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[Manga Dub] I saved a cat, who came back to repay me in human form…!? [RomCom]


My name is Kai hirahata and although I'm in high school I spend every day boring as usual everyone around me has such fulfilling lives but I wish they would explode I mean nothing anyway everyone around me is way too excited to be alive so I was going to school lonely and quiet however there was one reason for me to attend.

School good morning everyone when I turned towards the voice I saw himeka kacho greeting everyone she's in my class but not only is she cute she's super easy going and kind to introverts like me I get to meet her at school so School wasn't so bad good morning Hirata oh good morning kacho yeah.

Oh about before Cacho want to hang out after school today let's go to karaoke oh sorry I have plans after class what but you're always so busy when can you actually hang out I'm sorry why does she have to apologize you guys.

Okay move out of the way boys unlike you she's actually got things to do yeah go to class damn it annoying girls oh well let's flirt with her later of course they're not good enough for her chased them off so let's go to class together but oh are you free next weekend I was.

Hoping to go to the park with everyone Miss Katja was taken away by the bright and extroverted girls she started talking to me but it was super rare for her to even say hello she's popular so it can't be helped I'm sure she's the one that's struggling the most so I can't complain real life seriously sucks.

Then one day hmm what's that sound a cat seriously it must have fallen from the bridge I left my bags and stuff on the side of the river and jumped in you must have fallen in recently I gotta get to you quick phew made it in time it was going crazy in the water but I was able to save the cat however.

It ran away from my arms ah I thought it was drowning it's got a lot of spunk though if it's got that much energy it should be fine be careful next time I watched the cat Scurry away and headed home the next morning hello good good mealing Miss Cacho what are you doing no I'm the cat you saved meow then.

Why are you talking uh-oh meow meow what do I do to be honest a cosplaying kacho was incredibly cute however the the whole thing was so sudden that I I wasn't sure what to do why is she pretending to be a cat what cat are you talking about the one you saved from the river yesterday the cat I saved yesterday was white why did you pretend.

To be a human and come to my house to repay you um like a thank you as a cat meow exactly why would a cat figure out where I lived your whole story is full of holes Miss Cacho so how did you find my house oh I asked a person who knew where you lived I mean I saw you come to this.

House before meow friend huh so bad at this I invited katso to my room I can't believe that the school of Madonna is in my room I don't understand why she's cosplaying though are your parents absent meow.

Oh my parents are both on vacation right now so they're not here what so it's just us yeah I guess she'll start to say she's gonna go home huh I'm gonna go home oh okay I knew it I mean she should be a little concerned considering it's just a guy living on his own.

Or so I thought but why did you come back I didn't have any calls to change or anything so I brought it you're planning on staying I have to repay you but but that's a little too dangerous it's okay I told my parent cats that I would be staying your parrot cats so she.

Told her parents that she would be staying over at my house I'm sure she said that she would be staying with her girlfriends right uh I I don't know if it's good with you staying over just think of me as a pet how do the laundry and dishes and cooking that's completely Beyond being a pet but maybe she's got a reason that.

She's trying so hard to get out of the house I'm sure she'll get used to it after a few hours and leave anyway come inside I think the neighbors are probably going to notice something is up soon thank you how long is she going to protect.

Into the house are you hungry oh I had some food before you came by I see ah are you hungry should I go get some food breakfast well yes I could I will be your pet from today what's your name.

Why are you going to be my pet because you saved me from the river is that a no you can't use those little kitten eyes on me but what about when I'm not around I'll go back to my own house this is way too crazy but I could be alone with her so maybe it's fine.

Then you can be my pet thank you but you can't say this head stuff outside okay it's okay I'm only going to be a human around you sir ah I see if you can be a cat or a human when you want you should just go back to being a cat.

I can't do that I need to be ready for any help that you might need just be a human when I need you you can go back to being a cat I can't do that easily I'm cursed and turned into a human around you sir cursed I feel like that's a little too far I mean the whole thing is going a little too far uh you're so mean.

Oh don't get upset I mean I did tease her a little bit how will you forgive me you can if sir spoils me then I'll forgive you ah are you sure I want you to rub my head gently uh okay like this.

Yeah thank you she's so cute I don't care if she's pretending to be a cat or not I can feel her fake ears but I'm just going to leave them alone I kept petting Miss Cacho after that I wasn't sure if she just started getting relaxed but she hugged me and I couldn't say no I kept rubbing her head till around lunch time.

It's delicious when it was around lunch she cooked me some food but it was almost like restaurant food with how good it was I heard that she was a rich lady but she seemed to be able to handle her own seriously impressive thank you yeah it's seriously delicious you're good at cooking huh it's not just cooking I'm.

Good at chores all around I've been practicing to get married and be a good wife wife oh no I mean that when I saw my old owner practicing to be a wife I learned a thing or two yeah she's just doing this because she's pretending to be a cat but when she stops there's a reason she has to pretend to be a cat around me.

I can't just keep being okay with this situation after I thought of that I decided to just let this go hey Miss Cacho let's talk about this I'm not katel no you're seriously not pulling this off if there's a reason you want to leave your house so much that you want to pretend to be a cat you.

Should tell me oh if there's anything I can do to help I want to um I'm sorry that I'm making you worried you really don't have to be worried seriously why did you do this then you huh because I wanted you to spoil me what.

I mean if you were a real cat sure I guess I'm not very convincing if I'm trying to tell her that I wouldn't spoil a fake cat after spoiling her for the last half day also I read on the internet that someone like you would love that I dressed up and cosplayed like a cat.

Huh is she calling me a nerd without calling me a nerd I feel like this is probably going too far this is probably something you do with your significant other really I mean I don't know the specifics since I've never had a girlfriend you were trying to make me happy.

Yes why you have no reason to I don't have a reason except I wanted to but why you're going to ask that yeah I Wanna Know because I like you huh what you like me you don't have to be so surprised.

No I I I definitely do did you did you realize what everyone thinks about you you're the school Madonna Who Would Imagine the school Madonna to like me I was seriously completely caught off guard by the whole thing it doesn't matter if I'm the school Madonna or not I'm just a human being I know but but I'm just a geeky introvert I don't see.

Any reason you'd like me to it all huh you're incredibly nice you've helped those in need and you never look down on anyone I saw you save the drowning kitten without hesitation yesterday oh you did see me huh but that doesn't mean much that's not true not everyone would react the way you did and you also saved me.

Before too did I when one of the older seniors kept pestering me to go out with them you saved me from him oh I remember that that doesn't even count though I think you're incredibly cool I see thanks.

I'm glad you understand um I'm glad you like me but I really don't think you should be pretending to be a cat to stay over at my house I'm sorry I just saw you saving a cat and thought it would be a great chance yeah whatever.

What's done is done I'll leave it alone and I had a good time oh you did have fun I mean yeah of course I was able to eat the school Madonna's home-cooked meals and see her cat cosplay I'm so glad it was totally worth researching she definitely looked up otaku.

Okay will you go out with me are you sure you want to go out with a guy like me of course I want to go out with you okay then let's go out I was always interested in her so I had no problems accepting her invitation I didn't think this would happen at all.

