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[Manga Dub] I reunited with the annoying little girl 12 years later… [RomCom]


Hold on whoa how cute are you when I was in my final year of Middle School an annoying girl that lived in my neighborhood chased me around with a caterpillar I've always hated bugs but that summer was the reason I started dislike younger girls too now 12 years later I quit my job and went home to.

Live with my parents but an innocent high schooler who was 90 years younger than me asked me to be her boyfriend this is a story that almost sounds like a fairy tale between the innocent high schooler and I an unemployed man please be in a relationship with me with marriage in mind all right well let's look back at what happened 12 years ago.

At the time I was a weakling in what the world would call an introvert my dad worked in the city hall and my mom taught Flower Arrangements in the Japanese style room at our house the summer of my final year in Middle School an experience that changed my entire future happened who is that girl.

Butter of one of my students I have to teach a lesson now can you play with her if you have time I guess she looks like she just started Elementary School I introduced myself to her after my mom left my name is what's your name my name is.

I'm six years old I see maybe she's half born what do you want to play um I want to play tag sure I'll be hit first though okay I like that idea huh why not only can is it you're happy to treat.

Your brown young girls no it's not what kind of hobby is that I'll be it then hold on don't come near me she wasn't it she was simply the devil masuzu Chan found a caterpillar in the garden put him on a stick and chase me around with it I've always hated bugs so all I could do was run away things like.

That happen and masuzu Chan came over to our house the entire summer um what did you draw your face only Chan oh why is my face blue um you're a stick patient just like that instead of me playing with her she was messing around with me as a result I started this like younger.

Girl in the midst of all that I needed to decide what I was going to do after Middle School I left my parents house and went to a high school with a dorm called Yuki Academy I became a college student then a business worker and I'm now about to enter my 30s thank you for everything I decided to quit the job that I had worked at for five years.

After graduating college I was in and I can't do this anymore type of situation the person in charge of the company I worked at transferred and it started to become a black business I've always had a weak mentality so I worked anxiously every day I was finally at my limit thinking back now portrait that mezuzu Chen Drew of me was.

A perfect description of how I would look in the future just like that I headed back to my parents house but I had completely forgotten about mezuzu Chan 12 years was probably enough time for me to forget about her existence more importantly I was depressed all I could think about was giving my body and mind some space to relax I went back to.

My hometown and decided to take my time finding a new job when I arrived at my old home welcome home oh my mind went completely blank for a second the person that greeted me was an innocent High School student I thought I accidentally went to the wrong house at first but no this is my house.

Um you are oh I'm sorry I'm an apprentice here and I see you're one of mom's flower arrangement apprentices um your Sensei Sun Cancun right my name is suzukomiyama feel like I've heard that name before but I couldn't exactly remember where either way it seemed like she knew who I.

Was so I tried to go along with it Sensei left to go shopping so I told her I'd watch the house while she was gone I see I was a bit surprised I thought it went into the wrong house anyway Cancun is there anything else that you were surprised by when you came home um nothing other than that.

Nothing else well I guess I was surprised if there's a new convenience store less than a convenience store I've never seen someone cry like that before I know each theologists sometimes Cry by saying yo yo yo but it seems like I've made the girl upset.

No matter how much I thought about it I couldn't remember anything about her still I can't be sad about something like that I'm going to prove to you that I'm more important than a convenience store that's a bold statement it was then just decided that she would make me lunch it's so delicious this miso soup tastes.

Like miso soup um yeah because that's what it's supposed to taste like I was in awe I was mentally ill and hadn't been able to taste food properly in a while that's probably why I thought it was so delicious the girl left suddenly saying that she had things to do but my mom came home right after she left.

Oh okay are you back already hey Mom yeah I'm home where did Susan Chan go she went home a few minutes ago wow I was so surprised I came home to a random stranger a stranger I'm sure you know her huh nah I don't know any pretty and kind girls like that you don't remember I mean you did only hang out with her.

For a little while in the summer vacation of your last year in Middle School the summer of my last year at Middle School it was at that moment in the back of my mind thought suddenly struck as if I was hit by a dump truck summer vacation the devil a young girl caterpillars and an.

Illustration of me with a blue face all my memories bonded together and created one conclusion zoo zoo no way was that girl kamiya mazuzu who's that uh a porn girl beautiful girl earlier was the same annoying girl from 12 years ago you.

Probably said gur earlier because I wasn't able to recognize her even after that Susu Chen came to our house often Not only was she mom's Apprentice but she was also learning how to cook from my mom she even did the laundry and cleaning sometimes so Mom treat her like she was her child what about me if I'm being honest this was super awkward I.

Know that she's not a bad kid but the trauma from my past didn't go away Cancun your tea is ready oh thanks I know that she's not a bad kid but suzukan was a senior at a local high school she was called the prettiest girl in her school since it was founded was skilled in both academics and Sports in addition she was even the student.

Council president her innocent Beauty made her extremely popular at school I mean this information is all for my mom but impossible she's a high school student remember my mom kept trying to set me up with suzu Sean but I was still a little bothered no matter what happened in the past and even if she was a wonderful girl now.

So that's that why don't you date suzukan besides the reason I came back home was to heal my mind and body so that I can prepare for future employment there's no way that an unemployed 27 year old man could be in a relationship with a high schooler still if suzu Chad asks you to hang out you should say yes scissor time was so excited to finally.

See you again okay I'll think about it but that if happened very quickly the day after I talked about it with my mom okay if you'd like well you go on a walk with me what with me yes did you not want to I'm still thinking things over so I can't just.

