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[Manga Dub] I reunited with the girl that hated me at the chiropractor [RomCom]


Are you you got an invitation from your reunion oh wait uh what are you doing my shoulders feel so stiff it hurts fine I'll massage them for you great thanks squeeze and rub squeezing how is it.

Thanks it feels great gosh my high school reunion huh are you going I thought that there was this girl you didn't want to meet yeah I'm gonna have to pass on this one I'm busy with work anyways my name is yudai Tanaka I'm 26. I spent my day stuck in front of a computer and it's.

Taking a toll on my shoulders I was transferred from the Nagoya office to the Tokyo head office this year I moved out of my parents house and I'm currently living with Misa my two-year younger little sister misa's a part-time worker she's working hard to become a fashion model you you're still young.

Why are your shoulders so stiff I think it's because of my bad posture I go to a chiropractor with my model friends do you want me to take you a chiropractor I've never been to a chiropractic clinic before and so I took misa's offer to introduce me to her chiropractor Tana cocoon uh Suzuki son.

However I found out that Yuri Suzuki worked there she was the girl that hated me in high school I saw her nameplate and realized she was the head of the clinic I was mortified she was why I didn't want to attend the high school reunion first please fill out this medical.

Questionnaire bring it back to me when you are finished until she recognizes me she seems so uncomfortable man this is too awkward I started thinking about our past while filling out the questionnaire I still have no idea why suzuki-san hated me so much it all started in.

Junior year right before summer break what what the heck happened hi hates you so much huh I'm so confused we regularly talked up until that day to be honest I had the biggest crush on her it was shocking to hear that the girl I liked hated me so much we were in different classes our senior.

Year and didn't talk for the rest of high school I never got the chance to ask her why she felt that way I regret not asking her why she suddenly started hating me back then nobody I asked knew anything but maybe I did something horrible to her without realizing it.

What are the chances who would have thought I would bump into her here I kept remembering horrible memories I started thinking I should leave without filling out the medical questionnaire however that would be rude to Misa she went out of her way to introduce me I couldn't.

Just leave I see so you have stiff shoulders regularly yes they feel so tight I can't raise my arms because they hurt so much I understand let's take a look please follow me to the other room suzuki-san has such a bland tone I guess that's better for both of us I'm sure neither of us wants to dig up.

The past whatever my shoulders hurt I'll get treated here today and find another clinic to make my next reservation I kept myself busy with little thoughts while I waited in the treatment room hi there my name is inosuke gorizawa nice to meet you likewise I massage with love.

Why does that sound scary however once the treatment was over wow I can totally lift my arms now thank you so much good it's because I put my heart into it so how often do people usually visit their chiropractor since you're just starting you should visit us once every three to.

Five days for the next three sessions three sessions well Corey's our son will be massaging me it won't hurt to come again I see can I make my next reservation today my shoulders feel light and relaxed I decided to make my next reservation for three days later Boone you're home.

Although there issue what happened do you remember how I told you about the girl I didn't want to see it turns out she's the head of the clinic what no way oh awful you could I had no idea nah it'll be okay she.

Won't be in charge of my treatments anyways I see so he'll keep going yep I'm going back in three days that night I slept peacefully for the first time in a while on my third day of treatments suzuki-san and I exchanged a few words whenever we saw each other but we never talked about what happened.

In high school how are you feeling great thanks to gory zawasan and finally my third treatment was over I have a feeling my love wasn't enough for you uh uh gory zawasan you lost me what do you mean I don't think I've done enough to heal you completely oh that's what you're talking about it's okay I like it.

Here I'm planning on coming back for regular treatments now that the first part of your treatment is over the next part will be the convalescent stage convalescent stage we will gradually bring your body back to a healthy state in your case posture we'll need you to come in every week the treatment will take about four to six weeks I see that.

Sounds doable suzuki-san should take over from here huh suzuki-san wait me yes every chiropractor has their strengths and weaknesses suzuki-san is the best when it comes to the convalescent stage I hope he means the treatment will end faster but still tanaka-san do you feel uneasy about this.

Uh no I think I'll be fine thank you for asking and so Suzuki's son ended up taking over after gory zawasan I made a reservation for a week later and left the clinic Suzuki's son had no choice but to accept the change since I was a patient but I wasn't sure if I should have said okay after I got home I asked miso for.

Some advice about my situation it doesn't sound like suzuki-san hates you anymore yukoon really yeah you know she could be waiting for the right time to apologize to you but I mean it's up to you up to me a week later I visited suzuki-san's chiropractic clinic for my treatment session please let me know if anything.

Hurts okay I'll make sure I do why am I so nervous right now none of the awkwardness was gone but we had no choice but to start the session wow this feels so nice I can feel the tension leaving my body I was amazed at how professional and talented suzuki-san was I thought gory zawasan was the best but as it turns out.

