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[Manga Dub] I rejected my sister’s friend because she was too young… 5 years later… [RomCom]


I'm sakafumi ichikawa and I'm 20. I'm a sophomore in college and I have a little sister called owie in Middle School takafumi do you have any plans today no I don't think so why do you ask I'm so happy you don't hamari is coming over today can you please hang out with us.

Buy Hangouts you mean the pretend fashion show he made me watch every time right yes please we need a man's opinion as you can see Howie fits the typical girl stereotype FYI hamari is always best friend her full name is Amari Sato oh yeah yeah himari was talking about how you are so handsome.

Compliments from a middle schooler it doesn't make you happy well of course it does I get it you want a girlfriend don't you you should go out with hamari then she's a great catch you know idiot she's too young I can't date her what but she's so pretty what a waste he'll be doing Japan a favor by making babies with her do you realize how crazy you.

Sound you and him Mari would look so great together go with her do you understand that would be a criminal I could be convicted of a felony don't worry about it it won't be a crime as long as it's mutual seriously stop bugging me about it no why do you want me to day tomorrow so badly anyway.

Just because I want a sister like that you should tell our parents that I let your Dowry a little after that if Amari found out that owie was talking about it with me like this I'm sure she would get upset and then lunch came along and tomorrow he came over.

Hi takafumi good to see you hey Amari I'll see you cut your hair I did um what do you think oh well you look very pretty you said I look pretty oh hey it doesn't mean anything I'm just kidding don't worry I know you didn't.

Mean anything by it well they say birds of a feather flock together she's so cheeky just like my sister owie my brother scolded me nope I just told him he should date you that's all he started going on about how he's too old for you and that you would.

Be happier off with somebody your age what I don't think you're too old for me at all takafumi oh really I think you are sweet and mature and seeing how you are so caring towards me makes me like you even more oh thanks she said she likes me even more.

I'm sure she doesn't mean anything my heart needs to stop beating so fast after that the girl started their pretend fashion show in the living room Ali and hamari took turns walking around in their outfits I would tell them what I thought afterward well I just kept saying things that.

Would satisfy a middle school girl but something was different today akufumi do you think about himari's dress um yeah it's very mature I like it a lot are you sure thank you what do you mean thank God well this dress is.

No I already don't say it something that hamari bought just to show you I told you not to say anything no sense hiding it anymore I heard owie still I'm so happy that you think it's a nice dress uh yeah I'm a 20 year old college student and Amari is still in Middle School.

What Ali was saying is true Amari is very pretty she will probably grow up beautifully but still a middle school girl is too young for me hey we were thinking of hitting up the shopping mall can you drive us again fine whatever yay I love you so much bro.

I love you too takufumi yeah yeah and so I drove Ali and Amari to the shopping mall I could drive I agree he looks so cool oh yeah can you put on Conan's new song hey that's asking too much you know I think I really like your brother well you know you guys should just start.

Dating what the heck is she saying doesn't she know that Amari doesn't mean it in that way when I was in Middle School I was fascinated by older women too so I could understand where hamari is coming from are you serious see I told you she'd be in love with you.

Say yes come on hey I'm driving let me Focus she's joking right and she must have made that comment just for the fun of it and I was shaking for a second but I remembered how young she was I dropped them off at the shopping mall and they jumped out of the car and skipped off as if the conversation had.

Never happened I never expected a middle school girl to propose me in a car nothing else happened that day but hamari started expressing her affection for me formally from that day on takafumi let's go hang out huh.

Uh sure what about owie I already suggested the two of us spent some time together oh yeah she's in for a scolding later yeah it's a date wait do you want to go uh I don't have anything in mind is there anywhere you want to go I would love to go visit your campus.

With you and so I brought her to Yuki University where I'm currently studying oh takafumi your little sister oh but she looks so young middle school maybe ah this is a misunderstanding it's this and that.

I'm sure you all see how uncomfortable I felt I didn't know you had such a pretty friend uh we're just in the same research group are you sure you don't have feelings for her nah she's already in a serious relationship I didn't know how to reply.

I don't have much experience with jealous Middle School girls well then you should make me your girlfriend well that's not an option okay um time pass on the girls became high schoolers hamari kept asking me out she.

Never gave up on it her being in high school didn't change a thing she was still too young for me one day takafumi hamari's here again she knows what she wants and she set on getting it.

She loves you uh what are you here for you know why I'm here I came to see you I'm in high school now you see so I love you why won't you go out with me I've told you again and again I can't do that why not I'm not a child anymore.

Takafumi hamari is serious about this I know the least you can do is look at her face when you're talking to her I thought it was a temporary Crush at first but I realized how strong her feelings for me were even if she was serious there's no way I could date her I'm a senior now and I'll be graduating.

This year I need to tell her straight up it's for our good fine let me make it crystal clear whether you're in middle school or High School nothing changes for me I'm not into dating children just give up and go find a guy your own.

Age hey talk Taco me don't hurt like that hamari taka fumi go after her Amari left without saying another word you are such a jerk do you realize how much time and effort him already put in.

Just to get you to like her I don't care about any of that fine I hate you you deserve to burn in hell okay then I was left alone with my guild it was for amari's sake but I'd gone too far but this is for the best.

I forced myself into believing that what I did was the right thing to do after that Amari never showed her face to me again and now he stopped talking to me as well five years passed by I was a businessman and believe it or not almost 30. hamari is turning 20 soon she ended up getting into Yuki.

University with Ali the same school I attended I wonder how she's doing these days I haven't seen her since that day Ellie and I have slowly patched things up but we wrote as close as we were back in the day I totally understand why even if it was for hamari's sake I still hurt her a lot.

Now that I think back on it I probably could have worded it better I'm still stuck on that day regretting it like it just happened yesterday gosh I can't believe how pathetic I am I live alone in my apartment and the thoughts keep invading my mind I bet Amari has forgotten all about me and she probably is a nice boyfriend now.

He's calling me hey bro it's been a while hey owie are you eating properly I guess how's University and all you having fun yeah everything's good I guess I see so um yeah ah nothing don't worry about it.

How could I ask Ali about hamari oh yeah you should come to our campus Festival if you have the time at campus Festival why invite me well I'm part of the planning committee this year since you're a graduate I would love to show you the changes I made for the campus Festival I see well I guess I can go.

The day of the festival I arrived at Yuki University but I couldn't find out we waiting at our meeting place owie I'm here where are you sorry we're sort of having some trouble right now I've sent a friend instead let her show you around okay I don't need to be shown around I'm a graduate.

Oh there you are wait I know this voice but owie would never send her I slowly turned around to see it's been so long takafumi hamari yep that's my name I can't believe you remembered me well yeah of course I remember you.

I suspected it to be hamari but I was still surprised wow you've grown up to be such a beautiful woman this is unbelievable why would Ali send to Mario over to pick me up I was hoping to see her but I didn't expect her to appear so fast is something wrong.

