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[Manga Dub] I reunited with my student that hated men… [RomCom]


Huh that's not like I'm having you teach me because I want you too my name is Kango Kato and the girl who's coldly saying that to me is my student her name is iroha hazakura and while she's very cute she's known to hate boys we've known each other for two years already but she still treats me this way didn't you come to me for help because.

You didn't understand a lesson for the math exam or at least that was the reason I came to this classroom and I mean you need to ask me since I'm your math teacher was my lecture hard to understand that you don't like being taught by a.

Male teacher then I'm sorry I can't do anything about that it's not like that then what don't you like so annoying who Pat come on hurry up and teach me already of course I cared once she got like this she wouldn't listen to anyone.

That's why all I could do at that moment was go over the lesson that she didn't understand I was living my life normally until one day is transferring her homeroom teacher had asked to talk to me and I couldn't help but be surprised by the news.

Yeah it seems like it's for her father's work Hutto Sensei you must be very sad to hear this since you've been helping her out a lot well yeah but I think she's probably the saddest out of all of us since she's going to have to leave her friends behind.

That's true don't you think you can try talking to her yes I'll do that after school that day she looks upset hazakura-san you're going to be transferring right you heard yeah from your homeroom teacher.

Are you happy of course not working so hard on your studies it's very sad that a sincere student like that is going to be gone of mean shut up stupid how dare you say that to a teacher.

You say that to any other teacher you're going to get into a lot of trouble I'd only say this to you ah that doesn't make it better sorry not sorry you're want to talk it's not funny.

Huh I feel like this is the first time I've seen her laugh I mean I have a lot of things I could say but nothing will ever change if I go into detail now anyways I'm pretty sure I'll come back soon okay I'm going to go home now yeah I'll see you tomorrow see you she left the classroom after.

That when it came down to family business there was nothing I could have done for her all I could do was pray that hazakura-san would do well at her new school a little while after that she transferred four years later.

All right I'm going to take attendance is there anyone absent I was now able to have my own students sir can you help me with this math lesson I don't understand huh of course hazakurasan is after class is okay yep thank you so much.

And after school sir why did you want to become a teacher what's up all of a sudden I was just curious hmm I don't really have a specific event that made me want to teach but I think it's because I enjoyed teaching you became a teacher because you liked.

Teaching were you teaching someone in the past yep when I was in high school I was tutoring this Elementary schooler who lived close by I mean I don't even remember her name what you didn't even bother to ask her name well you know people treat you like a.

Creep for small reasons nowadays so I had a hard time asking her name but wouldn't you ask for her name if you were tutoring her sir you're very clumsy when it comes to things like that very mean mouth sometimes don't you even though you look very innocent my sister always says whatever's on her mind I think I was influenced by her.

It's good to be able to stand up for yourself but I don't think you should say everything out loud I choose the time and place as well as the person when I say things so does that mean you're okay with saying that to me because you're nice I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to feel about that.

That reminds me there was a student who was like you I mean she wasn't a quiet student at all though now that I think about it her last name was hazakura too are they sisters that must have been rough has a kurosan do you have an older sister what are you asking all of a sudden.

Since you've never had a girlfriend your entire life I need to get with your student's sister is a good idea it's not like that plus I've had a girlfriend before really yeah of course sir please look at me when you're.

Too looking away is because you're lying it's not a lie this conversation is over now I have other things I need to do so you should head home you just avoided my question didn't you I didn't I somehow made hazakura-san who kept doubting me go home a few days after that.

I was out in town because it was a weekend that was when sir hello some reason I ran into hasakura-san hello what a coincidence seeing you here I come here often but it's true that it's our first time bumping into each other.

I mean I guess I wouldn't see her around since I don't leave the house often it's been a couple of months since I came into town too sir are you running errands oh I'm just here to watch a movie wow what a coincidence I'm watching a movie with my sister too your sister.

Huh you has a croissant she's my older sister so yeah obviously shibia hasakura-san she's not married yet no not that if you've finally realized how awful you really are my student from a few years ago hazakura-san the way you're saying that you don't remember my first.

Name do you you're awful come on I can't help it I wasn't your homeroom teacher so I only memorized your last name anyways I didn't know you were back here she clearly just changed the conversation I came back to this town a.

Year ago oh I forgot that you went to the same school as me before huh the young male teacher you were always talking about was it it's that Tootsie weird things don't get mad at me it's not okay.

Yeah okay I wonder what she's talking about I was curious since I didn't understand what those two were talking about but I'm not brave enough to ask the older one was very feisty what movie are you on the demon sword.

Oh really what a coincidence we were just about to watch it too in that case do you want to watch it together huh but it's not like I want to watch it with you but if you insist I guess I don't mind watching it with you pig says you're so annoying what do you mean it's the truth.