There's always better it was like my body was melting and floating at the same time it's time to end the session tanaka-san wake up thanks for the massage I could tell you were deep in your sleep it felt so good I can't believe I fell asleep my gosh I feel like I'm in a new body I'm glad you feel that way however.

It won't last unless you continue to improve your posture you spend a lot of time staring at your computer screen your back is rounded and bent how can I fix my posture koizawa will teach you some stretches you can do to loosen up your body please do these stretches once every hour for the next few weeks I see I appreciate all of this.

And so I stayed for a bit more to learn posture fixing stretches from gory zawasan before I headed home suzuki-san called my name just as I was about to walk out the door um huh suzuki-san did you forget to tell me something um.

Never mind I guess I'll see you next week oh okay you can you're back how did your session go it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be hey maybe I'm overthinking things so did suzuki-san apologize for what she did to you nah we didn't talk about stuff like that today I see but I still have a feeling she's waiting for the right time to apologize.

To you she doesn't have to apologize to me it happened a long time ago yes she does even if it did happen years ago you guys never had closure according to have closure so both of you can move on moving on huh come to think of it suzuki-san seemed like she had something to say today to.

Be completely honest the incident with suzuki-san traumatized me I've been reluctant towards girls since even if I started feeling things for a girl I could never take the next step since I was afraid of how she'd react that's why I haven't had a girlfriend my whole life but it would be unfair to blame her for.

Everything I mean there is a possibility I did something to anger her if so I should be the one apologizing a week later I was at the clinic with a heavy heart um suzuki-san there's something I want to ask you before we start oh okay what is it will it be possible for.

Us to talk after today's session is over I see well we have a busy day today will it be okay if we talk another day of course we can set a date once you tell me when you'll be free thank you and um yes have you changed your phone number since high school uh no I still have the same number.

It felt a bit awkward but not necessarily in a bad way I still had suzuki-san's phone number in my phone directory it was surprising to hear she hadn't deleted mine though a few days later Suzuki San and I met up on her day off from work we stepped into a restaurant to grab a bite together.

Um ton of cocoon something I had to apologize to you about huh I saw the solemn expression on her face and realized she was talking about the incident you see what happened in high school it was a misunderstanding a misunderstanding.

Cocoon you have a pretty little sister right uh yeah her name is Misa she's the one who introduced me to your clinic I see I knew it back in high school I was walking home one day when I happened to come across you and misa-san walking together you guys look so good together I thought.

You were dating her at the time I didn't know she was your sister I guess I was jealous I was upset about you having a girlfriend I didn't know about so I decided to ask one of your friends about misasan oh yeah that's Tanaka's girlfriend oh uh I knew it yeah he's hiding their relationship from everybody else oh.

Well he changes his girlfriend like he changes his underwear like a coot wouldn't do that come on why would I lie he even told me he's planning on making you his next girlfriend I believed him I did wait a second Watanabe said that about me yeah.

It never occurred to me that he might be lying I believed him I should have asked you in person but I wasn't in control of my emotions that day I see so that's why you were so upset with me what an Abbey had I hit it off from the start of high school I always knew he secretly had to feel for Suzuki's son although he never acted on it I never planned on telling.

Her about how I felt since I didn't want to betray him I couldn't believe he would go behind my back and tell suzuki-san all those lies about me how did you find out that he lied to you when you made a reservation through misa-san you realized Misa was my little sister not my girlfriend yes I contacted watanabekun to ask him about what he.

Told me back then that's when he told me he lied to you about me sassan in high school so then I don't want to sound cocky but does that mean you like me back then yes I had a huge crush on you my heart fluttered whenever you talked to me I was hoping you would ask me out someday wow I had no idea after finding out that.

She'd been tricked by Watanabe I wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing I wonder why I couldn't see through his lies if only I had believed in you we could have had a different ending maybe together I'm sorry Tana cocoon it's all my fault you don't know how ashamed I am for.

Telling you so many horrible things that day Suzuki's son started crying as she apologized to me suzuki-san I accept your apology I could tell how reuniting with me affected you it must have been tough well I I knew I had to apologize to you but I didn't know how to bring it up hearing you tell me that is enough for me I'm.

Not holding any grudges so did Watanabe apologize to you for lying to your face no he started hitting on me saying he still has feelings he said he lied because he liked me so much and that he still thought about me a lot wow what did you tell him.

A horse I shut him down how am I supposed to trust him when I know he's the type of person that can lie with such a cruel face but he's been quite persistent since then he came by the clinic as a patient to request my massages he also waited for me outside till I finished work hey he sounds dangerous did you tell the.

