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[Manga Dub] I saved the girl that hates me and we became closer… [RomCom]


Please man you're my only hope what come on my name is Utah kinjo I'm pretty shy and keep to myself I'm usually in the corner of the classroom trying my best not to get noticed when people ask me for help I can't say no even if I already have plans.

I wanted to go to the bookstore so I don't want to clean up but uh uh but come on you helped me out before uh that was just because I didn't have anything going on I've got my part-time job help me out man come on no.

Fine no you need to clean you need to do what is assigned to you and you being busy with work does not mean you get to skip out at school fukunaga-san her name was Yoko fukunaga she was the prettiest girl in school and she's as blunt as a hammer.

She's kind of cool and very energetic she's actually very popular a lot of people like how honest she is but I wasn't a huge fan of her you need to say no too you can't just go on accepting everything even if you don't want to you've had to clean up before too you saw that.

You don't just put it on him because he can't say no either I'm not pushing it on him he just doesn't say no no it's not he can't say no also I think it's great that you're working part-time but if you're going to work you need to adjust your shift shut up.

What you were assigned for cleanup this week am I wrong yeah yeah fine I'll clean up damn it great so incredible being so blunt so Kim jokun ma'am you need to be more honest to yourself tell people what you're thinking words you don't speak are just.

As good as not having the thought at all uh sorry she just knows how to cut me into pieces she must not like my introvertedness she often chewed me out I don't know if she's looking out for me or what I mean she helps me out so I know she's not a bad person it's just the word choice.

Hey are you listening to me huh oh my gosh listen to me sorry the I'm gonna head home now wait hang on oh my gosh you need to be more outspoken you're just gonna end up having to clean up again.

I know she's not bad and she's warning me from my own good but I'm scared and I'm not good at it I don't know how to deal with her she just said things nicer I wouldn't be all scared maybe my personality should change yeah that won't happen I'm just an introvert forever.

I'm getting depressed saying it I'm gonna go to the bookstore now man I spent way too long thinking about which book to buy I'm gonna worry my mom huh that's fukunagasan she's heading home from cram school whatever just need to stay hidden.

Oh meow here kitty what are you doing there there's a train coming you need to move come on we need to get over there oh crap are you okay kitty you're not hurt wow you look fine.

Come on go over there oh wait wait what do I do can joke hang on to the kitty wow life is all about brute forcing not really but you never really know until.

You have Hulk powers from adrenaline I lifted her up in a heartbeat and sprinted out of the railroad ah we made it um are you okay fuku nagasan uh whoa are you okay does something hurt do I need to call an ambulance is it your leg please don't cry everything is.

Fine now I'm sorry I just couldn't talk back crying after I calmed down fukunaga-san thank you for saving me I could have died I really put you in danger it's okay it's not your fault you tried to save the kitten.

But don't talk bad about yourself thank you kitten tokun if you want I'll send you off what you can't walk with that foot come on but I'm heavy really when I lifted you up you weren't that heavy are you eating three meals a day.

Great then come on get on shokun you're welcome I dropped her off at her house before heading home the next day I was worried but she was at school like usual apparently her leg wasn't too terrible kintokun morning.

For yesterday your foot's okay yeah just a twist the twinkle it's better now great I'm glad it wasn't too bad this is just a small gesture but wow it's so cute cat-shaped cookies where'd you get them I made them just as a thank you.

Handmade thank you my first present from a girl also um I'm going to look after the cat at my house so you want to come check on him can I yeah I think the cat would be happy how about after class today sure.

If you're okay with it all right then after class I came without thinking about it but this is the first time going into a girl's house I didn't realize this would happen now I'm all nervous uh thank you for having me I'm so nervous wow oh.

Oh hey there you look good too we named him too what is it genjuro ganjaro he's an all-time Big Hero he's a very passionate guy and cuts bad people in half he loves helping out the weak people and.

