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[Manga Dub] I rejected the prettiest girl in my class… later, I found out that… [RomCom]


When I turned down the most beautiful girl in our school I want to at least make some memories with you Kita murakun a to my house right now somehow things turned out like that so I'm going to take a shower and somehow into that.

Is it okay this way anyways I'm going to reflect back on the things that happened while she's gone back to the opening ceremony of our school year my name is yusuke kitamura and I'm a second year in class C yes I'm in the same class as Kanye.

Summer I'm also in the same class as Kane summer I'm so happy I'm in the same class as o'hara-san too classroom C oh it's Kane summer good morning good morning my name is Yoshida we're classmates now can't wait to be with you forever I'm sorry.

Oh harassan is super popular isn't she our school arisugawa academy was a school for the rich where the children of politicians and businessmen enrolled in basically every student here was used to being treated like princes and princesses because of that your family's background mattered more in the popularity.

Hierarchy rather than things like being smarter athletic even in the midst of that Kanai ohara-san's family was extremely rich in addition O'Hara Sonic sailed in both Sports and academics and looked beautiful she was a very responsible girl too and was popular with both the male and.

Female student population the entire School adored her and she was called the Madonna of the school or Kanai Sama there were even rumors that all the boys in her class had a crush on her during her first year as for me I was hiding the fact that my family is poor.

I was able to enroll here on a scholarship because of my grades that's why o'hara-san was just someone I admired from afar she was someone far above me but it's American good morning son in the same class this year I guess so.

Ohara talked to me this morning wait huh why what's wrong oh um I was just wondering how you knew me did we ever talk ERS me too me too um.

I'm sorry kids American let's talk later oh okay oh harassan seemed busy being surrounded by our classmates I was a little disappointed but also relieved at the same time I didn't want others to look at me weirdly because the prettiest girl in our school was talking to me if someone.

Looked into my background they might find out that I come from a poor family but during class huh did she look at me again it seems like O'Hara's son was thinking about me did she say she would talk to me later too but she was surrounded by our classmates during break so she didn't seem to be.

Able to move around much just like that three days passed without a chance to talk to o'hara-san that day when I got to school something fell out of my locker a letter there's no name is this a love letter no no it could be a prank.

I have something important to talk to you about please stay in the classroom after school I can't tell if it's a love letter just like this or I wonder who sent me this seems like a girl had written the letter but there was also a possibility that a boy pretended to write like a girl either way I decided to stay back after.

Class and after school I was waiting in the empty classroom when oh Harrison thank you for waiting for me the person who sent the letter was none other than O'Hara son I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you I've wanted to talk to you for a while but.

I see thanks for being considerate so what did you want to talk about you don't remember me huh remember you I knew about you ever since we started going to the school but we weren't classmates until now so you.

You forget about me Kita marcoon I've always remembered you Kita marcoon because I've always had a crush on you what a crush on me I was shocked that the prettiest girl in our school had confessed her feelings for me I thought it was a punishment game at.

First but O'Hara's son looked like she was serious but as far as I can remember I've never met or spoken to someone this pretty most likely not I've lived a life separated from politicians and businessmen so there's no way I would be acquainted to a rich girl on her level is she mistaking me for someone else but.

But she did know my name and she's looking directly into my eyes now it's okay if you don't remember what happened in the past but I want to be in a relationship with you Kita murakoon I was honestly moved by her confession but I I'm sorry I'm really happy you said that but but I can't be your boyfriend.

Oh why not you didn't like me uh I think you're a beautiful lady and a wonderful person too but but you and I live in different worlds different worlds I don't deserve someone like you Ohara wassan I I also have an important promise I made to someone an important promise with someone uh.

Well basically I think there are boys that are much more suited to being your boyfriend I worked so hard that I could deserve to be with you what with me what are you talking about a horizon don't cry if let's be in a relationship with you I.

I just want to make some memories with you kitten American memories come to my house I don't know about that we argued back and forth after that but I ended up giving in and going to her house 30 minutes later I was at O'Hara rasan's.

House the house was huge as expected from the daughter of a huge business I was brought right to O'Hara's room it was my first time going into a girls room this room is huge yeah it's so big that it doesn't feel comfortable sometimes is that so.

Yeah I'm not comfortable for another reason though I'm kind of sweaty so I'm going to take a shower oh okay do you want to come with me no thank you.

Now that I was alone I started to organize the jumbled thoughts in my brain first of all where did Ohara son and I meet she said she always had a crush on me but I can't remember ah what's going on anyways second of all I have to turn her down clearly and politely sorry about the weight.

Oh Harrison like I said earlier I have a promise I made to someone important what huh a plain looking girl with glasses and her hair tied up came into the room oh what about now do you remember me now you but huh did you call me yukoon I thought I saw.

This girl somewhere when suddenly my memories from elementary school came back to me I only know one girl who calls me yukoon there was a girl I used to play with a lot when I was in fourth grade she was my classmate and her name was kanachan she was a little introverted and always read books in the corner of the.

Classroom her friends I don't think she had anyone other than me do you want to play Othello with me okay we both had single mothers and we're poor we got along well because of our similar living environments she didn't talk much but I remember being very comfortable whenever I hung.

Out with her you can why are you so nice to me oh I wonder why maybe because you're my classmate I see also because you're a nice person Kana Chan I'm nice you always hang out with me even if I'm.

Like this my family is poor so I can't play card games or video games like everyone else but you always hang out with me that's why I like you kind of Chan also I like you too you can we might get married in the future then that means I have to study hard and get.

