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[Manga Dub] I reunite with the beautiful girl who wanted to be an actress… [RomCom]


I guess it's goodbye now the girl saying that is the school's Idol nanami kaguri my name is Kazuki sagami and she's been my childhood friend and has been with me ever since I could remember we went to the same school all the way to high school but now we were on separate paths that's why we were saying goodbye today.

Not on me you're going to Tokyo to become an actress right you got this thank you kazukikun you're going to a university in our hometown right yep there's something I want to do yes something I want to do I wouldn't be able to achieve that if I.

Headed straight into work being programming through high school and had worked hard at your part-time job to save money so cool that you have a clear goal it's not that big of a deal I'm just doing what I need to do that's all it is of course if this was all for.

Me I don't know if I would have the motivation to work this hard there's a different reason why I'm working so hard all right I'm going to go now I'm going to make it and become famous this.

Of course I'm always going to support you good luck you too Kazuki Koon just like that my childhood friend and I parted ways ten years later I used the money I saved up during High School to make more money through stocks during college of course I did part-time jobs with my programming.

Knowledge and did my best to make money using those funds I started my own business immediately after graduating college and I Now operate three companies boss it's time oh thank you was my meeting with himika Chan today yes sir kimikachan is an online streamer who's affiliated with my company as for.

The woman walking next to me her name is hamuri-san my assistant now that I operate three companies it was extremely hard to manage my schedule on my own sorry about the way she make it Sean oh hey boss come on come on don't hug me I mean I don't get to see you without these.

Meetings she's a very clingy girl but despite her looks she's 20 years old let go of him even you're not allowed to have that much physical touch with the boss let me go old lady old like I'm two years younger than our boss you know her boss is okay because he's nice and handsome you old lady always get mad at.

Me so you're not I told you I'm not an old lady come on come on calm down he may get John with a handful and a normal person would have a hard time keeping up with her still she was extremely popular so I wasn't gonna let her go that's why hamuri-san works as her.

Manager that's probably the reason why himikachan isn't really considerate of hamuri-san and the two would always get into fights still they were doing pretty well together either way so I'm not that worried huh is that my phone.

Told me earlier that nanami Chan is coming back today she's going to live here from now on if you have time why don't you come over and see her nanami is going home nanami went to live in the city on her own after graduating high school I heard her name around a couple of times after that but I haven't heard.

About her for a couple of years now if she's going home now it probably means she gave up on her dream homuri-san can I cancel my plans for later tonight you have dinner plans with the CEO from Khan on TV it should be fine then I'll ask him myself if we can reschedule so what are you two doing oh nothing I.

Just wanted this bratty child to learn her lesson don't get too violent with her okay gosh I just took my eyes off of them for a second there I don't want her to be my manager Jake change her shimika seemed to be angry after saving her in fact she might have been salty about it.

I didn't do anything wrong must be salty too hamuri-san is an excellent manager so you're going to be the one in trouble if we replace her but she's still mean to me I'm sure hamuri-san would be nice to you if you were more polite sir I could not by my side I'm in the middle I'm not going to take sides huh.

I might think about declining the television offer coming up but you already agreed to the job so you can't just that's fine but if you can cancel jobs like that last minute you're not going to get offers anymore plus our company can't keep supporting irresponsible girls like that.

Is that okay with you no I was just joking okay then let's keep working on this then okay yes all right I'm going to step outside now sir huh oh I'll come back inside after I finish up with this call no it's not that I was surprised you.

Were able to calm him a cassan Down oh I was the one that scattered her when she only had a couple of hundred subscribers I took her under my wing until she became famous I have a feeling she feels indebted to me I started my business this management.

Company four years ago online streamers were just starting to become famous at that time but it was hard to form contracts with influencers who were already popular it was because those people could gain their own popularity and get companies to work with them without having People Like Us supporting them in the.