But I was okay with everything going down I became the school Madonna's no he may cause boyfriend she loved being spoiled and would keep cosplaying as a cat and clinging onto me I made sure to spoil her as much as I felt necessary are you sure you're gonna stay over.

Yes we're going out now too I have no regrets about staying over what did you tell your parents that I was staying over at some girlfriend's house I mean that's probably the best thing to do ah so it's not like she told them everything I feel like she's someone who would be.

Honest and tell them the whole truth whatever spoil me more you really like being spoiled huh I love you of course I'm not normally like this with everyone okay then I guess I gotta keep working hard to make sure you like me I don't think you need to try that hard.

We went to sleep together I still wanted to talk to her but I didn't need to rush I was able to be with her tomorrow too the next day we went to the amusement park together it was our first date and we were both nervous but we had a great time together it was her first time at an amusement.

Park and she was adorable she was definitely a lady and hadn't experienced this kind of thing I would be able to show her nice things by the way we started going to school together too so it was very obvious that we were dating the boys were very jealous of me however I didn't care at all because I had a cute girlfriend by.

My side the it girl there's always at least one of them in high school but did you know they exist in the adult world as well there's an eight girl at my company Maria how are you always so pretty you're flattering me She's a Beauty with a playful charm that makes her irresistible.

However oh she always runs whenever I tomoki kamino come anywhere near her hey tomoki seriously what'd you do to her fuyuki oh come on you know I haven't done anything to her Maria wouldn't avoid you if there.

Weren't no problems she doesn't even want to bring you coffee she asks the others to do it just so she won't have to talk to you thanks I feel so much better now that I know she purposely avoids me must have been something you did but I don't even talk to her maybe you said something offensive to.

Her without realizing it that's something you would do not me um hey boss why don't you let me know when you are ready to start working we're truly sorry for you can I stopped talking and headed to our seats since our boss seemed upset.

With us ah it's all fuyuki's fault every time fuyuki starts talking to me we get distracted it's not the first time we've been scolded yeah I was expecting her to do that Maria does everything she can to avoid contact with me but I have no idea why.

It's like she hates me but we've never had a proper conversation before she's cute and I would love to get to know her but maybe pretty girls like her can sense ulterior motives I'm home hey don't monkey we've been waiting for.

You to come home mom what's wrong we've received an official offer for a formal marriage interview huh a formal marriage interview that's right and let me tell you right now she's gorgeous stop mom somebody's trying to trick you or something.

Hey I'm not trying to trick anybody tomoki oh I didn't realize you were here this is one of my mother's close friends she's known me since I was born and still visits us from time to time wait you're the one who talked my mother into this yep I knew it I want you to meet my.

Precious daughter I didn't know you had a daughter what are you talking about you guys used to play together she stopped coming once you guys started Elementary School she said she was too embarrassed oh I forgot about that gosh I always thought I was hanging out.

With a boy well I can't believe she was a girl thank God I didn't see anything stupid to her anyways I asked my daughter about it she's totally on board that's why I'm here today well I know that we played together when we were young but I haven't seen her.

Since I'm not sure it's the best idea what you guys attend the same University she told me you guys talked quite a lot during that time what no way oh she probably didn't mention her name even if she did I guess she didn't tell you she was my daughter I see.

Well she'll be here soon she's excited to see you again uh-huh there's only one girl I can think of that fits her description she didn't tell me her name and she didn't tell me we had met before I'm feeling a bit uneasy about all this she was really quiet and shy.

I'd be worried for her future if I was her mother too oh she's here tomoki go get the door what why should I go the husband should always beat his wife with open arms but we're not married yet I haven't even agreed to go through with the process.

Shut your mouth just go answer the door ah fine hello oh hi there huh Ma Maria um yes good to see you oh what the heck why is Maria standing outside my door wait wait a minute so.

Maria is the daughter we've been waiting for and she's acting so different right now so weird we definitely did not talk back when I was in university um can I come in please oh sure time for introductions this is my daughter Maria.

I'm Maria shiratami it's nice to meet you well I'm sure you know but I'm tomoki kamino it's nice to finally talk to you I wasn't expecting things to move so fast but all of a sudden we were introducing ourselves my mother and her friend have always.

Been like this pushy and forceful Maria you have grown up to be such a beautiful woman Oh no you're too kind you know she got her beauty from me I never knew shiragami was your last name oh yeah I don't think I mentioned it before I mean I call your mom by her.

Name so it was never necessary plus you know I had no idea your daughter was a colleague of mine surprise I did our best to put you together no wonder my mother was so set on getting me to apply for the company I work for now they were trying to make.

This happen from the start weren't they oh don't be shy you guys should talk it's not as easy as you think we've never had a proper conversation before um I I appreciate the effort but I don't think this marriage interview is necessary huh why I know Maria is so pretty you want to.

Get married to her now cut it out it's just Maria I don't think she wants to have anything to do with me is that true no it's not she's denying it tomoki huh don't worry I've checked with Maria before coming here what but huh see she won't even look me in the face.

I am disappointed in you tomoki very disappointed huh what the heck whatever anyways the whole thing depends on you tomoki what do you want to do you can't be serious you want us to get married now no time to date or try things out it's a marriage interview because you'll be getting married.

Tomorrow if you both agree to do this that's too soon what you guys are saying is crazy we can't get married tomorrow after that I tried my best to talk them out of it however neither of the moms were willing to listen to me I got myself into a tough situation they were being ridiculous even if it was a matchmaking interview.

No couple gets married that fast Maria isn't there anything you would like to say I'm fine what you and I are going to get married tomorrow you're okay with that yes I am.

Wow she can't say no to her mother because she's such a nice daughter she's willing to sacrifice her life to satisfy her mother I have no choice I've gotta step up and convince our mothers if I don't Maria will have to live with a man she hates for the rest of her life still I keep imagining how amazing life would be if Maria was my wife.

I'm against the marriage why are you doing this you both don't seem to realize that you are completely ignoring our opinions there's no way huh I didn't know you hated me that much oh wait what why are you crying I'm not crying see now look what you did.

Wait how is this my fault you made her cry you have to do everything to make it up to her oh my gosh I am not signing marriage registration papers because of this this is the only way tomoki that's right you made my precious daughter cry how else are you going to make up for this.

Uh no please here tomoki say these papers sign cut it out I couldn't fight off the pressure in the end I had no choice but to sign the papers I then gave the form back to the mothers this is insane you guys already have a condo prepared for us.

We all went down to the city hall to turn in the marriage forms Maria and I headed towards the address our mothers gave to us we found a condo all ready for us with furniture and utility setup we could move in straight away and I could tell they had planned this whole thing thoroughly.

Uh are you sure this is what you want to get married it yes of course but you don't even like me why do you think that well uh you always avoid me at the office what did I say to upset you tomoki you were so clueless always has.

Been what you think I'm clueless I know you thought I was a boy when we used to play together crap she knows you treated me differently from the girls we met at the park plus you still don't recognize me do you.

Huh you're Maria my childhood friend no not that you don't remember talking to me at University am I right well uh I think I would remember if I talked to somebody as pretty as you pretty I'm glad you liked my comment oh no back to the topic I used to wear glasses I.