I'm on a walk with her in the end I follow suzukan to a park in our neighborhood it wasn't a date or anything it was just a change in scenery I did tell Mom I would think about it which means that I needed to first get to know suzukan too still this was the same park that suzukan traumatized me at thinking about the fact that the.

Beautiful world next to me is masuzuchan oh what's the matter nothing there's nothing susajan's face turned sad for a moment this park changed a lot from before do you remember how I used to play on the swings over there they huh oh yeah I remember we took it down a few years ago because it was.

Dangerous stop it do a day 60 degree spin yeah I do remember her messing around with me of course that dangerous swing got taken down we played around the lake too didn't we he wouldn't get close because you were scared of the water though huh oh.

Yeah I remember don't don't put me yeah I remember her messing around with me like that thank goodness that Lake got filled up it's so it's right trauma's coming back to me seems like scissor Chan's memories were.

Glorified nothing felt nostalgic to me because it was all just trauma I want to create more wonderful memories with you what wait scissor John I've changed from the girl I was back then do you think you've changed by Cancun I want you to really see how much I've.

Changed dude your 27 year old unemployed man why did your heart beat when she suddenly grabbed her hand still I understood the point suzukan was trying to make I felt uneasy ever since I reunited with her but I also did want to get to know her more was already ready for more but go there something just clicked with this police.

Officer uh what do we have here isn't she a high schooler and you sir aren't you an adult this is a red flag it was terrible timing and a police officer interrupted us however Mr police officer there's no problem here this is exactly what society would call a problem I promise to be his fiancee our parents approved of this too fiance I see that.

Must be nice wait what wait what police officer and I both explained it's a prize not only because this was my first time hearing this information but a betrothed marriage in this day and age doesn't seem like Susie Chen is lying but seriously that's why holding hands is okay.

This is still innocent love then yes sir we're having a serious and innocent relationship here I mean we're not officially dating yet but I see I'm sorry for doubting you let me check with your parents just in case though after getting in touch with suzukan's parents I found out that it wasn't a joke our parents decided that.

Susan Chen and I would get married the only person who didn't know about this was me we decided to discuss this on another day so we went home for today after dropping suzukan off I went home and asked my mom about the promised marriage it's true I didn't tell you because who's your child asked me to wait.

Does your child wanted that why I wanted to be a girl that's worthy of your first so she could confidently tell you the news yeah but I'm unemployed now and I know but could I talk about suzukan for a bit after that Mom started talking about the past to summarize my mom's story suzukan was extremely sad about.

The fact that I left my hometown for high school she had a lot of fun hanging out with me that summer and I was her first love my mom and suzukan's Mom encouraged her and she decided to change for me just like that suzukat was just a young girl in love I thought she was going to give up quickly but she worked hard.

These past 12 years All For You homie yama-san and I gave her the determination and made her your fiance after hearing what my mom told me I decided to seriously think about my relationship with suzukan still you have the right to make the final decision k I hope you think about this properly before you give her your answer a few.

Days later scissors on there's something I wanted to talk about with you yes what is it about um it's about our promised marriage okay mom told me everything he said that you worked hard these past 12 years for me why did you do all that.

For me sister John you were my first love I won't ever forget that summer when you were kind to me but I'm unemployed and about to enter my 30s I'm sure you'll be able to find a better guy that's worthy of being with you suzu John I strongly believe that I have a good eye for people and I Only Have Eyes For You Cancun that's.

Are you sure that you're not just being stubborn um am I not allowed to be what I think that it's important to work hard for something you really want to have the rest is up to the other person and also to luck I believe I already told you how I feel I'll leave the decision making up to you Cancun.

Chan smiled after saying that and left as for me my heart was struck after what she said her annoying and spoiled personality has changed her into someone with a strong mentality I realized my mistake I treated her like she was immature just because she was younger than me just because she was a high schooler suzukan was much more mature.

Than I was she was looking and moving directly towards her future compared to someone like me was trapped in the past and couldn't move forward after that I used connections from my mom to start a job as a delivery person in my hometown I days were filled with driving and physical labor that I wasn't used to I.

Hung out with Suzuki on the weekends too spending time with her made me a lot happier than I used to be I thought that I would get better if I went home and took a break but it wasn't that easy I got better because I now had a future goal to aim towards as well as suzukan's Smile by my side and in the winter six months after I went back to my hometown.

I invited suzukan to a fancy restaurant this is this full restaurant I'm so happy you brought me here I wanted to thank you for everything you've been doing for me but this is also to celebrate your acceptance in a nursing school I'm so happy thank you so much decided to attend a nursing school in.

Her hometown she wants to be a nurse in the future and help out the people here you have a wonderful goal congratulations on your acceptance thank you so much this is a present for me I'm not sure if you'll like it but is this a watch it's so cute I'm sure you'll need to keep track of time more often I've actually been wanting a watch thank.

You so much and if you'd like yes what is it I was able to find a job again and this time my workers are all great people okay so uh will you be in a relationship with me what I want you to continue to be my fiance.

And uh in the future uh I want you to be my wife finally said it at that moment huge teardrops fell from suzuken's eyes I'm waiting for those words for 12 years does that mean yes I'd love to be just like that the two of us started dating with marriage in mind.

Successfully graduated my hard work was in knowledge and I was promoted to manager we both had busy days but our relationship was moving steadily finally four years later we were married I was 31 years old and suzukan was 22. my co-workers joked around with me about how I got a young and pretty wife let all jokes aside I have no words to.

Express how thankful I am that I have a young and beautiful wife still there was one thing about her that hadn't changed what why is my face blue I don't think it's your drawing skills it might be a problem with your selection of color while praying that this won't be a description of My Future Part Two I also swore that I would spend my entire life.

Loving the girl who would love me for 16 years ha