Into a good job before that then yeah I'm going to work hard too then my mom taught me that the only way to get out of being poor was to study hard our society judges a person's level of Education very strictly I needed to get into a good high school go to a good college and get hired by a good company.

I always wondered what good meant but karachan and I studied hard and got good grades however you go to transfer schools yeah my mom said she's getting remarried to a rich man oh that's good isn't it congratulations I'm not happy at all honor John.

I'm going to be separated from you don't worry okay I'm going to be successful at Ritual Day and I'll go find you really yeah I promise so take care of yourself until then okay connachan is that actually you connachan yeah it's me.

I'm so glad you remembered me oh uh it's not that I forgot about you I know I'm just making excuses but you have a different last name and you look super different too but I never forgot the promise I made to you that's why I hid the fact that I'm poor and enrolled in Ari sugawa Academy.

I knew that the only way to get into a good college and get a good job was to be in the top high school in the prefecture you always thought of me as an important person yeah I wasn't confident whether you'd still be waiting for me but if I was I.

Wait forever you came back I was so worried that you actually forgot about me so I couldn't possessed kanachan apparently noticed that I was in her school since the opening ceremony of our first year it seems she even passed by me in the hallway a couple of times too but I.

Never noticed her she thought that I had long forgotten about her I'm so glad I gathered up the courage to talk to you it's okay but I want to always be together with you from now on I'm sorry for making you feel lonely all this time kind of John.

That's oh we can't I don't have confidence in myself I'm still a student and poor too and what about it I don't come from a rich family so I need to get at least a good job and be successful wait who's that.

I heard all of that Sebastian it seems like his name was Sebastian a very fitting name for a man like him the three of us decided to talk Mr yusuke kitamura Miss Kane has talked a lot about you oh.

You don't stand out much but your grades are the best in your class it's amazing that you can keep your grades so high when you don't go to a cram school or get tutored Sebastian you is I understand I was not trying to insult him I was honestly just amazed you've worked so hard so that you can.

One day marry Miss Kane haven't you oh no I'm barely there yet I haven't succeeded in anything yet old mindset mindset I do love someone who works hard for what they want if that hard work is all for Miss Kane I wholeheartedly support the two of you thank you so much.

Anyway Miss I would like to talk to him in private if you don't mind I understand all right Miss yusuke it seems like you have some uncertainties about dating Miss Kane yes the thing is I told Sebastian all about how I come.

From a poor family and that our backgrounds didn't match if I dated kanachan now I thought that I might be a bother to her does your family background or money matter when you care for someone that might be true but alright let me talk a little about Miss Kane's stepfather and my boss.

He didn't care about the differences in wealth he married Miss Kane's mother even when everyone else was against it that was all because he loved her family background didn't matter to him all that matters is whether you're ready to accept Miss Kane's feelings you don't need to worry about what her parents think.

I'm sure both of them will love you once they find out how good of a man you are but if you're really worried about your family background what do you say about trying this good part-time job a part-time job but I already have a handful keeping with my studies yes yes I understand that that's why I want to introduce you to a.

Job where you can do both who knew that job would be to tutor you connachan yeah thank you kanachan you want to thank someone it should be Sebastian not me this reminds me of the two of us back then after that I started spending a lot more.

Time with kanachan I also deeply regretted a lot of things when kanachan confessed her feelings for me I thought that we lived in completely different worlds but it seems like I had created an unnecessary wall between us um kanachan oh what's wrong you I wanted to apologize.

Seems like I was wrong wrong about what I didn't look at you as you connachan I was worried about our family backgrounds and didn't try to accept my feelings but just like Sebastian said.

I realize now that all that matters is that I have the confidence to accept your feelings does that mean I like you kanachan I want to be in a relationship with you and I want to be with you forever so will you be my girlfriend you could yes of course I will.

Whoa Khan It's on love you yukoon just like that we became an official couple there are a lot of things you find out about someone after you start dating them was rich but she was economical and took care of her things.

She would fix her worn out clothes without buying new ones here you go how does this look wow it looks like new thank you kanachan I always thought she was a calm girl but she liked to be babied she would immediately become clingy when it was just the two of us um don't you think you're a little too.

Close this is normal for a couple really about two weeks after we started dating I got the chance to meet her parents Sebastian told us a lot about you seems like you're taking very good care of Kane like a responsible person and you're.

Smart too karachan you found yourself a good boyfriend didn't you well if kanae chose you I don't see any problem with it you're right please take good care of her of course just like that her parents supported our.

Relationship they treated me like her son rumors that we were dating spread around the school but you're a childhood friend of kanesama aren't you you're so lucky you helped out kane-sama when she couldn't fit in with her classmates you're like a prince on a white horse.

Not at all my family's actually poor and who cares about that your grades are always at the top of our grade level that's so cool kitamura yeah I want you to tutor me like Kanai sama what I thought that my classmates would cast me out for being poor but it seems like.

I was overthinking about that too but you can't Yukon is mine hey come on connachan kanosama is being clingy with someone this is a rare sighting ah all I wanted from life was for Kana isama to be clingy with me that day after school the two of us went to the park we played together a lot at.

Back then everyone was surprised but it seems like they support our relationship I'm happy about that also you put yourself down too much you're right I built a wall around myself because of that I learned my lesson but now you don't need to worry by the way when I first went over to.

Your house didn't you say you wanted to make memories with me uh what did you mean by that this is what I meant I was surprised when she suddenly pressed her lips against mine but at the same time my feelings for her grew.

Today tomorrow many years from now I want to be confident in the journey I made with her and want to walk side by side with her as long as I can thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.