Looked nothing like I do now oh yeah she was right she looked completely different the only thing about her that was the same was her height she had changed 180 degrees to be honest I don't think anybody would recognize her she had changed so.

Drastically over the years young Maria Maria at University and Maria now all of the Maria's were so different there was no way I could recognize her why am I being scolded for this it would have been so much easier if she had just told me when we met at University I realized you were around a lot at University but now I see that it's.

Because we used to spend so much time together when we were kids I decided I should just be casual with her since we were friends back when we were students yup but they also followed you around in hopes that you would someday recognize who I really was why why didn't you tell me.

I mean I was scared what if you had said you didn't remember me plus I knew you always thought I was a boy so it would be more advantageous for me if you got to know me as a girl advantageous please don't tell me you have no clue what I'm saying this is why I called you.

Clueless oh my bad okay let's put aside our time together during University what about at the office why did you avoid me oh well I mean I tried feeling hard to become an attractive woman so I wanted you to only see that side of me huh that doesn't explain why you were avoiding me.

I liked you so much I couldn't look you with the eyes jeez I can't believe you're making me say this what you liked me oh for God's sake hey stop rolling around I can almost see your aunties.

It's your fault tomoki you are driving me crazy I'm your wife you're only allowed to mess with me like that in bed I wasn't expecting that comment anyways calm down for a second I'm gonna tell on you to the whole office no don't they'll all start picking on me what can I do to make you feel better.

You act sweeter how do I do that like you could stroke my hair oh like this is this is this really happening.

So adorable now that I've had time to think this is a dream come true for me I just got married to the most popular girl in the office can I have a hug ah are you sure of course that's why I'm asking you I wrapped my arms around her just like.

She asked me to do I will never forget the way she giggled at that moment I don't think I ever want to let her go we cuddled each other all night that was the start of our sweet life together life at the office changed drastically as well.

Here have some coffee tomoki thanks Maria you could thank me when you get home tonight okay I'm looking forward to it hey love was in the air nothing could stop us now obviously the guys at the office hated me a lot of them had a crush on Maria so I don't blame them.

Things at the office were uncomfortable for a while after Maria and I got married but none of that mattered once I got home okay come here Maria let me stroke your hair and hold me I know I know I'll be right there these are just examples of the sweet.

Things Maria would do to me I'm the happiest man on Earth Maria you're such a baby I love getting pampered by you tomoki I have to admit I enjoy it too then I will let you pamper me for the rest of your life what an honor I'm aware that the start of our marriage wasn't ideal.

But I guess I have to thank our mothers for forcing us into getting married she's the sweetest wife ever she looks so calm and mature but she loves to cuddle and I find her child like charm adorable I plan on giving Maria everything she wants for the rest of our lives I'm excited to see where this road we are.

Taking together will lead us to my name is salsa uhara I'm Just Your Average everyday high schooler but I have one worry that worry is oh it's Airy a beautiful girl walking towards me is irie you horror When We Were Young my parents got remarried and she became my little.

Sister my worry also involves my stepsister hey irie what a coincidence well she just ignored me well I expected her to have that reaction but it still hurts We've Ended up growing apart now but when we were younger we got along well as siblings that suddenly changed when we got to Middle School.

Suddenly drifted apart and she started ignoring me like she does now this has been going on for years I guess I'm used to it but even with that said I still feel sad that we grew apart I wonder why she hates me I don't know the reason I want to at least have a regular conversation with her these were my thoughts on that certain day.

Soto the food's ready could you get awry huh me yes please my hands are full at the moment yeah but still fine irie food's ready hey no response she could be ignoring me or sleeping if I don't get her out of her room mom will be mad oh well irie I'm coming in if you don't like it say.

Something irie what is she doing is she studying I guess she didn't answer me because she had headphones on manga I didn't know this was her hobby looks like a love story her drawings are good too the main character kind of looks like me on top of that the heroine kind of looks.

Like irie is it just my imagination no wait the characters names are Soldier and irie too first page done what did why did you come in here oh my bad I came up here to call you down for dinner but you didn't respond so I came in dinner but forget dinner did you see sorry I saw a little bit I didn't know.

You liked drawing manga well that's um character's names are the same as ours and they look just like us could it be you didn't have any other people to draw huh you didn't have anyone you know to model as a character so you just drew us instead at least that's what I thought that's what I thought.

Thought but honestly she used me as a model the fact she thought it'd be okay to draw me means that she still likes me deep down right if that's the case I'll take this opportunity I see well how about I help you withdrawing your manga help what do you.

Mean of course I can't draw so I can't help out in that area but the fact that you use me as a model means you don't have any guy friends if that's the case I'll help for example we can head out somewhere together on the weekends together yeah those type of scenes show up in reality too right.

So basically a date well you do irie are you cool with it yeah what's wrong you started spacing out her reaction is kind of lackluster but she said she would go so well how about we hang out Sunday I'll give more details later okay so me and Irene started hanging out.

Together on Sunday today I'm gonna hang out with irie it'll be good to talk about her manga but to be honest I'm a bit nervous even though I'm the one who suggested this I have no experience hanging out with girls I read a popular romance manga for tips but I have no prior knowledge on the subject so I wonder if it'll even help I'm a bit.

Worried sorry for making you wait no it's fine I just got here too I see we already sound like a romance manga don't say weird things anyway where are we going oh am I bad there was a conversation like that in the romance manga I was studying.

As for our destination this was also from the romance manga but how about the aquarium aquarium hmm well I guess that's not a bad suggestion all right then it's decided by the way it's been a while what has us hanging out like this I think it's been since elementary school.

Yeah probably yeah I'm happy huh I've always been thinking about us being on good terms again you probably have a lot on your mind the size of manga stuff I'll be happy if you had fun today hmm we chatted like this while heading to.

The aquarium two tickets for high schoolers please thank you by the way if you can get the couple's Discount Ticket no we aren't a couple oh I see I apologize two normal tickets are fine are you okay with not using the couple discount huh so you say you wanted us to be.

Mistaken as a couple well no I thought it would be better since it's way cheaper oh that's what you meant well I didn't say anything so it's fine we can deal with the regular tickets after that we enjoyed taking in the sights of the aquarium wow so intense yeah it's really amazing oh look that.

Take over there is huge no kidding let's go check it out I'm glad irie is having some sort of fun I was worried how this would go since she's usually standoffish with me but we were able to talk with each other normally today seems like this guy that went back to how they used to be I'm happy I got to talk with Ivy like this after the aquarium went to eat.

And enjoyed some shopping for Ari's manga and then in the evening we sure did a lot today well Irene do you think it was helpful huh helpful you know for your manga that was the whole purpose of today oh yeah that's right it sure was thanks to you it helped a lot yup thanks a bunch I see that's great yeah.

Um thanks for helping me out no worries I had fun today yeah I really had a lot of fun today we went to the aquarium ate delicious food and went shopping I think everything was fun because I was with irie it was like I we had fun too my other goal was to fix our relationship if things kept going like this I think.

We can honestly I thought if we mended our relationship that'd be fine it was my hope after all but I realized something of this came true in the end if that happened I recommend our relationship I oh nichon what's wrong oh well I was thinking that maybe it'd be good if you practice with a guy other than me huh.