I was just thinking it's been a while I think it's been about five years the last time we met uh hey don't tell me you're still bothered by what happened that day well I mean I said some horrible things to you it's all in the past you know actually I wanted to apologize.

For being so persistent and annoying no uh hey why don't we go take a walk together sure let's go then I guess we're okay now I was shocked to see how beautiful Amari had become and I never expected to be reunited with her this way this brings back some good old memories.

Takafumi did you lose some weight is working as tough as they say it is yeah I guess so work isn't that bad but I live alone so my lifestyle has got him quite sloppy I've heard living away from parents can be difficult so do you have a girlfriend now huh nah dating hasn't been a big part of.

My life so far I always thought you could get any Crow you wanted takafumi you are still as handsome as you were five years ago and you're flattering me so what about you hamari are you in a relationship nope I don't have a boyfriend.

Oh is it because of what I did I'm sure I hurt you badly I see you still feel really bad about what happened that day that's why you don't look so beautiful today I'm sorry I'm really over it though I know how about payback time huh payback I know.

You dumped me because you cared about me but if you're still upset about what happened I will get payback and then we can call it even I had no idea what she meant by payback time she told me to follow her and we arrived at the stage area outside the school building and Mori told me to stay there and wait.

So I did and watched magic shows and band performances there is this what you meant by Payback to spend the day all alone after all the performances were done owie came onto the stage as EMC the next event happening up on stage was how's everyone doing we're starting our main.

The Miss Yuki University beauty pageant was known to guarantee spots in the entertainment business every year the winner of the pageant will be scouted by the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan this year's winner is a sophomore give a round of applause for himari Sato thank you for all the support.

I couldn't believe it hamari was a contestant and she won by a landslide I wouldn't have expected less from her not only is she beautiful when she is well educated her performance score set a new record okay shall we ask our winner a few questions Miss hamari congratulations on your victory.

Thank you so much is there anybody you want to thank right now well my parents of course but there's also another person I want to thank for motivating me to do my best can you tell me who it is well he's been my favorite person ever since I was in Middle School everything I did up until this moment I did it to.

Impress this person wait is she wait is she talking about so what do you plan on doing after you graduate I plan on marrying that person wow what a statement does this person happen to be in the Crowd by any chance yes he's over there takafumi ichikawa and Mari what the heck.

Takafumi ichikawa I'm confessing my feelings now I'm in love with you I'm not a child anymore please will you marry me I know you feel bad about what happened before so you can make it up to me by being my husband Amari could have chosen to be famous but no she didn't hesitate to throw that all.

Out she chose me the crowd was cheering for her like crazy I even heard people threatening to hurt me if I didn't marry her I see so this is what she meant by payback time takumi ichikawa it's time to give himari an answer I wasn't expecting that kind of Payback.

I apologize I wanted to make sure you wouldn't scribble your way out of it I'm not gonna run from us anymore I'll make sure to be here for you from now on I'm glad to hear that and I'm looking forward to our future and so Amari and I started dating with marriage as our goal there was just.

One problem do you realize how hard I work these past few years just to get to get focus on myself and look where it got me I'm still single okay okay I'll introduce you to someone nice and decent all right I guess we have a lots of owie it's my turn to take care of her and.

Make sure she ends up happy what what you were dumped again the girl who suddenly asked me that rude question is shizuka izumo she's the Cheery type I'm Katsuya Inari and she's my classmate for some reason I've been caught up in her strangeness recently this has nothing to do with you.

Fine maybe no way why do I have to tell you my sad breakup story it was hazuki's son from the plus next door right what did she say to you when she dumped you why do you know that you can immediately imagine who you.

Asked though easy ah okay yeah it was her got a problem no that it just seemed Reckless no routine you like girly girls that are really popular with the boys so pursuing her is impossible right people like you are quick to see what people like.

But anyways maybe if you take a closer look he'll find somebody who's bound here by the red string of bait huh someone oh do you mean our cute like a bunny class rep akina-chan why why her plus she was the first one to dump you remember uh even though I did my best to forget.

You sure are cruel nope wrong for not facing reality reality is cruel yep it sure is closer you don't mean our little sister class rep Minaj on she likes me why her making them class reps by the way our garu class rep is without a doubt you.

Oh yeah but I won't accept that no 18 if you act like that you'll never get a girlfriend no way be better off alone instead why are you so mad he's a Mustang got up angry and returned to her seat I don't think I said anything to make.

Her angry though more importantly if I can't get a girlfriend what'll I do ah welcome home monichan sawing as soon as you walk in the door is something wrong oh akane this is my little sister akane she's a freshman in high school and only a year younger than me but she's.

Childish and friendly and a cute sister well I was teased by a girl in my class for not being popular of course I glossed over the fact that I was dumped I have pride as an older brother you know what's making fun of you oh well it was the garu in class what kind of girl.

Sure has a lot of guts to cuts to Chan if you get angry there's not much to be done about it forgive her for this um what do you plan on doing do you have a girlfriend uh but I don't have a girlfriend and she'd make fun of.

Me again huh that's impossible we definitely be caught it's fine there aren't that many people at school that know we are siblings I'm hiding that at akane's request because she's embarrassed to be known at school for being treated sweetly by her brother is this really okay.

Find out from our appearance because of that Al you're going that far I couldn't hide my surprise after hearing what akane planned to do akane was making big moves all for the sake of getting back at izumo-san oh all right I'll be making my appearance afterwards bro will it be all right I wonder my.

Little sister full of confidence stood in front of me but I was feeling nervous about tomorrow the next day akane was in good spirits for some reason or is that because she's diving headfirst into the girlfriend role I.

Expected nothing less of my sister she's not just cute she's good at acting too maybe she should be an actress in the future anyway changing her hairstyle and going so far as to diet well I guess it's fine since it looks good she somehow looks cuter than she did before what the heck who's that cute girl was there a girl that cute at our school.

As expected everyone thinks she looks beautiful akane's amazing um is something wrong no it's nothing he sure are getting stared at huh yeah for sure I wonder why I don't look that strange do I she doesn't realize all the stairs she's getting is because of her.

Looks as usual she's thick-headed when it's about herself and who she looks like right now it's fine is it is it yep people have their eyes on you because you're cute I see you sure are cute oh come on don't tease me I wasn't teasing huh.

why does she have her arm wrapped around you this girl is well uh my girlfriend huh you're joking right there was hardly any indication or sign of you having one and I don't know that girl either she's a freshman so that's probably why you don't.

You girl like her would have been a Hot Topic at school there's no way I wouldn't have at least heard about her ah he's the most science info network isn't anything to bat an eye at maybe it's a matter of time before we're found out fact that you deny it because you didn't know isn't that way of thinking a bit.