Oh sorry um I just got carried away you watch old times huh that's kind of surprising my parents both work so they come home late I watched a lot of TV with my grandparents so Ah that's how you started liking it yeah but but to tell anyone okay why.

because I don't want that it doesn't go with my image huh you care about your image that's a surprise what what laugh at me sorry it was just surprising and kind of.

Cute stop kissing me we started hanging out and getting closer after that day after class I often checked up on genjiro we hung out often and she slowly started rounding off being less.

Aggressive the more I was with her the more sides of her I got to see you would never see her Smiles like this in school everything was cute and before I knew it I'd fallen for her I really like her what's going on you okay.

Huh oh it's nothing really what were you thinking of uh it's a secret can't tell her that I like her you can't hide things from me people who hide things get this did it work Ed she's so cute every little thing she did.

Made my heart skip a beat one day fukunagasan are you free next Saturday yeah why if you want would you like to hang out I finally said it sure but where did you want to go well I got some tickets from my mom for.

The amusement park oh this is where the old-timey set is yeah you liked old timey shows so I figured that would be great thank you so much I get to hang out with her the day of the hangout wow it's a real life set you can put on a dress here too really.

Yeah I think you'd look great in this one princess then let's both try one on me too yeah you do it too you look like a ninja a ninja yeah you can be a badass Ninja she really has interesting taste come on let's go.

Oh come on don't pull me so hard wow you look cute she's like a real princess you look great too I want you to just be like that forever ah I can't look like this forever oh let's take a photo come on get closer wow we're so close here we go cheese.

It's great I'm gonna use this as my wallpaper me too let's hang out like this then ma'am huh I would like to show you around ma'am sir lead the way then ma'am we enjoyed the park to our hearts.

Content it was seriously like I was living the dream I will never forget this day after we hung out we promised to come here again another day I was so sure this kind of thing would continue but the next day what is this.

I didn't realize a geek like you was going out with fukunagasan I'm so surprised you guys are so in love huh that's not how things are we're not dating or anything it would never happen yeah you're just an introvert there's no shot yeah I'm not good enough for her kenjokun did she hear that oh uh.

Fukunagasan this is morning good morning if you want to do this BS then you should just talk to me and be upfront ah boring fukunaga son uh sorry for being such a bother oh.

What the hell am I doing our relationship was so awkward after that we were so close to each other but we just turned into acquaintances who occasionally said hello if we saw each other what the hell am I doing I should have just apologized and it never would have been this way.

But this is fine this is the appropriate distance a beautiful and popular girl like her is too good for me but I should still apologize to her can't just keep running away that's what losers do I'm going to apologize to her tomorrow.

The next day after class I wonder if she already went home of course I had to do a favor for the teacher I need to get back to class I said no voice on come on I'm so much better than that.

Loser you can't satisfy your needs no the time I spent with him was incredible yeah yeah you could stop lying now just come with don't touch her jinzhou kinjokun she's clearly upset it has nothing to do with you geek stay.

Out of it it does have to do with me because I like her huh yeah what a loser what the hell are you gonna do nerd I can do this hang on you little get back here.

Sorry I kind of just carried you away are you okay yeah I'm fine thank you for saving me you saved me again fukunaga-san I'm sorry about that time in class I said some mean things don't worry about it I'm sure anyone would have acted the same but what you said a second ago.

I like you fukunaga-san I like you so much I spent time with you and got to see you and and I've fallen for you I'm so happy I like you too I like you so much I've always liked you ever since you've saved me we both told each other our feelings and.

Started dating afterwards we've been spending our lovey days at school too we're actually considered the cutest couple in school by the way the boys that were pushing themselves onto her did the same thing to other girls and all of the girls ended up hating them they're now left out in the.

Class I feel a little bad but it is their fault I hope they learned their lesson us on the other hand ganjiro has grown huh there there hey Kim jokun I want you to focus on me too of course I love you let's keep having great days.

Together I love you too fukunagasan let's hang out forever I'm going to be giving her so much love from now on because words not spoken are as good as words never thought of please check out our other videos as well.