Why and this is just my suggestion but I don't think you'll learn much since we are siblings no matter what we do in the end we are only siblings that's why next time it should be someone else uh Irene say that huh nothing I'm going home she was crying just now I a certain feeling came to my mind and ended up.

Saying something thoughtless to irie but I didn't expect her to have that reaction so I stood there dumbfounded after we got home I went knocking on Iris door to go talk with her but I didn't get an answer I thought it was bad to barge in her room after what had happened so I waited till dinner however it looks like she told Mom that she.

Wasn't hungry in the end she never came out of her room and I didn't get to talk with her the next day Ivy finally came out of her room but she didn't talk to me and completely ignored me it's almost as if yesterday was a lie a relationship went back to how it was before I guess it ended up like this well I know I have something to do with it I I only took my.

Own feelings into consideration and told irie to go on a date with another guy but to be honest I thought irie hated me I didn't think she'd have that reaction to have that reaction to what I said does that mean irie no if that was it then why has she been dissing with me until now but Iris mom got characters were definitely me and her if I read her.

Manga my questions might be answered I waited so irie was out of the house and went into her room and read her manga oh here it is I realized I'm in the wrong for coming into her room and reading her manga but I at that time I didn't look at the details but now that I'm looking again there's no doubt this is me and irie and the story step siblings who.

Actually both have feelings for each other on top of that the scenes of them going out and getting along it's all stuff that actually happened why are you in here huh irie and that manga did you read it well this is I'm sorry irie I went in your room without asking and read your manga I wanted to apologize somehow I've been.

Thinking about it since I hurt your feelings I read it to find out why you were angry with me I see sorry I plan to apologize for this later too but it's fine it's my bad for not telling you the reason it's fine yeah plus there's no reason to be angry now since you've read the Manga I can't fool you.

Any longer thanks to your weird misunderstanding I went out of my way to fool you but it's all out in the open now he realized right that I really like you that's I really like you not as a brother but as a guy I lied to you since the day we met then my dad suddenly went and got remarried to be honest I was worried and scared but you are so kind.

And welcoming and I was saved by your kindness many times after that that's when I realized I liked you but I knew we couldn't be together and I hated that realization of that since I knew we were siblings so I decided to hold back in order to not fall in love any further I acted cold towards you but it was pointless no.

Matter how much distance I put between us my feelings wouldn't go away so I put these feelings elsewhere and started drawing manga the fact that it used us as characters wasn't because I had no other people to model for me this was for my self-satisfaction there's no reason to draw any other characters besides us irie so then why did you hang.

Out with me that day a goal was to help you with your manga but you wanted to keep your distance from me honestly it was so sudden that I was surprised I said yes without realizing afterwards I thought about saying no but I couldn't I see sorry for saying all this weird stuff suddenly you don't have to worry about it I ended up liking you and going.

Rampant so we could just stay how we are now I see so you like me too Irene what I'm about to say isn't a lie it's my true feelings I've always liked you the fact that you like me too makes you really happy huh what do you mean it's just as I said I've always liked you too I realized that when you put distance between us I was really.

Surprised at that time I realized that I like you Alabama style more than a sister you like me yeah but even though I realized that I couldn't do anything you hated me so I immediately hit my feelings away we didn't have a connection and plus we were siblings but it was really tough so I always saw that it would be great if we could be.

Friendly again like before even if we weren't close on a man-to-woman level just having a regular conversation together was enough so that's the reason I helped you with your manga and since yesterday that day was really fun those feelings I hit away started bubbling back up I thought about that after the date I really do like you after this if.

I'm together with you I might not be able to hold back so that that's why I said what I said to put distance between us those words weren't directed to you but more so myself I'm your brother so I can't have that connection with you and it's natural for you to date someone else well I didn't expect you to react that way though so you're saying we've.

Misunderstood each other both of us felt the same but we couldn't say it yeah looks like it I'm actually really surprised so we don't have to hold back anymore it's okay for me to say I like you yeah if you don't mind it's okay with me sure we are siblings but that doesn't change my Alabama feelings for you.

So I like you Ari please be my girlfriend like this me and Ari were connected I think we just took a roundabout way however it wasn't meaningless because we took the slow route we were able to conform our feelings for each other I is my stepdaughter I.

Am gonna be Papa's bride is that so that was about 10 years ago back then she was a healing influence on me and now 10 years later is that so I grew up amazingly fast and now it's just starting to give me headaches open wide.

she had no rebellious period never had a guard up and never showed any resistance she grew into a daughter who's obsessed with me and repeated I'm gonna be Bubba's bride like it was a habit and so after falling over me to no end cause Papa's mine some reason she looks at her own mom.

Emmy with a triumphant glare I think you already know this but I has what's known as a father complex and that's why I think this is no good for I either it's not so bad is it it's been hated yeah but uh yeah but a High School junior shouldn't be clinging to almost 40 dad like this.

Ah most people will be pleased even so I isn't just honest and cute she's a hard worker right not only did she have the highest grades at Canton High she's got good at sports too smart and athletic you just have the most wonderful.

Daughter mm-hmm but according to the girl in question that's only because I want Papa to praise me what's more isn't she the student president well liked populate with the boys your daughter really is worthy of envy.

Hmm according to Remy boy's always asking around but she says no uh I'm gonna marry Papa and rejects every single one of them so he was responsible for creating his father complex monster well I'm her dad and I raised her so the blameless lie with me somehow ah did I.

Make a mistake somewhere or did I do things right I don't know but in any case I've got a feeling it's no good for I to carry on like this hello huh I why are you at my workplace I happen to be passing through so I thought I'd come say hi to everyone you.

Work with my papa's always so good to me well well thank you for the courtesy we'll mention it it's my Judy as it's your wife after all yeah stop it stop joking around and go home.

And away till Papa finishes work they have such a close relationship I'm jealous good grief she finally went home she really loves you huh she seemed really upset when you Foster to go home are you sure everything's all right I can't ever causing everyone to work a.

Nuisance like that a join us cleaning company 17 years ago they treat me with the warmth of a family it's a comfortable place to work and I'm lucky to be here they probably didn't see I turning up as a nuisance but I'm gonna get in trouble if she goes around talking about things.

Like becoming my future wife a little while after that I was called into school by Ice teacher did lately and her grades have gone down I'm worried about her see well in that case I'll speak to her about it I wonder what's wrong.

She could be stressed about University exams UK universities highly renowned on their Medical College that's trying to see difficult to get into hmm is it exam pressure I was told the same thing by a private shooter I thought she was probably just gonna go.

Through a phase but it still played on my mind that night I told Emmy about what happened to school and went to speak to I am private I is now a good time huh Papa why are you here this late at night um I'm not sure what you're imagining.

But it's probably wrong plus it's only 7 30 P.M spoke to your teacher from school today the world about you you know you you spoke to my teacher yeah if there's something on your mind I'm here to listen are you stressed over your exams.

Oh as you know hey I'm serious too because the person I love won't give me a look and no matter how long I wait who are you talking about I'm talking about my stepdad.

Suzuki I mean why have you been so distant lately huh me you've stopped stroking my head like you used to and you've started doing our laundry separately look uh you've got this backwards backwards then teenage girls normally say things like don't touch me and don't.

