Yuda today I'm playing video games in my room with my childhood friend like we always do a uh what should we hunt for today the Leo drainers I'm not going home until we finish collecting all the rare materials be serious if you're going to stay over make sure you at least tell your mom.

First okay this girl's name is aan had and she lives in the house next to mine I've known her since elementary school and we go to the same High School now too basically she's one of my childhood friends we both love playing video games so we've been close since we were kids hey I know we're childhood friends but doesn't your mom say anything about you.

Sleeping over at a guy's place she doesn't in fact she says she doesn't mind in trusting her daughter if it's somun I mean my older sister's being a big crybaby about it though yosan doesn't change does she aan has a sister who is 2 years older than her named mosan it's a little worrying that she loves her younger sister too much oh I.

Got it the leus back me up S I'm going to defeat this guy while you do that oh I found a rare mushroom hey stop going on solo missions when we're doing a team play I didn't get the rare material oh I found the Leo draus a special stone what why it's a fair s let's do this one more time I'm going to get the Leo drain is once and for all oh.

I have a text from my sister she said the place you're sleeping over at isn't your boyfriend's house is it she even sent the crying Emoji make sure you respond to her yeah not my boyfriend's house right huh well yes it's my house well if I started dating you sha this would be my boyfriend's house right excuse me I I think it might not be a.

Bad thing for us to be in that kind a relationship I like you sha what you're not supposed to laugh a sorry it's because you said something weird what what's weird I mean we're childhood friends right I've never imagined us being a couple or anything uh but but it's not a bad thing for.

Childhood friends to become couples right maybe but we get along well and I want to stay childhood friends with you Kane I see you don't like me as a girl do you sha all right let's go to feed the Leo draus now never mind I'm going home what why wait are you crying Forget You sha you're so stupid cless you're a level Sea Hunter did you just call me a.

Level Sea Hunter hey aan she left it's my fault right I texted her after this but she left me I'm red the following day aane was absent from school because she wasn't feeling well apparently she had a fever I haven't been able to contact her since yesterday I'm a bit worried when it became lunch break the classroom became noisy for some reason.

Hi the precious student council president just came into our classroom she has such a nice body She's So Perfect shamun do you have a minute when I turned around I saw a student body president and ae's older sister makako standing there with a smile mosan what is the student body president doing in.

The Freshman classroom it's quite of my job to be close to the underclassman too so anyway what do you say we have lunch together in the student council office I'd like to hear all about how you made my adorable little sister cry yeah this girl it's like she has two different personalities it's scary you know what's going to happen if you.

Decline right I love to go with you just like that I was dragged into the student council office all right there's no one getting in our way in this room let's hear all about it shall we you act so differently in school and in your private life I can't be a student body president who absolutely adors her sister can I so you're aware you really.

Do love aan don't you obviously is so cute when she calls me Onan she's been following me around asking me to spoil her ever since she was young that's why she's so clingy with me she's such an Angel that's a creepy smile I'm not going to forgive you for making my adorable sister cry you better.

Be ready you sea level Hunter does everyone in the hter household use that nickname stop changing the subject explain what happened yesterday uh the truth is I told her everything that happened the day before so that happened I see basically you turned on my precious little sister which made her cry and get sick what that was a.

Confession you didn't notice I'm going to tear your body apart piece by piece anything but tearing my body apart listen akan seriously likes you what then what happened yesterday was A's true feelings all she does at home is talk about you do you know how many times I've gone crazy with jealousy cone hurts me her naan already.

Why is she even obsessed with you you're joking then what I did to aane was horrible that's what I've been telling you well I understand the situation now let me ask you again are you still going to turn a down after knowing how she feels that's I've only seen her as a childhood friend that I get along with I won't forgive that if you turn down my.

Adorable little sister I'm going to use my authority as student body president to make you a slave for the rest of your life that's tyranny what do you not like about aan she's cute good at cooking and would make the perfect wife you two get along so well already don't you what's not to like it's not that I don't like her I just never saw her romantically.