Childish anyway who are you I'm akame and just as you see it I'm katsu yakoon's girlfriend I won't accept it I won't accept you as naughty Gene's girlfriend could this girl perhaps why are you going so far to make katsuyakuna your enemy.

I'm not making him my enemy enemy it's just just happening anyways I won't accept your relationship ah wait he's a massage ran away without looking back what's with her all of a sudden you're unexpectedly cruel alrighty that should be enough huh why.

All of a sudden Zig Yahoo who was making fun of you was her right I think we got her good enough so there's no need to pretend today anymore I guess you're right yep it's fine if we tricked her for a day ah is that so yeah even if we aren't in contact at school our last names are the same so we would get found out.

Eventually well we could trick her and say we're cousins but going that far is a pain we'd probably be bombarded with questions so with that I'm done pretending to be your girlfriend so I think you should tell her the truth next time she asks okay I gotcha well let's hurry up and get to class.

Man even though I went through the trouble of changing my hairstyle but oh well siblings kids get married after all morning everyone he's here hey we came to ask you about that girl you came with wow this became quite the rumor oh that stuff before you idiots you backstabber why you.

Easily dropped me for a freshman you had no direct interaction with up until now is that what you're doing to get a bunch of girlfriends huh maybe it was harder on her than I thought since she thought I couldn't get a girlfriend sorry but actually that girl was my little sister if you wanted a girlfriend that bad why'd you huh a.

Little sister yep her full name is akane Inari sorry why did you do that because of that I was totally depressed depressed no what I just said now is wrong it was a bigger speech that's right a figure of speech anyway how about the lies if you do something like that again I'll stop.

Being your friend he's almost on quickly went back to her seat maybe she was jealous hey Inari that girl from before was your sister huh introduce me please introduce me to your sister on Nissan who are you calling on Nissan no absolutely not there's no need to say it after that I was surrounded by the guys but there was no way I'd let.

Her into this flock of wild beasts so I turned everyone down came to talk to me for some reason after class what's up well would you like to hang out with me huh um is that a no no I'm down this is the first time izumo's son has asked me to hang out with her so where do you want.

To go anywhere you want to go is fine with me I see having the decision making onto me I guess in this case if I was akane I'd want to go to the arcade or a department store I'm sure izumo-san would be happy too if we went shopping how about we go to the department store oh are we going window.

Shopping oh sorry was that a bad choice we can do something else it's fine I thought maybe you didn't want to do it you know since boys say that stuff isn't Fun ah I see it's all good I hang out with my sister a lot so I'm used to it oh I see then I want to go to the department store okay let's go getting.

The okay from izamosan we headed to the department store izumosan sure is being Meek today I think Ethan wasan is cute when we got to the department store some delicious ice cream caught our eyes so we ended up eating ice cream before we go shopping it really is delicious do you want to try some of mine huh come on.

If any try a different flavor let's swap cones izumosom brought her ice cream cone close to my mouth is this okay is what I was thinking but since I had the chance I took a lick of her ice cream how is it it's good I see oh okay guess it's my turn here you go how is it it's good I see.

We ended up feeling embarrassed so without another word we ate our ice cream however that time wasn't strange or bad but somehow a feeling of Happiness on top of that he's the most unsure is cute seeing izumo-san eat her ice cream bashfully made her look cute and I ended up imagining her as my girlfriend after that we had fun window.

Shopping as planned and headed home today was fun yeah it was easy what's wrong well hmm you can take your time thanks um you'll probably think this is strange but he wants a girlfriend right huh well yeah and well what about me huh what do you mean.

I've liked you for a long time I've waited all this time for you to ask me out but after seeing what happened today with your sister I realized I can't wait around so please make me your girlfriend he's a musana to put it bluntly I was shocked I had the slightest idea that she even liked me.

But yeah I hope you accept me as well I was already interested in her so the answer is a given really yep we hung out today and I realized I'm interested in you too even though I say that since you asked me out you may not believe me yeah I'm looking forward to us izamosan.

No shizuka Hassan so just like that shizuka-san and I were dating after that we told akane that we started dating and she gave us her blessing but something somewhere seems to have gotten complicated so in order to make her feel safe I'll make sure to bring shizuka-san.

Happiness Hey listen to me Monday mornings they're depressing even at the best of times but today I was being pestered by an annoying loudmouth my name is hiroto kanagi and I have to put up with this guy's bragging all the time hey did you know I got a girlfriend wow amazing I'm sure he had another one.

Just last month did they split up or something even still he does well with the ladies are you jealous sorry it's always me you must really want a girlfriend by now you're so annoying is what I was thinking but somehow I managed to behave like an adult hold my tongue and make it out without incident.

But I want a girlfriend please help me get a girlfriend soon sure enough I was frustrated so I prayed to God the next day I hadn't had a girlfriend my whole life since being pestered by that loud mouth at work I started praying every day that somehow or other I'd find one today as if to turn the bitterness of yesterday into a positive I continue to.

Pray again and again for the same thing good morning thank you again today for your enthusiastic prayers oh Priestess she's the daughter of the hood priest of the Yuki aishiro Shrine she's one year younger than me we went to the same elementary and middle school and she's well known for being really pretty which is why I know her name which if I'm not.

Mistaken is kotone kunihiro they're really selfish prayers though that's okay I'm like grateful I find every day oh see she really is cute in middle school she smashed the record for being effed out the most times.

Seems like she didn't end up dating anyone back then but she probably has a boyfriend now what's wrong nothing it's nothing oh I see that reminds me you prayed a lot longer than usual today you're not going to be late for anything right oh this is bad I'm gonna be late for work be careful I.

A great day thanks bye with that I made a dash for the office after that I began speaking to the Priestess for a little while every day after praying before heading to the office every time I finished my prayers she came over to speak to me speaking honestly speaking to her every morning became one of the highlights of my day.

One time on my day off Mr kanagi good morning Priestess cat good morning um cats I found it left in a cardboard box in front of the shrine so it's abandoned then yes do such a thing I want to look after it at my house but Todd's allergic to cats.

Your place is no good then huh I was wondering if I could ask you me I might be best if I gave it to someone I knew the poor thing's been through a hard time so I wanted to be happy from now I understand I'll take care of it really yeah there are no rules against cats in my apartment so it's fine that said I.

Live on my own and I'm a little nervous because I've never had a cat before oh well in that case I could come over and help you huh what do you mean um I want to help out with looking after the cats so if it's no trouble I was thinking maybe I could come over to your apartment huh do you seriously mean it yes I'm.

Serious she's surprisingly pushy uh aren't you worried it might be dangerous or anything I wouldn't place if I thought that oh okay then sure you no thank you I never imagined I'd end up getting close to a priestess like this and that.

After that I took the cat home with me and told the Priestess my address so she could come over once she'd finished with her duties at The Shrine not long after arriving home the cat took it upon itself to claim exclusive possession of my favorite cushion at least you're relaxing I'm gonna head out and buy some supplies for looking.