Police about him yeah I ask for their help but they told me they couldn't do anything about it unless he did something to hurt me orizova was kind enough to accompany me on my way home until watanabekun gave up what a Nami I never knew how crazy he was still.

I blame myself for causing all of this I should have brushed off his lies back then stop Watanabe is the wrong one here he shouldn't have lied and manipulated you like that wait suzuki-san are you going to the upcoming reunion I wasn't planning to I didn't want to bump into watanabekun there well my little sister said something to me a few days.

Ago even if it's in the past we all need closure to move on with our lives maybe we should face Watanabe so we can all stop torturing ourselves about the past but it'll be okay I'll be right by your side the day of the reunion suzuki-san and I met up beforehand and walked in together I wasn't surprised to see the shocked.

Expression on watanabe's face when he saw us Sonica why are you here with Suzuki's son I'm a patient at her Clinic you know she told me all about what you said to her huh what are you talking about don't play dumb she already told me how you lied and manipulated her to get closer I never lied to anybody hey you knew who Misa was but you told.

Suzukistan that Misa was my girlfriend not my little sister no uh well uh Suzuki son mentioned seeing you with a girl I didn't think the girl was Misa okay why don't you give up already you told suzuki-stan that you lied why won't you accept it she also told me you've been following her around recently I'm.

I'm only trying to get her to see that we belong together I've liked her for so long and I told you it wasn't going to happen ah if you really liked and cared about suzuki-san you shouldn't have lied to her and you shouldn't be forcing your feelings onto her right now you scared her so much she had to go to the police to ask for help one of the clinic staff.

Had to take her home every day how much more trouble are you going to cause what you need to do is apologize to her and promise you will never bother her again I'm sorry for lying to you and for following you around I promise I will never come near you again all I wanted to hear we're fine now but you still need to apologize to Tada.

Cocoon for what you did Tanaka I'm sorry I don't know what was going through my head I will never bother suzuki-san again will you guys forgive me suzuki-san and I left the reunion after getting the long do apology from Watanabe I'm not exactly sure how I feel about how things turned out yeah.

I'm sorry you had to say some tough stuff to defend me that's not what I'm talking about a man has to protect the woman he loves huh the woman he loves oh I mean including the woman he used to love so you're saying you've had feelings for me back then well yes I guess what that's what it.

Means so didn't lie to us yeah probably um do you still have time right now yeah I don't have any plans after this do you want to go vote for drinks with me that sounds like a great idea let's find a nice place and so suzuki-san and I headed to a nearby bar damn it why do.

They get to have a happy ending Yuri belongs to me I'm going to win her over no matter what I have to do what is she seeing him anyways how can she like Tanaka over me she must be an idiot for choosing him excuse me you right there what the hell do you want I'm busy hello I'm inosuke gorizawa I massage with love you're the gorilla guy from.

Her Clinic why are you here I figured you would be up to no good so I followed you here you don't know what to stop do you what you're feeling is not love I'm here to correct you with a lesson on love since you seem to have it all wrong this is my last resort I have no choice but to what you're.

Gonna force me to give up on her no I'm the chiropractor of love I will use a skill passed down from my parents oh wait what the hell I didn't feel a thing I'm sure you didn't see me because I moved too fast I've damaged your weak point weak point you're making no sense the weak point I have damaged just now.

Is stopping the blood flow into a Precious part of a man's body to be more specific you will never function as a man for the rest of your life what the heck are you talking about so I can't have any children you are a useless man oh my gosh I heard that Watanabe tried.

To get the police's help on this case but they didn't believe anything because it sounded so ridiculous a few days later suzuki-san and I were on a date there's something I want to tell you again ton of cocoon okay what is it I am grateful for everything you did for me about the whole watanabikun incident.

Thank you and also I wanted to ask you if you go out with me only if you want to yeah of course I was planning on asking you today thank God and so we were finally able to start our relationship watanabe's lies ripped us apart 10 years ago it took a long time to get back to where we were but I'm thankful because I believe.

Everything happens for a reason there's another thing I wanted to talk to you about huh gorizabasan and misa-san we had no idea but gory zawasan and Misa had been working behind the scenes after Misa found out about suzuki-san in my past she partnered up with gory zawasan they kept in touch the whole.

Time discussing how they would get us to reconcile so when gorizawa-san said he didn't do enough he's talking about suzuki-san and me so when gorizawa's son suggested that I should be your doctor although it was for love I felt terrible lying to you too I had no idea I think we should feel thankful we probably wouldn't have ended.

Up together if it wasn't for you to I second that neither of us would have brought up and faced our past if it wasn't for your support it's all thanks to your teamwork thank you for your kind words oh we have something else we need to tell you we've been dating for a while now and we've decided to get married what.

We're in love in love I was disappointed to find out my little sister will be married before me but don't worry Yuri and I ended up getting married soon after thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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