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[Manga Dub] I saved a cat, who came back to repay me in human form…!? [RomCom]


My name is Kai hirahada and although I'm in high school I spend every day boring as usual everyone around me has such fulfilling lives but I wish they would explode I mean nothing anyway everyone around me is way too excited to be alive so I was going to school lonely and quiet however there was one reason for me to attend school.

Good morning everyone when I turned towards the voice I saw himeka kacho greeting everyone she's in my class but not only is she cute she's super easy going and kind to introverts like me I get to meet her at school so School wasn't so bad good morning Hirata oh good morning kacho yes she said hello to me oh about before.

Kacho want to hang out after school today let's go to karaoke oh sorry I have plans after class what but you're always so busy when can you actually hang out I'm sorry why does she have to apologize you guys okay move out of the way boys unlike you.

She's actually got things to do yeah go to class damn it annoying girls oh well let's flirt with her later of course they're not good enough for her chased them off so let's go to class together but oh are you free next weekend I was hoping to go to the park with everyone.

Miss Katja was taken away by the bright and extroverted girls she started talking to me but it was super rare for her to even say hello she's popular so it can't be helped I'm sure she's the one that's struggling the most so I can't complain real life seriously sucks then one day hmm.

What's that sound a cat seriously it must have fallen from the bridge I left my bags and stuff on the side of the river and jumped in you must have fallen in recently I gotta get to you quick phew made it in time it was going crazy in the water but I was able to save the cat.

However it ran away from my arms ah I thought it was drowning it's got a lot of spunk though if it's got that much energy it should be fine be careful next time I watched the cat Scurry away and headed home the next morning hello good mealing Miss Cacho what are you.

Doing no I'm the cat you saved meow then why are you talking uh-oh meow meow what do I do to be honest a cosplaying kacho was incredibly cute however the the whole thing was so sudden that I I wasn't sure what to do why is she pretending to be a cat what cat are you talking about the one you saved from the river yesterday the cat I saved.

Yesterday was white why did you pretend to be a human and come to my house to repay you um like a thank you as a cat meow exactly why would a cat figure out where I lived your whole story is full of holes Miss Cacho so how did you find my house oh I asked a person who knew where you.

Lived I mean I saw you come to this house before meow she asked a friend huh so bad at this I invited kacho to my room I can't believe that the school of Madonna is in my room I don't understand why she's cosplaying though are your parents absent meow.

Oh my parents are both on vacation right now so they're not here what so it's just us yeah I guess she'll start to say she's gonna go home huh I'm gonna go home oh okay I knew it I mean she should be a little concerned considering it's just a guy living on his own or so I thought but.

Why did you come back I didn't have any calls to change or anything so I brought it you're planning on staying I have to repay you but but that's a little too dangerous it's okay I told my parent cats that I would be staying your parrot cats so she told her parents that she would be staying over at my house I'm sure she.

Said that she would be staying with her girlfriends right uh I I don't know if it's good with you staying over just think of me as a pet I'll do the laundry and dishes and cooking that's completely Beyond being a pet but maybe she's got a reason that she's trying so hard to get out of the house I'm sure she'll get used to it.

After a few hours and leave anyway come inside I think the neighbors are probably going to notice something is up soon thank you how long is she going to pretend to be a cat I was confused and let her back into the house are you hungry oh I had some food before.

You came by I see uh are you hungry should I go get some food no I wanted to cook you breakfast cook me breakfast well yes I could I will be your pet from today what's your name why are you going to be my pet because you saved me from the river is that a no.

Can't use those little kitten eyes on me but what about when I'm not around I'll go back to my own house this is way too crazy but I could be alone with her so maybe it's fine then you can be my pet thank you but you can't say this pet stuff outside okay it's okay I'm only going to be a human.

Around you sir ah I see if you can be a cat or a human when you want you should just go back to being a cat I can't do that I need to be ready for any help that you might need just be a human when I need you you can go back to being a cat I can't do that.

Easily I'm cursed and turned into a human around you sir cursed I feel like that's a little too far I mean the whole thing is going a little too far oh you're so mean oh don't get upset I mean I did tease her a little bit how will you forgive me you can if sir.