After you now so won't you be a good chat and sleep quietly for me do you understand what I'm saying I must be cracking up obviously a cat couldn't understand human language well I'm heading off now be good I already knew but this stuff's kind of expensive.

Huh you waiting for me yeah you're actually kind of cute you like it in this spot huh yeah this cat's cute oh I wonder if that's her hold on hello hey I doubted whether she'd even thought of me as a member of the opposite sex of the shrine things.

Being as they are there but now for the first time she seemed conscious of me being a guy oh um this is awkward it's a bit messy but please come in no not at all thank you oh hey there did you come to say hi yeah yeah oh thank you isn't it just the cutest yeah.

So friendly you would never think it was abandoned huh I think it like that it's completely Unforgivable Priestess oh I'm sorry since we're not at the shrine anymore I'd like it if you call me by my real name huh are you sure yes katone kunihiro oh I'm I'm hiroto kanaki but everyone calls me hero it.

Feels a little unusual being called Priestess by so many years older than me oh did I tell you my age I'm not sure if you know but I was in the grade below you in middle school huh she remembers me or rather she knew me this whole time I was if I do say so myself an.

Inconspicuous student at school so much so that it wouldn't be strange if even the students from my own year didn't know who I was to think in spite of that someone as popular as kotone would remember me I thought there was no way you'd remember me I remember you too you know oh really I'm glad yeah I thought you wouldn't know me because you were so.

Popular but why did you remember me because I always thought you seemed to come I see ah I knew it so it wasn't because we're destined to be together or because she had feelings for me after all huh what is it no way is this cat trying to make me.

Feel better I wonder what it's doing yeah who knows I guess it wasn't trying to console me after all anyway shouldn't we give the cat a name oh you're right I you should be the one to choose hero sure you don't want it yeah yeah why does this cat stare making me feel like I'm being tested well okay.

Then how about Meowth huh did this cat just sigh um but that's I mean cats can't is this cat really a cat I feel like I'm interacting with a human anyway do you think it's a boy well let's have a look.

Oh stop yeah I wonder if it's getting angry because I'm trying to find his crown jewels fine you win I'll stop looking chill out already I think this cat can understand what we're saying it does seem like it but what shall we do about the name.

How about you give it a name that suits it whether it's a girl or a boy good idea right then how about nyanko yeah oh you don't like it yeah looks like it seems to like it Miyako is really cute really I'm glad to be honest I wasn't even sure myself but as long as the cat likes it I'm happy after that we chatted idly for.

A while nyanko was asleep on kotone's lap without a care in the world I was jealous well I should head home soon as the sun started to set Cortona slowly Rose to her feet I didn't want her to go but I guess it couldn't be helped.

Then for some reason nyanko stopped her leaving Bianco yeah don't you want me to go home look she has to go wait calm down oh hey hero what are you going to have for dinner oh I was just gonna grab something from the shrine.

See well in that case if it's no trouble would it be okay if I cooked us something huh why well says it seems like niacco doesn't want me to go home yet we may as well eat together that would be nice but I don't have any ingredients here shall we go out and buy some um sure okay but if we try and go out.

Won't nyanko try and stop us or so I thought but nyanko who'd let go of my hand was now being strangely well behaved resting quietly on my fluffy cushion the hell is going on with this cat even after that the cat continued to give us hell for some reason yonko would work in small places and deliberately jump out.

So kotone would lose her footing and trip over and instead of eating cat food nyanka would try and eat whatever we were having here we go again I thought suffice to say yonko was quite a handful your uncle's asleep right it looks like it I think it's worn itself out I've never known such a mischievous cat right after being tripped over by nyanko.

And falling onto each other countless times it was kind of an embarrassing atmosphere between me and kotone finally time for me to go home all right are you sure you don't mind if I don't walk you back went home as I finally able to escape.

Good grief pleased you're happy but you can't be causing cotone trouble like that it's not like you can hear me anyway good night for now nyanko kotone came over again the next day to help me look after nyanko nyanko went into Mischief mode again and as usual.

Cotone and I ended up being tripped up all over each other as these days went on I naturally couldn't help but think about kotone more and more there was something important I wanted to talk to you about today do you mind oh oh okay I caught on a to tell you the truth I like you will you will you be my.

Girlfriend I'm so pleased I have feelings for you too hero you do yes at first when I used to see you visiting the shrine every day I thought you seemed really kind and sincere hence then after I started coming to your apartment all the time I developed.

Feelings for you without realizing it if you'll really have me I'd love to be your girlfriend really I'm so happy I'm glad we met again cotone you too hero and that's how kotone and I became a couple but for some reason after we declared our feelings for each other.

Nyanko mysteriously disappeared we searched my apartment from top to bottom but the cat was nowhere to be found the doors and windows were always locked so there was no way it could have gone outside inexplicably on top of nyanko's favorite fluffy cushion was kotone's lucky charm from the shrine maybe nyanka was the Incarnation of a deity who.

Appeared to fulfill my wish kotone was on Low Spirits for a while and there was a sense of loneliness with nyanko gone but I tried to cheer her up and I'll continue doing my best to make her happy from now on oh and we just so happened to run into the loudmouth from work while out on a date but he was so overwhelmed with.

Jealousy when he saw how cute kotone looked that he could barely speak but that's a story for another time a beautiful black-haired girl who turns all heads when she walks by I bet all of you guys out there would feel lucky to have that kind of girl walking beside you am I right and if she was your childhood friend everybody would be.

Jealous of you no doubt but in reality it's not as sweet as it sounds stop by on our way home the beautiful girl I was talking about is my childhood friend mayura Namikaze she's known as the prettiest girl in school and is extremely popular among the male students and to her I narayuki imai Zumi what what are you just.

Sister not a Yuki you don't have the right to complain to me I'm a servant she can treat like crap anytime I don't have any complaints where do you want to go today I want to go pick out clothes huh we just went shopping for clothes last weekend do you realize you're complaining no it's not that I'm complaining you better.

Not be I'm the most popular girl in school you should be honored that I picked you to hang out with I I guess so I always wonder when did things start to get so messed up mayura used to be a sweet crybaby who needed me by her side now she acts like she's the queen she acts this way towards everybody so no one stands a chance.

Against her I guess being with her has its Ops a Loser Like Me would get crushed if I didn't have my hero as my closest friend however I wish he would fix her personality after school mayura took me to a department store to try on some new clothes what do you think she's been asking me the same question for the past.

Half hour and it's getting old to be honest I know nothing about fashion plus anything she wears looks good on her the point of asking me hey that tenth time you said that comment you need to look at the details well you look good in anything my era what else can I say well if that's the case good she seems.

Satisfied with my answer so have you decided on which outfit to buy today um um complimented me on everything that makes it harder to pick jeez everything is my fault isn't it I'm exhausted my era finally finished buying clothes and we left the department store the sun had set long ago I don't get why.