It'd be rude to AE if I dated her like that wouldn't it that's why I can't be in a relationship with her I see then I'll make you think of her that way excuse me I order you as student body president sha you're going to be my temporary student officer stared today at work under me as my slave you don't have the right to make me do that excuse.

Me don't you feel responsible for stopping all over's feelings how are you going to take responsibility for that that's don't you worry I won't do anything crazy either way go see aan after school I got it I want to apologize to akan too so I'll go see her yep if you understand you may leave okay excuse me Theo sound let me go easier.

Than I expected thinking that I left a student council office sha that guy left okay all right I just need to call akan hello Onan a how are you feeling are you lonely because your Anan is gone should I leave school early to go take care of you I'm fine I don't have a e anymore thank God anyway shelma said he's going to see you after school today what why.

Is Shuma is he worried because I'm sick hold on how am I supposed to Face him you're so cute you're flustered anyway I heard sha turned you down what how do you know that a lot happens more importantly aane do you want to know a relationship technique that will make Mak sha absolutely obsessed with.

You I do but can you even give me relationship advis on Nan don't worry about that your nan is a maiden with lots of relationship experience I know all about the techniques a girl needs to make a man fall for her I have nothing but worries don't say that you're going to make your own n cry okay I'll ask you then what should I do H basically I call.

It the rely on him and make him spoil you plan excuse me just like that I went to the H household after school thanks for coming to check up on me don't worry about it shouldn't you be in bed nope my fever went down so I'm fine I see uh listen Aran about yesterday I'm sorry for laughing at you when you confessed your feelings for me I only saw you as.

My childhood friend that I can get along well with that's why the idea of dating never crossed my mind and I didn't even realize how you felt I really do feel bad I see that's that mean I still have a chance huh a chance wait areny if you only saw me as your childhood friend I want you to look at me as a girl from now on can you it's not that I can but.

Uh hold on hold on this soft thing being press up against my arm this is bad let go of me for one second yeah I don't want to I Won't Let Go why not because I want you to see me as a girl sha what the way AK looked up of me was so cute my heart couldn't help but skip a beat come on promise me can you look at me as a girl got it I'll look at you as a girl.

And not just my childhood friend I'll let you go then this was embarrassing for me too I see who is this adorable girl she's so different from the aana he always TRS into my house to ask if we can play games hey let's play games at your house tomorrow sha despite that being a commonly heard initation my heart was beating extremely fast lunch.

Break the following day myoan called me into the student council office by using her Authority as student body president welcome Mr temporary student officer were you able to make up with a Conor mosan you were the one who gave bad ideas to aan weren't you what what are you talking about makako doesn't have a clue what you're saying hey you your.

Reaction is saying is an obvious lie more importantly how was it do you think you could see aane romantically now uh I did think she was cute you're so gullible leave me alone well a is the cutest girl in the world it's all your fault for falling for her I'll give you permission why do I need your permission.

Mosan so you're going to start dating a now that's I don't even know if these feelings are love yet you're so indecisive hurry up and make a decision I can't do that if I give aan an answer without fully understanding how I feel it'll be insincere insincere I see I'm relieved that you're prioritizing akan and how.

She feels but I want you to promise me one thing I don't care what decision you make but in the end I want you to make Aon smile smile I don't need you to think too hard about it I'm just saying don't hurt her of course they won't aan is the most important person in my life all right I'll excuse myself then most important.

Person in his life huh what a stupid guy that's what everyone in this world calls love good luck a youran is rooting for you after school AK and I played games in my room as promise sh let at the rare material for the Leo drainers today okay okay let's prepare for the quest hey can I move seats H yeah sure wherever you want.

Wherever I want okay excuse me well a you said I could sit wherever I want to I mean I did say that but I want to sit here I want to be close to you Sha but this position is a little uh hey did this make you see me romantically uh who knows come on let's play gosh you're so stubborn my heart is beating so fast but you stupid my heart is beating so.