Background that's why I was looking for influencers who weren't popular yet but had the potential to be big someone with whom I could help create a vision for the future I kept contacting influencers who uploaded frequently and worked hard our online streaming management company.

Is now considered one of the top class ones because we started by making small influencers popular the reason himek Hassan keeps asking crazy things from her other managers is probably because she wants you to be her manager like before sir so she's afraid of making you angry and having you completely abandon her is.

That about it kimikachan has the potential and popularity to be able to make it on her own so I'm sure it'll be fine if she becomes independent please don't say that to her face even if it's a joke Hassan is the breadwinner for our company we're already not making enough.

Because you instructed us to rewrite contracts to decrease the percentage of income coming into our company from ads that was the right thing to do since the benefits that influencers receive from our company decreased no matter what happens if we don't think of these creators as a priority we're going to end up losing them you know.

You're right about that but it seems like influencers at other management companies are starting to become independent I guess but that can't be helped all that we can do is constantly do things to benefit these girls and keep them as our priority if we do that I'm sure they will return the favor well.

That's all a public face if our company has benefits to give these influencers they won't leave if we try to one-sidedly exploit them they'll think they're losing out and leave all I'm saying is that while it's hard to work through that situation if we keep them as a priority they'll stay at.

Our company if they still decide that there are no benefits of staying with us and leave we have to let that go I feel like she's already getting to that stage in her career we had a meeting about himikachan's future content after that while she was working as an online streamer as long as she remained.

Affiliated with our management we needed to discuss the paths she wanted her content to take still our goal is to try to let influencers do what they want so we decided to listen to himachal's request again alright then I'll pass that on to the clients.

I mean it's a good thing to always challenge yourself besides the reason we're here is so that she can make deals like that I'm sure things like that would be hard being an independent online streamer yep yep boss you're so open-minded and kind as always unlike some old lady.

Excuse me ladies don't fight again anyways good luck with everything he may get Sean that night good evening I've visited nanami's childhood home then Ami is in a room can I come in of course please do but none of me seems very upset I'd assume so please let me up to see her oh what am I.

Going to do from now on me long time no see it's Kazuki can I come in kazukikun who here I came here because I heard you came home can I come in no I don't know how I'm supposed to see you I wasn't able to keep my promise to you but you.

Kazukikun you owned your own company no and become super successful we live in different worlds now sorry I'm coming in what that's okay code why are you being so negative we can't see each other because you didn't keep your promise is that all our friendship.

Meant to you that's I knew things weren't going the way you wanted them to not on me I went to Tokyo sometimes for my work and talked to people in your industry really then because I knew you were working hard even if you weren't getting that many job offers.

I didn't want to bother you so I didn't try to see you from what I heard nanami came back sometimes for a new year's vacation but since she didn't tell me herself I knew that she didn't want to see me in person I'm sure it was because she didn't want me to know things weren't going that.

Well that's why this is our 10-year reunion you haven't changed but you're taller now and you look more like an adult you look like an adult too she might look tired but she's even more beautiful than before I'm sure her physical features won't.

Lose against top actresses have you decided what you're going to do from now on I haven't I was going to find somewhere to work but then come to my company I'll hire you Nana me do that are you really going to quit your dream.

Of being an actress because there's no place for me anymore I have to leave my management company because I stopped getting job offers not that you Nana me do you want to continue being an actress or do you actually want to quit then come to my company I'm operating three companies right now.

The first is a systems operation company the second is an online streaming management company the third is an entertainment agency you've been saying that you wanted to be an actress since we were kids so I thought about ways I could help you out somehow that's the reason I decided to create my.

Own entertainment agency so I could create a place for you to belong nanami that's why I created a systems operation company and made sure I was able to get a stable income when my online streaming management company became successful I was able to get a lot of funds while I did that I made connections with important people in the.

Television and entertainment industry and started my own agency two years ago so that you can find a place for yourself if you ever needed to well obviously because you're my important childhood friend nanami was special to me because she was with me since I was born come to my agency you shouldn't give up here.

