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[Manga Dub] I rejected the pretty girl once, but she’s determined to be my girlfriend… [RomCom]


My name is yuya yugami I work at a pharmaceutical company and I'm 24 years old I don't look bad but I'm not very sociable so people call me the introverted Prince I don't find it Pleasant I don't think I'm an introvert I'm normal as I Was preparing for my work the.

Person who sits next to me at the office approached me I made it just in time well done me the person who came just before the starting time was the company's Madonna called the goddess of Medicine we started work in the same year her name is wataha utatane morning the Madonna who's late hey don't.

Give me such a funny nickname I was not late anyhow why do you always call to work right before the starting time that's because I am sleeping until the last minute just wake up early I don't want to I'm enjoying the thrill of being almost late every day you were a masochistic Madonna no more funny nicknames I am not a.

Masochist I'm rather I am a sadist I could show you the proof poke poke um don't poke my face you're annoying me you should be happy to be poked in the face by a Madonna so it doesn't matter who it is what's annoying is annoying you are honest although yuya calls me and Madonna unlike the other male workers he doesn't praise me but.

Communicates with me in a natural manner that's why I could also be my natural self so it's comfortable to be with him I felt that a few minutes before the lunch break it was my routine to wake her up Mr tatane wake up oh if you don't wake up I'll leave you in the office while I go make my rounds to.

Our clients don't leave me don't clean your face with my sleeves Miss utatane always eats her lunch super fast and then takes a nap during the lunch break she always seems like she needs more sleep but I wonder if there's any reason for.

That I hope we can do good business together thank you so much what you say is too good for me at the office he was always so sociable but with his clients he gives a shiny sales smile like an idol I am always impressed by him every single time on top of that you yourself smile is so cute.

Yuya why are you so unsociable when we are not with our clients oh it doesn't mean that I think it's bad not to be sociable well it's not like I can laugh and maybe it's my character or my physical nature but maybe it takes a lot for me to laugh but if I could spend every day with a natural smile.

That would be a happy thing I see it's all like he wants to be unsociable but he wants to smile more if he could when I thought that I want to quit his wish I told him something that I had planned on saying to him from before if you had a girlfriend maybe you could smile every day so how about going out with me I like.

You a lot me I feel comfortable being with you but the moment when I started to like you was my first year in the company my sales record was the lowest that was why just as I thought you were hired because of your looks you think you're special or something because you're being treated like a Madonna.

That's not so bullied by my co-workers but I couldn't say much back to them since my sales records were the lowest but when yuya came into the break room where he said that so you both think that the company's executives are incapable people who were only hiring people who look good right that's not what I think.

Then you admit that uttatani was hired based fairly on her abilities right fine then you you have protected me from their verbal attacks thank you yuya I came here to get some coffee but there were some unpleasant people here and since I wanted to drink my coffee in peace I just made them go away then let's drink some coffee together oh.

Okay time I realized how kind you were that I came to like you more and more so if you could I think that you're a good person katani but I don't like you in a romantic way so I'm sorry how about going out with me for a twill period if you don't dislike me that would be absolutely impossible I see I guess that.

Would be an inconvenience to you that's not it it's not an inconvenience but if we tried going out and I got your hopes up that I would come to like you but if I didn't oh then I would hurt you even more sorry that's a pretty inflexible way of thinking don't apologize I'm happy that you're considerate of my feelings.

So yuya only wants to go out when he likes me then then I will try to tell you every day how much I like you until you come to like me be prepared every day except on Saturdays and Sundays this is how I came to be told that I'm light every day the next day I was asked by utatanic to come to the company's rooftop huh.

You to read this what's this this is my notebook that contains a lot of my personal information I wanted you to get to know me more see he is reading it I'm so happy so did you fall in love with me after.

Reading that sorry oh all right then I will tell you tomorrow again how much I like you I don't give up that easily say be my man I will make your world shine I will not let you down sorry what even telling you how much I like you and the handsome guys the hell does it work was that a little too strange it was cool thank you for making.

Me feel a little better have some coffee thanks it tastes good didn't you feel your heart skip a beat as I made coffee for you the way you like it sorry approaching him with coffee also didn't work I thought it would work to tell him how much I like him while giving him things that he likes but uh.

Does not give up easily utotones I like you once a day and my sorry once a day continued I felt sorry but at the same time I was impressed by her persistence and positive attitude and one day utatane took a day off work because she had caught a cold I gave her a call after work to see how she was doing.