Girls spend so much time picking out their clothes hey give me your bags huh well I should hold your luggage right yep I took the shopping bag from mayura's hands I nudged her to the edge of the sidewalk so she'd be farther from the road there are no other girls who would be willing to hang out with you like I do.

So thankful for me yeah yeah thank you not to ever forget it I'm glad to see she's in a good mood she may seem hard to satisfy which is actually quite simple-minded I guess that's one of the things I like about her oh yeah I'll be at your place after I get changed okay huh coming over again do you not want me.

To of course I would love for you to come over that's right be a joy for you yes total Joy honestly I enjoy spending time with my era but having her around all the time it's a lot to handle plus I would love to have some time just for myself so I started planning ways I could get my.

Euro to spend less time with me once we got home mayura changed her clothes and came over to my room it's almost dinner time shouldn't she be home getting ready to eat my mom is always so happy to see my era that's why I let her in but to be honest I'm a bit wary about this no no but sure there's no way you can beat.

Me she never gives up she always keeps trying to win only for me to totally Crush her an hour later gosh why can't I can't at all my Euro lost again and she was Furious not a Yuki you're cheating aren't you no I'm not that's ridiculous.

it's not me it's how you control the character come on don't get all sulky and it would be nice if you could get off my bed she may look like a grown woman on the outside but she's just a kid on the inside she seems so different from when she's acting like a queen bee it's.

Actually quite cute I like her better this way for not letting me win why should I let you win F win but you get angry whenever I go easy on you a lot of my friends have boyfriends now so we don't get to hang out as much WoW that was a fast topic change oh I just.

There is somebody for me too you know yes what a great idea what's wrong uh it's nothing oh okay anyways don't you have to get going oh I lost track time I I always do this whenever I'm with you it's strange and by the way we'll be studying together tomorrow bye yeah yeah I watched her leave my house.

And wave bye to her she's my next door neighbor so there's no need for me to take her home I just keep an eye out for her through the window until she gets through her front door I spent the next few days planning and a week later I was finally ready you're going to karaoke today let's go mayura is always the one who decides.

Where we hang out and like always she came to pick me up and so I turned around and told her I'm sorry I don't think I can hang out with you anymore huh we should talk about this I couldn't tell her in front of everybody so I took her to the hallway to talk to her what do you mean why can't you hang out with me.

Well um I I have a girlfriend it was during lunch break one of the underclassmen girls asked me out and I said yes of course I'm lying to tell you the truth no girls are willing to even talk to me so it won't take long before the truth comes out however I just wanted to.

Keep her off of me for a few days that's all I needed I remember you left the classroom during lunch break and didn't come back until the end that's what was happening yep I went all the way outside and stayed there just so my story would sound convincing that's right I see I understand my era yeah hey are you crying wait what.

That's strange it's nothing I just had something in my eye I think my Euro you're not a Yuki oh thanks well then I I won't have to head to your place anymore I wish the best for both of you uh so I guess I'll be going then oh wait my era you better end up happy or else my Euro ran off and.

Never looked back I couldn't forget the expression on her face when she was running off did I make the biggest mistake of my life I felt awful it hurt I guess I deserved it for doing such a horrible thing to my Euro not a Yuki take a look at this after my Euro found out about my fake girlfriend she avoided me for the rest of the day.

However she came up to me at school the next day a fashion magazine yep I I'm not interested in the whole thing but what to wear why is that well don't you want to impress your girlfriend I didn't really care what you looked like since you were.

Satisfied with it but many girls out there care about what their boyfriends look like nothing bad will come from being well prepared hey did did you just say narayuki has a girlfriend so does that mean my Euro has become available let's go win her heart hey there mayura if you have free time on your hands why don't we I'm sorry I'm not up for.

Hanging out with just anybody oh come on also I'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt my conversation with nanayuki um of course so let's get back to where we were I marked a few pages in the magazine outfits which you should try out first don't worry I picked out the ones I thought would look best on you and I.

Made sure they were comfortable outfits I mean everything depends on the fabric so you're gonna have to try a few out in the shop why would you do this for me it doesn't do you any good of course of course friend has a girlfriend now it's my responsibility and I did happy with her.

With her oh what is it nothing I'd forgotten how caring my Aurora can be she always acts so bold and spoiled but she has a good heart I'm ashamed how could I do this to such a sweet girl Myra can I talk to you about something huh oh about what scaring me well.

Something important well so what did you want to talk about do you want me to stop talking to you all together you want to quit being friends well well I can understand where your girlfriend is coming from I would be scared if there were a girl like me nearby my boyfriend but we've known each.

Other forever how can we just cut all ties when we've grown up with each other that's not what I wanted to talk about I don't even have a girlfriend what did you just say I'm sorry I lied to you I don't have a girlfriend it was all a fake story oh okay then my era hey what's wrong my Euro started bawling.

When she heard my confession I never imagined her to act like that since she always keeps a mature image on the school premises the girlfriend did I just I was so heartbroken I'm so sorry like another girl this girl suddenly showed up and sorry lied to me about getting a girlfriend.

Well I just wanted a little time to myself we've spent most of our time awake together I've never had alone time and so I just wanted a little break so well yeah but I don't want you to get the wrong idea it's not that I don't like you you mean so much to me but that's I don't mind having you around I.

Just wanted some time for myself as well I know I went too far I shouldn't have lied to you I'm so sorry for that but it's not that I don't like being with you and I realized something I I have feelings for you my era will you will you be my girlfriend what are you gonna say no well no not it I mean it was just so sudden.

That it made my heart skip a beat oh my bad so what do you think you know of course I'd love to are you sure about that I've had feelings for you ever since preschool why did you think I went out of my way to spend so much time with you I didn't realize you liked me for so long however I haven't forgotten about.

How you deceived me yes ma'am I know that's right so you're going to have to be willing to make it up to me what can I do to make you feel better for starters here um wait what am I supposed to do stop playing dumb you know I want to hug oh what it's the boyfriend's duty to pamper his girlfriend so I'm gonna need at.

Least three hugs from you every single day um I have no problem with pampering you and I mean I'm gonna hug you more than three times a day but we're at school oh we were in the hallway and Myra was bawling her eyes out and all that I was being quite loud myself so a crowd of students had gathered to see what was.

Going on hugging her in front of all of those students well that was too big of a challenge for me how about we just go back into the classroom um okay I'll keep I promise once we get home okay uh-huh once we arrived home I pampered her just like I promised mayura seemed quite happy and content she used.

To be very sweet when she was young but I was glad to see she hadn't changed at all she told me that once we hit puberty she was too embarrassed to act as she used to towards me but this is what she always wanted the reason why she always hung around me was to keep other girls from coming near me she had hoped that I would someday ask her out if we kept.

