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[Manga Dub] I reunited with the girl that I asked to marry me when I was just a kid [RomCom]


My name is malato Monica I'm 22 and recently started working at a gaming company I designed characters for a living I joined the company because I love playing games they've been a big part of my life ever since I met a woman 12 years ago that day I was sitting in front of my door I'd come home from.

School only to realize my keys were missing I probably dropped them on my way home just then the high school girl who lived next to my family came to talk to me we had never had a conversation before this incident somewhere so good.

Why don't you wait inside my place until your parents come home thank you for your offer my name is manato Monica uh what's your name lady me I'm the game Lady uh that's not an answer and what's a game Lady you'll have to win a game match against me if you want to know my real name here.

Let's go play some games inside whoa wait wait so I started playing games with the so-called game Lady while waiting for my parents yay that's my 20th victory she was indeed the game lady I didn't stand a chance against her how can you be so good at this what did you do to become this good well I have.

Some advice you become the character you're playing inside the game that way you'll see how and why different movements affect your performance hey are you why are you looking at me like that I'm totally serious it's not that I don't believe you but that's not an easy thing to do well you get used to it come on on to the next.

Game I hope I win this time I started spending more time with her after that she never let me win not even once so I never found out what her name was I didn't ask her parents because I thought that would go against the rules by the way she said she called herself the game lady because it was better than her real name I know she sounds weird I enjoyed.

Playing games they were fun but what I liked more was spending time with the game lady I started hanging out at her place not for the games but to see her every moment spent with her was precious to me I wish that it would last forever but good things never last forever game ladies moving to well then I'll become her son that way I.

Can be with her let's be real that wasn't going to happen there was nothing I could do about it I did everything I could think of to prepare for the upcoming farewell the next day I went to the game lady's house with something I had prepared the previous night and that's not the only thing I need to.

Tell you something before you go what is it I like you I like you so much I want you to marry me when I grow up I promise to make you the happiest girl alive oh thank you the thing is I'm sorry I can't accept that offer right now you never know what will happen in the future.

When we both grow up and if we're both still single and if you still feel that way about me can you ask me again I understand well can you at least keep the ring I made for you so you don't forget about me you made the ring so pretty that's so sweet of you I'll keep it safe after that the game lady.

Left it's been 12 years I haven't seen her since after I graduated from University I started my job at the game company I'm monotone Monica I'm excited to start working here with all of you I promise to do my best and I designed characters for a living.

Let me tell you why I yelled his name is Minato manika as his face looks so familiar I'm sure he's a 10 year old boy who proposed to me I can't believe he's going to be working here I wonder if he recognizes me oh no he's clearing at me is it because I just yelled he shouldn't glare at the woman he.

Proposed to I think I may start crying after I finished my introduction I was taken to my desk to wait for orders instead of showing you what goes on here my name is Aria Aria kenomia it's nice to meet you Mana tokun first name uh I should call you manaka-san.

I forgot that he doesn't know who I am uh you can call me by my first name wait you could call me urbia then my last name is pretty hard to pronounce Arya kenomia were your ancestors members of the aristocracy yes my family ruled Japan from behind the scenes wow.

Kidding doesn't look at my jokes he's so so pure-hearted but he doesn't seem to recognize me oh oh well I mean I had classes on back then plus my last name changed when my parents got divorced wait I don't think I ever told him my name I should keep my mouth shut since he.

Doesn't know who I am I know what to say if he brought up the proposal anyways all right do you think you can come up with some design ideas for the RPG villagers I just need a rough draft come show Nissan when you're finished okay that's what I used to call myself when he was just a kid.

Um just let me know when you're finished sure I finished my rough draft and went to show ariason it's not bad but I don't feel your soul in him he's just a drawing how can I put my soul into a character is that even possible.

Well this may be a theory that works for me but let me tell you it's best to become the characters you're about to draw that way the designs come naturally you become part of it uh is something wrong you have this look on your face I know somebody who said the exact same thing to me we used to play games together when I.

Was a kid yeah that's me I have the same idea because I'm the same person I'm not trying to copy myself okay okay I'll take your advice and start over great still remembers me I stayed late that night to finish my designs for the village character I bought you something.

Appreciated you know she didn't have to finish it by tomorrow right well I would feel better if I got it done now he's a hard worker late just to bring me something to eat she's so kind what a nice boss ariasan why did you decide to work here I've always loved games it was only natural for me to come here I only have.

One dream to work with games and I'm pretty good at drawing so I ended up designing characters I've enjoyed playing games since I was a kid too but I only started playing after I turned 10. I met this game lady and she taught me how entertaining games can be.

So the guy you're looking at now only exists because of that game Lady I'm doing something I love as a living and I owed all to the game Lady I wish I could thank her why are you hiding your face like that uh thought of me that way his ears started.

Blowing down my face but I didn't want him to see because he would think I'm a weirdo well then make sure you don't overwork yourself okay I will thank you talking to aryasan filled me with motivation to keep on going the next day I showed her the new draft.