I'm calling her many times but she doesn't pick up why I thought that she may be sleeping because of her cold and that's why she can't pick up the phone but I felt anxious so I went to utatani's place and rang her doorbell katani looked completely fine.

I'm glad that she was doing fine I knew your address from The Notebook you gave me I came here because you didn't pick up my phone calls and I got worried oh I was sleeping all day and forgot to charge my phone thank you for worrying about me sure you look like you're fine but how are you feeling yes I got better sleep since I slept all day I'm glad to.

Hear that then I'll be going now oh I made too much pudding so if you'd like once you have some oh uh I got you some puddings oh I like pudding I will get the food ready so please make yourself at home okay when I was looking around the room I saw that there were a lot of documents on the table.

They were books about various medicines and sales as well as her study notebooks utatane had been working so hard you saw them wow you surprised me don't look that surprised sorry I didn't mean to pry it's fine utatane are you always studying late into the night so you come to work at the last minute and.

Sleep during the lunch break right I also watch midnight animes live so that's why I also sometimes like sleep see but it's incredible that you're working so hard my sales records were the lowest Attila a few months ago so I need to work hard but I should work harder because if I get the lowest sales record people were criticize me again.

But you shouldn't overwork yourself so much for worrying about me but I am fine I take breaks someday I will break your sales records you yeah then maybe you'll come to like me I will not lose so don't waste your effort on making me come to like you in that way no I will not give up I really respect you for your positive attitude and strong.

Mentality thank you for praising me was that your way of telling me that you like me no it wasn't but it was true that I was starting to be attracted to her right oh helping the rice pudding let's eat it together yummy right as you may have gathered from the way I look.

I am also good at cooking from the way you look well I guess you're right why did you not agree with me right away after that we ate some pudding together and then I went home one day during lunch time I was told by a senior co-worker that there was something he wanted to talk to me about so we went up to the Rooftop.

I asked udatane out on a date but she told me that there's someone she likes I asked her for more information so she told me that she keeps on telling you how much she likes you is that true yes that's right why seriously utatane has no sense when it.

Comes to men you think that she likes such an unsociable person as you and you're selfish to be declining her offers who You Think You Are sorry so what do you want to say tell utatani to go out with me she'll probably listen to you right do you like utatane yeah I like her looks so I thought I could play around with her a.

Little she would also be fortunate to be able to have me around her since I'm so popular you think so too right you introvert I am not introverted what you're not sociable you're definitely an introvert that's what the people say but my definition of an introvert is what you might call a scumbag someone like you who looks down on people and treats.

Women like their play things and think they're worth something when they're not and believe that they can do anything because they will be forgiven for everything and their roots are just plain rotten I will not let you touch uchatana you creep I will protect her no matter what you really irritate me as he got ready.

To punch me in the face stop it utatane why are you here I saw you being dragged to the Rooftop by that guy so I thought something bad might happen so I followed you please don't be violent no I was just stretching my arms I see then please excuse us let's go yuya hold on a sec I'm much more attractive than this introvert I'm much more sociable.

And popular huh you are popular someone who was popular wouldn't look down on others like you do and I am not such an easy woman as to play with you please never approach me again outside of work matters so you overheard me thanks to this introvert everything's a mess you kept on saying how introverted yuya is but he.

Is not then what is he well if I had to say here's an angel he is cute and kind and great to be around if he grew Wings on his back I wouldn't be surprised this weird girl who likes this weird guy and thinks that I'm not popular I don't want to have anything to do with such creeps like you too see ya that's how he left us in peace.

Uttatani thank you because you stopped us I didn't have to be punched in the face no don't worry about it but I do what I said that I would protect you no matter what but you were the one to protect me I'm not so cool he protected me what the reason why that guy gave up on me was because you told him to back off he.

Thought that you would be an annoying person to have to deal with I think he felt annoyed when seeing you protect me when he was trying to make a move on me so I really appreciate it thank you so much for protecting me I see then you're welcome did say that you would protect me no matter what.

But I could assume now that you like me well yes I like your cheerful cute and positive attitude I really like you the smile on Juvia's face was so much better so much more natural than the one he gave dealing with his clients it was a smile that I had not yet seen from him before I felt my heart beating so fast with.

Love I didn't know what to do all right what are you doing well I thought I could see that smile too often so I wanted to grab it that's not necessary if you're with me I can give you my true smile a million times I see you then could you make me smile a lot too yes I promise I swore to myself that I will continue to hold true to.

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