Spending our time together I never had a problem with the queen bee my era but to be honest I like the sweet and honest my era better after that mayura kept her image at school as the queen bee but her personality would change the moment we got home I love pampering her but I have a lot of studying to do if I want to get into the same University as mayura since.

She's so smart FYI Myra forgets she's at school from time to time and acts so sweet towards me she and I have become famous for being the most lovey-dovey couple in the school but she has no clue Mr uto can I have a moment with you every time I hear her voice I naroki uto.

Feel my body stiffening up uh okay look at this what were you thinking didn't you listen to anything I taught you the other day I'm so sorry this is my boss her name is Hime onigashira she's competent and professional so much that she got all the promotions even if she's only three years older than me FYI she's terrifying.

I don't know why but she's especially harsh when it comes to scolding me one more thing she gets Furious if you call her by her first name are you listening to me yes I'm sorry your apologies don't mean anything anymore when are you going to learn how to work without making so many mistakes.

Um well I'm sorry for being useless seriously don't expect me to take care of you forever yes ma'am I'm only helping you because you fail at everything but do I have to teach you every little single thing I apologize I will fix these papers immediately and bring them to you hey I'm still talking.

I'm so sorry as you can see I'm a useless employee I make my boss angry day in and day out honestly I don't think this is the right job for me however one day Mr utto you're still working I was staying late at the office after all the others had gone home Miss onigashira came along uh I'm sorry.

Let me ask you something do you even like working here uh of course I do then why don't I see any progress It's because I'm incompetent hey acknowledging that you are incompetent doesn't mean that you get forgiven for being useless I'm sorry all you do is apologize if you have time to apologize you should use.

That time to improve your skills I guess I'll have to help you if you ask me nicely please forgive me I will make sure I do my best to not cause trouble for you stop interrupting me you're doing that on purpose or are you just that stupid oh gosh what do I do miss onigosh you are as furious with me what did I do to make her so angry.

You know I have a feeling you need a lesson on how to behave around your boss I didn't do it on purpose I promise no I don't care you are coming with me once you are done with your work please don't beat me up I beg you why would I beat you up seriously where did you get that idea from I I see it in manga stories and stuff oh I see so tell.

Me which manga do you like reading I don't have a preference I read all kinds of stuff when someone asks you a question you're supposed to give them a clear answer why don't you understand it's this kind of thing that hinders your work performance improvements who am I kidding I hate working here.

It's all because of her uh I'm terribly sorry Can't Stop apologizing every everything okay exhausting uh I'm stuck ah I'm okay no apologizing but isn't this something I should apologize for anyways once you're done with work we're going out for some drinks.

What it's her day off tomorrow we can stay out late can't we well yes but going out for drinks with Miss onigashira that makes me nervous honestly she terrifies me so much I don't want to go you're coming along right yes I'm going well then will you hurry up and get your work done already.

Yes ma'am I worked my butt off to get everything done I was afraid Miss onigoshua would go crazy if I didn't so is there anywhere you want to go no anywhere is fine with me okay I guess I'll pick then Miss onigashira do you go out for drinks.

Often no not at all I'm not a huge drinker really I didn't know that yes so why are we going out for drinks tonight I thought it was best for us to get to know each other better drinking might help you feel relaxed which could help you feel more open to talking to me I see.

I gotta make sure I don't say anything rude to her cheers Mr uto once our drinks arrived miss onigoshua clinged her glass against mine I never imagined spending time with her like this cheers Mr utto do you drink beer I'm sorry I can't it's too bitter I see well.

Not drinking beer is better for everyone that's why I chose wine tonight you don't drink beer at all I can't huh I can't it's too bitter for me oh Miss only Joshua has never shown me this side of her she's so cute.

It's so different from how she usually acts that means you're the same as me why does it feel like you're insulting me I'm not but you are I can drink wine that makes me more adult than you just me acting a little more childish than usual excuse me can I have another glass of.

Wine she's emptying glasses pretty quickly Mr uto you're not drinking at all try to keep up with me yes ma'am my alcohol tolerance level isn't high so I pretended to drink the wine she ordered for me on the other hand Miss onigoshura kept emptying glasses one.

After another oh not even an hour past before she was out completely asleep at the table I tried to stop her from drinking too much but she was a nasty drunk she yelled at me and kept drinking I have a feeling she was already drunk when I began to think she was acting.

Childish one drink is enough to get a person drunk if they're not strong missonigashira let's go home great she's sleep talking can't just leave her here like this I decided to wait for her to wake up and waited until the bar started getting ready to close.

In the end geez why is this happening to me Miss onigashira didn't wake up even after the bar closed so I had no choice but to leave with her on my back I'm just glad that the bar owner witnessed miss onigoshua drinking and trying to make me drink alcohol so he wasn't suspicious of my actions.

She had a pretty face so I wouldn't be surprised if people saw me and thought it was shady Miss oneigashira please wake up shut up no I'm not shutting up not until you wake up what you think you can get home.

Hey me me what you want me to come with you yeah yeah I guess it would be irresponsible for me to leave her alone when she's so drunk so scary so how am I going to explain this to her on Monday.

I somehow managed to get Miss onigoshua to tell me her address and I was able to get her home now I gotta get out of here before she wakes up then I'll lock the door and leave the keys somewhere nobody can find I'll have to leave her a message that lets her know where I hid her keys that way she'll be safe.

Anyways I should leave now before she regains consciousness what why does she have to wake up now was she just fake sleeping or something huh when did I get home and how hi uh I see you're awake Miss onigashua huh Mr huto why are you at my house um we were at the bar but you fell asleep so I had to piggyback you all the.

Way home I see your toe why don't you come here huh come join me over here she acting like this because she's half asleep or is she still drunk from all that wine thank you so much for bringing me home wait Miss only goshiro what the heck is.

Happening why is she doing this to me I am always so proud of you for working so hard you're a good boy what are you Mr util you are such a hard worker do you know you always inspire me oh is that so but she's always yelling at me of course it is that's why I'm going to.

Help you become better I promise is that why she's always so strict and harsh towards me but I always just thought she yelled at me because she was irritated or angry with me I'm sleepy huh let's sleep what no Miss only Joshua I wasn't.

Expecting that she dragged me into the bed and I ended up lying next to her this is just inappropriate you're sleeping how can you fall asleep like this oh my gosh this woman I need to get away right now I didn't want to imagine what would happen to me if I stayed like this.

Until morning it was terrifying why is she so strong why won't she let go of me this is so bad Miss only goshira is going to make me see hell if she finds us like this in the morning Miss onikashira oh come on wake up please.

Damn it why won't she wake up I kept trying to get out of her clutch I really tried she continued sleeping all the while which began to irritate me but I couldn't do anything too violent since I was terrified of her and no matter how hard I tried I'm done for morning came and I was still a Miss.