Of my design wow this is great yeah it meant a lot to have aryasan's approval I felt great ariathan liked my design this is awesome I want to become better I want to impress her more know how hard you worked you did a great.

Job on her son is very happy huh uh I I should get going now what is happening to me right now she was just petting my head that's all it was why is my heart pounding so hard what the as we spent more time together I was drawn to her she was the most gentle-hearted person.

And let's not forget how pretty she is I couldn't stop myself from longing for her but at the same time I was feeling guilty here's why one day I was staring at the ceiling thinking about everything going on in my head what's wrong you look like you're about.

To fall on the ground I I'm cheating on someone is that where does that suit you at all first I'm here if you need help with anything at all she's always so caring well remember the game lady I told you about I proposed to her 12 years ago.

She never gave me an answer back then but I've had feelings for her ever since but recently I've started liking somebody else this this counts as cheating right what am I supposed to do about this okay um calm down uh minatocoon you win the game like you weren't dating right and she never said.

She would marry you after you propose to her then whatever you're doing doesn't make you a cheater you have the right to have feelings for anybody you want but I liked her so much I proposed how can I just move on like this the most important thing right now is Arya son.

So it's okay to have feelings for you ariasan so he continued to have feelings for me after we said goodbye how but monatoku just said he has feelings for somebody else I don't know what to say ah it's so sad oh wait a minute oh my quite sad.

What would that bother me wait is it because I have feel like for him is something wrong nothing nothing is wrong anyways did you see the email sent from the company today they're having a competition to decide a designer for the character in the new game wow am I qualified to apply.

For that competition yep are you son you'll be competing of course I know this is going to sound rude but if I if I win against you in this competition will you accept that I'm a professional character designer oh you're going to challenge your own Nissan well I'll give.

You credit for having guts fine if you win the competition help consider you a professional heck I'll even call you master uh I don't want you to call me master why if I win I want you to call me master you want me to call you that okay then which do you like better Master Aria or Master on Nissan.

I don't really have a preference I'll win the competition and prove my worth that's the only way I'll get the confidence to ask her out the theme of the character designing competition is the world's weakest hero I used arya-san's advice to put myself in the character's shoes it wasn't easy but I had to in order to complete the.

Design a month later on the day of the competition my heart was pounding until I stood up in front of everyone for my presentation he used to be the strongest hero but one of his enemies cursed him to lose every fight no matter how weak his enemy was I want to point out this part of the.

Design I somehow got through my presentation next in line was aryasan aryasan's character looked like an old man he almost looked dead still he had this weird charm that pulled me in I knew it arya-san was amazing and the winner was congratulations.

You won the competition yeah yeah congratulations I didn't think you would actually win you've proved that you are a competent character designer are you Son thank you for your support no are you crying anyways I don't know if you'd like it but I was thinking I.

Could cook you a congratulatory dinner I don't look it's but I'm pretty good at cooking but only if you want to yes I would love to eat your food arya-san good that's where I tell her my feelings I have a feeling she'll say yes now that I've proved I'm capable I waited in aryasan's living room while she cooked me dinner.

I happen to glance around the room to find something unbelievable on one of her bookshelves oh that's I know what that is it's the ring that I made 12 years ago I gave it to the game Lady when I proposed to her.

Why would that ring be sitting there that means one thing arya's son is arya-san I found this ring over there can you please tell me what's going on I'm the game Lady you proposed to 12 years ago I apologize for hiding my identity from you I knew it was you the moments you stepped into the office.

I didn't want you to realize who I was since you might have brought up the proposal from 12 years ago I had no idea how to deal with that that's why I pretended not to know but I know now that I didn't need to hide anything what does that mean you told me you liked somebody you weren't planning on proposing to the.

Game Lady again in the first place so there is no need to hide anything from you what if I was huh what if I was planning on proposing to you the person I had feelings for is you ariason you take such good care of me and you're.

Kind you're also funny and cute who wouldn't fall for you I've realized something I fell in love with you again without knowing who you were arya-san you mean the world to me will you marry me I really hope you'll accept my offer.

This time well years ago I considered you my little brother that was all but after seeing you again every moment we spent together became so precious to me you are so precious to me by the time I realized I was already in love with you so yes I would like to accept your proposal this time yes.

So then here huh what is it a proposal isn't complete without a ring I want that ring on my finger oh no way I'm planning on buying you a proper ring soon I promise I could have two reading Rings there are no rules that say I can't I want to prepare both rings the one that you made for me and the one that you plan to buy.

From me I've never seen a bride wear two rings well Euro Nissan isn't just any bride you always exceeded my expectations that's why I love you so much I will never let you go again we'll stay together for the rest of our lives I know we'll hold on to each other no matter what.

I promise to make you the happiest man on Earth thank God my 12 years of waiting didn't go to waste I plan on living a wonderful life with my silly bride who has two wedding rings on her ring finger I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

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