Wash our clothes together when they're your age doesn't bother me in fact I like the way you smell grief I think you're overthinking this Papa or uh how should I put it you should show me more affection.

Damn it okay cute how's this it's more like it throw dies head again for the first time in ages she seemed happy again after that but as before a motivation to study remained low.

I decided to speak to Emmy about him and then she said that don't you think eyes got too much of a father complex so she serious when she says she wants to marry you you know she's my daughter you're not blood relative so isn't it fine come on it's not fine is it plus I'm.

Just a boring old guy with a high school diploma but you know I doesn't care about that I mean she doesn't seem to care but I'm with I on this one you too Emmy what are you saying besides I think it's what he'd want to even if Ayumi did supports it I.

By the way me and Emmy on actually a couple I have to label it I'd say we're housemates but technically class is a couple because we live together but we're not actually married I has no idea and she thinks of me as a stepdad but the less me and Emmy agreed to continue with the family Arrangement.

Until I graduates high school and so if she successfully accepted into University I'll be leaving the house that's why little by little I decided to try and put a little distance between us but seems like a bug fight the next day I paid another visit to ice room I can we talk again.

What is it Papa won't you study with me study with Papa I'm not sure what you're imagining but it's probably wrong and how should I put this actually I'm gonna leave that sentence as it is.

Explain to why that I wanted us to study for a University exams together don't mind but is it okay with you papa aren't you tired from work that might look that way but don't worry that's fighting me yet besides back in the day I was actually aiming for Yuki Medical College myself so I might be able to help you out a.

Little yeah but it was a long time ago I failed my exams and gave up but I do have a good memory so let's study together and that's what I told her lying only a little not a matter of fact I had a feeling.

This day would come and I've been preparing for it for a long time Suzuki you still haven't gotten home yeah I got permission off the bus to stay behind and study a little well study is that a Yorkie University exam workbook for the med school you're not preparing to take the entrance exam are you.

No it's my daughter it's gonna take the exam maybe I'm an overzealous parent but I decided to start studying with I to help motivate her I wanted to suppress her old man so Suzuki oh she's supposed to be a long time ago right.

But this is the most efficient way to solve it all those hours in studying there are some blanks but at this rate she should make it somehow Papa I got an A on my mock entrance exam.

For UK University wow hi that's amazing after that I carried on studying with ion a day she wasn't with a private tutor at some point her motivation must have been ignited because she even started studying quietly on her own however there's just one month left to.

Go into their exams I began staring at me within an even more serious expression than usual is this something you want pew Papa well if that's all I can just bite wait what I want to be with you forever and ever.

When I graduate high school will you marry me why all of a sudden there's no way you can't be serious serious but you always just laugh and tease me uh I'm sorry but why are you asking me this all of a sudden foreign.

You're going to leave me aren't you once I graduate high school you're going to leave this house aren't you hold on wait I I I I how do you know that Papa I know you and Mom aren't married ah it seems I overheard mine and Emmy's conversation back when she was in Middle.

School and as a university entrance exams began to draw closer she couldn't help but have it on her mind I didn't see the point in studying hard for my exam exam leaving Papa so that's why I lost your motivation to study.

take me with you take me as your bride I was so shocked why is this happening now if I said the wrong thing here it could have an effect on eyes exams.

Oh what do I say no whatever she says I've decided I have to tell her I before I answer your question there's something I want to tell you what is it I've been thinking about this for a while it's about my closeness and best friend are you moo your real father.

It was after we just turned 20. ayumu asked me for a favor you're still trying to get into med school I just failed my exams for the second time oh Emmy and I doing they're both doing great I only just turned one as for Emmy I'm.

Not earning enough and just making things tough for her anyway it's a kudo can I ask you a favor in Earnest uh what is it was this serious if anything happens to me I want you to look out for the two of them the two of them what do you mean ayumi's company has branches and factories both at home and overseas.

The other day he was called him by his boss and asked if he could go abroad because a local Chief manager had opened up Ayumi speaks fluid Mandarin and unlike me he's really good with people he thought if he took advantage of this opportunity it'd eventually be promised her career back home and be able to give.

His family a better life I spoke to Emmy I decided I'm gonna go for it but I'm worried about Emmy and I in case anything happens to me I understand I don't even want to imagine anything happening to you but if it does I'll look after them.

Had always been there for me when we were students I wanted to repay him somehow birth immediately after that ayumi's plane disappeared off the coast in the Pacific Ocean I'm sure we'll just turn up out the blue one day.

I don't know I have a feeling that somehow he's still alive that's why it's too early to give up hope I'm gonna support you both until he gets back after that I started Living with Emmy and I I also started working at the company.

Right now Emmy and I talked it over and I decided to play the role of eyes father I grew up to be a really good kid hard working bright honest she really is sweet she'd always call me Papa even though she knew I was her stepdad I was so glad uh.

What's it my fault you up on med school no but I'm entrusting you to achieve the dream I couldn't I when you suddenly said you wanted to be a doctor during Middle School I was so pleased do you remember when you said you wanted to save people suffering from sickness and injury.

Your goal if you want to be a doctor you push straight on a head down that path you're my best after that I stopped being so dependent on me I guess I mean she's one step closer to.

Becoming an adult I successfully passed your entrance exams and got a spot at her first choice at the UK University Medical College I was so proud when I watched her give her speech at the graduation ceremony as a student representative I get my props to aumu and have no regrets about these 17 years spent with.

I and Emmy now I decided it was finally time for me to graduate too away from now on I had no idea you were taking entrance exams at the Alice University med school and I had no idea I'd pass more importantly thanks for everything.

As a matter of fact I had taken the entrance exams for Alice University Medical College as I watched ice study I too rekindled my old enthusiasm start of my new life coincided exactly with me leaving the house that's why I decided to take the exams for Alice University without telling I and so I successfully passed I left the.

Company I'd worked for for 17 years in addition to receiving a resignation allowance the president genuinely held a congratulations ceremony to celebrate me moving on to the next stage of my journey with that I headed off to my new apartment alone to begin my new life.

Oh so I thought welcome home what are you doing here when I returned to the apartment for some reason I was to body entrance this whole time huh no that's fine why are you here two eat together from now on.

What about Yuki University it's too far from here how are you gonna make it I'm sorry I decided to go with my second choice second choice no way you don't mean Alice University do you.

Alice University Medical College just like you and you should pass there but I never thought you'd actually choose it I want to be a doctor but I also want to spend my future with you maybe I'm being selfish but I want to fulfill both of my dreams.

I and I have one more thing to tell you sakuro it's me Emmy under humu is that a umu yeah I'm sorry it's been a wild cycle now on the other end of the phone was none other than a humor they've been missing for ages he told me he'd been in a plane.

Crash but miraculously survived and have been living abroad the whole time however the accident left him unconscious and bedridden for some time he miraculously recovered but no longer remembered who he even was just recently Ayumi finally regained his memory and returned home a couple of days ago.

I'm really sorry to just turn up out of the blue and ask you something so selfish but this is a request from me Emmy and I I want you to continue to keep eye by your side you really have a thing for asking huge favors it's okay if you say no I can't.