Onigoshua's arms trapped by her deadly clutch I was awake the whole night and sleep deprived I didn't know what time it was but it was only a matter of time before she woke up hmm wait I feel something huh are you doing in my bed with me.

Well it must be hard to believe but you actually dragged me into the bed last night could be ridiculous you're lying yeah I expected that damn it seeing how drunk she was I figured she wouldn't remember a thing how dare you you prepare yourself for what comes.

Wait uh okay you better take responsibility for this you are going to have to marry me now okay what you can't be serious of course I am you slept with me no well miss only Joshua are you okay with marrying me it's everything I wish for.

What scratch that I didn't mean to say that but you have to take responsibility and that means marriage yes it does that was the first time I ever slept with a man in my bed so it's only rights that you marry me oh my gosh what am I supposed to say marrying Miss onigashira is petrifying.

But I know she's gonna kill me if I say no to her I can feel my body trembling I have no bright future whichever path I decide to take um well if we get married you won't be able to get rid of me even if you ever get sick of me so how about we live together first to test things out if we live together first she'll realize.

She's made a mistake and let me go I see okay we start with that great however we will be dating with marriage in mind you can't say no she said on marriage maybe she's scared of being single for the rest of her life hey you were thinking something rude.

Weren't you huh no way I would never the way you just reacted it's sketchy I promised I wasn't thinking about anything how could you think I would have rude thoughts towards you you are my wonderfully talented boss I respect you oh what am I saying.

All right all right I'll go with the script I guess that's true yes God she believed me I never want to get on her bad side I wouldn't come out of it alive anyways when do you want to meet the parents huh we're meeting parents.

We're moving in together we need to tell our parents well it's not like we're getting married yet no way am I going to meet her parents she's going to tell them we're going to get married I can only imagine how frightening her parents are I don't want to meet them plus if I bring her home to my parents.

They would start freaking out over how gorgeous he is uh how about we meet the parents after we get to know each other better we should think things through before making major decisions but I've already thought this through I can't believe you're lecturing me ah I'm not lecturing you so please don't.

Get upset I'm not upset do you really think I'm such a small person no but you're scarier than Pennywise to me obviously I didn't say that I just put on my innocent smile anyways I'll go get some tea ready oh I appreciate it and just letting you know I'm taking a shower so if I catch you.

Peeking you are dead I wouldn't dare Peak I swear hmm why don't you have the courage to pee jeez what it's nothing I'll make your breakfast after I come out of the shower oh thank you so much huh she's not as scary as I thought she would be she's actually acting quite kind to be honest.

Miss onigoshua made me a luxurious breakfast and took good care of me she even tried to make me feel better when she realized I was feeling uncomfortable she didn't stop there she even gave me a massage she told me I deserved it for all the hard work I put in every day I was surprised to see this side of her I'd never seen it in the office.

I just remembered her promising me she would help me get better I may be wrong but I have a feeling she was acting strict toward me on purpose oh um Miss onigashira can I ask you a question yeah um I was wondering if you purposely act harshly towards me because you were.

Trying to get me to grow yesterday when you were drunk you promised me that you would help me become better hmm well I can't believe I told you that well I guess now that we're getting married I shouldn't continue to act strict it'll put a crack in our.

Relationship you're right I was harsh on you on purpose I wanted you to get better at your job but why it made you look mean you thought I was mean no um you know harsh people tend to get that label so I can't understand why you would be willing to be that for me I mean you work so hard I want to make.

Sure you get recognized for it someday oh plus you work under me I couldn't give you a false evaluation even if I wanted to so I wanted you to grow so I could give you a good evaluation to tell you the truth my boss was a terrifying person he was really old but I really thought he was awful my first year of working was hell for me.

I didn't know that he's retired and gone from the company but while he taught me he made me want to quit every single day but at the same time I was frustrated and I wanted to prove my worth to him so I never gave up eventually my work performance got better my boss put in a good word for me to his supervisors and they gave me a.

Promotion that's how I got to where I am now that's when I finally understood my boss was harsh for a reason he wanted me to grow because he saw something in me that's why he put me in such a tough spot all the time I guess that's the reason why I was extra hard on you my boss taught me so much so I hoped the.

Same method would work on you and you would grow faster see that makes sense she was like that because of her successful experience but it was successful for her because she's such a strong person a regular person would just give up and leave.

But I'm starting to think I was wrong huh I can see now you were probably so afraid of me I pressured you to the point where it made you make mistakes it was all my fault I noticed you were looking straight into my eyes as I talk which is something I never experienced in the office maybe my method wasn't the best one for you.

The Sony goshiba I've already told you my reasons for my actions so I don't feel the need to continue treating you like I did up until yesterday well to be honest now that I know her intentions it will be easier for me to believe in her and try harder so why don't we try to find a way that works for both of us as long as it helps.

You I don't care how it happens wow that means a lot to me we'll be seeing a lot of each other from now on so let's do our best to respect and cherish each other I'm looking forward to it starting the next day Miss onigashira became gentle and kind just like she said.

Everybody seemed surprised at the change but once they found out we were dating they began to spread rumors about how I guided and changed her ways it's interesting they all think I have some sort of power over Miss onigashira it's quite the opposite though she guides me through work at the office and treats me like a king at home.

No matter how different her behavior is I know that I am where I am now because of her I'm thankful for having such a caring girlfriend and I plan on spending my life giving back what I owe to her one morning I kazanari higuchi was on my way to classes when oh no what should I do I wonder if that girl is okay.

The paper she's holding has the name of my University on it excuse me are you okay huh are you on your way to the entrance exams you seem to need some help I don't need any help oh is that so okay I'll get going then I lied I need help this is the first time I've been in such.

A big station it's like I'm lost in a labyrinth a labyrinth there are too many signs I don't know which way to go yeah I guess the science can get a little confusing I got lost a few times as well that's a letter from Yuki University right I can take you there if you want.

Huh but don't worry about it you don't want to be late for your exams and so I guided the Lost Girl to the train that heads towards Yuki University oh so you are a student at Yuki University yep you're lucky I found you or I might be following a psychopath.

With a crazy plan to take me somewhere dark it's good that you're cautious it'll help you survive in the city but don't worry I don't have it in me to do such a daring thing we safely arrived at Yuki University my mission was completed.

Well I'll get going um wait yes I'm sorry for being rude earlier I feel awful about it it's just my parents told me to be careful of strangers oh it's really okay I understand why you're suspicious I hope you do well on your exams hey what's your name.

I'm nobody important just a guy who happened to be there I walked towards the University Library I was trying to act cool but was already regretting it two months later I became a sophomore I had already forgotten about the incident with the Lost Girl and was going about my day.

Um excuse me yes I know it was you do you remember who I am huh no I don't remember anybody this pretty in my life I didn't know what to say I couldn't believe a girl this beautiful was talking to me.

