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[Manga Dub] I rejected my sister’s friend because she was too young… 5 years later… [RomCom]


I'm sakafumi ichikawa and I'm 20. I'm a sophomore in college and I have a little sister called owie in Middle School takafumi do you have any plans today no I don't think so why do you ask I'm so happy you don't hamari is coming over today can you please hang out with us.

Bye Hangouts you mean the pretend fashion show he made me watch every time right yes please we need a man's opinion as you can see Howie fits a typical girl stereotype FYI hamari is always best friend her full name is hamari Sato oh yeah himari was talking about how you are so handsome I don't need compliments.

From a middle schooler it doesn't make you happy well of course it does I get it you want a girlfriend don't you you should go out with hamari then she's a great catch you know idiot she's too young I can't date her what but she's so pretty what a waste he'll be doing Japan a favor by making babies with her do you realize how crazy you sound you and him.

Mari would look so great together go out with her do you understand that would be a criminal I could be convicted of a felony don't worry about it it won't be a crime as long as it's mutual seriously stop bugging me about it no why do you want me to date Amari so badly anyway.

Just because I want a sister like now you should tell our parents that I let your diary a little after that if Amari found out that owie was talking about it with me like this I'm sure she would get upset and then lunch came along until Mari came over hi takafumi good to see you.

Hey Amari I'll see you cut your hair I did um what do you think oh well you look very pretty you said I look pretty oh hey it doesn't mean anything I'm just kidding don't worry I know you didn't mean anything by it.

Well they say birds of a feather flock together she's so cheeky just like my sister owie so are we why do you look so sour my brother scolded me did you do something to upset him no but I just told him he should date you that's all he started going on about how he's too old for you and that you would.

Be happier off with somebody your age what I don't think you're too old for me at all takafumi oh really I think you are sweet and mature and seeing how you are so caring towards me makes me like you even more oh thanks she said she likes me even more.

I'm sure she doesn't mean anything my heart needs to stop beating so fast after that the girl started their pretend fashion show in the living room Ali and hamari took turns walking around in their outfits I would tell them what I thought afterward well I just kept saying things that.

Would satisfy a middle school girl but something was different today hey look takafumi what do you think about himari's dress um yeah it's very mature I like it a lot are you sure thank you what do you mean thank God well this dress is no I only don't say.

It something that himari bought just to show you I told you not to say anything no sense hiding it anymore I heard owie still I'm so happy that you think it's a nice dress uh yeah I'm a 20 year old college student and Amari is still in Middle School.

What Ali was saying is true Amari is very pretty she will probably grow up beautifully but still a middle school girl is too young for me hey we were thinking of hitting up the shopping mall can you drive us again fine whatever yay I love you so much bro.

I love you too Taka fumi yeah yeah and so I drove Ali and Amari to the shopping mall you're so cool takafumi I wish I could drive I agree he looks so cool oh yeah can you put on Conan's new song hey that's asking too much you know I think I really like your.

Brother well you know you you just start dating what the heck is she saying doesn't she know that Amari doesn't mean it in that way when I was in Middle School I was fascinated by older women too so I can understand where hamari is.

Coming from serious see I told you she'd be in love with you say yes come on hey I'm driving let me Focus she's joking right she must have made that comment just for the fun of it yeah I was shaking for a second but I remembered how young she was.

I dropped them off at the shopping mall and they jumped out of the car and skipped off as if the conversation had never happened I never expected a middle school girl to propose me in a car nothing else happened that day but hamari started expressing her affection for me thoroughly from that.

Day on takafumi let's go hang out huh uh sure what about owie I already suggested the two of us spent some time together oh yeah she's in for a scolding later where do you want to go uh no I don't have anything in mind.

Is there anywhere you want to go I would love to go visit your campus with you and so I brought her to Yuki University where I'm currently studying oh takafumi your little sister oh but she looks so young middle school maybe.

Ah this is a misunderstanding it's this and that I'm sure you all see how uncomfortable I felt I didn't know you had such a pretty friend uh we're just in the same research group or you don't have feelings for her nah she's already in a serious.

Relationship I didn't know how to reply I don't have much experience with jealous Middle School girls well then you make me your girlfriend well that's not an option okay time passed and the girls became high schoolers hamari kept asking me out she.

Never gave up on it her being in high school didn't change a thing she was still too young for me one day takafumi hamari's here again she knows what she wants and she's set on getting it.

She loves you uh what are you here for you know I am here I came to see you I'm in high school now you see so I love you why won't you go out with me I've told you again and again I can't do that why not I'm not a child anymore.

Takafumi hamari is serious about this I know the least you can do is look at her face when you're talking to her I thought it was a temporary Crush at first but I realized how strong her feelings for me were even if she was serious there's no way I could date her I'm a senior now and I'll be graduating.

This year I need to tell her straight up it's for our good fine let me make it crystal clear whether you're in middle school or High School nothing changes for me I'm not into dating children just give up and go find a guy your own.

Age hey tapomi to her like that hamari takafumi go after her I'm already left without saying another word.

You are such a jerk do you realize how much time and effort him already put in just to get you to like her I don't care about any of that fine I hate you you deserve to burn in hell okay then I was left alone with my guild it was for amari's sake but I'd gone too.