Inconvenience you anymore no I have a request from you please let I be mine I felt like I was finally being honest about the way I felt thank you takudo I really appreciate everything you've done for me thank you so much for supporting us all these years takto.

I'm the one who should be saying thank you ayumu and Demi thank you for giving me such a great life I'll make I happy I promise does that mean sure I'm good enough for you yes I don't want anyone but you Papa.

It feels really complicated when you call me Papa now and so I decided to be with I Papa while we're at is that a marriage registration someone's well prepared oh and you're banned from calling me Papa on campus but it feels so much easier to call you.

Papa thus a second youth came to middle-aged man going on 40. really is strange sometimes now me and I are studying as hard as we can as a couple to become doctors I'm never going to pair up with you that girl who was pointing her finger at me was the girl that anyone would have a.

Tough time to stop staring at Nagisa fukami why is she this angry you might ask well let's go back a few hours what the movie production Club is going to be canceled why the day of the welcoming ceremony I heard what was going on for my teacher and was questioning him the club didn't have enough members so.

It got canceled I came to this school because of the movie production Club figure it out you idiot calm down when I was complaining to the teacher my childhood friend toyakagami stopped me but come on if they canceled the club we could just make another one why are you already.

Fighting the teacher on the first day don't make it sound that easy if it was that easy we wouldn't end up being canceled the fact that they're canceling because there aren't enough people means there were enough at one point if we talk to them and bring our numbers back up it's more than likely we'll be above the.

Guidelines again uh I see hey teach how many members do we need five okay Toya we're gonna get five members let's go bring some in now uh I think everyone's already gone home because it's the ceremony and seminar today.

What we can just start Gathering new members starting tomorrow let's go home for today ah whatever later teach why are you such an ass sorry sir we'll be leaving now yeah you two be careful going home damn it I'm so worried about the future.

Hey stop being so loud in the teacher's office delinquent you realize how you're hogging up all the time for the other student to write what who are you calling a delinquent are you not a delinquent you act and look like one you what is it something on my face oh you.

Fell for me because of my looks huh sorry I'm not interested in Thugs and gangsters why would I fall for you no you shut up delinquents I don't want to breathe the same air as you you why are you so easily heated man stop messing with a girl it's not like you.

But this girl is I don't care let's get out of here idiot let go of me Toya I still need to talk to her what you want to wait till that girl comes out yeah exactly you never care about girls at all why are you so pissed at her you should be.

Used to getting called to delinquent I don't want to start a fight or anything I'm trying to invite her to join the Movie Club what you really fell for her didn't you no you dumbass we need her for movie production I mean she's pretty good looking so I'm sure people would want to watch but.

No that's not it you haven't noticed she's what you were waiting for me to come out are you a stalker or something I was waiting but I'm not stalking you I just have something to talk to you about no you're just gross I'm going to talk to the teacher about you you aren't even listening to what I have to say.

I have nothing to talk about with the delinquent I said listen no please wait your Nagisa tendo right I'm going to bring back the movie production Club so I want you to Nagisa tendo doesn't exist anymore if you bring up that name again I'm going to be pissed.

Don't ever talk to me again wait why you're an amazing person so what huh you don't understand anything can you stop talking to me like you understand what people feel are you crying I'm not crying I'm never going to work with you.

Wait hey I talked to her but Nagisa tendo threw my hand off and ran away that girl was the ex prodigal child actor nagisotendo huh yeah how did you not notice I've only ever seen her when she was a child I didn't expect her to be here besides her name is Nagisa fukami.

Huh I'm sure Nagisa tendo is her stage name how do you know her real name anyway why because she's our classmate what she literally said hello to you wait you were helping some kitten to the hospital so you didn't make it to the ceremony or seminar time.

Oh yeah I didn't expect her to be in the same class yeah so I didn't want to cause any problems but what are you gonna do now it's going to be awkward no this is lucky if we're in the same classroom she can't run away from me dude that's called stalking you realize that.

She's also being called the squashed genius so she probably doesn't want to act anymore you better not say that she squashed ever again what the hell are you so pissed off for she's not squashed she's just recharging that's all I see but what are you gonna do.

She pretty much hates you from the looks of it ah I'll figure something out I said that but fukami was already avoiding me by the next day no matter how hard I tried to talk to her she would look away or walk away I was actually so annoyed that I wanted to call her a child.

Damn it how much are you going to run away fukami let me go you're so annoying no I'm not letting go until you listen to me I said to me find someone else why do you not want to act so badly I thought you liked acting what do you.

Know you don't even know how stressful acting is how heavy it is to carry people's hopes and dreams on your shoulders that's why you run away from acting that's really okay with you shut up then what do you want me to do I suffered alone enough no one will help.

Me and you want me to suffer some more why are you suffering alone you should talk to people around you no one understands me that's why Everyone is always just jealous it doesn't understand my struggles at all they have this wall saying that I'm talented and they aren't then.

I'll stand next to you I'll solve your problems so don't run away what the hell just saying that so you could get me to join you you can't just say I'm gonna do something when you haven't tried then show me through acting show me that you are able to stand by me okay huh Toya you have a script for me.

No I don't have one today sorry then can you just come up with a random scene for me that you've made then how about the nice protagonist who has a severe illness in forming the main female protagonist that he doesn't have much longer to live okay protagonist for the sickness there's no.

Way he could do this because he's a complete opposite of a sensitive man the easiest thing you can do is act is pick roles that best fit your situation the hardest is being situated in a role where you're the opposite the fact that his friend asked him to play this role is pretty mean actually sorry.

Huh he's different now I apparently don't have much time left I'm lucky if if I live for three more years no way how is that possible don't cry Alyssa I was glad I was able to spend my days with you he had a small weak grin right before he.

Smiled with all the joy of the world it showed me the nicest thing anyone could wish for it's almost as if there was a girl in his hands afterwards he continued acting perfectly and smoothly the classmates started looking at him but he didn't miss a beat it was like watching a natural at work he's a perfect chameleon with Talent.

Nah you're the one with the talent he's not like that what do you mean he can act any part just like I asked him to manga anime novels anything he keeps reading until he really understands the character he's read so many that he has a couple hundred.

Characters imagined in his head he's just using that to act why would he try that hard because what's going on my chest it hurts are you okay you're sweating like a storm kagami call an ambulance it's fine he's acting.

Oh his sweat he's not acting no it's definitely acting hey wake up Haro kagami call an ambulance look at him he's just passed out his breathing is fine right huh asleep is he really just acting uh.

He takes it too far passing out while acting I'm sure he just wanted to demonstrate how serious he was but this acting interest he used to be with an agency but he was kicked out so he just does his own way now.

Why he's got so much talent that they wouldn't let him go because they made fun of Nagisa tendo huh there were people who mocked you for leaving the entertainment industry he got pissed off at that and got in a fight but the person who he fought was the CEO's son he was kicked out as a result.

But oh why did he get so mad Nagi thought tendo is his Idol he always watched you act he even asked his mom to take him to the locations you might not remember but you actually promised that you'd star in something with him before he knows that this acting is dangerous too but he's ready to die to make sure.

He can act properly next to you photo huh do you have any photos of him when he was young oh about that what are you doing he's always carrying around photos in his wallet as a lucky charm look.