Fast that it's painful too I didn't hate it in fact I wanted to play games like this forever I was happy but it hurt my heart at the same time I felt like my heart was about to explode this feeling is this what love is sha I found the leodas HCK me up yeah I'll set up the Trap you're a huge help I'll leave the back to you sha aane looks back and.

Smiles at me it was her usual Carefree smile but for some reason it was extremely adorable today ever since that day the kan's clinginess escalated I'm so tired oh I found a perfect pillow what what are you doing I'm using your legs at a pillow not that I'm asking you why you're using my legs as a pillow you don't see me as a girl.

Right this is fine then isn't it that's or do you want to sleep on my lap stupid of course I can't do that H you can't even do that when you don't see me as a girl that's weird give me a break I hadn't organized my feelings yet but H hold on a second maybe I needed some time to organize my emotions maybe I needed to stop playing around with Aran.

Take a step away from her and face how I'm feeling seriously one day after school I was walking home with aan sha what game do you want to play today listen aan I have a suggestion what is it do you think we can distance ourselves for a little bit what I see I'm sorry I must have been a bother to you huh no you weren't a bother at all I.

Hung out with you every day and kept showing you how I feel it must have been really annoying it's not that listen to me aen I just what are you crying I'm sorry I'm going to head home I'm so sorry hold on aan aan slipped away from my outstretched hand and ran away from the following day aan started acting differently aan how about.

Yesterday oh you can't talk to me hold on why are you running away she wouldn't even talk to me after school I was lost in thoughts in my room the reason aan is acting like that is because I asked to distance myself isn't it aai and I have always been together since we were young not once that I think it was annoying but I seem to have given her the wrong.

Idea I have to clear up the misunderstanding there was no reason for me to distance myself anymore after that day I was thinking about aan 24/7 I didn't think it would be so hard not to see her the reason for that was probably because I is that a package yes coming yes but aen sh sh don't cry anyway come in okay.

Thank you I brought aan into my room it was so painful not to be able to talk to you sha I'm sorry for coming here so suddenly it's all right I was about to go see you anyway what didn't you want to distance yourself from me about that it's not that that I don't want to spend time with you you know.

Really when I started to look at you romantically and as a girl I thought that I was starting to like you but I didn't know if these feelings were actually love that's why I wanted time alone so that I could face my feelings and think about things I see thank God I thought you hated me and I'm sorry for getting ahead of myself things got weird.

Because I was so impatient no it's my fault for never realizing how you felt aany you have always been clueless I'm sorry I won't ask to distance myself from you anymore so please forgive me huh I've been thinking about you non-stop recently aan that's probably because I like you I finally realized.

It you're so late stupid I'm sorry for making you wait so long let me say it properly I like you aan please be in a relationship with me even if I'm your childhood friend I want to be with you because you're my child childhood friend I want to continue to stay by your side like I always have sh I love you too please stay by my side.

Forever that's how the two of us started dating so we'll probably go on dates like a couple from now on or at least that's what I was thinking but the Leo drone is escaped sh hurry up and Chase it okay wait hold on recover first recover okay okay huh what's wrong I was just thinking about how nothing changed even after we became a couple.

Huh is that a bad thing yeah it's not bad but I just thought we'd do more couple like things couple like things sha do you want to do things like that with me what I'm okay with doing things like that no I didn't mean it in that way oh what do you think do you want to do things like that with me that's huh.

Yakusa messaged me what did she say if you do anything dirty to my precious little sister I'm going to murder you got it I won't I swear what did she say huh uh she said please take care of my sister ah she's such a worrier anyway do you want to go to the.

Amusement park this Sunday what is that a date let's oh let's go a date Miss CH how can I smiled happily well I guess we can just say the way we are and slowly start to do couple like things we need to plan things then uh uh after we hunt this down okay yes ma'am I'll recover and get on it thank.

You I love it when my boyfriend revives to back me up yeah yeah I also love it when my girlfriend beats the hell out of monsters just like always the two of us enjoyed our time playing games together thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as.