Far but this is for the best I force myself into believing that what I did was the right thing to do after that Amari never showed her face to me again and now he stopped talking to me as well five years passed by I was a businessman and believe it or not almost 30.

Hamari is turning 20 soon she ended up getting into UK University with Ali the same school I attended I wonder how she's doing these days I haven't seen her since that day Howie and I have slowly patched things up but we rode as close as we were back in the day I totally understand why even if it was for hamari's sake I still.

Hurt her a lot now that I think back on it I probably could have worded it better I'm still stuck on that day regretting it like it just happened yesterday gosh I can't believe how pathetic I am I live alone in my apartment and the thoughts keep invading my mind I bet Amari has forgotten all about me and she.

Probably is a nice boyfriend now he's calling me hey bro it's been a while hey owie are you eating properly I guess Hal's University and all you having fun yeah everything's good I guess I see so um yeah.

Ah nothing don't worry about it how could I ask Ali about hamari oh yeah you should come to our campus Festival if you have the time a campus Festival why invite me well I'm part of the planning committee this year since you're a graduate I would love to show you the changes I made for the campus Festival.

I see well I guess I can go the day of the festival I arrived at Yuki University but I couldn't find out we waiting at our meeting place owie I'm here where are you sorry we're sort of having some trouble right now I've sent a friend instead let her show you around okay I don't need to be shown around I'm a.

Graduate oh there you are wait I know this voice but owie would never send her I slowly turned around to see it's been so long takafumi hamari yep that's my name I can't believe you remembered me.

Well yeah of course I remember you I suspected it to be hamari but I was still surprised wow you've grown up to be such a beautiful woman takafumi I see you've gotten better at giving girls compliments oh uh this is unbelievable why would owie send.

To Mario over to pick me up I was hoping to see her but I didn't expect her to appear so fast is something wrong I was just thinking it's been a while I think it's been about five years the last time we met uh hey don't tell me you're so bothered by what happened that day.

Well I mean I said some horrible things to you yeah so first person's annoying no uh hey why don't we go take a walk together sure let's go then I guess we're okay now I was shocked to see how beautiful Amari.

Had become and I never expect it to be reunited with her this way this brings back some good old memories takafumi did you lose some weight is working as tough as they say it is yeah I guess so work isn't that bad but I live alone so my lifestyle has got him quite sloppy I've heard living away from parents can.

Be difficult so do you have a girlfriend now huh nah dating hasn't been a big part of my life so far I always thought you could get any girl you wanted takafumi you are still as handsome as you were five years ago and you're flattering me.

So what about you hamari are you in a relationship nope I don't have a boyfriend oh is it because of what I did I'm sure I hurt you badly I see you still feel really bad about what happened that day that's why you don't look so difficult today.

I'm sorry I'm really over it though I know how about payback time huh payback I know you dumped me because you cared about me but if you're still upset about what happened I will get payback and then we can call it even I had no idea what she meant by payback time she told me to follow her and we.

Arrived at the stage area outside the school building and Mori told me to stay there and wait so I did and watched magic shows and banned performances there is this what you meant by payback to spend the day all alone after all the performances were done owie came onto the stage as EMC.

The next event happening up on stage was how's everyone doing we're starting our main event the Miss Yuki University beauty pageant the Miss Yuki University beauty pageant was known to guarantee spots in the entertainment business every year the winner of the pageant will be scouted by the biggest.

Entertainment agencies in Japan this year's winner is a sophomore give a round of applause for himari Sato thank you for all the support I couldn't believe it hamari was a contestant and she won by a landslide I wouldn't have expected less from her not only is she beautiful but she is well educated.

Her performance score set a new record okay shall we ask our winner a few questions Miss hamari congratulations on your victory thank you so much is there anybody you want to thank right now well my parents of course but there's also another person I want to thank for motivating me to do my best.

Can you tell me who it is well he's been my favorite person ever since I was in Middle School everything I did up until this moment I did it to impress this person wait is she wait is she talking about so what do you plan on doing after you graduate I plan on marrying that person.

Wow what a statement does this person happen to be in the Crowd by any chance yes he's over there takafumi ichikawa and Mari what the heck takafumi ichikawa I'm confessing my feelings now I'm in love with you I'm not a child anymore please will you marry me I know you feel bad about what happened before so you can make it up to.

Me by being my husband Amari could have chosen to be famous but no she didn't hesitate to throw that all out she chose me the crowd was cheering for her like crazy I even heard people threatening to hurt me if I didn't marry her I see so this is what she meant by payback time.

sir I wasn't expecting that kind of Payback I apologize I wanted to make sure you wouldn't squiggle your way out of it I'm not gonna run from us anymore I'll make sure to be here for you from now on I'm glad to hear that and I'm looking.

Forward to our future and so Amaria and I started dating with marriage as our goal there was just one problem do you realize how hard I worked these past few years just to get you because of myself let's look where it got me I'm still single.

Okay okay I'll introduce you to someone nice and decent all right I guess we have a lots of owie it's my turn to take care of her and make sure she ends up happy thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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