This photo the photo that he showed me had a photo that I remembered it was a photo of a young me and a little boy the fact that he has it he suddenly stopped showing up so I figured he was bored of me that he forgot about our promise he couldn't go because his mother died.

Huh his father ran a big company so he was too busy so he lost his method of getting to you that's what he remembered your promise so he did his best to practice acting so he lost his butter it still worked this hard he didn't get along well with his father.

And his mother was the only one that supported him but after his mother died all he had was you I think that's why he's been so interested in you I'm sure it's probably pretty selfish on our part and you have your reasons but can you act one more time for Tsukasa.

Kagami hey you take him to the nurse's office does that mean no no I just don't want him to get sick I can't carry him so I want you to take him sure okay I handed over Hado Takami and watched him sleep while we moved to the nurse's office huh.

Wait was I asleep I'm finally awake it's already after class you realize that huh fukami why are you here you collapsed in the middle of your act I've never heard of anyone actually collapsing while acting oh yeah I just remembered having to give it my.

All before going too far you realize that you won't be able to separate real life from acting if you keep the stunt up right you're acting is incredible but it's a double-edged sword my acting is incredible basically you admit that I'm good enough to act by your side hey I'm being serious so messing around.

I'm being serious too my goal is to stand next to Nagisa tendo are you stupid and what could happen to it oh Toya is around so I'm sure I'll be all right why would he help me oh he looks pretty normal but he's incredible too.

He doesn't only write scenarios he writes scripts too he knows how to edit videos and how to film he's just very good and he's good at noticing when I'm going too far so if it were too much he would stop me why are you puffing your cheeks nothing I just want to talk about.

Something serious something serious um about joining your film club well of course you're going to join because you admit that I'm a good actor right I'm jealous of how cocky you are what no I mean can I tell you about my past.

It's not exactly entertaining and you might not be interested but of course if you're gonna tell me I want to listen oh okay thanks I don't think you need to thank me okay um she told me everything that she was thinking about how the pressure to perform was getting greater every time.

She was in another feature and how before she knew it she had a panic disorder and how she collapsed one day while filming because of it she apparently hasn't been able to act since I think my mental fortitude is fairly weak I'm terrified of acting even now so don't want to act anymore.

No um if you're going to act with me I'll give it another shot are you sure yeah I feel like if you do it with me I could do it I want to support you in all your goals so hmm nothing you sure I mean if you're okay with acting for that kind of reason then I'm down yeah sorry ahead of time if I drag.

You down yeah don't worry about it oh so by the way now that we're all on the same page with your acting why are you holding my hand this you know because you are asleep I don't really see how that's a valid reason for us to be holding hands shut.

Up anyway you woke up so let's get some more club members whoa hey don't pull me she dragged me out still holding my hand we left the nurse's office oh yeah you should practice English by the way huh why I think you'll need it it's much better.

To learn slowly than try to do it all at once but I'm terrible at English don't worry I'll teach you why are you being so nice to me it's freaking me out that's not nice towards someone who's being kind to you I get upset too you know you seem to always be upset.

O we were kind of fighting towards the end there but she became a member at the end of the day we went to our old members and recruited new members and made sure the film club didn't get canceled we started revealing our movies during cultural festivals and by the time we.

Were seniors it was a spectacle that everyone was waiting for it helped that there was a little Nagisa tendo Magic there were quite a few people who wanted to become actors and actresses as well we filmed one of the greatest films and it was even uploaded to YouTube and had several hundred thousand views they were.

All talking about how the quality is well above something a high schooler should be making the industry was also interested in our acting skills additionally Toya was hired as part of the film crew this movie was also featured later on as the first film that the actor Tsukasa tendo and actress Nagisa tendo featured in.

Fans referred to it as the movie of Miracles by the way about my stage name tendo hey Tsukasa what's up I'm really glad to have reunited with you at this school will you be by my side after graduation too if that's what you want then your wish.

Is my command just like I said in the past the most important thing to me is to be by your side okay then make sure your stage name is tendo Tsukasa huh you never know when you can marry as an Entertainer and I want to make sure you're ready you're pretty pushy huh I learned from the best.

But that's just a secret for us making me dress up like this School this girl who currently resents me is the school's highly beloved student body president himeka saijosan she's wearing this cat girl cosplay at my request the reason she's wearing this well.

Let's go back a few days a date I haruto kashiwagi winner of a light novel prize blurted out that question to the editor-in-chief kamizaki-san without thinking what are you confused about what spring Sensei wrote was a rom-com so having to go on a date is common sense no.

Spring Sensei is my pen name by the way you're right but look because their parents remarried the protagonist and the heroine became step siblings and are in love I don't think I have to go out of my way and go on a date indeed it is very nice to see the main characters who are not involved with.

Each other at school are actually flirting with each other unknowingly at home but even with that said I would like you to go on a date if the cool and collected heroine goes on a date and turns a lovey-dovey I think that would accentuate her charm but having her get that lovey-dovey in one volume will be difficult.

No but wait in the first volume they go on a date and the heroine who has yet to break down her walls starts to deepen her relationship with the protagonist then a few volumes later on another date she shows her lovey-dovey side don't you think that's great yeah I guess so looking at your face do you not want to.

Write about a date no it's not that it's just what you care to write about dates yes why even oh up till now you've written such a wonderful heart pounding unrequited love story why can't you write about a date.

Well I don't know what to write about a date I've never been on one well then how were you able to write about two protagonists with their love escapades at home you haven't experienced this either right um I have a little sister so if she was my stepsister I'd imagine our life would.

End up like this oh could it be that you have that kind of relationship with your sister no way she's just really clingy so that's reflected in my work let me see oh well shouldn't you go on a date with your sister what are you saying going on a date with.

My sister that's impossible why I'm sure she would be happy to be your pretend girlfriend well that may be true but the heroine's personality is pretty different she's sweet at home but when she's out in public she's the cool type hmm I guess so I guess that's that phew.

Let's rent a girlfriend are you messing with me what are you saying I'm dead serious recently rom-coms and unrequited love stories are super popular and your wonderful work was chosen for grand prize for the first time in 10 years if you lose this spot my job as an editor will vanish too I want your work.

To be popular at all costs sorry so it's all right yes so this is how I ended up renting a girlfriend however since I got dragged in this strange mess kamizaki-san requested the girlfriend for me asking for a date the next day.

No matter how you look at it I don't feel comfortable I'm scheduled to plan with kamizaki-san on Friday evening so she said the timing is good so I should go on a date tomorrow she somehow got a girl that was like My Heroine but a girl just like the heroine oh yeah I didn't tell kamizakisan that I modeled.

The heroine after a real girl in my prize-winning novel I used the high school student body president as my model she's intelligent beautiful and dignified and I like her she's famous for being cool and blunt but I know she's actually really nice um are you haruto son um oh yeah that's me huh the student.

Body president huh why are you here and the fact that you called me harutosan I've got the wrong person oh wait don't grab me sorry but press are you a rental girlfriend.

That has nothing to do with you but but our school says it's forbidden to have a part-time job you saw nothing you met with no one someone smart like you understands what that means right is that a threat don't say things that could hurt my reputation this is a negotiation.