Come on calm down you two if you're too loud people are going to stare oh anyways should we head to the theaters just like that we moved to the movie theater my calm weekend changed into a Rowdy weekend very quickly what I'm sitting in the middle yes I thought it would be.

Better like this but your sister I don't care I'm not I'm not played about seats or anything I feel like you're about to complain though in the end I knew that causing a commotion would be a bother for the other customers so I gave up and sat in.

The middle I thought that the older hazakura-san was going to say something but just like she said earlier it didn't seem like she was going to complain four years had made her into such a friendly no she hasn't changed she was fighting with her sister earlier and she doesn't use honorifics when.

Talking to me so good you're right it was Sir what are you planning to do after this I don't have anything planned so I'm probably just going to go home oh and please take my old EST sir.

Hey I'm a Dory he reunited after four years right I'm sure you have a lot to talk about go ahead go ahead hey don't push me I can't just bring her to my I'm going home right now I'll see you on Monday sir what.

So fast why is she going home on her own a younger hazakura waved her hand and ran away quickly I don't remember her being the type of girl to do something crazy uh you don't need to do as your sister said but I mean she wasn't wrong when she said we might have a lot to talk about if you really want me to I could.

Come over what the way she's acting does she want to come you don't need to force yourself you can go home if you want she got sad so she does want to come um why don't we go to my house.

Sure why does she seem so happy about this so we changed locations and headed over to my place by the way I forgot to mention that I live alone are you sure you're okay with coming in uh-huh it's fine I already know what did I ever mention that I was already leaving by myself when she.

Was my student but I don't remember telling anyone at the school about it how did she know I mean I used to live close to your place sir oh what you're lying I'm not I had feelings you didn't notice well by uh seriously.

Didn't you tutor in elementary school girl that lived in your neighborhood when you were a high schooler seriously you were that young girl hazakuristan yeah I was that girl crying while trying to study at the park because she couldn't keep up with her schoolwork no way it was true that I started.

Teaching that girl because I found her crying while studying when I asked her about it she told me that she had a hard time keeping up at school because her lessons were so hard but her parents couldn't afford to send her to cram school not only that but her mom was too busy taking care of her younger sister so she wasn't able to.

Teach her either that's the reason I started tutoring her we stopped seeing each other because I went to an out of state university you're so different now the elementary school girl I remember was very shy in other words she was a very plain girl well I worked hard on myself too.

I see but why did your personality change so much I remember her being a very honest and good girl it's because you didn't notice me I asked my mom about the high school you were at it applied but that's because you were so different and what you went to that high school because I.

Was teaching there sir I'm married yeah I've never even had a girlfriend oh okay I'm relieved relieved I've had feelings for you since I was in elementary schooler that's why I purposely went to that High School.

What feelings for me not just like love no no no she's joking right she's never shown any hint like that when she was in high school in fact I thought she hated me I only remember your cold attitude though.

That's because you never even recognized me just because I was in elementary schooler we were together for a long period of time so I was sad that you didn't even notice me so basically you were mad at me hmm but what about the fact that you were known for hating boys and men that's because of the boys that started.

Treating me differently after I started dressing up they used to always make fun of me but the moment I tried to look cute they started kissing up of course that would make me hate them I mean that's true you're right hazakura-san was pretty popular when she was in high school so I'm sure she must have been annoyed by that kind of.

Attention either way you should have told me that you were that girl I would have remembered you then because I wanted you to remember on your own that's why I created situations where I could have you tutor me just like before but you never noticed so that's what that was about I'm honestly really sorry about.

Everything honestly Midori seems to be so close to you I don't think that has anything to do with this it does because I'm her also like because I can't see you as often anymore that's why I came here so we can change things sir if you live on.

Your own let me do your housework tours from now on are you trying to make time to spend with me like that not just that I'm going to do my best to make you like me I already know you don't have feelings for me like that but that's probably because of how I've been acting until recently.

Just like she mentioned I don't think of hazakura-san as a romantic interest in fact I was in a position where I wasn't supposed to I mean if you insist sure really I thought you were going to say no I might not have romantic feelings for you but the girl I was tutoring does have a special place in my.

Heart so yes as part of my apology for everything too besides you're doing the chores for me is something I should be thankful for when I said special I mean that I think of her as my little sister but I didn't say that out loud if I told her that.

I probably would make her mad again as for what happened after what is this Feast did you really make all of this I've done all my training so I could be a good bride hazakura-san's housework skills were extremely high if the way to a man's heart is his.

Stomach she had definitely achieved that already not only that but she kept flirting with me when she wasn't doing the chores So within less than three months we started dating that's how cute irohat Sean was when she was serious the one thing I was grateful for was.

That she didn't get serious when she was still in high school because if she had persisted in this while she was a student I would have been stuck between that and my position as a teacher I would have struggled a lot so I'm glad all of this happened after she graduated.

Still I need to make up for all those years I made her wait for me so I'll be spoiling her a lot from now on thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well thank you.