Spoils me then I'll forgive you boils you rub my head ah are you sure I want you to rub my head gently uh okay like this yeah thank you she's so cute I don't care if she's pretending to be a cat or not I can feel her fake ears but I'm.

Just going to leave them alone I kept petting Miss kacho after that I wasn't sure if she just started getting relaxed but she hugged me and I couldn't say no I kept rubbing her head till around lunch time it's delicious when it was around lunch she cooked me some food but it was almost like restaurant food with how.

Good it was I heard that she was a rich lady but she seems to be able to handle her own seriously impressive thank you yeah it's seriously delicious you're good at cooking huh it's not just cooking I'm good at chores all around I've been practicing to get married and be a good wife.

Wife oh no I mean that when I saw my old owner practicing to be a wife I learned a thing or two yeah she's just doing this because she's pretending to be a cat but when she stops there's a reason she has to pretend to be a cat around me I can't just keep being okay with this situation after I thought of that I decided to.

Just let this go hey Miss Cacho let's talk about this I'm not katel no you're seriously not pulling this off if there's a reason you want to leave your house so much that you want to pretend to be a cat you should tell me oh if there's anything I can do to help I want to.

Um I'm sorry that I'm making you worried you really don't have to be worried seriously why did you do this then you huh because I wanted you to spoil me what what do you mean I figured if I became a cat you would spoil me I mean if you were a real cat sure I guess I'm not very convincing if I'm trying to tell her that I.

Wouldn't spoil a fake cat after spoiling her for the last half day also I read on the internet that someone like you would love that I dressed up and cosplayed like a cat huh is she calling me a nerd without calling me a nerd I feel like this is probably going too far this is probably something you do with your significant.

Other like really I mean I don't know the specifics since I've never had a girlfriend you were trying to make me happy yes why you have no reason to I don't have a reason except I wanted to but why.

You're going to ask that yeah I want to know because I like you huh what you like me you don't have to be so surprised no I I I definitely do did you do you realize what everyone thinks about you you're the school Madonna Who Would Imagine the school Madonna to like me I.

Was seriously completely caught off guard by the whole thing it doesn't matter if I'm the school Madonna or not I'm just a human being I know but but I'm just a geeky introvert I don't see any reason you'd like me that's not true at all huh you're incredibly nice you've helped those in need and you never look down on anyone I saw you save the.

Drowning kitten without hesitation yesterday oh you did see me huh but that doesn't mean much that's not true not everyone would react the way you did and you also saved me before too did I let one of the older seniors kept pestering me to go out with them you.

Saved me from him oh I remember that that doesn't even count though I think you're incredibly cool I see thanks I'm glad you understand um I'm glad you like me but I really don't think you should be pretending to be a cat to stay over at my house.

I'm sorry I just saw you saving a cat and thought it would be a great chance yeah whatever what's done is done I'll leave it alone and I had a good time oh you did have fun I mean yeah of course I was able to eat the school Madonna's home-cooked meals and see her cat.

Cosplay I'm so glad it was totally worth researching definitely looked up otaku okay will you go out with me are you sure you want to go out with a guy like me of course okay then let's go out I was always interested in her so I had.

No problems accepting her invitation I didn't think this would happen at all but I was okay with everything going down I became the school Madonna's no he may cause boyfriend she loved being spoiled and would keep cosplaying as a cat and Clinging On To Me I made sure to spoil her as much as I felt necessary.

Are you sure you're gonna stay over going out now too I have no regrets about staying over what did you tell your parents that I was staying over at some girlfriend's house I mean that's probably the best thing to do ah so it's not like she told them everything.

I feel like she's someone who would be honest and tell them the whole truth whatever spoil me more Emeka you really like being spoiled huh I love you of course I'm not normally like this with everyone okay then I guess I gotta keep working hard.

To make sure you like me I don't think you need to try that hard we went to sleep together I still wanted to talk to her but I didn't need to rush I was able to be with her tomorrow too the next day we went to the amusement park together it was our first date and we were both nervous but we had a great.

Time together it was her first time at an amusement park and she was adorable she was definitely a lady and hadn't experienced this kind of thing I would be able to show her nice things by the way we started going to school together too so it was very obvious that we were dating the boys were very.

Jealous of me however I didn't care at all because I had a cute girlfriend by my side our other videos as well