Negotiation yes you'd be in trouble if people at school found out that you rented a girlfriend right I'm pretty strict about those things um actually I need this for my novel I'm sure the school would forgive me and I'm.

Pretty sure I have permission I see so I'm the one who gave the okay yep the one who gave me permission after I won grand prize was her the school was against me but thanks to her help I was able to continue doing things as a novelist do you plan to return a favor for a favor.

No it's not like that it's just if you go home I'll be in a pinch I'll definitely be scolded by kamizaki-san I don't want Perez to go home and I simply want to go on a date with her you said something about Gathering info for your novel didn't you how is your.

Rental girlfriend info for your novel uh well you see I explained everything that happened up until now once I did she gave a look with a slight grin as if an idea popped in her head I see I thought of something huh today I'm helping you write your novel right.

Uh I'm the student body president if students are in trouble it's natural for me to help right in other words you won't leave if it's for helping my novel as expected you're quick to understand by the way what about money.

Of course I'll be paid if I wasn't I'd be angry fair enough but this is good huh I'm glad it was you and not some random girl I can carry on without feeling nervous I thought this before but you're strange why do you say that.

Normally it wouldn't be strange if someone was angry in this case but you seem happy Ah that's because uh whatever I asked for help too and since I'm getting paid I'll go out with you for today thanks okay first let's start over with our names.

Don't you think it'd be strange if we were on a date and called each other Prez or by our last names well um how you've harmed tokun and you call me himeka I'm surprised I thought that you would hate if a guy called you by your first name what are you trying to start a fight.

No that's not it if we don't do this right it won't be helpful for your novel right of course if you call me by my first name at school you know what'll happen right no worries I won't do it so it's fine I nodded my head vigorously as a chill ran through my body and a cold sweat ran.

Down my back all right then let's go ah what nothing I'm just getting used to dating uh-huh but but I guess Press On you're popular and you work as a rental girlfriend.

So I'm sure you have plenty of experience dating this is my first date huh this is my first date what you got a problem with that I see but you're a rental girlfriend I needed the money and I heard this was an easy way to make some so I signed up.

For it for the first time it's expensive for the customer so I thought there wouldn't be a student asking for me so why is my first date with someone from my grade sorry about that my character in my novel is modeled after himek Hassan so because I told my editor that.

Here we are but I'm going to keep that a secret well I guess if it's you you mean it means sense it's you you won't threaten me or try to make a move on me so I'm safe ah I see anyway how much longer do you plan on staying here let's hurry up and go.

I don't really understand why but himek Hassan's mood suddenly turned sour I followed after her thinking I might have messed up so where are we going what you don't have anywhere you want to go usually this is something the boyfriend thinks about but I guess that's an old.

Way of thinking it's not something the boyfriend would do in a rom-com feel like the girlfriend or the girl he likes also thinks of those types of things really I see well let's go somewhere that doesn't cost a lot of money why I don't have much money on me ah but I'll pay for it that's probably.

How a rental girlfriend works right I'll feel a bit awkward if I make you have to spend any more money plus when students go on a date they chose cheap places to go don't they yeah you got a point with that one I was actually thinking of going to the movies or the aquarium but those places are the movies the aquarium.

What the heck she suddenly fired up umik Hassan never mind she says that but her Aura sure changed you like the aquarium and movies it's not that it's just I've never been so that was my reaction parents must be pretty strict.

It's not that they are strict I'm just no good anyway let's go somewhere cheap after she said that to me I couldn't go any further so we headed to a place that would make her happy without spending any money whoa did she just call it kitty cat he makes a son your aura changed again as for somewhere where we didn't have to.

Spend money I decided on the pet shop and her reaction was unexpected it's chasing my finger this one is so cute no the cute one is you I want to pick him up oh would you like to hold him oh is it okay yes of course oh wow he's so calm and cute hey Haru.

Tokun this Kitty is super cute he sure is seeing her get all excited is far cuter though after that himikasan seemed to have a lot of fun with the kittens and I was happy watching her enjoy herself so where are we going next after parting with the kittens kimika-san returns to her usual cool.

Self seeing himika-san fawn over the kittens was super cute so I thought it was a bit of a bummer before that I want to take pictures I don't mind really that's great well I'm surprised.

To be your girlfriend for the day it would be pitiful for you thanks what's wrong you sure are saying a lot of unnecessary things are you actually used to being around woman it's not like that that's why I had you go on this date with me to begin with.

Why are you giving me such judgmental eyes no reason anyway if we are going to take pictures let's go to the arcade why did you say it like a question I've never taken pictures in a photo booth before ah sorry whoa that looks like a touchy subject.

She started acting a bit childish um anyway if we do take pictures uh I have one tiny favor sure what is it I'll hear you out as long as it's not too crazy so yeah making me dress up like this I don't remember this at school.

I thought you would turn me down but she unexpectedly dressed up in the cat cosplay well she's super angry though well I didn't think you'd actually go through with it ah sorry but hey if I wrote about this in my book my readers would be happy if you say that you just wanted to see.

Me in some cosplay didn't you well to be honest yeah I knew it he'll pay big time for this um it looks good on you I won't be fooled since her mood was bad I thought himeka-san would turn down taking pictures.

But they went on as planned while I thought she was strange I got a precious treasure after the pictures we went around to other places and enjoyed our date then our day was finally coming to an end gassan thanks for today.

It was really fun and fulfilling let me see that's great two end it like this that's just how fun today was so I've made up my mind um could I talk with you a bit what is it.

Um I get saying something like this so sudden puts pressure on you but I've liked you for a long time huh so if it's okay with you please go out with me from another's point of view asking out the school beauty is just Reckless but I.

Couldn't help telling her how I felt just then I'm happy I've liked you for a while as well her answer was unexpected huh since freshman year you've worked hard towards your dream and I liked you and your kindness more than anyone else so.

I'm extremely happy you asked me out so that means you'll go out with me of course I'm practically begging but are you giving up being a rental girlfriend Ah that's it would be good to talk about everything before we date actually she told me about why she started the.

Rental girlfriend's job saijosan no himika San's household is very poor her younger sister a third year in Middle School just gets himek Hassan's hand-me-downs her sister is short so himikasan's clothes are big on her and she always feels bad for giving her hand-me-downs her birthday is coming up in a month so she wants to buy her a lot.

Of cute clothes so she went with the rental girlfriend's job as a way to make easy money but she would have to work the whole month and can't quit immediately during that time it's not like she can say no to customers I suggested that I would request her until she can quit and doesn't have to.

Work anymore himika-san turned me down with a sad look but I don't want to see her on a date with another guy so I didn't care I think I'm pretty possessive so sorry why are you apologizing as your girlfriend of course I'm happy sorry it was a bit moved but once my.

Contract is up with the rental girlfriend job I'll make sure to pay you back the money if you want to pay me back don't just get clothes for your sister get some for yourself too I'd be happier if you did that what the heck acting so cool.

But I'm being serious I'd be happier to see her dressed up I'm sure the other boys feel the same way well later kamizaki-san gave her snide comment and said I went above her expectations and was too cool but I didn't care because I got to be happy with.

Himika-san thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well