It's me me remember you're not giving me much information well I don't have that much information to give let me see we met a few months back I had no idea what she was talking about you don't remember you saved me from the Labyrinth and helped me get to my exams oh yeah I know you.

Finally gosh we bought the train together How Could You Forget my bad I tend to avoid looking at girls faces so you're an introvert you've made that clear why did you talk to me if you feel so awkward you don't even remember my face oh whatever look ta-da.

I am officially a freshman at Yugi University congratulations I'm happy for you okay I'm gonna go now hold it mister what else do you want from me it's not that I want anything I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind to me that day.

Hey it was nothing special no you saved my life that day I am forever indebted to you okay then so I don't think words are enough I want to do something nice for you uh no words are enough for me nothing else please no I need to thank you properly I.

Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you um my name is Aziza komori what is your name kazunari higuchi then can I call you kazunari well yeah sure but you don't have to thank me anymore so how things work I know how about hey I found a cute girl over there.

What cause you know me hey beautiful have you chosen an activity club yet we have a welcoming party for new members tonight you want to come with us huh why are you looking at me like I'm some sort of trash oh I'm glad you sensed my hatred I am.

Waiting for the garbage truck they forgot some trash what the we were just trying to be nice to you we use the word nice to describe someone like kazunari not people like you I can sense that you two have ulterior motives you don't understand we're doing this out of love in other words we 've fallen in love.

With you love at first sight well kazunari does everything because he cares for me his love is deeper than yours seriously what hey why are you talking about love damn it we have no chance with her let's go ah you'll regret this.

You don't deserve to talk about love my gosh why am I stuck here in this stupid stupid uh yeah great job after this incident Azusa joined the same activity Club as me she was like a puppy she never left my side kazunari do you have any favorites from the cafeteria menu I love Canon's Whimsy.

Curry plate they named it Curry but they're serving beef stew today I see why they call it Whimsy I'm gonna sit next to you and fight my essay here there are other vacant seats you know you should learn to be a little friendlier towards me how am I supposed to tell her I can't focus because she's too cute.

Why I just wanted to say your name what's the point of saying my name would appear out of nowhere and she would stay by my side until she had to go to class I always felt so uneasy not because I didn't like her around me but because I was attracted to her she could get any guy she wanted so why is she spending time with me I'm just an.

Introvert one day I love you yeah yeah whatever wait what you don't have to be so surprised what did you expect that was so sudden I mean you are aware that I have feelings for you right well uh I thought I should say it out loud since.

Nothing has changed since we started hanging out I wasn't sure and I didn't want to be full of myself do you not have feelings for me at all am I not girlfriend material well while we're on that topic I don't not like you what does that mean.

I just can't we can't go out Azusa what tell me why not there's a lot you don't know about me I have to think about the future after I graduate I'm going to have to take over my family's business it's the path I have to take I'm not sure if I want to bring us aside into all of that it'll be tough for her.

I understand how about we try out a date during the long weekend no I I don't think I can do that it's just a date please it's not that I don't want to go on a date with you I I just have to go back to my parents house we own a traditional Japanese Hotel I always go home to help out when I don't have classes I I'm.

Sorry and so it's nice to meet you I'm home you're here oh my honey come here kazunari has brought a girlfriend with him Azusa decided to tag along I am so sorry I panicked earlier I'm causing High some other what's your name.

I'm Azu sakamari oh Azusa you are so cute so how long have you two been dating mother we're just friends did cousin already tell you about our family situation situation as you can see our family owns this hotel what's katsunari graduates from.

University he will be taking charge so that means if you want to be his girlfriend you'll have to be willing to support him here as his wife okay I am willing to do all of that oh Azusa I am so impressed with your love for my son don't make rash decisions you've only just started University you can't decide.

To come here just because you have a crush on me it's not just a crush you know I've had feelings for you for over four months now and we've spent so much time together I'm not making Vash decisions I know what I'm doing I want to be your wife kazunari but I get it now I understand why you.

Were so hesitant about dating me you were worried about me having to dedicate my life to this hotel right well it's okay I am sure about my decision and I will do everything I can to make this work I appreciate that but are you sure you're willing to go through all this.

Of course please won't you consider making me your wife but what about your parents they'll understand and they'll listen to whatever I say first we should talk to your parents and hear how they feel honey what's Happening Here.

Love sweetie it's love I see love huh it brings back so many memories I can see that Azu says feelings for kazunari are real but there's just one little condition what is it please tell me you need to become the Okami like me there's a lot to learn before you can.

Become an Okami you have to go through a lot of training I promise to give it my all okay I hope you can keep up with me and so azusa's Okami training began mother I finished cleaning the guest rooms you've done an amazing job okay let me teach you how to greet customers.

Next thank you for traveling such a long distance to visit our hotel oh thank you she's perfect now let's see how she handles accounting and PR I found some mistakes in the numbers here I fixed them can you check oh and I also changed the picture on the website to this one.

I'm impressed you are amazing Azusa was very professional she exceeded all expectations she's competent hard-working and never goes easy on herself Azusa has proven to my mother and the other employees that she was perfect for the job maybe it would be better for Azusa to be.

In charge instead of me asunari are you there sour so I thought I'd spend a little quality time I thought you'd be sleeping by now aren't you tired from taking care of that huge group of guests I'm tired but I think this job is perfect for me.

I see I'm glad you think that way so have you thought about becoming my boyfriend are you sure this is what you want of course I am the rest of my life with you cousinari really okay I've had feelings for you for a while now Azusa.

But I wasn't confident in myself plus I wasn't sure how you would handle becoming an Okami for a traditional Japanese Hotel it's a lot to take in if you're willing to do all this I want to be honest with you I want you to be my girlfriend I want to spend the rest of my life with.

You too uh Azusa are you listening hello Azusa I'm sorry cousin Ari I'm kind of feeling dizzy oh my gosh you've been in there for too long I rushed out of the bath to go help her I will not talk about what I happen to.

See since it couldn't be held huh oh where am I are you okay you had me worried there why am I lying here oh I remember feeling dizzy in the bath wait were you the one who got me out of the bath uh yeah so that means when you helped me you saw.

Everything uh well I tried not to look very closely why won't you just admit that you saw everything except that like a man fine I saw everything and I was very impressed oh my gosh you are making me embarrassed well I'm only telling the truth this is so embarrassing but I'm glad it.

Was Eve casinari he'll be seeing more from now on right you're making me blush as you saw but it's unfair I didn't see anything what do you mean I think you know what I mean things got a little hectic after that but in the end we decided to start dating with marriage in mind.

And four years later can you get more drinks for that group over there sure I'm on it we got married just like we had talked about Azusa came to the hotel as soon as she graduated but before that come here oh hey we're still working save it for later.

Even after we got married I have to admit I'm head over heels for Azusa I'm so glad I bumped into her at the station that day if I didn't we wouldn't be living the life we are now thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.