You have a talent for acting so let's work together from now on cookie thank you I look forward to working with you of course me too just like that nanami became a member of our agency.

practice with her I made himikachan meet nanami but as you can see himikachan had a lot to complain about this girl she's himaka girl with 3 million subscribers on that online streaming website right I feel bad having her team up with me kimikachan wants to start working as an.

Actress but she's a complete beginner in that industry that's why I want you to teach her Nana me why her bring some where I can't just call anyone because she's bound to do something rude to them still I couldn't make some random person instructor so I had nanami be in charge.

Nanami is amazing at acting either way try watching her not on me can you read the lines from the script I gave you yesterday okay despite the craziness of it All nanami Began reading the lines just like I asked I had only handed her the script.

Yesterday but it seemed like she had already memorized her lines I had her act as a cool and mysterious character but she was so into her role that she seemed like a different person oh oh wow when nanami continued acting for 30 minutes himikachan raised her voice in admiration and surprise.

She was seriously amazing even I was surprised that was amazing I'm surprised that you memorized the entire script when I gave it to you just yesterday not at all I started improvising around the middle I just imagined what this character would say and did all things she would have done.

See as expected from you so himikachan do you have any complaints about nanami giving you tips all right then have nanami teach you whatever skills you need nanami I know you have a lot going on with your own life too but please take good care of.

Himikachan okay do it if it's what willingly accept after I left the room hamuri's son started following after me people usually misunderstand her but she's actually a very honest girl she'll obediently listen to a person if.

They have the talent that's why I had none of me show her skills I see wait did you make none of me son advise her because yep I knew that she had the talent if not she wouldn't be able to advise himikachan but that's not all nanami is extremely sweet cares about.

Others and understands what it's like to struggle in the industry that's why I completely trust her to help himikachan out are you going to use nanami-san as an instructor and not as an actress from now on it's not like that at all I made a deal with a client that's going to give.

Himikachan and nanami a role I told them we'd do everything we can to make himekachan a decent actress and in exchange I had them also hire our new actress that client looks more at acting skills than popularity so if that job works out nanami will have more opportunities coming her way.

Since himikachan is creating that opportunity for nanami I had nanami become her coach basically it's a win-win situation I'm surprised that the client decided to hire himek achan if he's so intent on hiring actresses with skills that's because himikachan is a good actress.

She might not have the skills as an actress yet but her acting skills are excellent what does that mean yeah I figured you didn't notice her whiny and childlike personality is all an act her true self is a bit wild but extremely well mannered she's trying to act like a bratty child.

Point of doing all that she doesn't trust others much that's why when other people are watching she continues her online streaming personality I mean I wanted him to trust and have a good enough relationship with her manager to the point she feels she doesn't have to put on an act.

That's why I didn't tell you about it are you tired that's because I trust you hamuri-san I trust that you're the one person who could build a good relationship with himikachan that's why I'm telling you thank you sir I always leave the hard work to you.

Looking at your accomplishments anyone would trust you keep up the good work yes sir thank you so much from that day on nanami and himikachan worked hard to practice their acting kimikachan had videos to upload but despite that she worked super hard according to her if she couldn't handle.

Balancing both there was no point in doing it nanami worked hard so she wouldn't get left behind either two years later nanami and shimikachan debuted in their first movie and became popular actresses as a result the whole nation finally recognized their talent.

I'm so glad that both of their dreams came true because they're both important people to me but there's one problem I'd hold you I'm going to hang out with him today you can't I finally got a day off so I want to spend it with kazukikun everyone thinks that nanami and.

Shimikachan are close friends but behind the scenes they were always fighting over me hamuri song gets involved in it for some reason but I was struggling to get all three girls on the same page still I was the one who teamed these three up so I'm going to continue working hard to support them in.

Everything they do thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well